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From its very beginning, Catholicism sees itself as a religion of love. It refers to the biblical stories of Jesus' devotion to the poor, abused, and suffering people. The fundamental principles of this faith are based on this overwhelming feeling. Let us give a few examples, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart..." Or, "Love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than this..." These moral virtues do not merely contradict each other - they engage in a dialogue. Moreover, in his first letter to the Corinthians, the apostle Paul praises fondness as one of the three holy things in life, alongside faith and hope.

Okay, the general principles of the Catholic religion regarding attachment are clear. But what about relationships and dating?

When talking about romance, the church states that the most essential point here is what people share with each other and how they live with their feelings. The other question is - whether the courtship moves within a framework permitted by canon law. In that context, the main role plays that both partners need to unreservedly value and respect each other. The same goes for making responsible decisions in the name of the couple.

These were the all-around elements of building relationships in Catholicism. For more detailed information - read this article up to the end.

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How to date a catholic girl?

How to date a catholic girl?

Dating as a catholic is pretty challenging. That's, actually, not our opinion - the experts on the number of famous international dating websites say so. To be more specific, there are three reasons - why you need to be prepared to have a hard time asking a truly religious lady out. Here they are:

  • In contrast to the majority of modern non-religious singles, Catholics don't want to limit themselves to the beautiful moments of romantic rendezvous and physical closeness. They are looking for a potential spouse from the very beginning and are always interested in long-term relationships. Therefore, the pressure of all the expectations is equally high - it's about finding the soulmate at the first attempt.
  • The strive for chastity often evolves into a kind of dating anxiety among catholic women. In fact, they take the invitation to go to the cinema together almost like a proposal! Yes, these absolutely harmless meetings for coffee make them think you want to tie the knot on the same day. It might also happen - to avoid constantly changing partners by staying in groups of like-minders and bypassing one-on-one encounters.
  • Bear in mind the fact a catholic girl has agreed to go out with you means nothing. You won't experience anything outstanding there. Even after the months of correspondence through the Internet - don't expect to be kissed or hugged. It's not weird - her faith makes her act this way.

To be perfectly honest, Catholics, as a rule, do not understand fundamental things about how to get to know one another. So, the best thing you can do is to consider this aspect a little more relaxed. With time, it will help to realize what your crush likes and wants. Also, you need to explain to her that the first date is not the end goal yet - it's just the initial step. That's why she should have the courage to get out of her comfort zone.

Two extremes must be avoided on your side, though. Above all, it's never a good idea to fill the loneliness with dates with religious females. Secondly, you don't definitely need to get engaged after a few weeks of communication.

Is your girlfriend catholic? The top 5 rules for dating

top 5 rules for dating

For more than three years, the Catholic Church decided to define the subject of relationships and marriage for their parishioners. In 2014 and 2015, the synod meetings took place in Rome, where bishops from around the globe discussed this matter and exchanged ideas in this respect.

In conclusion, Pope Francis created the religious work Amoris Laetitia. Its title could be translated as The Joy of Love in English. In it, he not only addressed bishops, priests, and congregants - but also gave answers for all singles worldwide. At some point, his writing revolutionized certain dating laws of this faith. Still - not all principles changed...

How to date a catholic girl, then? Check the top 5 tips, actual in light of recent events.

#1. Church before dates

It's one of the fundamental catholic rules for dating. You need to get used to it if you start a relationship with a female of this religion. The church always goes before dates - you can do nothing with it since the Holy Bible says so.

While the Jews call the seventh day of the week Sabbath (the day when God rested) - Catholics celebrate it differently. In fact, Sunday is the first day of the week (according to them). They praise Jesus Christ's resurrection, so each week is like a small Easter holiday for them.

On this day, Catholics come together to hear the Word of God, attend the Eucharistic festivity, to commemorate the passion, death, and resurrection of the Lord. The parishioners are obliged to go to church on Sundays and other holy days. Since anyone who intentionally neglects this duty commits a grave sin.

And no - it cannot be postponed. Attending church services during the week cannot replace the traditional Sunday visit.

#2. She respects her body

When dating a catholic girl, don't expect that you get physical with her very soon. A female who has this faith in her heart believes that God gave men and women the pleasure of sex, not just for fun. It was planned so that two adults could show their love, have kids, and stay together as a family in the long run. As you might guess, this attitude involves seriousness and mutual respect.

The Catholic Church is generally conservative and wants to change as little as possible. Even in this day and age, it only allows sex after marriage. So, if your lady follows this rule - you can do nothing but accept it.

However, there are modern Catholics who, under certain conditions, tolerate premarital intimacy and other forms of sexuality. At the same time, like in the past, they strive for faithful marriage. Anyway, notwithstanding the level of religiousness, don't forget that the main prerequisite for hot nights is that both partners are 18 years old and agree to have sex.

#3. Her family and friends mean the world to her

We assume that many things in life are important to you. Strong health and loving relationships are undoubtedly among your personal list of indicators of happiness. Still, for a catholic woman, warm relations with the people around her are equally crucial since she experiences recognition and adoration through them. In most cases, her first caregivers were parents and siblings, followed by the priest and friends later in life - that's why they are so special. So later, when such a girl starts her own family, it becomes critical to her that her partner and relatives harmonize with each other. Since if they don't accept him, family celebrations and get-togethers can be torture.

For this reason, the essential catholic relationship advice for you here is to do everything possible to make your girlfriend's mother and father like you. Start charming them from the first moment you've been introduced to them. Due to the fact relatives and friends know her well, she, as stated in the Bible, values their judgment. If they don't accept you, your beloved one will definitely begin to question her choice. Because even if she is madly in love with you, the idea that others might have a better (more objective) view of you won't let her continue the romance.

P.S.: It might happen that your woman's parents won't express their concerns openly in your presence. The really religious people are usually polite. Therefore, it's recommended you watch their body language and the looks they exchange.

#4. She will be praying for you and encouraging you to pray too

In contrast to Muslims, Catholics do not have fixed prayer times and places. Only nuns and monks meet regularly for prayer in the monastery. Pastors also often keep a set rhythm when saying prays. The ordinary people, however, simply speak to God when they feel like it. But, when deciding on the catholic girls dating, keep in mind that each of them will do this frequently and encourage you to join her.

What are the typical situations ladies of this religion pray when? Oh, there are plenty of them! For example, they usually thank God for countless small and big good things in life, such as getting the dog that ran away back home. The same goes for recovering after a serious illness or having tasty food on the plate. Likewise, many Catholics ask God for comfort and help, railing against injustice and apologizing for stupidity or dishonest behavior.

There are also "ready" prayers for many occasions in this faith. They come from poets, thinkers, philosophers, theologians, and other famous people. They can be found in countless books, although prayers on special occasions look like each other or, at least, don't differ much.

#5. She loves to talk about the future

Whether two weeks, two months, or two years: at some point, every couple faces the question of how their relationship ought to develop. However, if you date a catholic lady, such a serious conversation will happen sooner rather than later. No matter who she is and from which country comes - she certainly loves to talk about the future.

Here are a few examples of what bothers her: "How deep is our spiritual connection? Is my partner the love of my life or just a fellow traveler on this short romantic trip? And, if he is my soulmate, what next? Why doesn't he want to propose?"

What do you need to do here? Actually, the only thing that helps here is ... to talk! After all, this is the perfect way to dot the i's and cross the t's. The best catholic advice on dating here would be to start this conversation yourself and don't wait until your woman suggests you talk. Find the right time: you can cook together or enjoy dinner in a restaurant. But don't get to the topic between aperitifs and starters! Wait a moment - and begin by telling your angel how much you love all your rendezvous. Don't forget to mention how comfortable you feel with her. Create a positive atmosphere before you get down to business. And then - be honest, tell what you have in mind. She will definitely appreciate your openness, no matter what you say.

Where to find a catholic girl?

Where to find a catholic girl?

Finding love is what many people nowadays want. The same desire, for sure, have singles with religious beliefs. But where can you meet them? By fortunate chance, our catholic dating tips include the list of opportunities you need to explore to increase your chances of finding a highly spiritual life partner.

What if you already know her?

It never hurts to take a closer look at your social circle. Experience has shown that suddenly lonely hearts rediscover their future spouses in people they had met for a long time. It is only an illusion that you know someone inside and out - a deeper connection can be established even after twenty years of being friends or colleagues. So why don't you want to give your mate a chance to become something more?

Expand your circle of friends

In fact, the time you are single is perfect for getting to know new people and expanding your circle of acquaintances. Who said that among your new friends won't be Catholics? Just use your energy and time (in the right way), and your life will change once and for all!

Location matters

You can meet single ladies almost everywhere. Still, when it comes to getting acquaintanced with catholic women - the location means everything. Always remember one thing: what is on the package is also inside. It is to say that the place party determines the type of females you may encounter there. For example, you can let your interests guide you and choose something related to your hobby. There you will automatically meet like-minded girls. Their religion is not certainly catholic, though. Or - you can go directly to the church around the corner or visit its event. The probability of getting to know your dream lady there is much higher.

Always be ready

This piece of dating catholic advice doesn't contradict the previous one. Location does matter - but why do you need to limit yourself only to well-planned meetings? Life is unpredictable - you never know where the right person is waiting. So, who knows, maybe tomorrow God will bring your soulmate to the same bakery you usually go to.

Get to know friends of your mates

The probability of finding your catholic love with the help of your buddies is really high. They know you well enough to determine with whom you have something in common. Thus, let your next party's motto be Bring a Friend. The rest lies in your hands: get into conversation, dance, and laugh, especially with those women you don't know yet! Remember to draw your attention to those girls who don't like being in the spotlight: true treasures can sometimes be overlooked.

Do not neglect the activities for singles

It's hard to explain this phenomenon, but many guys would never ever go to events for singles. What is so horrible about it, though? You can meet ladies in a similar life situation there. Those with the same questions and concerns. There are also activities oriented toward people with specific characteristics, such as for Catholics only.

Of course, we understand that you want to meet your future wife like in a romantic Hollywood movie. Still, on second thought, you will realize that this nuance is not so important. Isn't it better to make your romance fabulous, not the way of acquaintance?

Make sure you use all online opportunities

The social life of every modern person is closely linked to the World Wide Web. Therefore, some of your search attempts should move there too.

The Internet is a great help, especially if you don't live in a big city. Sitting on your sofa, you have a chance to find your love in peace and without public pressure.

By the way, this way of communication doesn't break any of the catholic relationship dating rules. The parents of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) met through matchmaking ads in a newspaper announcement, the forerunner of the websites with the same purpose.

Dating a catholic girl FAQ

Can you kiss a catholic lady before marriage?

If you check what is written in the Bible, you won't find a statement like, ""Kissing and holding hands is allowed, everything else is taboo."" There are indeed no precise catholic dating rules in this regard. At the same time, there is written: those men and women who sleep together must be married. But what about many steps in between, then? Let's clarify it here! The knowledge of intimacy should be postponed until marriage doesn't assume Catholicism prohibits something fun. This religion's idea is apparent. The one who gets physical - shares with the partner the most precious thing and becomes totally vulnerable. And, if something goes wrong and a couple breaks up, it could bring depression. That's why it is recommended to wait before undertaking earnest things, such as sex. The rest is up to you and your girlfriend. You have to draw the line yourself. Talk with your woman openly and decide how far you both want to go. No one takes that responsibility away from you, not even God. Here are the questions you need to ask her: what is acceptable? What do you want to do now, and what is better to save for later? What would you regret if you didn't stay together? Kindly remind your lady that once you get physical - there is no going back. She must be straightforward when talking about her own limits. And, of course, no pressure.

Should a Catholic date a non Catholic?

Since dating a catholic woman should be ended with marriage (according to the religion's rule) - we decided to check what is stated in the canon law codex. It contains regulations on marriage in Catholicism. So basically, a church marriage between Catholics and representatives of other faiths is allowed. At the same time, it is often regarded as an obstacle if the person has not been baptized. Marriage, therefore, has no sacramental character. However, the bishop can dispense with his requirements concerning the potential bride and groom. To do this, the Catholic spouse must vow to align their life according to the religion's rules. And also to support the Catholic baptism of their children and their upbringing based on the Catholic faith. A final prerequisite for the marriage is the permission of the diocesan bishop or his representative.

How long should the Catholics date?

If you wonder how long you, as a Catholic guy, should date before marriage - it's hard to give an exact answer. Some experts say: just long enough to not get frustrated, but not too long. Okay-okay, we'll try to provide some more explanations. Dating itself helps to understand how you feel: what is your brightest emotion when you think of your girlfriend? On the other hand, during this period, you must establish a sufficient level of trust in your couple. It increases when you talk with your beloved one about your thoughts and inner sensations. Ask yourself: can you tell her something you don't want to share with someone else? If yes - it's a good sign. Anyway, you should be careful and don't wait too long with the proposal. As time passes, it might happen that your emotional intimacy becomes stagnant, and a relationship slowly dies without further development. How much time do you need, then? It depends on the personal circumstances and traits of both – age, maturity, life stage, and more. But, generally, we can say that the dating period should last no less than a year and no more than two years.

Is there a catholic dating site on the Internet?

Yes, sure. As mentioned before, the Internet has plenty of opportunities for catholic singles. There are platforms oriented solely toward representatives of this religion, as well as apps and marriage agencies. Actually, you can start dating catholic girls even here on UaDates! Just register and set this filter in our advanced search. All profiles of the ladies that will be displayed - match your expectations regarding religion. The rest depends solely on you.

Who is a good catholic girl?

A good girl, according to Catholicism, is sincere, virtuous, and humble. She has clear plans for the future, which include marriage and having children. This woman is definitely loyal and chaste. She doesn't forget to go to church on Sundays and prays every evening before going to bed.

Are Catholic Singles safe?

We are not sure we understood your question right, but we will still try to answer it. If you talk about the website with this name - unfortunately, we are not professional review writers. We didn't test it to give you the correct verdict. To find out more - we suggest you check the specialized sources. If you mean catholic singles in general - then - yes. There are no registered facts on the Internet where genuinely religious people would be caught in scam attempts.

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