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Dating a cute petite girl: when less is more

Dating a petite girl: when less is more

Did you ever wonder why guys generally tend to prefer smaller women for dating? According to various studies, petite females are well-known for their adaptability in both personal and interpersonal relationships. Men, on their side, acknowledge that a small girl's stunning appearance adds spice to the relationship. Indeed: the eye-catching body shape and adorable height of such a lady make every man feel like a real gentleman near her!

At the same time, smaller girls have a sparkling charm that you could not see in other women around. They usually are bright personalities who can effortlessly capture the attention of every man. These ladies, metaphorically speaking, rise above the crowd without being literally high.

Before we get into recommendations of what such ladies like and what belongs to their no-go list - we'd like to call your attention to five reasons why you will enjoy dating a petite girl. You might ask: does the height difference between partners in a couple affect their love quality? Just keep calm - you will find answers to this question and even more helpful information in this article.

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Why do men love petite girls? Advantages of dating a petite girl

Reason #1

Only a hundred years ago, it was considered that petite women are not so appealing as tall females. For this reason, many men were afraid that dating such a girl would be met with derision and scorn by their friends and colleagues. Fortunately, we no longer live in the past. Nowadays, society is free from prejudices about short ladies. It means you don't have to hide your preferences about how your dream girl should look! It feels so good when you can go hand in hand with your special one and don't hear people laughing behind your back because of her height, doesn't it?

Moreover: peculiar to the recent past, the attitude towards petite women has changed fundamentally. Even the fashion industry has placed a greater emphasis on small models. You can see them on the covers of the most respectable magazines, shows, and catwalks of famous designers. In other words: in modern society, short ladies are considered to be extremely gorgeous. Their delicate and magnificent facial traits, inborn grace, and sensitiveness make it completely impossible for men to say no.

By the way, if you thought that dating a small girl might be a good idea only for short men - you are wrong. Tall males also find petite beauties attractive. And, the height difference between partners, according to statistics, doesn't play a significant role in relationships.

Reason #2

Distinct attractiveness and wielding extraordinary feminine strength – that’s how men describe their petite partners. It should be noted that petite (small) girls have excellent communication skills and natural cheerfulness. This is the reason why keeping in touch with them will never become sorrowful for you.

Furthermore, it will be your best romantic experience ever! Do you wonder why? Would you like to find out what makes it so iconic? Let's think - everything: starting from personality traits - ending up with sexy body shapes of your small girlfriend. Together with her somewhat rebellious character, it creates a perfect mix that fits the description of an ideal woman almost for every man. Glowing femininity is expressed in every step she makes. And, mind you, we haven't said a word about what to expect in the bedroom! Spoiler: you won't be disappointed.

Reason #3

In fact, scientists have figured out that neither weight nor height affects the general good-lookingness of the person for members of the opposite sex. According to their studies: - characteristics such as waist-to-hip ratio and breast size in each individual case are far more significant. This idea of the principles of general attractivity is especially applicable to petite ladies.

When it comes to dating short girls, every man notices - they are sporty for the most part. And, therefore, their feminine body shapes appear to be truly appealing. Well, don't think that small women are all sports fans. In their circumstances, it is just necessary since extra pounds are easy to see on their curves - and they are aware of it. Thanks to natural strength and flexibility, fitness usually effortlessly becomes a part of lifestyle for each one of them.

Another benefit, such a healthy way of living gives - petite ladies are usually active and full of energy. They are the best partners for all kinds of activities: from extreme sports to yoga weekends.

Reason #4

Over the last few years, the number of males who fantasize about dating short women has remarkably increased. Moreover, when you think about it, at least one person from the circle of your friends who is happy in a relationship with a petite girl will come into your mind. You might think that this phenomenon is influenced by the modern trends of the fashion industry or Hollywood movies. It is not really the complete truth, though. Small women conquer men’s hearts with their remarkable femininity and perfect mental balance.

It's no secret to anyone - guys dream of being in relationships with kind and sensual females. Yes: unlike taller ladies, petite girls are famous for their calm character. Some may ask how certain people could be described with similar personal qualities? Well, concerning such girls - it is possible. Since even scientists assure men that dating a short woman will be an outstanding experience for everyone searching for a romance with an atmosphere of calm and understanding.

Reason #5

Men who are dating petite women say - these relationships have taught them how to awaken true feelings and emotions they used to ignore before.

So, if you want to be surprised by an explosion of sensations and impressions - a small girl will make it possible. Being together with such a woman means going on unforgettable dates, having adventures, and experiencing something new every day. The dull routine will turn into an extraordinary life - isn't it the biggest advantage a romance with a petite girl brings?

How to date a petite girl? What do petite girls like?

How to date a petite girl? What do petite girls like?

Before we get started answering the questions listed above, there is one thing you should bear in mind. If it seems a bit challenging for you to start dating a petite girl - do not panic. She is just a woman who, just like you, wants to be happy. So what should then go wrong? Furthermore: there is no chance to struggle because after reading this article, you will be hundred percent ready for all, even the most controversial situations, that may happen during this romance.

If you are still confused about what such a strong, beautiful, charming, and sexy woman expects from you - the answers to this question could be found right here.

Step #1

The first thing you should learn about such ladies - they like to be the focus of attention. For this reason, if you want to meet one of them - any petite girl dating website might be a perfect way to find your tiny treasure. However, you better need to ask your conversationalist about her goals right away since she may be not up to committed relationships but rather for online fun. At the same time, small ladies never tend to lie in personal pictures or during communication, notwithstanding their wishes about the future of your couple. If you are the sort of person that values sincerity, this fact may appeal to you.

In case you start dating a petite girl online - there are some nuances you should foresee. Don't try to pretend someone you are not - short women won't forgive their shattered dreams so easily. Also, they have pretty high expectations, men they are in love with ought to meet. By the way - an absence of prohibition doesn't mean you can do everything you want.

Step #2

If you want to better understand how dating small women works - it would be wise to find out certain, especially important to them, matters. First and foremost, petite ladies adore the atmosphere of joy and optimism. They try to surround themselves with people who have a similar outlook on life.

So, if you want to start a relationship with one of them - represent yourself as a cheerful person. Show your petite dream-woman that you can create a vibrant atmosphere even in brief chats. This attitude will help you to win her heart once and for all. How to do this? Well, it costs time since you will need hours of personal talks full of confessions and emotions.

Step #3

Short females are the sort of girls who have a lot of sexual energy. This specificity makes petite women attractive in the eyes of the majority of men.

In fact, these ladies are willing to make love right on the very first date if they feel head over heels in love. Therefore, do not be embarrassed to ask even the most intimate questions about sex during your rendezvous. For example, what seems especially appealing to your girlfriend or which poses seduce her more. This knowledge will help you to get ready for the first night together. Do your best to turn it into an unforgettable experience for both of you.

Step #4

We guess that the previous point made clear that one of the benefits of dating a petite girl lies in enjoying her sexuality. Being in a relationship with such a woman, you get the best quality of sex life you have ever had.

However, don't think that her crazy sensual energy makes an average short lady easy-going. She, in fact, does not welcome polygamy and the practice of frequently changing partners. If you have the same ideas in this regard - congratulations, your personal happiness starts here! If no - better don't waste your time. A woman like this won't ever accept your frivolity.

Step #5

“I want to date a petite girl“ - every man has said this phrase at least once in his lifetime. This is time to put your ideas into action.

But you should also be able to prove that you really mean what you say. In other words - if you said you will call your short girlfriend in the evening - do this. The same goes for all promises you make: from routine ones to something serious. Otherwise, your romance has no chance of success.

Petite girls in relationships & love

Petite girls in relationships & love

Are petite girls attractive, or is that a kind of stereotype that comes from social media and the printing press? There, actually, is nothing to worry about if you like the concept that females should be a bit shorter than males. The height could be just an advantage, in this case, because it is balanced with greater kindness and loyalty.

You already know the top-5 reasons why small women make perfect girlfriends. To these points, we can also mention that they are less arrogant. Their inborn politeness and compassion, especially to those who need help, are simply impressive. Once you are in a relationship with such a girl - be sure - she will go through thick and thin with you without a single complaint.

Still, our life consists not only of pleasant moments. And, like any normal people, petite ladies have certain drawbacks. Of course, these disadvantages of the character have an impact on the romance, in general. In the following section of this article, we'll tell you about the problems that often happen when you're in a relationship with a short woman. Don't worry: each one of them will be complemented with the ideal solution.

Problems with thin girls

Problems with thin girls

Females can be: bony and chubby, short and tall. Although, the fact remains - no one is perfect.

Our job here is to make you aware of typical, for relationships with petite women, problems. Read this part carefully to avoid possible misunderstandings and arguments.

Problem #1

When we say small - we mean women under 5'4” or 5'3” in height. However, if we think about a really petite girl who is actually even shorter - it might cause some complications. Especially if you have 6'6”.

Yes, this physical nuance affects the relationship, and we cannot say that you won't notice such a height difference. It can even make a bit of discomfort in everyday life at the initial stages of your romance.

Don't panic, though. True love doesn't know any limitations and, in case you really want to be together with a petite woman - just do this. Look at celebrity couples: Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Gerard Pique and Shakira. They prove that everything is possible if you are ready to work on your relationship!

P.S. Nobody has canceled high heels yet.

Problem #2

Cute petite girls always attract the attention of others. Especially when the height difference with their men is quite noticeable. Unfortunately, the reaction these people have is not always positive. In some cases, they just joke or make sarcastic remarks in this regard. In others - they cross the line and don't expect any consequences.

But don't let someone else decide for you! Nobody, even your relatives and friends, have a right to judge your personal life or say how your partner should look. The point is that you are happy with your choice.

Problem #3

The sexuality of a fit petite girl is higher than you think. This is an undeniable advantage, but not always! Sometimes the sensual energy of such a woman is limitless. It means: you need to be ready for an everlasting seduction.

If sex doesn't play a significant role in your life - better search for a bit taller girlfriend.

Problem #4

According to a recent study, slender women prefer tall males for evolutionary and reproductive reasons. That is to say, their most common goal is to get married and have children. Isn't it fascinating?

The recommendation, in this case, is to familiarize yourself well with your partner's wishes before moving on to a committed relationship stage. If you are not ready to settle down - it's okay. Just don't give your petite girlfriend false hopes.

Problem #5

“I'm a thin girl. I can't really imagine how men can find me attractive.” The majority of petite ladies experience a lack of self-confidence, and this is a pretty sad statistic.

So, when starting a relationship with a short lady, be aware that she might need a lot of attention and sincere compliments to finally relax in your company.

Petite girls dating FAQ

Petite girls dating FAQ

Are petite girls attractive?

Wise people say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It means: we all are different and have different ideas about attractiveness.
At the same time, we can say with confidence - that petite females continue to be desired by men across the world. Their irresistible feminine charm, captivating manners, and the ability to love unconditionally - how is it possible to stay indifferent?
Still, never forget that the loveliness of each particular person is always up to you. Only you can decide who is good enough to become your girlfriend.

Does being petite matter in dating?

Is the height of your partner really important in matters of love and romance? Recent research says - no. When you really love someone, how is it possible to say goodbye only because your girlfriend is not tall enough?
The celebrity couples with the height difference prove that it's nothing to be ashamed of. The only essential point is your genuine desire to make things work.

Do petite girls even consider dating a fat guy?

Petite girls are usually among those who do not have any restrictions in the matters of dating. Their future partners could be fat, short, or both at the same time. But these physical features will not obstruct any small lady. Since the only thing she needs to know - that her partner is full of optimism and sensual energy, just like she is.

What is the difference between the petite girls and the fit girls?

Not only the appearance but the sexual characteristics may differ in women generally. Especially when it comes to emphasizing the main differences between petite and fit girls. Mainly the lifestyle is what distinguishes short females from others. Experts also point out that every man has his own interests, and it is up to him to choose his own path to pleasure. Both types of females exhibit joyful femininity but in different ways. Here is a little secret: choosing a petite girl as a partner will never let you down. Happiness is guaranteed!

Who is more attractive, petite girls or tall girls?

The height, weight, nationality, skin color, and age - these matters usually name people when they list the characteristics of a perfect partner. When you, however, meet someone for the first time, the primary thing you notice about this person is his height. The same goes for potential girlfriends, of course.
Still, it is not always about the external features, as you might guess. Regardless of whether you are looking for a tall or petite partner, personal characteristics should come before that. Intellectual, independent, and ambitious – that’s approximately how a short woman describes herself.
And what about the higher girls? Would you like to know what kind of advantages tall women have? Except for long legs and no need to wear high heels - they are passionate and emotional. These down-to-earth personalities prefer to plan ahead. Spontaneity is not exactly their thing.
So you can now say which character type suits you better.

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