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Your girlfriend has brown eyes? There is something you should know about her

Your girlfriend has brown eyes? There is something you should know about her

When you get to know a new lady, it is worth looking into her eyes first. Experts say: not only the hair color of your potential girlfriend can reveal her identity. If you really want to know who you are dealing with, it would be wise to take a closer look at your partner’s eyes. After all, these windows to the soul can’t lie. Here, however, we wish to focus our attention on beautiful women with brown eyes since exactly this color is the most widespread among modern humans.

According to esoteric knowledge, brown-eyed people are influenced by the element of fire. An abundance of pure energy, typical to them, is a gift from Sun and Venus (their lead planets). It creates that seducing manner, notable during communication with all dark eyes. That is why, probably, such persons in ancient times were considered unpredictable and dangerous. Astrologists also believe they are pretty hot-tempered, emotional, and impulsive.

Despite that, brown-eyed men and women have many good qualities. They are creative, optimistic, independent, and reliable. Their natural self-confidence helps to attract decent people into their life and constantly expand the social circle. Moreover: they genuinely like to be praised. They know limits, though. For loved ones, dark-eyed people are very generous, loyal, and caring.

As you might already understand, those with brown eyes love power and gladly become leaders. They want to conquer the world - no more and no less.

Another interesting fact about these guys. Some studies have proven that everyone who has brown eyes has difficulties getting out of bed in the morning, but not because he or she is lazy. This is all because of the poor sleep quality usual to them. A huge unfairness from Mother Nature’s side, isn’t it?

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Why men love women with Brown eyes (Advantages of dating a girl with Brown eyes)

Why men love women with Brown eyes (Advantages of dating a girl with Brown eyes)

It would seem that girls with brown eyes are rather complex personalities, and wise people should better stay away from them. But that’s not actually true. Below you can find five points that ought to encourage you to look for your soulmate among these ladies.

Their mental maturity

If you are ready to settle down and want to enter into a relationship with someone you can marry one day: then a brown-eyed woman would be a perfect partner for you.

Such a girl achieves mental maturity much sooner than, for example, a blue- or green-eyed female. Even at a young age, she dreams of creating a family and having kids. By the way, love, in her opinion, is not about taking moonlight walks and gazing at the stars with the special one. True fondness, she thinks, gives the feeling of security.

Apropos children: do you want to become a father? Just in case your answer to this question is yes - then you should definitely choose a wife among those who have brown eyes. Scientists have proven that these ladies are particularly fertile. It means you won’t experience any problem with conception.

Their lightness

Our life is too short, and we shouldn’t waste another minute of it carrying grudges or being depressed. These words were said by Jane Eyre, a famous literary figure. Without a second thought, we can assure you that her eyes were brown.

Well, easy to say - harder to do. Many people see such an attitude as an impossible task. Brown-eyed ladies could teach them a good lesson in this regard since their lightness makes an example. They are not touchy, rarely knowingly provoke conflicts, and quickly let go a burning sense of grievance. After a fight, an opponent just needs to say that he sincerely regrets what he said or done - and the problem is solved.

Their ability to say funny things

Nothing pleases a pretty brown eyes girl more than having a nice laugh. Just so you know: usual jokes about daily routine and sex are not really funny for her. She prefers sophisticated humor mixed with a bit of fine sarcasm. Religion, politics, and other no-go subjects, in the opinion of a brown-eyed woman, are also appropriate. It’s just essential to know the limits - and she does.

In general, making humorous jokes is her thing. A female with brown eyes usually adores comedies and stand-ups, just like funny table games in the company of dear friends. How can you not love such a spare time?

Their non-acceptance of commenting private matters to friends or relatives

Their non-acceptance of commenting private matters to friends or relatives

It would seem that there is nothing more exciting for every woman than meeting with her best friends in some cozy cafe. There, girls usually chat about the failure and shortcomings of their boyfriends over a cup of coffee. But is that the right thing to do?

Just think about it: how many times gossip and scandals that were brought to the court of public opinion made any good? The lack of privacy destroys relationships. Even if partners still love each other. The debates with mates, concerning the issues of the couple can make from two lovebirds - foes.

However, not all ladies feel a need to comment on private matters to others. Females with dark eyes protest against such behavior with the whole soul. They think that man and woman start a romance only if they deserve each other. So, in their opinion, it’s just foolishness to make a union with someone unworthy of this task and complain.

Their desire to understand, not to change

As soon as the allure of falling in love fades away, it becomes clear that the object of affection is far from being perfect. Experience has shown that we usually find at least one extremely annoying thing in our significant others. This habit, character quality, or even some of his or her natural beauty traits starts to bother right away. How do people act in such a situation? Both sides of the couple, then, decide to change that irritating nuance in the partner through arguments and fights.

Brown-eyed girls strongly believe that this mission is next to impossible. The only way of building happy relationships these cuties see is to get used to the fact your beloved one will never change. They, therefore, choose understanding and acceptance instead of conflicts and criticism.

Women with Brown eyes in relationships & love

Women with Brown eyes in relationships & love

You already know the theory of expert psychologists, which suggests that pretty girls with brown eyes might be a bit egoistic and capricious. Even towards people, they care about most. But is that really so? We are ready to bring to your attention another opinion in this regard. To figure out how successful your relationships with a dark-eyed woman could be - it is advisable to look at it from the perspective of compatibility of different eye colors.

Do you have blue or gray eyes? Oh, mate, when dating a girl with brown eyes, you, metaphorically speaking, will have to take off your last shirt and throw it at your girlfriend’s feet. However, after doing this, prepare yourself to hear her complaints about its quality.

At the same time, it’s definitely complicated for brown eyes to win the heart of a blue-eyed crush and, what is even harder - transform an affair into a long-term relationship. You two might even feel like it must be fate that makes you try to work things out over and over again. But the patience of light eyes isn’t infinite: sooner or later, you will be sick of your girlfriend’s impulsiveness. Is there a key to your happiness, after all?

Yes, of course! To grow into a perfect couple, a partner with brown eyes needs to learn how to express herself properly and, above all, show her understanding. Only through full acceptance of the cold eyes romantic attitude, will this romance have a bright future. Still, you will have to allow your woman command to blow off steam.

Is brown the color of your eyes too? Well, it won’t be easy, but you guys are just two peas in a pod! You literally can read each other’s thoughts! Although, as two egoists who like to receive more than give, you should learn to support a beloved one. Never blame your partner if something goes wrong, and your love will never end. After all, the charm all brown-eyed people have works wonders.

If you have green eyes and want to start dating a dark-eyed lady, then nights full of passion and fire could be expected. These open-minded personalities don’t have any taboos and won’t stop surprising each other even after twenty years of married life. But better be careful making another home video - ensure no one else would accidentally see it.

There is a flip side to that coin, though. Since all green-eyed males are very demanding, most likely, you will try to change your girlfriend so she would match your idea of an ideal partner. It’s absolutely wrong because such an approach won’t help to connect your hearts and find mutual understanding - rather the opposite.

Find Your Girl with Brown eyes With Us

Find Your Girl with Brown eyes With Us

It would seem that after gaining so much knowledge about girls with brown eyes, you can go and start dating one of them right away. Such things, however, aren’t that simple for adults today. Bars, restaurants, or other social events are canceled because of the global pandemic. But even if it wasn’t - nowadays, people prefer online matchmaking since it’s a more convenient format of looking for love.

Good news - you don’t have to search for a well-proven, user-friendly platform that also doesn’t cost a fortune. You are already there!, as an international dating website, suggests Western men increase their opportunities of finding a wife and take a look at brides from Eastern Europe (namely, Ukraine and Russia). And yes - all these beauties don’t mind marrying a foreigner.

Ukrainian women with Brown eyes

When describing an average Ukrainian lady, people often put emphasis on such facial features as black eyebrows and brown eyes. No wonder: Ukrainians belong to Southern Nations. Their beauty captures with its warmth. By the way, about 70% of women in Ukraine have dark eyes - there is enough to choose from.

Russian women with Brown eyes

If you want to know why blonde hair and brown eyes are attractive, then look at Russian hotties. It’s only 25% of brown-eyed females among this nationality. Compared to Ukrainians, it is quite a bit. Still, the unusual combination of fair hair and dark eyes they have is hypnotic. That’s why so many foreigners dream of dating a Russian girl.

How to Date a girl with Brown eyes

How to Date a girl with Brown eyes

All right, the most important part always comes in the end. You already know how to contact the most gorgeous brown-eyed ladies. will be glad to make any possible assistance in that respect - don't forget about it. But some expert advice would be helpful anyway.

Make her feel special

Dating a beautiful girl with brown eyes, you should avoid all stereotyped phrases and words of affection. Especially concerning her appearance, sense of humor, and mindset.

A message like, “Wow, you have a Victoria's Secret model body!“ won’t make her feel unique, and that’s not what you need. Your strategy for success must be based on your own thoughts. Therefore, forget about stupid pick-ups written on dating-guru sites - it doesn’t work with brown eyes. Better learn how to make elegant compliments - it will be more impressive.

Take it slow

Take your time, don’t rush. An average brown-eyed person belongs to the type of people who doesn’t want to offer a heart and a body to someone undignified. So don’t try to kiss or hug her just after the first date. In fact, dark-eyed ladies can hardly tolerate such violations of their privacy. Moreover: they find it disgusting.

All you need to do to prevent this mistake from being possible - take your relationship slow. Before trying to hold her hand for the first time - make sure your girlfriend is ready for it, and your touch will not cause negative emotions.

Tell her how you feel

Frankly tell your brown-eyed woman how you feel about her. However, it’s crucial to wait with a love confession. At least till the fifth date or a month of online communication. You might think, what is the difference? Why exactly this term? Only after this period of time, your words will look like a considered decision, not a nasty desire to drag her into bed. That's the reason.

Introduce her to your friends

You don’t have to wait long to follow this tip, especially compared to the previous one. Ladies with dark eyes are very communicative and always glad to meet new people. On the other hand, each one of them would take such a gesture as valuable proof of the seriousness of your intentions.

Be yourself

Starting a relationship with a woman with brown eyes, don’t try to pretend to be someone you are not. If you lie - your sweetheart will easily recognize the falseness. So it is essential to remain yourself at all stages of your romance.

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