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What do you need to do to embarrass a top model? It won't be hard: asking her how much she weighs would be enough. Yes - a sporty, good-looking lady will instantly turn red, like a tomato, mumbling and swallowing words. Don't laugh, but many obviously slender girls consider themselves fat. So, isn't it better to try your luck with curvy singles dating from the very beginning?

In the Middle Ages, when there were many wars and people died at a relatively young age, there existed completely different beauty standards. Medicine level was low: epidemics of various incurable diseases often occurred, and entire cities disappeared. Evidently, a skinny female couldn't give birth to healthy children. Thus, it's not hard to guess that overweight women were loved by men and, for this reason, proud of their appealing forms. By the way, girls with impressive curves were eligible bachelorettes because they ate well and came from prosperous families.

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But what about nowadays? Modern guys often don't talk openly about their attraction to big ladies since it's against the general tendency. Still, in private conversations, many admit that fatties tend to be funnier, friendlier, and have less mess in their heads.

Wait, does it mean you should join one of the dating sites for men who like curvy women? Is it better to be in a relationship with a chubby or slim girlfriend? In this article - we will highlight the points of view often ignored in the mainstream media. Spoiler: you will be surprised to see the honest facts and poll results hidden behind the cliche facade. Enough empty rhetoric - let's get to the action part!

Why do men love curvy women? What are their advantages?

Why do men love curvy women? What are their advantages?

According to recently conducted research, only 21 percent of men prefer dating women who look sporty. At the same time, 18 percent of single guys are interested in relationships with slender females. 3 percent of respondents stated that the future girlfriend's appearance doesn't really matter. And, guess what: the rest, 58 percent of male study participants, find voluptuous ladies most attractive.

But what makes them think so? Is that the international Body Positive trend or something else? In fact, there are a few things that explain this phenomenon. Psychologists suggest that plump beauties have much to offer. Except for sexy curves, their personality traits often become the subject of admiration. For instance, the longer partners remain together as a couple, the more crucial their skills in talking and listening to each other - that's what fatties ideally can do. They also try to form relationships based on shared values, attitudes, and a sense of humor. Sounds promising: isn't it?

If you are still not sure whether dating such a woman is what you need - check the advantages this romance brings. Three of them are placed right below.

Reason #1. Their relaxed approach to themselves

We bet you know a lot of gorgeous and thin girls who are constantly unhappy with themselves. They count calories, do plastic surgeries, and so on. Plump females, on the other hand, have a more relaxed approach to themselves, which is an indisputable benefit.

What is the matter here, then? It seems to be the subject of self-esteem, experts think. While some wonder, Are curvy women attractive? - it is no question for such ladies. They are sure that there is no standard for genuine beauty. Each of them doesn't go on a diet or die in a gym - she merely enjoys being herself! This approach could sound like this: if you like me - great, but if you don't - it's your problem.

A voluptuous girl has allowed herself to be simpler and does not require much complexity from others. And actually, this simplicity captivates. You must agree: when your beloved one does not strive to turn the light off before having sex - but, instead, dances striptease for you with all lamps on - it drives you crazy! In other words: self-acceptance is absolutely admirable in this case.

Their natural to make the partner's life better

Reason #2. Their natural to make the partner's life better

You get it completely wrong if you think it's our personal opinion. Many studies in open access, conducted by leading researchers and various experts in the field of relationships, prove our words. These experienced professionals have stated that men who date curvy women tend to have a better life quality. In fact, to be more specific, it's scientifically confirmed that such guys are 10 times happier than those who are married to skinny girls. Hard to believe, right? Still, you have to - it doesn't make sense to not agree with the academic community.

By the way, these examinations have also demonstrated some other surprising results. The same males (married to plump ladies) usually laugh a lot more and find it much easier to solve problems than the men married to thinner females.

P.S. If you can't believe what they say - ask a busty woman out and prove the experts wrong!

Reason #3. Their readiness to focus on the partner's wishes and needs

It's unquestionably one of the greatest benefits of dating a curvy girl. Such a female is the one who is ready to pay attention to her partner's needs and expectations. The fact she is less selfish, contrary to popular belief, makes her a better partner in the long run.

And indeed, women with wonderfully curvaceous bodies (according to psychologists) are prone to constantly look for ways to please their boyfriends/husbands in different aspects of their relationships. In short, fatties know how to set priorities right.

At the same time, we can't say that romance, in this case, is a one-way street. When dating plump ladies, guys claim they find it easier to realize what their girlfriends want. In their desire to figure out their partner's wishes, longing to seem ideal disappears and comes to openness instead. So, it's a win-win situation here.

Problems with curvy girls

Problems with curvy girls

As you already know - the information we share is based on hard facts and professionals' opinions. We try to be as fair-minded as possible so you can get an honest picture of each exact case. This article is no exception. We don't want you to think thick girls are perfect because they are not. They, like everyone else, have their drawbacks, and you must be aware of them.

Are men attracted to curvy women? Yes, they are, for sure. However, it doesn't assume overweight females have had only positive dating experiences. In fact, in many cases, obese people face such difficulties in romance that slender singles don't necessarily do. Even if, at last, these affairs don't influence the lady's self-esteem, they still cause traumas. Such heart wounds are demonstrated in future relationships.

Both plus-size girls and men who want to date big women should try to be aware of these issues so they can enter a love adventure more prepared. Not everyone will naturally have the same problems, so keep an open mind, though.

Problem #1. The BBW-phenomenon

Do you know what the abbreviation BBW stands for? Exactly, it's an acronym for Big Beautiful Woman. But what is so special about it, and why do we call it a problem?

The craze for curvy BBW dating burst into the life of modern singles a few years ago. This is mainly because the idea of such a relationship is portrayed as very hot by porn and online matchmaking services. Therefore, these desires are incurred in society (in many cases). On the other hand, this makes guys who date chubby ladies see them only as sex objects and become pushy in the early stages of the romance.

Unfortunately, if that's what you think - this approach won't get you any further with a busty beauty. Your crush won't even answer your texts after noticing it.

Problem #2. The fatphobia fear

Do men find curvy women attractive? That's the question chubby females constantly ask themselves once they have faced guys with fatphobia. Such a traumatic experience may grow into a real fear that, like an anchor, holds them back.

What does this psychological issue involve? Not only the nervousness of flirting with someone - but also the anxiety over being rejected. You might notice such a problem in your voluptuous girlfriend not right away, though. The growing number of rendezvous can become a trigger. An alarm bell here could initially be emphasized through worsening physical health, and so on.

So, before starting a relationship with an overweight lady, bear in mind this problem. Fatphobia is a real problem of the 21st century. Don't ever let yourself be involved in fat-shaming!

The feeling of being not worthy of love

Problem #3. The feeling of being not worthy of love

Whether it's about making her a butt of a joke, a subtle remark about her weight, or a direct verbal attack - be very careful with such things in curvy girls dating. Such behavior can become a problem because of a strange opinion about fat people demonstrated in modern society. Sad but voluptuous bodies in this day and age are often considered disgraceful. Even friendship with an overweight person can be misinterpreted as something done purely out of pity.

For this reason, it sometimes happens that overweight ladies approach potential boyfriends as if they should be thankful that they even get a chance to go out with someone. These females expect to be rejected since they don't see their curves as advantages. The most painful part of this story is that they feel the need to be grateful for their partner's fondness. Otherwise - the relationship will be ruined, they think. Only your sincere love can help your crush to resolve this inner problem.

Problem #4. Your own prejudices

This issue is typical for a skinny-guy-dating-a-curvy-girl couple. Anyway: if you can't tell the whole world that you are in love with an overweight lady - this will surely be a problem.

Imagine the situation: you met an outstanding woman. She is stunning, and you genuinely adore her sexy big hips. But, at the same time, deep inside, you know you don't want to be seen with her in public. We guess it is unnecessary to explain how heartbreaking this attitude is...

Unfortunately, this is exploitative behavior in which fat females are seen as sex objects and can be worshiped in a private atmosphere. And if you believe many of them won't complain when noticing it - you are wrong.

This is, in fact, a dehumanizing strategy in a relationship because it reduces the person's significance to her appearance and nothing more. We hope it's not the case with you, though.

Problem #5. Friends without benefits

Imagine you are in a relationship that seems almost perfect. Except for one fact - your special one has absolutely no sexual interest in you. Oh, and you're the one who takes care of all your woman's needs (including finances and housing). Experts call such a romance "friends without benefits." It's a pity, but most likely, the curvy girl you chat on a dating website with went through it.

This problem is common for thick females. They, in many cases, choose to be together with someone who saps their time and energy because fatties are afraid that a better option doesn't exist...

If you planned to follow the scenario where you and a plump lady are friends for months without developing romantic feelings for each other - don't do this! You will make her feel damaged, betrayed, and confused. This experience may hold her back from entering into a new relationship for a long time.

How to date a curvy girl?

How to date a curvy girl? What do curvy women like?

When talking about dating for curvy girls, it must be said how challenging this task seems. While some are happy with their sexy shapes, others - get depressed, realizing that an extra-small bikini won't fit. Still, with time, each of them is plain truth: no relationship can work without self-love.

Some men say a big butt = a big heart, and we couldn't agree more. It's great you don't have the non-acceptance of voluptuous shapes. No less wonderful is the fact you are not looking for an ideal woman from social media pictures. Reading this article now, you get closer to finding your curvaceous soulmate. And five tips from this section will definitely bring you to success. Just read them all!

#1. Try to communicate openly

Let's start with one of the most important tips: communication. When dating a curvy woman, try to be absolutely honest with her (right from the beginning).

We know that sincerity and openness are not always easy to follow. And, of course, there are days when describing your feelings and desires appears particularly difficult. But once you and your plump girlfriend relax, the most private information will get out almost effortlessly.

Experts advise: saying what is on your mind instead of avoiding certain topics. Because your lady might be thinking the same way - you can't know without asking. So stop hyping things up in your head and do it - results will be impressive.

#2. Feeling good in each other's company is a must

Feeling comfortable with the person you are dating or sleeping with is an absolute must. That's why curvy women date guys who are not afraid to be seen with them in public places. Make sure that all your gestures demonstrate this right from the start. Otherwise, if you somehow show the person you go out with is unwanted from time to time - this is a huge no-go for fatties.

Anyway, your goal is to create a pleasing atmosphere for your couple. So your lady would consider it a really good sign.

By the way, let her know that between all the butterflies, emotions, and adrenaline that flows through her body, a feeling of insecurity can also spread - that's completely normal!

#3. Ask questions

Entering a relationship is often quite nerve-wracking. It doesn't matter how exactly you meet your busty girlfriend: through mutual friends or waiting for a cup of coffee in a cafe around the corner. Even if you communicate with curvy women on a dating website - learn to ask questions.

It is not always easy to do this, though - especially when you don't want to appear too curious. Still, lovely chats and sincere answers are your best friends. Would you like to find out what your chubby girl is looking for in a relationship, or are you curious about what romantic experiences she has already had? Make these topics come naturally in the conversation! Always remember that there's nothing wrong with finding out personal things about the girl you adore.

Take it slow (or maybe not)

#4. Take it slow (or maybe not)

At this point, we are ready to present another study to your attention. It was conducted by a well-known dating portal. The researchers asked over 12000 members to find out if they would rather wait before having sex with a new partner for the first time. The answers were compared with details such as height and weight (completely anonymously, of course). The results seem astounding: the larger hips a girl has, the more she is ready to go to bed with a guy after a short time of acquaintance.

What can we say here? When you feel the chemistry and passions blow your mind - it's not easy to take it slow with the physical part. So at the end of each particular rendezvous, you should just see how you and your plump crush feel to enjoy the moment!

#5. Have fun

Perhaps, it's one of the most important things about dating curvy women. Above all, this adventure should be fun.

While it might be scary at first - ask yourself honestly how much you want such a relationship. Going out with a new girlfriend should be a beautiful experience for both - not the opposite.

Feeling a little vulnerable or uncertain about this decision at the beginning of a romance is perfectly normal. However, if you are with someone who really cares about you - your thick lady will take the time to address your needs and put your mind in comfort in any way possible. You ought to do the same for her, though.

Curvy girls in relationships and love

Curvy girls in relationships and love

If you want to date a curvy girl and your intentions are more than just serious - here are a few more details you must be aware of.

Tell us, what, in your opinion, is the worst thing you can do to your plump crush? We'll give you a hint: it's a tiny nuance you might haven't viewed from this perspective. One phrase, "You are much prettier than any skinny woman!" or "I have always wanted to have sex with a fat lady!" is enough to kill the attraction. Honestly: if you start dating someone specifically to satisfy your fetish - you still owe this person respect. But it's better to rethink your goals, after all.

What else? As an adult, you understand that any romantic relationship involves sex. Let's talk about it here.

First of all, don't forget about FUPA. The Fat Upper Public Area of your girlfriend (literally - fold of fat above the pubis) receives attention and little touches too. Caressing it, you demonstrate that you love all of her. So don't be afraid to integrate FUPA into your foreplay. At the same time, when talking about sex, we advise you to google the recommendations of experienced people. On the Internet, you can find tips on maintaining your beloved one's weight during intimacy and creative positions. As well as information about additional gadgets or toys you two can use. On our part, we are sure that turning on emotions and imagination can be helpful, too. Also, if your bed doesn't seem to survive your naughty games - choose the floor instead.

In case your plans regarding your curvy lady involve marriage - great! You might be glad to hear that voluptuous females are more likely to have healthy pregnancies. They have wide hips that help them give birth more easily. The extra pounds these cuties have won't be a problem.

In any event, we just want you to know that being together with a thick girl is a good idea in the long run. You will be happy since you won't ever feel the pressure to be super fit. Your body will be loved the way it is. At the same time, your special one will always be easy to please. Even something as simple as preparing a tasty snack can be enough for her to lift her spirits.

Sounds encouraging, isn't it?

Who is considered a curvy woman?


Who is considered a curvy woman?

A curvaceous woman - is a female with appealing curves: large hips, big breasts, and (in most cases) a thin waist. She doesn't definitely have to be overweight. The fact such a girl has an hourglass body type is enough to call her this way.

Is having a curvy body good?

Why not? Nowadays, the latest fashion trends praise the natural beauty of a woman. Plus-size models represent all famous brands: from Versace to Victoria's Secret. Self-confidence is essential to be considered gorgeous. So, simply said, only the lady's opinion matters here. If she loves her curves - great, there is nothing else she should do to be adored. If not - gyms are always glad to win new members.

What is more attractive: curvy or skinny body? What do guys like?

According to the recent research mentioned in this article, men like voluptuous women. Still, unfortunately, not everyone can say it out loud…

What body shape do guys find most attractive?

Are curvy bodies attractive? Yes, they certainly are. Still, if you aren't sure whether a plump girlfriend would be okay for you - slow down. Sort yourself out first. This small step will save you and your woman from being heartbroken.

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