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All secrets of brunette women dating

Sexy brunette ladies... Their fascinating hair color is a cross between blonde and black one, sometimes even with the elements of ginger. Experts think a girl with brown hair took the best from other locks tones and made it better. Is this the reason why men actually tend towards brunettes? Hmm... It seems so, yeah.

All secrets of brunette women dating

There are plenty of theories about typical for these women character traits. For example, this appearance type is generally associated with perfect mental balance. Still, if the recent research is right - they have a lot more to offer! So better don't try to underestimate them.

Brunettes can never be considered dull - rather down-to-earth, in the nicest possible way. This quality is helpful in career and makes brown-haired girls successful businesswomen.

Above all, however, they exude reliability and trustworthiness. Together with warmth and kindness, it explains why men so gladly marry such females. Does it mean finding yourself a brunette wife is a panacea for happily ever after? Let's figure it out together!

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Why do men love brunettes?

Historically, it has turned out that we judge people we don't even know in line with their facial features. It is more or less an instinct since we usually can't give the exact reason for our likes and dislikes. The hair color, for sure, belongs to the factors that make the first impression.

If you remember fairy tales, then you still know that witches were depicted with dark hair, while princesses, as a rule, had light locks. But what about the brown-haired ladies? There are plenty of them among both good and evil characters. What makes men head over heels in love with brunettes? Well, there are at least five reasons for it.

Reason #1. Brunettes are the best partners for marriage.

Women with brown hair are considered the absolute opposite of blondes, who are usually viewed only as one-night stands candidates. You can notice the difference in attitude if you think of celebrities. Anne Hathaway offers an excellent counterexample to Margot Robbie. She is not known for her wild sex appeal but is still seen as gorgeous and sweet. At the same time, the majority of males would rather propose to Anne than to Margot.

Sexy brunette ladies... Their fascinating hair color is a cross between blonde and black one, sometimes even with the elements of ginger. Experts think a girl with brown hair took the best from other locks tones and made it better. Is this the reason why men actually tend towards brunettes? Hmm... It seems so, yeah.

Brunettes are the best partners for marriage

In fact, when a guy starts dating a brunette woman, he subconsciously realizes he wants to get married. Perhaps he is even thinking about having children. Experts often connect it with the fact the image of a brown-haired lady better fits the perfect wife's cliche.

Reason #2. Brown-haired girls have self-discipline.

The level of self-control brunettes have - is truly unique. This is their secret that helps to achieve all goals. They don't want to wait for a superhero that will come and sort things out. Women with brown hair know that the key to success is hard work. They can be damn tough if they really strive for something.

If you think this quality is not really significant in committed relationship building - you are wrong. As soon as you decide to start dating such a lady - your life changes forever. The approach she has will definitely serve you as motivation for new accomplishments - just trust us.

Reason #3. Ladies with brown hair are calm.

A typical brunette hair girl never causes a big stink, no matter how angry she is with her partner at the moment. She prefers peaceful conversation instead.

Such a woman knows for sure - a happy relationship cannot exist without constructive dialogues. When one of two people in a couple is distressed with something - there is no point remaining silent. It's better to talk, but, at the same time, raise complaints gently. Isn't this approach better than the one passionate black-haired females usually demonstrate?

Reason #4. Family is the most crucial thing in the life of every brunette.

The term "family" definitely plays an essential role in the life of every brown-haired girl. She is willing to do everything possible to make her loved ones happy. It includes not only husbands and children, but also even distant relatives.

Family is the most crucial thing in the life of every brunette

An average brunette is a great housewife. She is very welcoming and loves to host generous family dinners with many guests. So if your mother has always wanted to have a daughter - in the face of a pretty girl with dark brown hair - she will certainly find herself one. The same level of respect is, however, required in return.

Reason #5. Brown-haired females remain young for a very long time.

The kind of natural beauty brunettes have - can be compared with good wine. The older they get, the more charming they become. In fact, girls with brown hair remain young for a pretty long time. Also, as a rule, they are slender and have delicate facial features.

According to various researches, brunettes are usually fond of sports. Namely, this habit helps them to maintain strong health and good-lookingness even at an advanced age. The fact, they never use much makeup helps skin to look fresher.

Stereotypes about brunette women

Gentlemen prefer blondes but marry brunettes. We bet you have heard this phrase before. Well, too bad for fair-haired beauties - but this is not a stereotype. Actually, various cliches about blondes get around all the time. It is considered, they are silly, light-headed, and ambition-free. But what about women with brown hair? What do people usually think of them and which from these beliefs are myths, and which truth? We have identified the five most widespread of them to help you to figure things out.

Brunettes are super intelligent.

Stereotypes about brunette women: Brunettes are super intelligent

According to the recent research conducted in Western Europe, in cooperation with British scientists - brown-haired ladies are smarter than females with any other hair color. Well, at least 83% of male respondents believe so. At the same time, 67% of them consider brunettes the most serious and self-sufficient ones. We guess there is no need to explain why this is nothing more than a stereotype. Since the IQ level of each particular person is not connected with the hair color.

There are too many brown-haired girls in the world.

Alright, to be absolutely honest - dark hair shades are the most common among people worldwide. It, however, includes not only brunettes. Women with black, chestnut and even auburn hair belong to it. And yes, in this context, brunette-haired girls can be met frequently. There is an abundance of blondes only in Northern Europe. Although there are also paradoxes: for example, 10% of Arabian females are born blonde.

Women with brown hair are calm.

Yes, they, in fact, are calm. Brunettes value privacy and just don't want to bring arguments to the court of public opinion. Still, when it comes to making love - each one of them will demonstrate what true passion is.

If a girl is a brunette, her hair color changes with age.

There is an opinion, brunettes get darker with age. For example, if a lady in her 20 has light-brown hair, at 40 - her locks will turn out jet black, like a raven's wing. Well, this might be a little overstating, but hair really darkens with time. Biologists connect it with hormone changes.

Females with brown hair use way too much makeup.

Stereotypes about brunette women: Females with brown hair use way too much makeup

Shiny lipstick, thick eyeliner - brown-haired girls, in contrast to blondes, can use a greater amount of makeup without turning into fake dolls. But it doesn't mean they do this. From nature, the facial features of brunettes are significantly brighter. So, you can hardly find one of them who would use the "war paint" just to make a short video for Instagram.

Brunette women in relationships and love

It might sound surprising for people who work together with single brunettes - but relationships and family do not take the last place among their priorities. They, after all, make faithful wives, good homemakers, and exemplary mothers. In no way such a woman could tolerate betrayal and lies. Once she finds out you have cheated on her at least once - it is impossible to get her back. Perhaps, for this reason, a brown-haired girl's approach towards saying yes to the proposal with caution.

By the way, parapsychologists think the likelihood of success in a relationship can be calculated by the number of indirect signs. Among them is the hair color, of course. So, let's figure out, is there a chance a brown-haired lady is your soulmate or not!

Brunette woman + brown-haired man

This romance, unfortunately, requires a lot of work. Due to the mutual unwillingness to resolve daily issues fairly and lack of enthusiasm about making compromises for sure. Especially if your lady is a foreigner and doesn't speak your language well enough. To live happily ever after, you two will need to learn to understand each other. Otherwise, you'll break up quite soon.

Brunette woman + black-haired man

Brunette woman + black-haired man

A female with brown hair is definitely more interested in her black-haired partner than conversely. No matter how obvious love disappointments and bitterness in communication are - she won't be the one who says goodbye. However, if you want your girlfriend to be happy - calm your inner passions down and learn to respect her desires.

Brunette woman + red-haired man

A union with ginger could be compared with a storm at sea (for a girl with brown hair). His constant strive to act in contrast to her wish to live in peace - the result is questionable. What you need to make things work is to do something with your self-control. You should realize that it's better to wait and see what happens instead of rushing into action.

Brunette woman + fair-haired man

There certainly will be love and understanding in your romance. You two can resolve all misunderstandings calmly, without saying empty words and leaving even the slightest trace of anger in each other's souls. Still, be careful with your mood swings. Since blondes change their desires pretty often, brunettes simply can't keep up with such tempo.

In fact, no matter which hair color you have - there is a chance to be happily married to a brown-haired girl. Just be loyal to her, give your care and support - that's the key to success.

Find your brunette woman with us

Find your brunette woman with us is an international dating website where you as a foreigner can find your love beyond the homeland borders. On our platform, you can meet gorgeous and single ladies from different countries. As it is probably clear from the site's name: our female members, for the most part, come from Slavic countries. If you want to begin a relationship with a brunette lady - try our advanced search. With its help, you can filter profiles by their owners' hair color. Read the profile information of the girls you like most of all to determine the most compatible conversationalists.

Russian brunettes

If a union with a brown-haired woman is your dream - Russia might be the best country for your search. Just take a look at local celebrities: Ekaterina Guseva, Anastasia Makeeva, Elizaveta Boyarskaya - aren't they gorgeous? By the way, notwithstanding a widespread stereotype, brown is the most common hair color in Russia. So choose the city you like to travel to next and look for your soulmate there.

Ukrainian brunettes

Ukraine is the country where you can meet the dark-brown hair girl of your dreams. Due to the fact, Ukrainians are typical southerners - accurately, this shade is the most frequently seen in this country. Pay special attention to cities like Mykolaiv, Odessa, and Kherson. Because exactly there lives the majority of brunette beauties.

How to start a chat with a pretty girl with brown hair?

How to start a chat with a pretty girl with brown hair?

If you want to attract a woman with brown hair - you definitely need to make the first step and start a conversation yourself. Even on the Internet, a man should remain a gentleman, she thinks. On the other hand, your goal is to think of a suitable chat topic. Otherwise, if you won't be able to manage it - you automatically put this responsibility on your lady. This is absolutely wrong since, at this point, brunettes usually click the Leave the chat button.

There is a kind of golden rule regarding brown-haired girls' online communication. Always try to make it as easy as possible for such a female to talk with you. Keep on reading to get a couple of additional pieces of advice.

  • Start a conversation with your lady directly about something in her profile. For example, related to her pictures, hobbies, or interests. It's best to transform the information from her user page into an emotion. Be excited about the things she is interested in, but not too much. Overdoing with enthusiasm might seem a bit strange for your conversationalist.
  • Particularly successful with brunettes is the compliments strategy. You can begin with a greeting and a few nice words about a girl you like profile pictures. After that - a small tip - pretend to be a bit shy. Thank her for the attention and take a wild guess you are perfect matches.
  • Just be honest and write to your woman that you don't really know what to do - so stunned by her personality and beauty you are. It is another working option. When she replies, tell her a short story from your everyday life (for example, what you did yesterday). That should give the lady a simple starting point for an answer. A.) Because total honesty is always a key to success when getting to know each other; B.) Because it is individual and pleasant. But you probably know it from your own experience.

How to date girls with brown hair?

How to date girls with brown hair?

Sometimes it seems easier to conquer an entire land than the heart of the woman you are fond of. Especially when it comes to attractive brunettes. But really, how should a man understand a girl? This mindset, these mood swings - it seems absolutely impossible!

It is all the more astonishing that there are guys who don't have any problem with it. Quite on the contrary: some males only have to enter a room, and half of those present females fall at their feet. What do they have that ordinary men don't have? Perhaps you have asked yourself this question before.

Just to encourage you: they are not special at all. The success of such guys lies in tiny details. Don't worry, today we will share them all with you. If you just take the five steps to the heart of a brown-haired girl, you will be the one such a woman will fall in love with once and for all. So, are you ready to feel the difference?

Step #1. Have and show your genuine interest in your brunette woman.

Well, do we need to mention that, generally, men and women see this process differently? So alone your understanding of it is not enough. When talking about brown-haired ladies, having and showing genuine interest means two things. The first one is being honest. And the second one is reacting to her emotions in the right way.

An average brunette can immediately feel whether you are honest with her. So if you want to make a compliment, don't turn on your imagination in all its extremes. You just really need to mean it. Simple words about your lady's eyes go straight into her heart. While something you are not sure about won't help in seducing her.

Okay, but what does responding to your brown-haired girlfriends' emotions in the right way mean? If you notice she is interested in the topic - continue talking on this subject. If not - just suggest something else. It is a kind of interpersonal communication you need to learn like a foreign language. Because it's essential for happy relationships.

Step #2. Be playful, humorous, and extraordinary.

Be playful, humorous, and extraordinary with brunette women

We bet you feel a bit frustrated now. But if you think we ask you to be a clown who can perform an award-winning show. You shouldn't do this, in fact. Having a good sense of humor does not mean telling jokes all the time. This tip involves having a certain relaxation, being able to laugh about yourself. So have fun with your brunette lady of heart and don't take everything so bitterly seriously.

Being playful and extraordinary does not mean you have to become Jimmy Kimmel for your girl right from the first date. What is meant is that you should dare to do something. You are a man, after all! Then be one and show that too! Use your experience and be an exceptional partner for your brown-haired girlfriend.

Step #3. Exude satisfaction with life.

Never forget: a brunette does not fall in love with a guy's appearance, height, or hairstyle like Patrick Dempsey's. Such a girl gets fascinated with his potential. Don't ask how she does it, but women with brown hair have an inborn talent to sense it.

Take a look at your life. What is it about? If you go from Monday to Friday to an office and do the most boring job in the world - it's a bad sign. If your hobby is clicking through profiles on various dating platforms and watching Netflix - a brunette won't be impressed. You need to do something right now! Go to your boss and ask him to give you a few more interesting tasks. Already this weekend, try to be involved in some social activities. Only these changes can help you to exude satisfaction and captivate your dream woman's attention.

Step #4. Be relaxed and self-confident.

A relaxed attitude towards life and self-esteem can be expressed in many ways. Girls with brunette hair, however, pay attention to whether a man shows harmony with himself. It might be noticed through body language.

Never forget that it's all only in your head. Believe in yourself, and your brown-haired lady will feel the same. Don't be afraid to look deeply into her eyes - it creates certain closeness and intimacy. Your presence should be incredibly comforting, almost protective to your brunette. Your charisma is significant.

Step #5. Be sure of what you want.

When you contact your brown-haired girl for the first time - yet at this point have a kind of plan in your mind. You need to clearly understand what you want and show it to her. Brunettes love men who are not afraid to take responsibility and decide for both. Although, if you are not able to give it - your girlfriend will gladly take the lead. We are not sure you will like the result, though. Because not all men can accept the role of a little boy in a relationship. To avoid it - start a serious conversation long before your lady finds a way, how to deal with it on her own.

Brunette women dating FAQ

Brunette women dating FAQ

Is it true that brunette women are smarter than blondes?

Of course, this statement is highly provocative and has nothing to do with reality. Although, as soon as you meet females of both hair colors, you understand it's just a stupid stereotype. Modern scientists are pretty sure - the IQ coefficient of each particular person has no connection with the hair or eye color. So, among blondes, as well as brunettes - there are extremely intelligent personalities. And, on the contrary - mediocre.

Why are brown-haired girls so beautiful?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - have you heard this phrase before? Scientists from all over the world have tried to find the explanation why brunettes are prettier than blondes or vice versa. They were all to no avail, though. In our opinion - it is always a matter of taste. Better ask yourself a question why you search for justification of your preferences. Since everyone is free to fall in love with the person - he likes most.

Why is brunette hair the beauty standard?

Once again, we can only express our opinion in this respect. Nowadays, it becomes clear: fashions come and go; only naturalness remains a beauty standard. When you watch a video on Instagram or a commercial on TV - don't you want women to look as lifelike as possible? Don't worry, you are not alone with this idea - it is a kind of trend. According to various researches, exactly brown hair is associated with it. Perhaps, it explains the phenomenon of why everyone wants to become a brunette.

Why does everyone want brown hair?

Like it was mentioned in our article, scientists have proven: men are more willing to marry brunettes than ladies of other hair colors. In other words, they see brown-haired females as partners for life. Isn't it a good reason for a girl who is ready to settle down to become a brunette?

What is it like to date a brunette?

To be honest, brunette dating differs from any other one greatly. If you try it - you immediately understand what we mean. Because these ladies weren't created for one-night stands - they were made for building families. If you are not ready to change your life so fundamentally - consider dating women with other hair colors.

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