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Things you should know before dating a Gemini woman

A Gemini woman is so multifaceted that it is difficult to understand which of her many identities is real. Perhaps it is an image of a beautiful housewife and a caring mother, associated with cozy evenings at home and soul warmth. Or a vision of a despairing traveler whose wild desires can satisfy only some extreme tour. Who knows, maybe a real Gemini female is that spiritual person who would be modestly sitting at a classical concert or breathlessly listening to a lecture on cybernetics? Wait, most likely, it is a sexual and witchy mistress of hearts of men in an extravagant dress. No, her personality rather includes all mentioned above aspects. As strange as it may seem, the first, the second, and the third are integral parts of a changing image of a Gemini lady.

Such a girl's character could be compared to a minefield. The traits of a Gemini woman are so changeable that it seems that the spectrum of all emotions can fly through her body in an hour or two.

Things you should know before dating a Gemini woman

The personality of a Gemini woman is restless and fickle. And if somebody would suddenly decide to get to know her or become her lover - patience is required. He has to be prepared to experience a lot with this lady. For example, enjoying lobsters in her company on a roof of a skyscraper to the sounds of reggae today - and looking for her at night in the backstage of an erotic theater in Venice tomorrow.

When speaking of facts about a Gemini woman, you need to know the following. She can be energetic, purposeful, courageous, passionate, and talkative at this moment, but gloomy, reserved, and depressive two hours later. It is difficult to unravel this female, so anyone who wants to understand Geminis should run through thousands of the most incredible scenarios and possible developments.

Yes, being with a Gemini woman in relationships is not an easy task. Witty, unpredictable in reactions, explosive, active - not everyone could manage to calm these mandatory qualities of her character. But one thing is for sure - it is not possible to pass by her. As they say, such a girl can stir up the dead. Temperamental by nature, a lady of this zodiac sign would not bother to remain silent when her self-esteem is openly hurt. And an opponent would have to sweat arguing with this imaginative thinker.

In other words, woven of contradictions, virtues, and weaknesses, a representative of this star sign is a living illustration of the inconceivable logic of women. She is reasonable, has a classy sense of taste, and an equally marvelous sense of humor. One of the most common causes of conflict with her is the instability and unpredictability of this girl. You can never predict how she will react to a remark or an action. The duality of this person is manifested in everything. The perfect little thing can cause both her admiration and resentment.

Gemini woman is fast and agile in everything - she moves quickly, speaks fast, makes quick decisions, and is very diligent.

Geminis are wonderful mother

Being a wonderful mother, this lady still will not allow anyone to limit her activities. She will spend a lot of time traveling with her children, often without restricting their freedom of movement and decision. As you might already guess, the most significant Gemini woman trait is that she is very independent. Such a female doesn't need anyone's assistance in solving her problems. Moreover, no one even finds out what worries her or keeps her awake at night.

Easy temperament, sociability, and sense of humor distinguish a Gemini woman from the representatives of other zodiac signs. She can become a faithful friend for her partner, a good mistress, and a perfect companion at social gatherings.

In general, Gemini girls are emotional and love to express their feelings. A vivid expression of both sympathy and antipathy is just the tip of the iceberg of their emotions. Still, by nature, Geminis are sociable, easy to get in touch with, and often stand out in any company acting as initiators of various events and madness. This lightness is attractive to many, so the representatives of this sign are almost always in the spotlight. A Gemini lady appreciates friendship, and loyalty for them is not an empty word. They are faithful friends who will support in difficult moments, listen and lend a helping hand. Also, Geminis are famous for their will to win and determination.

A girl of this star sign, especially - born in the second decade, will make all the meaningful decisions herself. She can ask for advice, consider your opinion, weigh all the arguments, but still make the final choice all alone. If your chosen one belongs to this zodiac sign, then it makes no sense to restrict her movement - in this case, the relationship will not last long. Freedom is crucial in all its manifestations - in life, work, and creativity. But the love of liberty does not mean frivolity in relationships. As mentioned above, fidelity is vital for such ladies. Routine, boredom, and monotony make them fade away. Domestic problems are lengthy. So they try to diversify their lives: extreme sports, creativity, and travel help maintain interest in waking up every morning. Secrecy is also an integral part of Gemini's character. For such females being completely open requires deserving their trust.

Communicating with a representative of this star sign will not be boring because she likes to spend time on active recreation. And having philosophical conversations is definitely one of her passions. Such a girl, like mentioned before, is a wonderful wife, mother, and mistress who is not indifferent to the physical side of life. However, sexual pleasure is not the only thing she seeks in a partner. She will find true happiness with someone who can boast of a rich inner world.

It is difficult for a Gemini woman to keep calm. She craves to live it up and try absolutely everything. This lady will not stop at anything, so she needs a person who can share her interests. Unfortunately, in such a rush, ladies of this sign of the zodiac are often unfaithful to their partners. In early adolescence, a Gemini girl is unpredictable, and love for her is just a game. But the older she gets, the more exciting it is to communicate with her. She manifests herself with the great force of love. Because love is where the female essence is best demonstrated. It reveals all the richness and complexity of her nature.

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Her expectations

Geminis expectations

A typical characteristic of a Gemini woman is straightforwardness. She intends to talk about all her imperfections at once. Remember: she dislikes lies. Of course, situations can be different - but a Gemini would definitely prefer to say everything at once and accept the consequences. Remaining silent and fear that sooner or later, all the secrets will become revealed is not her style. Therefore - being honest and responsible for your actions is necessary to conquer a girl of this zodiac sign.

Also, in men, Gemini values the ability to accept their mistakes and move forward because all people have the right to be wrong. The only question is what to do next - to reconcile or start working on yourself. When demonstrating your strengths, pay special attention to your mental abilities, education, and knowledge in various fields. Despite her desire for a carefree life, this lady wants to see stability in her future partner. That will allow her to live without worrying about an income. Her future husband has to be a reliable friend who can support and maintain any conversation. Is it you?

How to attract a Gemini woman

To get her attention, above all, you should know how to deal with a Gemini woman. So, take a look at the tips below for the best possible result.

Tip #1. Be a flexible and supportive conversationalist

It is certainly not easy to be in love with a Gemini woman. But if you want to please a girl with this zodiac sign, you should actively communicate with her, find common ground. It could be mutual acquaintances who would introduce you, the same interests or hobbies. Support her concerns since it's crucial. Do not forget to praise her achievements and compliment doings, even if they are insignificant.

Words can hurt, didn't you know? And given that Gemini is a vulnerable and sensitive person, you should watch what you say closer than usual.

Tip #2. Be genuine

Be genuine with Geminis

Such a girlfriend immediately sees when her man tries to pretend to be someone he is not. So you need to behave naturally, joke and smile. Geminis like open and laughing people. Their chosen ones should be calm about mood swings as well.

Always be honest with your lady if she is a representative of this star sign. Since she would never tolerate lies.

Tip #3. Be reliable

It is crucial to show your special one that she can rely on you. A Gemini will never tie her life together with a man she cannot rely on. It cannot be said that such a lady always exudes only positive vibes. Rather the opposite: she often suffers from sharp mood swings, which usually cannot be explained. However, the potential partner should take this into account and try to support her in such moments.

So, show her that you are ready to become a faithful companion for her. It involves staying close in the most significant moments, being a shoulder to cry on. Otherwise, someone else may be a refuge for Gemini during rough times of life.

Tip #4. Be witty

This girl appreciates the high education level of her partner. Stupid men, even very handsome, are just not sexy for her. Instead, she becomes turned on when her boyfriend helps with difficult questions in a crossword or comes up with a solution to a problem that occupies her thoughts for a long time. A Gemini woman will be pleasantly surprised if you can keep up a conversation about literature, whether modern or not, about art, and not constantly talk about football and politics. So start to read more right from this point, and you will win.

Tip #5. Try to make her smile

A Gemini female does not tolerate boredom - keep it in mind. Surprise, pamper and have fun with her. Novelty in the relationship will be the key to success. You do not have to move mountains to do this, though. Sometimes it is enough to have a good time together - go to the movies, visit a restaurant or have a picnic.

Try to make her smile

Such women love compliments, kind words, and tenderness. Approval will help to win your beloved one's heart once and for all. Consider her mood. If your girl is not ready for intimacy, then it is better to avoid touches at all. If, on the contrary, she is kind and gentle with you, then hug and kiss her as much as you can. At such moments, she just loves caresses.

Never forget: if you are a person who, at a convenient opportunity, is determined to get stuck in social networks, then your romance with her is doomed to fail. Therefore, if your goal is a long-term relationship - look for leisure options that can bring you closer to each other.

An attentive man will effortlessly recognize the secret Gemini woman’s signs of attraction. The most important of them is the increased interest in details of your past. The behavior of a girl of this zodiac sign in love changes. She, for example, begins to spend a maximum of her free time with him. But it is worth emphasizing that the initiative should first of all come from the guy.

P.S. The tips placed just above will surely help you to attract such a female's attention. If you, however, want to know how to get a Gemini woman to chase you - we will disappoint you. It's absolutely impossible, dear friend - so independent she is.

How to date a Gemini woman

Before asking such a girl out, you should find out how to date a Gemini woman. The first rule - you need to be as energetic as she is. Below are some of the further steps and actions for dating a representative of this zodiac sign.

Step #1. Respect her freedom

Spontaneous trips, small but pleasant surprises, compliments, and the ability to maintain a conversation will help to captivate her. Still, Gemini's personal space should not be restricted. If you are constantly jealous of such a girl and, therefore, do not allow her to find personal fulfillment - then, such a relationship is simply doomed to fail. It is important to respect her privacy since a woman born under the sign of Gemini is self-sufficient and freedom-loving. She prefers to be alone and do whatever the soul desires instead of suffering from constant limitations. So, to achieve harmony in the relationship, it is necessary to provide her with freedom of action. Do not prohibit your girlfriend from going for a walk with friends, or taking a trip, even if it is not with you. A Gemini female values trust, so she would never betray a person who genuinely trusts her.

Step #2. Slow down with being too pushy

Slow down with being too pushy

Of course, a man who seeks the admiration of a woman will try to get it by any means. However, excessive pressure can cause the lady to lose the desire to start an intimate relationship with him, especially if her zodiac sign is Gemini. So try to do it unobtrusively, showing with all your appearance that it is not as important to you as it could be. In this case, such a female herself will try to fascinate you, which will benefit both.

Step #3. Non-trivial organization of a date

The more exciting activities you come up with for her, the more chance you have to impress Gemini. Look for places for dates and trip destinations she has never been to before. A typical representative of this star sign is the one who likes to conquer new heights, visit new places and learn new things. Therefore, next to her - you can hardly ever get bored. By the way, it's advisable to choose the adventures during which you ought to work not only with your abs - but with your head.

Step #4. Let her be herself

From the very beginning of communication, make it clear that you value your girlfriend's personality and won't ever try to change her. Of course, once the relationship begins, there will be a framework that prevents you from doing what was previously thought to be the normal of the day. However, this does not mean that your Gemini girl should be stuck at home dealing with all household chores that take up all her free time. Let her remain the person you fall in love with. Help your Gemini in every possible way, and you can be sure that half of the success is already in your pocket.

Step #5. Be extraordinary

A passionate Gemini woman can enchant a man with one smile. In a conversation, she shines with wit, listens carefully to each line, and makes reasonable comments. It's easy to get excited about her. However, to manage to remain her one and only is definitely not a simple task.

This girl appreciates novelty and is always searching for fresh sensations, so only a person who can surprise her can stay close to her in the long run. Simply said, try to be as extraordinary as possible to assure the happily ever after.

How NOT to date a Gemini woman

Sometimes you should deal with Gemini woman’s negative traits because that is how relationships work. It, however, means you need to figure out how to deal with them. We are willing to help you and share the top-4 things you need to avoid when dating a representative of this zodiac sign.

How NOT to date a Gemini woman

Not #1. Mistreatment

Sure, it's a kind of a general rule, but still. That is a major turn-off for many girls, and especially for a Gemini female. She will not trust you even after a single time of demonstrating your toxic behavior. So if you are a classic abuser - solve your mental health problems first and only then start building a relationship with such a lady.

Not #2. Insecurity

A woman of this star sign is always self-confident. It's pretty hard to make her doubt either in her appearance or in her actions. Do you understand what we are trying to say here? Of course, she can't be fond of a guy who exudes nothing else but insecurity. How can this brave soul adore someone who differs so fundamentally from her perfect boyfriend's portrait? Exactly: she won't like such a person.

Not #3. Fakeness

When you are in love, you probably think: what can I do to increase my chances with this woman? Unfortunately, trying to impress her, you might get in the trap of fakeness. But what next? Sure, you might make a Gemini girl like you, and she might even date you for a while. The problem is she would be fascinated by the version of you that doesn't really exist. Although, the more time you are together - the harder it is to keep the mask on. After all, your Gemini girlfriend will find out the truth, but it doesn't imply her forgiveness.

Not #4. Always agreeing

That is indeed such a turn-off because a Gemini woman wants to know you have an opinion. She knows she makes mistakes from time to time. So if you always agree with her - then this lady realizes she cannot rely on you. It makes her think you are absolutely worthless when it comes to solving daily issues. Is that what you want? We bet - it's not your idea of a happy relationship either.

Gemini woman in relationships & love

Gemini woman in relationships & love

A female of this star sign will be able to help you in any of your beginnings. You can solve any issue with her easily, with a smile on your face. After all, a Gemini needs to feel loved: that she is cherished, appreciated by her partner. If you can give all this to her, then she will be a wonderful wife. As well as an excellent housekeeper, a sensual mistress, and, most importantly, a good friend.

The Gemini woman in love is waiting for her courageous prince on a white horse. But almost all the time, her suitors are not knights in shining armor. Fortunately, these candidates back up after a couple of days, realizing that behind the mystery and cheerfulness lies something else. Namely, the unpredictability of the character of the Gemini lady.

But if fortune favors you and you win such a girl's heart, then you should not expect her to be a desperate housewife. Sure, cleanliness in the house is crucial, but sex brings more fun. The choice is, therefore, clear.

Serious and frank conversations - this is how a Gemini woman expresses her feelings. You will be lucky if she dares to tell you at least something emotional and truthful from her life, though. Because a lady of this zodiac sign needs a solid amount of time to start trusting someone.

Gemini women in relationships are ready to idolize, praise, and inspire their men, but only at this very moment. A few hours later, each one of them might hate you simply because she dreamed of your betrayal during the power nap. But her soul, even in a steady relationship with a loved one, will require flirting with strangers and freedom of action, so you should not shackle her with claims and contracts. A Gemini's feelings are a roller coaster that gets steeper every year if you do not get seasick

in the first few minutes, which is why she is so often unlucky in love.

To be in love with a Gemini woman means to be ready to support her in any situation, no matter how unpleasant it may be. At the same time, her versatile nature will be glad to go with you to a bar, a concert of the symphony orchestra, or anything else you like. But do not think that if she nodded her head while you were telling her something and smiled a couple of times, then you are her best friend.

A female Gemini is prone to changing sexual partners. She is too emotional, so she often falls victim to her own inner experiences. Sometimes restless thoughts prevent her from falling asleep. And she is unable to control her receptive character.

This girl may have several sympathies at once, and she will be choosing between them for quite some time. Yes, sometimes a Gemini is selfish and prudent. But in bed, she is damn good and can make it a weapon in the fight for a beautiful life. Innate charm, natural grace, and devilish ingenuity help her get out of any situation.

A Gemini woman makes very high demands on her partner. Compatibility in bed is not the main thing for her, though. She prefers experienced men, and at the same time, they must give her food for thoughts and heart warmth. If she feels a spiritual intimacy with the guy, then a frivolous relationship can grow into something serious. However, an intelligent Gemini woman will never contact a person who despises the material side of life. She loves comfort too much and will never give it up.

The sexuality of a Gemini girl is unusual. It is often disturbed not so much by desires as by curiosity. It is no exaggeration to say that the brain is her erogenous zone. Grasping something new, she is fully involved in the process while feeling complete satisfaction.

Gemini also has another feature - she never feels ashamed of her actions. It is almost impossible to embarrass her. And this opens extensive opportunities for men to experiment in bed as well as in romance in general. However, the female Gemini sets the rules herself and does not tolerate violation.

Such a lady has a very delicate intuition, so she can simply guess the desires of her partner. Developed eroticism allows her to enjoy a variety of caresses. Her passion for experimentation makes her easy prey, and she experiences sexual arousal much more often than other women.

The perfect date for a Gemini woman

The perfect date for a Gemini woman

From the first meeting with a Gemini lady, you will be imbued with great fascination for the people of this zodiac sign. They all are witty, cheerful, and radiate with positivity. By their nature, these women belong to the category of the brightest and most emotional. On the other hand, Geminis are difficult to understand. Prone to sudden mood swings and various undertakings - dating one of them might turn out to be a challenge. But you won't get bored for sure.

A typical Gemini is always full of ideas for fun and knows 101 ways to entertain the loved one. To arrange the perfect date for her, you need to show maximum effort and imagination. Check the points of how to attract a Gemini woman section to create an ideal plan.

Okay, let's be more specific. It's clear that an ordinary evening with a glass of wine will not impress your girlfriend much. She is looking for something new, unusual, and unknown. The primitiveness and routine tire her.

A Gemini loves to be among people. So she would love to go to a concert or attend a costume party. Such a girl blooms when she is in the spotlight - so give her a lot of attention. She loves to talk too - give her free speech and show your interest and respect for the story.

Gemini also likes various sports events. This zodiac sign females will gladly play some sort of outdoor game or just go skating. However, be ready to visit several places in one evening to ensure the best results.

It is also essential not to demonstrate your admiration and appeal to this person. Let her fantasize further and bring the most unexpected ideas to life. She loves resolving secrets, so try to be mysterious. How to tell if a Gemini woman likes you and your rendezvous? If she is laughing, smiling, and tries to accidentally touch you - no more doubt about it. Since these are the signs, a Gemini woman likes you.

Gifts for a Gemini woman for the first date

Gifts for a Gemini woman for the first date

We'll start with non-material signs of fondness. Like any other sign of the zodiac, Gemini would be happy to hear compliments. Tell your woman that she is superb, attractive, that her outfit is gorgeous. Try to observe and pay attention to any changes in her appearance – a different hairstyle, makeup, or beautiful earrings.

No less significant is to emphasize that she is clever. Generally, Gemini appreciates the intelligence of her partner and tries to keep up with him. Being smart and constantly learning something new is not an alien concept for her. An average representative of this star sign would appreciate you showing she is not only loved but is also considered as a friend. Talking more often about her advantages and emphasizing them would make a huge impact as well.

When picking a material gift for your Gemini, your choice should be based on her wishes and interests, not only on generally accepted standards. In terms of presents, such a girl is capricious, although she does not show it. But she would definitely like fancy things. Such as chic equipment and new worthwhile gadgets, for example. To be more specific, it could be a new camera or a good e-book.

Additional options for gifts to Gemini women are cosmetics and perfumes - but here, it is critical to know the tastes and preferences of your lady. Because it's easy to make a mistake and buy the wrong thing.

By buying accessories, you will always win, though. Stylish watches, all kinds of rings, and bracelets - this is what your girlfriend will certainly like.

Once again: Geminis do not tolerate routine. So they feel a constant craving for something new. Keeping this factor in mind, you can choose foreign language courses, pottery training, credentials for sewing, or massage courses for your lady.

From home devices, your loved one will prefer those gadgets that will make her life easier. It could be a multicooker, a steamer, various blenders, and even an electric kettle!

It is not worth just giving money to a Gemini female, as she can earn it herself. Such a present will not be memorized. And good memories are something you need to create.

Compatibility with a Gemini woman: love disasters & matches

Compatibility with a Gemini woman: love disasters & matches

A Gemini lady sometimes does not know what she wants. So perhaps her ideal man comes from a completely different planet. Astrologists don't know it either. But one thing is certain - he must understand the beauty of her soul. Since she needs not just a lover but a soulmate. Experts, however, believe that among signs of the zodiac are perfect matches - just like those who can't live together. Which of them can boast of the best compatibility with Gemini women, what do you think? Let's confirm or contradict your guess together!

  • The Leo man accurately knows how to take care of the Gemini lady. His goal is to prove that there is no one better than him in the whole world, though. His girlfriend, although with oddities, is 100% female. And what woman does not need a reliable, strong, and confident life companion? In other words, these two can have a wonderful romance that might grow into a marriage.
  • A Libra man will become an ideal partner for such a girl. But only if Gemini gives him a chance to prove himself. Together they can make a happy, inspiring, and attractive couple. Much fun is guaranteed since Libra will support any hustle and bustle. A shared bed will be a platform for exciting experiments. No one will ever be jealous - solely harmony and love!
  • A Sagittarius man will make an excellent husband if a Gemini woman decides to tie the knot. But the main problems of such a union are the mortifying boredom and overwhelming ambitions of both partners. He will not tolerate criticism from his girlfriend as well as she will not be silent. Unfortunately, the fantasies of Sagittarius in intimate matters will also be often criticized by Gemini. This can quickly end the couple's relationship. Astrologists, however, think that these guys should remain friends rather than lovers.
  • A couple of Aquarius and Gemini will be very harmonious. Their feelings are deep and strong. Aquarius can come to terms with the restless nature of his Gemini girlfriend. While she surrounds him with her care and warmth. Often, the connection between them arises out of nowhere. Experts think it's based on a creative or business alliance. The romance of these Air signs is based on a mutual desire for gaining knowledge, an exciting shared hobby, or a desire to travel. Eternally young at heart,
  • Gemini needs a sane Aquarius mentor who maintains her youthful daring and curiosity.
  • Aries and Gemini might not have excellent compatibility. However, if they work hard - there is always a chance to be happy together. When talking about the things that could go wrong - these two may soon get tired of each other's company. Aries will disrupt the partner's stubbornness. And a Gemini will feel genuine pleasure from flirting with other guys in front of him.
  • Taurus is not a very good option for Gemini too. For a bright and exciting life, such a woman dreams to have - Taurus is too strict and boring. The intimacy will be dull as well as communication. The couple will be busy constantly arguing. Is it what people call love?
  • Cancer and Gemini have a big difference in temperament. It will be a source of frustration in bed, in fact. Isn't it better not to take risks and choose someone more suitable?
  • A romance with a Virgo man can bring only a brief spark of passion. He has his own rules for any life case. While a Gemini lady doesn't care what he thinks is right. Adventurer and nerd: they will never understand each other.
  • Scorpio definitely is a fatal passion for a Gemini. There is good sexual compatibility of the signs, though. These two will be happy in bed, enjoying each other's wildness. However, this is the only thing that connects them. He will be too jealous, and she will be too light-minded. This will result in constant quarrels, and no one needs it in the long run.
  • Relationship with a Capricorn could be called the struggle of opposites. The man will be confused by the behavior of Gemini. Because of it, he gets bored quickly. In addition, she almost immediately gets annoyed by Capricorn's constant worries about career, work, and money. In short, in bed, they discuss stress in the office but do not make love. Unbelievable!
Marriages with gemini women

In conclusion, we would like to give you some general compatibility facts for this star sign. Marriages between Gemini and Libra/Aquarius are usually fast, but they also end up quickly. Unions with the signs of the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) and water (Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn) differ unfavorably. In fact, representatives of these elements do not strive to be together with a Gemini for a long time, rather due to problems in emotional and intimate terms. Fire signs (Arias, Leo, Sagittarius) may be as wild as Gemini, so why not?

Dating a Gemini woman FAQ

What sign should a Gemini woman marry?

Gemini achieves the best compatibility with representatives of the element of Fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). Such an air-fire combination is considered very positive in astrology.
The anticipation of this flame is equally encouraging for both partners. How long it will be possible to preserve - mostly depends on age and circumstances. A young couple may lack the wisdom and life accomplishment to successfully develop such a romance. Whereas mature partners almost always mean success. They can turn a bright flash of emotions into a continuous burning of two hearts.
Pessimism is alien to both elements: they are inspired by everything unusual. Geminis are often not able to choose their own way. In such a case, a representative of the fire element can help them. Both partners quickly forget mutual discontent, which gives the relationship excellent potential for renewal.
The horoscope is sure - these guys need to get married!

Will Gemini woman come back after a breakup?

The very first thing you need to know - a Gemini may easily leave you. She usually quickly changes partners as soon as a relationship stops making her happy.
If you ask, will Gemini woman come back after a breakup - our answer will be disappointing. You should keep in mind that a representative of this zodiac sign doesn't tend to waste time on unsuccessful romances. For this reason, if the separation occurs at her initiative - trust us, she doesn't have any doubts. In this case, your heartbreak goes smoothly: without tears and sadness.
Interesting fact: the younger a Gemini is, the simpler it is for her to take this step. Life is one, and the girl of this star sign doesn't want to spend it dating someone unsuitable. In her opinion, it's nothing else but wasting strength, time, and energy on something unnecessary.
So do not think that Gemini will want to restore the failed relationship. It is already over, and she is ready for new love. Such a girl is very quickly ready for new acquaintances. By the way, the more partings a Gemini leaves behind, the more carefully she chooses a new partner.

Why are Geminis so hard to date?

Geminis have two faces. It is the sign of the zodiac that is most often accused of impermanence. However, such fickleness often attracts the opposite sex. Because a man understands that he will not be bored in a relationship with such a lady. For loving a Gemini woman, you should know in advance that she has some relationship-threatening qualities that are best to know right away. These traits make a typical representative of this star sign hard to date.

  1. Geminis are never afraid to say what they think.
    Geminis are straightforward. They don't spread gossip but hate it instead. These women often regret that they blurted out at the wrong time, but they still prefer honesty over lies. Geminis tell their opinion even if they weren't asked. But this also has its charm, isn't it?
  2. Geminis are constantly on an adventure.
    It is challenging to keep track of their actions. As well as to be together with them all the time, by the way. They are full of ideas and are not afraid to take advantage of the moment. Be constantly ready to try something new, dating such a girl.
  3. Gemini women rarely get tired.
    A girlfriend of this star sign constantly gets into various troubles, but she moves away from them very quickly. She always needs freedom and an extra shot of adrenaline. Remember that if you happen to be a part of Gemini's life - then she wants to see you nearby. Enjoy the joint walk, and do not get nervous over trifles.
  4. Geminis are intellectually developed.
    If they pretend that they do not understand something, that sarcasm replaces bread and water for them. Do not believe in this nonsense. Geminis open up only to those who have been admitted into their lives. Mind games are their thing. If you have passed all the test levels perfectly - congratulations. Only a few people know them for real.
  5. Geminis don't need 24/7 care.
    Yes, that's what makes Geminis significantly different from the other girls you know. They don't require constant attention. They are absolutely self-sufficient and live according to their own schedule. So just enjoy your free time. Not all zodiac signs give their partners this freedom.
  6. Gemini doesn't use the same strategy twice.
    Have you decided to quarrel with the Gemini? Well, good luck to you. She is a master of words, and it is impossible to fight with her. Gemini is very cunning, and you will be defeated without even entering the battle.
  7. Geminis see the world differently.
    Everything in this life is a game, and there is nothing eternal in it. They are for radical changes, for any game without rules. How to make a Gemini woman miss you? Oh, it's hard because the world is full of fascinating things and events. How is it possible to be sad about something?

Are Geminis loyal?

The loyalty, just like the sharpness of mind of the Gemini - is recognized even by her enemies. Such qualities make the horoscope of representatives of this zodiac sign real candidates for high positions and success in any endeavors. But it doesn't mean a typical Gemini will cheat on her husband. Focusing only on the family is not for such a lady. She does not tolerate routine, and in the company of housewives, it is a very unpleasant prospect for an energetic and mobile woman to be. Simply give her a chance for self-development, and you will be the one and only for your Gemini.

Can you trust a Gemini woman?

The most valuable thing in relationships for a Gemini woman is her partner's sincerity. She does not tolerate lies. At the same time, she expects to be accepted for who she is. Such a girl can be open, tell everything she has in mind. But the moment later, your Gemini can become detached, so you cannot pull the truth out of her.
The ability to be a good actress is in a profile of a woman of this zodiac sign. She believes that she is lying for good reasons. Although, if you ask her, a Gemini will not admit that she is dishonest. All this happens to her only because this female is very changeable by nature.
Despite everything described above about the representative of this star sign, after becoming her husband - you can trust her. And vice versa, she will not control you on social networks, check your phone, and interrogate you when you are a little late at work. A Gemini needs pretty solid reasons to change her attitude. Still, about herself, she expects to see the same behavior. Your girlfriend should have the right to go out with her friends and communicate with men. She should have the right to flirt and to keep something back to you. Unfortunately, not all men can stand this peculiarity of a Gemini woman. Since males are ""owners"" - they want to control, to own completely. However, do not overly suspect your partner of cheating. She is not so frivolous to risk her happiness because of a fling.

Do Geminis fall in love quickly?

Geminis fall in love easily and cheerfully. However, their feelings can cause prolonged depression if they are not reciprocated, or it does not happen quickly enough. Representatives of this sign need everything at once. Although they appreciate the element of play and hunt. These ladies have an ineradicable need to charm, to become ""opium"" that cannot be refused. The more people are in love with them, the better Geminis feel.
Still, even if such a girl's feeling is mutual, it is usually short-lived and unreliable. She quickly gets bored and wants to get the new toy. It's interesting, but a Gemini doesn't always admit this to herself and explains the next breakup by the fact that she was unlucky again.

Who is a Gemini’s soulmate?

An ideal partner for such a girl must respect her, be a good friend, lover, and life companion. In this regard, self-sufficiency is highly valued. If a man is independent, solves problems and daily issues himself, without outweighing them to the girlfriend, he will be a suitable option.
Intelligence and a sense of humor will be essential factors in a potential soulmate for a Gemini. If the partner is not creative, jokes flatly, and does not strive for anything extraordinary in life - he is unlikely to interest the representative of this star sign.

What do Geminis like sexually?

In sex, foreplay is significant for a female of this zodiac sign. A Gemini woman in bed likes to explore her partner's body tenderly and with enthusiasm.
When talking about Gemini woman’s sexuality traits - she is an inborn experimenter. Opening new horizons in the bedroom is her passion. It can combine several actions at the same time. These can be, for example, passionate kissing and sexual stimulation of erogenous zones. Such a girl can be gentle and submissive or, conversely, take the initiative in her hands and begin to set the pace. The emotionality inherent in this zodiac sign representative will be only an additional benefit. She is also unpredictable, sensual, and alluring.
Many men want to know how a Gemini woman behaves in matters of intimacy. The horoscope states that these beauties are extremely hot. However, not everyone can withstand a Gemini woman’s sexuality.
She loves to talk about the things that excite her, so the partner should listen to her desires carefully. The sexuality of a Gemini female wholly depends on her mood.
In any case, sex with her is more like a serious and subtle science, which should be approached wisely. She is not always happy with her changeable nature. But the wind patron - Mercury - does not let her calm down.
How to seduce a Gemini woman, you ask? First, try talking to her about what she likes in bed and how you should behave - this will raise your chances of becoming one of the best lovers in her life and increase the likelihood of seducing her.
By the way, she can even turn you on with an emotionally erotic conversation. But you should not count on a continuation - a Gemini woman might only be playing with you.

How to love a Gemini woman?

A Gemini woman dreams of a man who could be her lover, friend, and spiritual guide in one person. Such a combination of character traits in one guy is almost impossible to see, which is why she often changes her partners.
How to love a Gemini woman, you want to know?
Firstly, it must be achieved not by swoop, but exquisitely and intellectually, well, something in the style of the era of Louis XIV. This lady is attracted by witty and brilliant conversations, which not every man is capable of. She knows how to appreciate the mind of a conversationalist from the first minutes of communication.
Therefore, dear friend, read more books to be able to keep up the conversation with the Gemini girl. Secondly: this female pays little attention to the physical strength and appearance of a man. Since appearance is not the main thing for her.
A Gemini woman is unlikely to fall in love with a dull partner. She needs to be surprised by something every day. For example, you can cook an exotic dinner and buy sparkling wine. Don't forget to choose some unusual place for a date because dinner in an apartment or restaurant will seem boring to her.

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