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Characteristics of a Scorpio woman

Characteristics of a Scorpio woman

Woman, as passionate as a flame. She invades your life like a tornado, sweeping away all on her way. Yes, this description undeniably matches a typical Scorpio lady (October 23rd - November 21st). Astrologists believe: that the mythical creature described in the Judaic Bible - obstinate, insubordinate Lilith, the image of feminism, could be a representative of this star sign.

At the same time, Scorpio is considered the most controversial sign in the whole zodiac. Its element is water. However, compared to the other two aqua signs - Cancer and Pisces, Scorpio differs significantly. These people have complex personalities. They combine striking emotionality, sensuality, tenderness, vulnerability, and intuitiveness (usual qualities for the water element) with impulsiveness, self-esteem, quick temper, and burning energy (classic fire element's traits). Boiling water - that is how you can characterize a Scorpio.

It's particularly exciting to comprehend who these individuals are, exploring the specificities of how they build romantic relationships. Please note: dating a Scorpio woman can't be compared to all your previous experiences in the romance department. You can never say with confidence that you know this lady. After the twentieth marriage anniversary, only one thing will be certain - you can under no circumstances know this person well enough. Inside this girl are hidden plenty of undiscovered treasures and unsolved secrets, carefully guarded by her even from the closest people. That is why she is associated with an air of mystery by many of her acquaintances.

Like water, Scorpio female fills her partner with all her nature, taking possession of his inner space. She is usually waiting for a perfect moment to penetrate into every tiny detail of his life. No wonder: it's impossible to look into the eyes of a girl of this zodiac sign and not be perplexed.

Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. It's because of their influence, such a woman sometimes appears assertive and arrogant. Her desire to control people around her is provoked by these two planets too. She perfectly knows all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of her colleagues, friends, relatives and, if necessary, manipulates them with ease. It is almost impossible to deceive a Scorpio because, as a rule, she can effortlessly distinguish lies from truth. This beauty, sooner or later, will bring your dishonesty to light - make no doubt about it.

For a lady of this star sign, trust is that very matter you can lose once and for all. As a rule, there is a narrow circle of people whom she can believe. And, therefore, in their company Scorpio behaves a little more openly. Her inner need to control everything and everyone makes this female suspicious. She strives to be the one and only captain of her life. If a Scorpio lady realizes her trust was neglected or, even worse, someone has betrayed her - then the offender is in real trouble. It is useless to beg for mercy and forgiveness since this zodiac sign is famous for its vindictiveness. Revenge is a dish best served cold - that is what such a lady thinks. Scorpio will sting her insulter at the most sensitive spot. Don't wait for her to fail - it will never happen, even if she truly loves this person.

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Her expectations

Like you already know, a Scorpio lady's middle name is trouble. However, all disadvantages of her character are none of her loved ones' concerns. A real treasure for this girl is her family and children. For this reason, with all her heart, she wants to meet a man who is ready to settle down (just like she).

On the other hand, since a female of this zodiac sign is famous for her passion, a man she is together with should be okay with this attitude. A Scorpio woman in bed is typically wild and sexy. She is obsessed with taking sexual risks and is not afraid to speak her mind. Friendly tip: you need to take advantage of this to figure out what your Scorpio girlfriend likes.

In fact, the term "sex" means far more to her than it does to many women. She sees it as a spiritual thing rather than a physical one. Fortitude is required to tame a Scorpio woman. Still, you don't have to be tough because a lady born under this sign asks for tenderness in romantic relationships too. What are your thoughts on this? Can you give it to her?

How to attract a Scorpio woman?

How to attract a Scorpio woman?

Women born between October 23 and November 22 are naturally enigmatic and wary of new people in their lives. Although, once any of them is ready to get close to you, she familiarizes herself with your essence and does not ask to become someone you are not. As a loving partner, she will adore your strengths and help to deal with your weaknesses. Once such a lady agrees to do something - she does it with her heart and soul, albeit keeping cool in everything is her major preference. Moreover, Scorpio woman in love is definitely dangerous for all who are insecure about themselves. Because her temper might appear a bit poisoned to a boyfriend like this.

Tip #1

Do you want to master the art of making a Scorpio girl attracted to you? Then, first of all, you need to find out how to cope with her temper. She demands everything at the same time and quickly. But effortless victory isn't sufficient for her.

How to turn on a Scorpio woman? If you wish to understand it - gaze into her soul. Traditionally, a female of this zodiac sign enjoys being seduced on a regular basis. Only one of her loyal fans has a chance to win her heart once and for all. When a Scorpio falls in love, she promptly becomes emotionally attached to her partner.

Simply put: try not to change regardless of the high expectations she might have towards you. The point is your devotion since she is unlikely to forget and forgive a stab in the back.

Tip #2

Understanding a Scorpio woman will be a piece of cake for you if you are a sincere man. Don't even try to deceive her! Bear in mind that playing with her is a dangerous adventure, and this fact will never be forgotten. However, you should be prepared for a drastic lifestyle change - once you two are together, your world will flip upside down.

Tip #3

Dating a Scorpio might be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Comprehending her mysterious nature is another kind of fun you will definitely enjoy. If you treat this lady right - your relationship is bound to succeed. Playing your game will not be a problem for a Scorpio woman, as taking risks comes as easy to her as falling off a log.

Remember: Scorpio females are notorious for putting men to the test before entering into serious relationships. So, proceed with caution!

Actions, according to the representatives of this zodiac sign, speak louder than words. Don't be afraid to try new things with her.

Tip #4

There are too many opinions about how to attract Scorpio women. Experts disagree on many points, though, in some matters, they think the same way. First and foremost, such a girl loves to be near water because it's her element. Also, she adores the feeling of being surprised. So, when planning a date - keep in mind these nuances.

A win-win situation can be achieved if you arrange a romantic dinner in a restaurant with a view of the river, lake, or sea followed by a moonlit walk on the sandy beach. Or, a great plan B date location would be a boat ride.

Tip #5

Signs a Scorpio woman likes you may vary. A typical lady of this zodiac sign will not communicate with people she is not emotionally attached to. As a result, if a female Scorpio chats with you with enthusiasm for hours - without a doubt, she is fond of you. Trust us: this girl will not waste time engaging in even a short conversation with someone who does not captivate her.

Another sign that demonstrates you can start acting - eye contact. If she's staring at you from across a crowded room - be sure you're special to her. Her intense gaze will make you feel as if you are the only person in the room, and it's a perfect moment to take the first step towards your dream woman.

How to date a Scorpio woman?

How to date a Scorpio woman?

Scorpio women in relationships always support their men. The inner world of these females is deep as an ocean. There are so many things you will be amazed to know about each one of them!

Since an average Scorpio girl appreciates learning new things, she wants her man to strive to obtain new skills all the time. This lady finds adventures very rewarding too. What else does she like? Find out the most essential information in the five points placed below.


A Scorpio woman's self-confidence is well-known. Her wild sexuality is truly fascinating! Even the most skeptical person will react with fondness on her appearance, voice, and gaze. Any man will be astonished by Scorpio woman's sexuality and charisma without uttering a word to him. Energy, combined with a good sense of humor and a desire to work, opens up new avenues of pleasure and impressions for her partner.

A lady born under the sign of Scorpio takes romantic relationships very seriously. Men are not always able to understand this approach of hers. In other words: they don't recognize the genuine reasons for the striking sensuality and engaging eroticism she exudes. So, if you want to set yourself apart from the rest of her admirers - try to look deeper into your potential girlfriend's soul.

A Scorpio woman is a confident and deft lover. In bed, her primary goal is to please her partner. She has the ability to elevate a man's level of passion and make him forget about everything. A typical representative of this zodiac sign enjoys giving pleasure and completely surrenders to the mystery of love, which becomes a means of transformation and self-realization for her. What do you need to do in this regard? Nothing special, indeed: just match her expectations.


There are a few facts to be aware of before getting involved with the controversial nature of Scorpio. For example, how does a Scorpio woman act when in love? She is harsh, persistent, and unshakable in her choice. If a girl of this zodiac sign is in love - then she surrenders and trusts her partner one hundred percent. She shows it in a pretty special way, though. You need to comprehend it and accept it.

What does it mean? The general characteristic of a Scorpio woman reports that the passion for domination and the desire to be a leader does not leave her in relationships. So, the best option you have in this case - offer her an equal partnership (even if it sounds like a business model).

Another important fact: this lady will never tolerate betrayal - both in friendship and in love. So you must keep a close eye on yourself. Otherwise, the feeling she has will quickly turn from fondness to fury, leaving only memories of itself.


You might wish to know more details about how to date a Scorpio woman. No wonder: she is much more sensual than anyone you have ever met! Therefore, don't try to resist her inner power as you will not be able to do that.

Scorpio is looking for more than just a devotee; she is looking for a significant emotional connection. This female needs partners who understand and accept her enigmatic personality and dancing mood. She is extremely demanding, so don't be surprised. This woman is attracted to new experiences and can be imbued with the one who can provide them. There are many options for how you can do that, such as photo shooting, a hot-air balloon ride, or a weekend of fun at the theme park.


Female Scorpions, metaphorically speaking, are a sort of guarded fortress. If you want to get closer with one of them, you should seriously weaken the "guard." Keep in mind that if you have enough strength, her demands will become enormous. Much effort and time will have to be spared to make this girl satisfied.

The tips about how to keep a Scorpio woman interested could be various. The representatives of this zodiac sign can't be named helpless or weak. As a result, they may only accept a strong man to be near. And, unfortunately, this is a bit complicated. After all, Scorpio females born with such strength are unlikely to give it up and become tiny little women.


Scorpio is the sexiest sign in the zodiac. We can't tell you how many men's hearts have been broken because of their charisma. It would be a long night for you if we'll try to list them all.

Erotic and demanding are two epithets that describe a Scorpio female in bed, best of all. It may appear difficult to win such a woman over at first, but lovemaking with her is an unforgettable experience. That means it's definitely worth trying!

What expects you if you do everything right, then? She may begin by whispering something dirty in your ear. Even discussing sex brings such a lady closer to orgasm. She'll be very active in the bedroom and offer you plenty of exciting positions you have seen only in Kamasutra so far. Don't limit her desires, and it will make your night unforgettable.

How NOT to date a Scorpio woman

How NOT to date a Scorpio woman

How to seduce a Scorpio woman in bed and subdue her at some point? To do this, you need to become the perfect lover, as these ladies prefer wild sex. But wait, it does not mean you should swallow packs of Viagra to impress her. Just determine your poisonous queen's preferences and act following them. She has no taboos talking about sex. Therefore, ask her about all exciting details directly. Since some Scorpio girls like to make love only in their own bed, whereas, for others, the fitting room of the shopping mall becomes the only possible location for achieving an orgasm.

Apropos taboos. Let's find out what representatives of this zodiac sign can't stand.

Not #1

A Scorpio woman looks cold and unapproachable from the outside. But inside her is hidden a real volcano full of passion and desire. She attracts men who flock to her like butterflies in flames. However, not all of them can keep up with such a lady in the long run. Because instead of being guided, these astrological sign representatives prefer to have a voice when crucial decisions in relationships are taken.

So, the first no-go is - constant demonstration of weaknesses. If you want to learn how to win a Scorpio woman, please read the following: her intuition is sharp - don't pretend to be someone you are not. It's better to admit you are not equal to this girl and don't waste her time than waiting until she will find it out herself. Be faithful, of course, because a Scorpio woman will never forgive dishonesty.

Not #2

If you wonder how to get a Scorpio woman - then, above all, you need to know what is better to avoid. Never make such a lady jealous.

An outstanding girl, like she is, won't concentrate only on her partner all the time. Actually, it will take a lot of effort to keep a Scorpio interested. However, don't try to flirt or show sexual interest towards other women to provoke her jealousy. This behavior of yours will definitely do no good; and, probably, would even jeopardize the future of your couple.

Not #3

“She came up and said she likes me. Then she threw me on the bed, and we had great sex...” What does this remind you of? Right, a typical Scorpio female behavior. Are there any other questions about how to know if a Scorpio woman likes you? Here is the simple answer, then. When a Scorpio girl falls in love - her chosen one will have no trouble figuring it out. She is not the type of person who will keep her feelings and intentions hidden. That's what you need to do too. Otherwise, your girlfriend will be pretty unhappy, puzzling out how you feel about her.

On the other hand, Scorpio never makes empty promises and will not tolerate them from her partner. Therefore, if such a girl has taken a step forward, make sure you know how you feel about her.

Not #4

How to attract a Scorpio woman, you ask? Just show full acceptance of her inner world. Being enthusiastic about her ideas and plans could lead to success. At the same time, if your reaction is too judgmental - it's a mistake. She will hardly forgive you for such an insulting attitude.

Scorpio woman in relationships & love

Scorpio woman in relationships & love

A charming and mysterious representative of this zodiac sign appears to be a desirable object to many men. But, in most cases, they fight a losing battle. A beautiful Scorpio woman doesn't feel attracted to men who say standard compliments, make empty promises or try to buy a girl's love through expensive gifts. Instead, she chooses someone who can become her life partner. How to make a Scorpio woman miss you? Well, the question answers itself with regard to the statements made above. You just need to become that someone she wants to grow old with. So easy it is.

Just so you know, the strong character and desire to take leadership in everything doesn't obligate a Scorpio lady to get a dominant position in relationships too. Quite on the contrary, a representative of this sign of the zodiac wants to see a worthy partner next to her, whom she trusts enough to delegate a part of her responsibilities.

This lady rarely makes mistakes. As a rule, next to a Scorpio woman can be seen a man who fully meets her high requirements. Intelligence, generosity, courage, honesty, a sense of justice - this is what she values in the chosen one most of all. Add here a nice appearance and inner beauty - that's how you get a perfect portrait of her life partner.

When faced with a choice between family and work, she will prefer staying home. The career of the chosen one is more important for her than her own. Having a Scorpio as your wife is pure luck. Getting married to her, you get a loving partner, an excellent advisor, an intelligent and trustworthy friend. Add to these the qualities of a wonderful homemaker and a passionate mistress - and you get the ideal life companion that millions of men dream of.

Her natural tact will not allow Scorpio to loudly express dissatisfaction with the actions of her partner, especially in front of strangers. On the contrary, she will take his side, even knowing what he does is totally wrong.

A Scorpio lady usually makes a great mother. She doesn't belong to that overprotecting type - rather the opposite. From childhood, she brings up independence, self-sufficiency, and respect for others to her children.

The perfect date for Scorpio

First and foremost, when talking about arranging a perfect date for your Scorpio girlfriend, forget about everything trivial. This hotty isn't the one who will be happy to go to a restaurant near the house or take a walk in a park. Actually, a date with a Scorpio girl is often a really fun experience because she would rather go skiing than watch a movie. Sounds captivating, doesn't it? So you need to make up your mind and find something special to pleasantly surprise her.

During the rendezvous, give your lady all your attention. Especially when she speaks and shares stories about her youth or the latest trip to Northern Europe. Ask her for details - she will appreciate your interest. However, don't be fooled into thinking that seducing her will be easy. Don't expect to get physical with a Scorpio right after the first date. Better show your respect and limit your courtship to a friendly hug or peck on the cheek.

Gifts for Scorpio woman for the first date

Gifts for Scorpio woman for the first date

While a Scorpio woman's tastes may appear unusual or eccentric, she will definitely not like to get anything vulgar or cheap as a gift. You can pick out something exceptional that would emphasize her uniqueness. And, without any doubt, she will love it.

The framed butterfly may make an excellent present because it represents the life cycle: transformation and metamorphosis of the soul. Scorpio, as a rule, adores snakes. Their ability to shed their skin fascinates her. Therefore, anything with shake print is also a good idea when talking about gifts for a female representative of this zodiac sign. The same goes for a leopard print, by the way. The reasons for it are similar to those mentioned above.

The exotic items brought from other countries will delight a Scorpio lady. Body butter or oils with spicy and pungent aromas just like difficult-to-find herbs - are good examples here. Books about human psychology, different cultures will undoubtedly pique her interest, especially antique ones.

Openness is certainly among the typical Scorpio woman sexuality traits. Do you want her to feel even sexier? Hot underwear or fashionable lingerie will appeal to your girlfriend then. Her favorite color in this regard is black - remember that.

Scorpio woman compatibility: love disasters & matches

There is nothing better for a Scorpio female than to be in a relationship with someone unreachable. She gets really excited just thinking about being together with a man who can make significant changes in her life. This zodiac sign is passionate. Although, this intensity of feelings is something not everyone is ready to face.

How to deal with a Scorpio woman, then? Are representatives of each zodiac sign able to find common ground with such a girl? Well, according to experts - some of them are more compatible with her than the number of others. Check the table below to find out more.

General compatibility chart for Scorpio

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Scorpio 60% 81% 50% 90% 61% 88% 50% 83% 40% 93% 71% 96%

Scorpio woman: love disasters and matches

Cancer man Capricorn man Pisces man Libra man Leo man Gemini man
Scorpio woman high high high low low low
General compatibility chart for Scorpio

The main things to know about a Scorpio woman have already been said. Now you are aware of how controversial and extraordinary the nature of such a lady is. She is changing her mood from being very happy to sad in seconds - be cautious! However, you can never be hundred percent ready for all the surprises she can give.

The point is, a Scorpio female does not forgive and forget cheating. So, betrayal is the worst thing you can do in a relationship with her. Also, don't try to lie - just be yourself. It is more attractive to her.

Scorpio woman dating FAQ

What is it like dating a Scorpio woman?

Scorpio lady is widely regarded as one of the most astute, compared to an average woman of other zodiac signs. She gladly uses this quality to find out how her partner feels. Still, by her side, this girl is more likely to hide her emotions at first stages. Don't ask why - it's just her style.
Besides excellent flirting skills, a Scorpio's talent given by nature is her seductiveness. Dating such a woman, you get an outstanding lover open to trying everything new. Even the craziest positions from Kamasutra - she has no taboos.
If you look forward to making your Scorpio partner happy - listen out to all the signals she gives. Be attentive to your girlfriend, and she will surely do her best to make all your dreams come true.

What does a Scorpio woman need in a relationship?

You need to understand that Scorpio as a girlfriend is very demanding. She wants a man who will be perfect in everything, especially in sex. The Scorpio woman's powerful sexuality knocks everyone down. But you need to stay strong to handle it.
Such a lady hates men who can't make a decision, so impress her with your courage. However, better avoid offending her - the revenge will be unpreventable.
Scorpio women generally appreciate it when people are completely honest with them. If you need a faithful life partner and a Scorpio's zodiac profile matches yours - choose a woman of this zodiac sign. You won't ever regret this decision. Even in the worst case, if you break up, after all, dates with a Scorpio will always remain the experience you won't forget.

How does a Scorpio woman act when she likes you?

A typical representative of this zodiac sign demonstrates her attraction through body language. So, if a Scorpio girl starts to play with her hair in front of you or fondle her own neck - then we have some exciting news for you. These signs indicate that she likes you.
As a sexually attractive person, Scorpio can easily turn every man on. Her main weapon at first phases is her magnetic gaze. Therefore, if you've noticed this lady looking more closely at you - well, it's obvious - she likes you.

Why would a Scorpio woman ignore you?

What is better: to be heartbroken or ignored by a Scorpio woman? The second option is much harder to handle, we guess.
Actually, ignorance is the worst thing that can happen to you while communicating with another person, especially if that other person is a Scorpio lady. Astrology admits - loyalty and ambitiousness are essential character traits for a man such a woman wants to be together with. On the other hand, she won't recognize any limitations. So, don't try to be controlling - a Scorpio won't waste her time communicating with you, in this case.

Why do Scorpios ignore you?

Scorpio is a person who always values genuine physical intimacy, so there must be a good reason for her to start ignoring you. Because of the tornado of emotions, she is most likely to let out after the direct question - first, try to make up your mind and find out the reason for her ignorance yourself. You can also try to get some information from her close friends or relatives.
A bit earlier, we have already given you a few reasons why a Scorpio's attitude might change like this. However, telling the truth, there is another motive you need to be aware of. Since she is a very introverted person, she often dislikes talking about herself too much. Still, her goal is to keep things in relationships interesting. In this case, a bit of ignorance, in her opinion, may appear helpful.
To find out what to do - seek advice and wisdom from your sign of the zodiac. This will help you identify the source of the problem and seduce your girlfriend in the right direction to make everything between you two great again.

What happens when you ignore a Scorpio?

Ignoring Scorpio is the most dangerous thing you can do. In fact, it is not just a bad idea in general - it is the worst choice ever.
This woman doesn't like her man to play a game - she doesn't know the rules. A Scorpio won't be simply offended by you for such behavior - she will do her best to find the explanations.
When representatives of this sign of the zodiac fall in love - they usually try to get on the lover's wavelengths. It helps them to understand how he feels without saying a word. So, such situations happen quite rarely.

What to do if a Scorpio woman ignores you?

How would you react if you were ignored by a Scorpio woman?
A lady born under the Scorpio zodiac sign is described as extremely mysterious. She may ignore you because she wants you to win her heart, to become her Prince Charming. If that's the case, don't abandon her and act as if you're ignoring her just because she does it to you. To solve the problem - it is necessary to understand a Scorpio woman's character and follow the tips from her horoscope.

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