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Characteristics of a Pisces woman (or Who Pisces Women Are?)

Characteristics of a Pisces woman

Have you ever met someone who would be such an all-round personality as a Pisces woman? Her a bit controversial nature attracts and at the same time discourages numerous enthusiastic admirers. So which qualities characterize this lady most accurately?

  • romanticism and sublimity;

  • genuine female weakness;

  • non-acceptance of conflict-affected situations and people who trigger the desire to fight/argue;

  • tact and intellectuality;

  • understanding and sympathy to others.

Beautiful Pisces woman lives under the auspices of a Water Element and two powerful planets - Jupiter and Venus. Most astrologers are sure that the changes in the mood of the females of this sign of the zodiac directly depend on the lunar phases.

An average Pisces girl is an example of pure femininity. It can be noticed in everything: from the way she looks to typical for her behavior. The commonly seen Pisces woman traits, regarding her appearance, are soft clear skin, delicate facial features, and almond-shaped eyes with a deep, languid gaze. Talking about this lady's character, we need to admit her sensitive, gentle, impressionable manner. She is absolutely not one of those who want to dominate. A real man with his courage and gallantry inspires Pisces, and only he can get her tender embrace. But wait: doesn't every guy dream of such a girlfriend?

The Pisces woman always remains a mystery to others. When you think that you have finally understood the representatives of this zodiac sign - they bring you another surprise.

No one can say, for sure, what she is really thinking about and what her next step will be. Pieces are masters of hiding true thoughts and emotions. However, secretive and incomprehensible, such a woman is usually strong enough inside, continuing to be tender and defenseless outwardly.

Another one of Pisces woman's characteristics is the bunch of different feelings, reflected in her hotness and eroticism. This sexy beauty has several personalities for bedroom games - but she only prefers to keep them all behind a closed door. It is a fine line between her openness and intimacy.

The Pisces lady can reach a common ground almost with every person. She knows: everyone needs a specific approach and tries to achieve a consensus. Despite her paralyzing fear of communication with strangers, a Pisces girl always gives the impression of a polite and pleasant conversationalist. And if affection, delicacy, together with a soft voice are coming out - they can get absolutely everything they want. You will immediately fall in love with her.

By the way, these ladies are sure that men came to this world with the sole purpose: to grant wishes and whims of women, to love and idolize beauties, present gifts, win their attention, take full responsibility, and protect them with their strong hands from all troubles. They think this way at the age of 20, after their first marriage, and after the eighth divorce.

Pisces women know how to charm any man in two shakes, and sometimes they do it without any purpose. Just to have some fun and feel the power of their attractiveness.

Pisces girls love to shine and be in the spotlight. They are very sentimental, dreamy, touchy, and easy to offend. But such character traits only attract the opposite sex. A man cannot pass by such a helpless charming woman.

Generally, the characteristics of the Pisces woman are exciting and captivating, and to be convinced of this, you should get to know her better personally.

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Her expectations

Pisces Woman expectations

The next point we want to focus on is Pisces woman's expectations concerning her partner.

What does she want, then? Pisces dreams of meeting a knight in shining armor who will take the lady of his heart into an eternal fairy tale. Where everything is perfect - and love never goes away.

In other words, this lady wants to see a reliable chosen one who can protect her and support her at the moment she needs it more than anything else. Pisces in relationships dreams of a man who will take care of her and allow her to be weak.

How to attract a Pisces woman

If you want to attract a Pisces woman and win her heart once and for all, you should know some rules:

  1. Become that very "knight in shining armor" for her. Bring flowers and other small surprises in a beautiful package; walk with her hand in hand under the moonlight, give passionate kisses at sunset;
  2. She will be happy to receive love letters and messages - text her as much as you can. By the way, romantic stories and poems written by you will definitely drive Pisces crazy. Accomplishing a feat in her honor is also a part of the program.
  3. Do not be afraid to try new things out. A Pisces woman might be fond of all kinds of hobbies: from playing the guitar to jumping with a parachute. Especially if she has never done such experiments before. It would be great if you have some things in common - just be brave enough to offer.
  4. These women are cheerful and love to have a good laugh. So a man with a good sense of humor automatically becomes extra points and becomes extremely attractive in her eyes.
  5. Be a man of action. Begin with the little things: no need to schedule a date - just call your Pisces girl and ask to go for a walk. For example, it could be a hike up the mountains to meet the sunrise or a picnic in the nearest park - it's up to you. Another good idea would be to take Pisces to her favorite show or to a jazz concert. But never forget - gifts for a Pisces woman are major signs of attention.
  6. Around us is a whole world of opportunities. You can discover something new every day, and it really helps to run away from routine. The best moments in life often happen by themselves, and we cannot predict them. What we can - relax and enjoy the moment. This is exactly what the Pisces woman thinks - a steady life is not for her.
  7. Become an object of interest to her: try to gain new knowledge every day. Talk about it, dream together, make plans, come up with how you see your future, and, after all, turn your ideas into reality. Give meaning to your conversations. Chat about the matters that motivate and inspire you. Of course, you can attract someone with your perfect appearance or a solid bank account - but you can conquer the soul only with your personality.
  8. The most crucial factor is whether you can make her feel special in a relationship with you. Pisces wants something unusual - give it to her. Then there is a chance that she will fall head over heels in love with you. And when that happens, keep on winning her heart over and over again.
  9. But if you cannot - do not waste yours and, more importantly, her time. In the end, it doesn't really matter how much money you have or how attractive you are but the way you make this person feel.

How to date an Pisces woman (What Pisces Women Like)

How to date an Pisces woman (What Pisces Women Like)

Sorry, we still didn't answer a question about how to date a Pisces woman. It's time for you to find out a few tricks, as well as her preferences regarding relationships. Here they are:

Tip#1: More feelings and emotions.

Never hide your feelings from a Pisces girlfriend, do not hold back your emotions. It is the truth what experts say: be one hundred percent open - that's what dating such a lady requires. Then the mutuality will not be kept waiting.

Tip#2: Indulge in fantasies and become her neighbor in cloudland.

Try, at least sometimes, to fantasize together with your Pisces woman. Use your creativity to fascinate her. But try to make your girlfriend think that all ideas and discoveries come from her. Submit some plans and give her freedom of action. If she dreams of something - become a part of those fantasies. Tell her how exciting, unusual, and outstanding her desire is. Pisces will appreciate it.

Tip#3: Be ready to help.

If you want to know all about a Pisces woman - show this girl you are willing to help. Give her the confidence and constantly demonstrate your wish to support her in any difficult situation.

Tip#4: Be decisive.

Generally doubtful and suspicious Pisces will appreciate your confidence and firmness. She will be incredibly grateful to you for making decisions in the common interest.

In a conversation, the initiative should originate from a man. From the very beginning, Pisces will surely remain silent. She will be watching a speaker and analyzing what he says. This girl always hopes to have a dialogue with someone who is not afraid to show his intelligence and self-development.

Tip#5: Pisces love patience in males

Well, you know they say - little by little, one travels far. Pisces women find patience sexually attractive. You seem to be saying through such actions: I am ready to wait because you are worth it.

You will win her love and her heart if you learn the given tips on dating a Pisces woman. We guarantee that.

How NOT to date an Pisces woman

How NOT to date an Pisces woman

By the way, how not to date a Pisces woman?

A female of this sign of the zodiac can be unpleased by rudeness, boorish behavior, and lack of manners. She dislikes being under pressure. The other no-goes are criticism, insults, and reproaches. Do not rush her because the Pisces girl must be sure that you do not sail under false colors and what would destroy her ideals. Advice: let your girlfriend feel that she is significant, desirable, and needed (almost as much as you need air to breathe).

NOT#1: No rudeness, just tenderness

Remember: a typical representative of this zodiac sign is easy to hurt. Be ready to overthink every single word you say. What to say to a Pisces woman to make her feel happy, then? Sincere compliments, of course! It means, simply put, that you need to be a real gentleman.

NOT#2: Do not boast about your sexual experience

You should not demonstrate to this sensitive and gentle girl your experience in the matter of physical love. Never tell her how many matches you have had before. Trust us, you will not achieve anything good in this way, but it will definitely push her away.

NOT#3: No comparisons or criticism

By no means your intention to criticize Pisces will make any good. So don't make abusive comments about her ideas or actions. And, what is even more important - do not compare your lady with anyone, especially with your ex. Remember, demanding something from her, you run the risk of never getting it in the future.

NOT#4: Rant is not welcome

Empty words and unwillingness to keep to the agreement can make a Pisces female your implacable enemy. Just like greed - as the only motive for starting a relationship. There is actually nothing worse for Pisces than let someone undignified into her life.

NOT#5: Do not try to lie to your Pisces woman

Your words and actions should not be misleading: she knows everything about everyone, and what she does not know, she will feel. The intuition of this girl is extremely well developed.

NOT#6: Forget about ingratitude

Pisces value their work and efforts. The same goes for other people. They know how to be grateful and expect the same attitude from others.

Pisces woman in relationships & love

Pisces woman in relationships & love

For all potential partners of a Pisces lady, it is crucial to understand that love, in her opinion, is a reason for living. Once she is happy with her beloved one - these emotions immediately start to brighten up her drab little life.

Broadly speaking, Pisces females know how to communicate with the members of the opposite sex. Their secret is to allow a man to be a boss. Make him think so, at least. Such a girl will admire and try to please her partner in every possible way - this is how she shows her affection and love.

Above all, Pisces woman in relationships is looking for a reliable friend and conversationalist. Representatives of this zodiac sign rarely fall in love with someone who is nothing but a pretty face. On the other hand, Pisces ladies are primarily interested in the emotional aspect of a romance. Even in sex, they always maintain eye contact, go crazy about long passionate kisses. Cuddling, however, is an integral part of every foreplay.

Secondly, in a partner, just like in people, in general, they value the ability to give love and expect nothing in return. They think this is the most important and essential quality from which all fundamental things grow. A loving person is beautiful a priori.

A Pisces woman usually gets pretty worried if something goes wrong in her relationships. She starts blaming herself for all fights and misunderstandings that could have led to the breakup. Therefore, the ideal man for her is the one who can prove his love, devotion, and loyalty - through actions, not through empty words.

Putting together all the characteristics of the Pisces woman, the one thing becomes clear. If you do not mind demonstrating your feelings and are ready to settle down - then this girl might be the perfect life partner you have secretly dreamed about.

But wait, how can we talk about the Pisces woman in love and do not say a word about the nuances of intimate life you will have with the representative of this zodiac sign. So, what are you going to get, then?

A Pisces lady definitely has her own idea of sexuality. It's about speaking openly: not hiding sexual desires, trying something new. For Pisces, honest compliments and wooing are important. Even in the moment of intimacy, she expects to hear the words of admiration and, it all, in a romantic atmosphere created by her chosen one. When this woman receives what she requires, she literally blossoms and gratefully presents herself to her partner.

As a lover, she is surprisingly impulsive, artistic. Such a girl always plays the role that her man likes best. Pisces woman in bed cannot and does not want to say "no" to any fantasies of her man.

Pisces's sexuality can be described as follows:

  • Sex as a physical release is not typical for this female. A Pisces lady gets intimate only when she is sure that there is mutual love and respect between you two.
  • Women of this sign turn on really quickly. Erotic scenes easily awaken the desire in them. Often, they would not mind repeating in bed what they saw on the screen.
  • Pisces are always ready to learn something new to satisfy the desires of their partner. Let her feel like she is seducing you, and it will be the best sexual experience in your life.

The perfect date for Pisces

The perfect date for Pisces

Perfect dates - this expression itself sounds a bit unreal. Have you ever had any? Hold on, we are not talking about you right now - we want to find out what Pisces like.

You might think such a romantic girl dreams of a Hollywood-style rendezvous. But what if we say you are wrong? A Pisces woman doesn't need those white rose petals on the bed at all. The same goes for a million bunches of flowers under her window - exactly the opposite, though.

If you want to make the best date ever for your Pisces girlfriend - just relax and stop racking your brains. The key to success is in being kind and attentive to her.

The first thing you need to do before going out with this female is to think about how to text a Pisces woman to make her look forward to your meeting. In fact, a Pisces does not need a lot to be happy. Moreover, even though she loves such signs of attention as gifts - this girl just wants to go for a walk with a man she likes and have a chat. No giant teddy bears or expensive restaurants - a picking in a park would be enough. Yes, so simple it is! You two need to find common topics and interests to make a date unforgettable.

Trite but true - Pisces can be led by the ears.

Compatibility Pisces Love Disasters & Matches

The best match for a Pisces woman is a man who is a bit older. However, certain qualities will be demanded of him since he must be cheerful, optimistic, and ready for anything for the sake of the ladylove.

The most compatible to such a girl are water signs of the zodiac - Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, which was foreseeable.

A Pisces woman marriage compatibility with the fire signs, though, is also high. However, in this case, she will have to calmly perceive all the negative manifestations of the partner's character. On the other hand, relationships with representatives of air and earth signs of the zodiac usually grow into harmonious marriages.

For more information - take a look at our compatibility chart:

Zodiac signs Marriage Love
Pisces and Aries Low Medium
Pisces and Taurus High High
Pisces and Gemini Low Low
Pisces and Cancer High High
Pisces and Leo Medium Medium
Pisces and Virgo Medium High
Pisces and Libra Medium Medium
Pisces and Scorpio High High
Pisces and Sagittarius Low Medium
Pisces and Capricorn High High
Pisces and Aquarius Low Low
Pisces and Pisces Medium High
Compatibility Pisces Love Disasters & Matches

Summing up, we can say that it is not difficult to learn about Pisces woman compatibility with other zodiac signs or find out how this lady loves. The main thing is to be on the same page with her. Try to listen to your girlfriend, talk with her heart-to-heart. Never close yourself off from a Pisces and not put your interests above others because it's not really sexy. Mutual respect mixed with a bit of empathy will let you two live happily ever after.

If you have found a Pisces woman of your dreams and you are willing to build a long relationship with her - here are some facts about Pisces women that will help you to figure it all out.

  • They have a sharp eye for details and are sensitive to mood changes;
  • Pisces have great intuition – cheating on any of them is not a good idea;
  • They are sincere, generous, and compassionate;
  • Pisces value beauty and harmony – femininity is their style of life;
  • Pisces are smart. They have an excellent memory too;
  • Pisces are devoted to family and friends;
  • They know how to get out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals;
  • Pisces woman's personality is artistic and creative.
Pisces woman dating FAQ: What is it like dating a Pisces woman? In general, we can say that Pisces females are caring, understanding, and sincere partners for life. Dating a Pisces woman will be one of the most exciting and fascinating periods of your life - trust us.
Do you like to dominate and want to be a leader in a couple? Do you want to see a faithful and devoted lady next to you? Are you a fan of everything new? Do you know how to listen and want to be heard? If your answers were yes - then the Pisces woman is the one you need. She will give you an unforgettable experience - every new day will never be like the previous one with her. The spectrum of emotions will make you live to the fullest every minute. What is Pisces woman attracted to? Throughout her life, she carries in her heart a clear image of the ideal partner. The Pisces woman will give her love to an emotional man who, in fact, is always ready to prove that she is the only one for him.
Dreaming of a handsome, strong, and even a little brutal lover, a Pisces will marry a shy and docile man. Here are some qualities that he should also have:
  • courage;
  • passion, concerning fun in the bedroom;
  • sensuality;
  • kindness and empathy;
  • generosity;
  • decisiveness;
  • a high level of intelligence.

Pisces woman dating FAQ:

What is it like dating a Pisces woman?

In general, we can say that Pisces females are caring, understanding, and sincere partners for life. Dating a Pisces woman will be one of the most exciting and fascinating periods of your life - trust us.
Do you like to dominate and want to be a leader in a couple? Do you want to see a faithful and devoted lady next to you? Are you a fan of everything new? Do you know how to listen and want to be heard? If your answers were yes - then the Pisces woman is the one you need. She will give you an unforgettable experience - every new day will never be like the previous one with her. The spectrum of emotions will make you live to the fullest every minute.

What is Pisces woman attracted to?

Throughout her life, she carries in her heart a clear image of the ideal partner. The Pisces woman will give her love to an emotional man who, in fact, is always ready to prove that she is the only one for him.
Dreaming of a handsome, strong, and even a little brutal lover, a Pisces will marry a shy and docile man. Here are some qualities that he should also have:

  • courage;
  • passion, concerning fun in the bedroom;
  • sensuality;
  • kindness and empathy;
  • generosity;
  • decisiveness;
  • a high level of intelligence.

Are Pisces good girlfriends?

Pisces women usually are hot and attractive. They can move mountains for the sake of the person they love.
Men are magnetized to them like bees to nectar. The best sign for a Pisces woman that proves your feelings is your devotion and attention. This girl will never blame her chosen one for anything: rather, on the contrary, she will support and give strength to new achievements.
The best attitude you can show is - giving back what she receives. A Pisces is ready to withstand absolutely any fight for her man.
None of the diamonds of the world can bring them such joy as mutual fondness. A simple phrase, ""I love you"" in the morning, will make her day.
If you managed to get a Pisces woman as your girlfriend, then it automatically means that The Powers have given you the most desirable and loyal woman in the whole universe.

Why are Pisces females so secretive?

Pisces is the 12th most secretive sign of the zodiac.
They are the biggest dreamers on Earth. These people live in their fantasies and often escape from reality in the world of illusions. That is why they need to be alone time over time - only all by yourself, it is possible to swim away into thoughts and dreams. By the way, Pisces usually believe in astrology.
Pisces are in continuous search of new ideas and ways of self-development. They can neither calm down nor bring something else to mind till the moment it comes true. Sometimes such an approach helps them achieve the unattainable.
Their life, for everyone else, looks like complete chaos only because they have no time to deal with their problems.
Pisces woman's weakness is to become closer to other people. Although they want it, the fear of getting psychological trauma from someone unworthy doesn't disappear. Especially if a girl was heartbroken because of a man before.

Why are Pisces ladies so flirty?

Pisces women often go from one extreme to the other. It is not surprising that their flirting strategy is a controversial phenomenon. On the one hand, she behaves very affectionately, tenderly, sweetly. But at the same time, a Pisces just wants to remain friends. It is quite complicated to predict what happens next when talking about this female during flirting.
Pisces females begin to flirt very slowly. The first step is to look closely at the conversationalist.
The fact that such a girl is flirting with you is not always possible to recognize. Her behavior is timid and shy at first, but then it becomes seductive and passionate. You might find this strategy questionable. However, in her opinion, this game plan should be listed in the international profile of how to make the most attractive people interested in you.
Can Pisces flirt openly? Depends, of course, with whom.
But representatives of this zodiac sign are very shy. They require more time to feel confident in a stranger's company. And as soon as Pisces dares to do this, a new dimension of reality will be opened to you, playing with the brightest colors. Just remember: if you have noticed, she is flirting with you - then be sure Pisces woman is dating you already.

Who is Pisces attracted to?

The top 3 Zodiac signs a Pisces female feels attracted to are Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer.
These two understand each other without words: a Scorpio male and a Pisces lady should not even talk to each other about how they feel. It's just obvious for both. A deep understanding of the Pisces woman - a Scorpio undoubtedly has, gives them a chance to build a happy and long-lasting relationship. That often turns into marriage, by the way.
The Pisces girl and the Capricorn man rarely notice each other - they are different, in many ways opposite. But if fate brings them together, then they will never want to be apart anymore. The initiator of the relationship is almost always a Capricorn. She gives him a dream, and he fulfills it - as a result, both are happy.
Two representatives of the water element think and act in the same way and can create a wonderful union full of tenderness, love, and mutual understanding. The perfect match for a Pisces woman is a Cancer man. These people are very sensitive to each other's moods. Their relationship is always full of creativity, where Pisces inspires, and Cancer brings to life his muse's fascinating idea.

What sign should a Pisces marry?

According to astrologists, a Pisces woman’s best match for marriage is Scorpio. Together they create the perfect couple about which novels are written, and films with a happy ending are made. The mysteriousness of Pisces inspires Scorpio, and he can easily be a leader in the relationship. Deep conversations and emotions are a manifestation of deep feelings. These signs feel complete harmony in each other's company, and this almost ideal romance has every chance to continue in a long and successful marriage.
The Pisces woman's love compatibility with a Scorpio man is really the highest possible. Together they are the happiest people in the world.

How do you know if a Pisces woman loves you?

Surprisingly, such an adorable and open girl will not show that she is already in love with you. But there are some signs that Pisces woman likes you, though.
In the presence of a man of her dreams, she appears to be shy and loses all her charm. And the more a Pisces likes a guy, the more insecure she feels. Keep in mind that Pisces is very afraid of getting rejected and will never take the first step in a relationship. So, you will have to take all the initiative into your own hands.
What are the other signs that demonstrate her attraction:

  • More than anything, Pisces wants her partner to be happy. Therefore, she will try to show her care in every possible way. Even if you are not very happy about it;
  • she will be controlling you. But not because he wants to dominate, but to be sure that everything is fine and you do not need any help;
  • The representatives of this sign are fond of making gifts to loved ones. So, if you get small gifts not only on holidays but also just like, “What a wonderful day, I have something for you!”, do not think twice - you are loved and appreciated.

Are Pisces good kissers?

Pisces consider kisses to be one of the most important expressions of their feelings. A kiss for such a girl is a way to show that you want to be as close as possible to this person, and these are not empty words.
Pisces are waiting for their moment; their kisses are slow and deep.
Such women love gentle kisses, where tenderness sometimes mixes with pleasant naughtiness. It is difficult for representatives of this zodiac sign to live without kisses for a long time, so kiss your Pisces girlfriend whenever it is possible – impress her.

Are Pisces smart?

Reading a horoscope, you can find a stereotype that Pisces ladies are not really clever, but that is not true. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac in making decisions often rely not on their high IQ. At the same time, their well-developed intuitions play an important role too.
The intelligence for Pisces, actually, is much less important than the ability to feel and imagine. Although their sharp and discerning mind helps them analyze every little thing and notice those nuances that others do not attach importance to. They are extremely smart and keep on learning something new every day.

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