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The truth about a blue-eyed woman dating

The truth about a blue-eyed woman dating

Everyone whom nature has endowed with seducing sky-blue eyes should consider him- or herself really lucky. One look is usually enough to get lost in its abyss and feel hopelessly, irretrievably in love with this person. Moreover: a gaze of deep azure, in the opinion of potential flirt partners, is believed to be the most captivating and attractive! Well, at least, that’s the official result of a recent study conducted by social scientists from Western Europe. Over 7000 respondents were asked about their preferences regarding the “Prince Charming“ or “Dream Woman“ appearance, and what did they say? Almost half of all participants, namely 46%, found blue eyes particularly enchanting. Sounds impressive, isn’t it?

Anyway, from ancient times, people notice a certain link between the eyes’ color and the character of each individual. Indeed: when you go on the very first date with a lady you are interested in, there is generally not much you know about each other. What should you do, then? Just rely on your intuition, or better try to find out the greatest possible number of details about your potential girlfriend? In this regard - it would be pretty helpful to look at the eyes not only as an essential sense organ - since they have lots more to tell. After all, the expression “eyes are the windows to the soul“ has to mean something.

So, what makes cute blue-eyed women so delightful? Let’s figure it out together!

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Why men love women with blue eyes (Advantages of dating a girl with blue eyes)

Why men love women with blue eyes

First and foremost, we need to talk about the main qualities of such females. Psychologists during the years in research have determined the most common characteristics of beautiful women with blue eyes. It’s thanks to them, the attraction sparked by their lovely appearance doesn’t fade but actually grows stronger. Okay-okay, below you can find five traits, mainly associated with blue eyes and, trust us, this explains a lot.

Their sense of romance

When talking about romanticism, blue-eyed girls are an internationally recognized etalon in this regard. They firmly believe that a relationship of people who genuinely love each other should be mind-boggling.

Each one of such ladies is ready to do everything possible to give her man a feeling that he is adored and respected. Through precious romantic moments, for the most part, of course. Even in the fiftieth year of marriage, a female with aquamarine eyes won’t stop writing nice little have-a-nice-day notes or bringing a small gift with the words “no occasion, just because.“ It is almost impossible to stay indifferent because that would surely not be the right thing to do towards such an amazing partner!

Their trustworthiness

If your girlfriend has blue eyes, you don’t have to worry about her trustworthiness since she would never try to hide the truth from you. This woman is absolutely honest in everything: from little things to serious matters. She does not recognize the idea of a so-called white lie.

Entering into a romance with a blue-eyed lady, be sure - your partner respects you too much to tell you something that is not true. Yes, some women choose to lie to make the beloved one happy or just don’t make him at any point upset. Experience, however, has proven that this approach leads nowhere. Isn’t it awesome to be in a relationship with someone you don’t need to point this fact out?

Their non-confrontational nature

Every pretty blue eyes girl knows that constant conflicts ruin even the happiest of couples. Her wisdom and understanding, therefore, become noticeable at a young age and don’t disappear throughout life.

Sure, you can feel free to contradict us right now and say that it’s necessary to pick a fight sometimes because that allows draining excess emotion off. And indeed it is, besides. Still, the key is - to argue not often. Confrontations 24 hours/7 days a week would only have downsides, and blue-eyed cuties realize it without any guidance.

Their kindness

One of the biggest challenges everyone has to face today is stress. Numerous obstacles and difficulties in the way to the goal can break even a strong-minded person. For this reason, it’s essential to have a kind partner by your side. A girlfriend who will cheer you up with warm words, give care and support.

Good news: you don’t need to arrange thousands of dates to meet such a lady. Simply choose a woman with crystal blue eyes for dating! Since these people are characterized by kindness and empathy, you can’t go wrong falling in love with one of them.

Their respect to the partner’s personal boundaries

Ice blue eyes don’t reflect a woman’s coldness - it is nothing but a common misconception that must be cleared. Such a female’s attitude is rather about respecting her man’s personal boundaries, his privacy.

We all sometimes need certain “me“ time. Just to read a book or watch new episodes of a favorite sitcom. A blue-eyed girl will always understand this desire of your soul and will never take it as an offense - she thinks it’s completely normal. Well, a rare outlook on life, as for modern ladies, isn’t it?

Women with blue eyes in relationships & love

Women with blue eyes in relationships & love

Okay then, is there anything else you need to know about pretty girls with blue eyes in a relationship and love? The answer is - absolutely yes! But what is it?

According to esoteric specialists, the energy of Venus flows in the veins of blue-eyed people. The planet of love gives them the power to attract men. On the other hand, it makes these ladies very emotional and sensitive. Indeed: when it comes to feelings, they usually fall head over heels in love. Due to their romantic nature, every crush acquires the status of a serious relationship; and every boyfriend is considered to be a potential spouse.

Beauties with blue eyes enjoy being the center of male attention. This is actually their credo in life. You, although, don’t have to worry about such a female’s faithfulness. Once you two are a couple - she becomes too loyal to cheat. It is all thanks to her keen sense of justice and dignity.

At a young age, blue eyes usually dream of a prince charming and fairytale-like life. As adults, however, they prefer reliable partners for marriage.

Still, every bean has its black. What can we say about the negative sides of the blue-eyed lady character?

She may appear to be arrogant, more or less. It is a misleading impression, though. It's her idea of preventing contact with someone sneaky and manipulative, provoked by unpleasant experiences, that makes her act like this. A real problem for women with aquamarine eyes is the unwillingness to forgive. They can hardly forget serious misconduct and do their best to never let this person be near them again. Even if it would already be a legally binding union, by the way.

Find Your Girl with blue eyes With Us

Find Your Girl with blue eyes

But how can you find your blue-eyed princess? Where to go and what to do? No panic: your happiness is quite near you! It must be fate that tries to bring you and your soulmate together - here at Using our international dating service, you, as a foreigner, can meet the most gorgeous ladies with indigo eyes from Ukraine and Russia.

Russian women with blue eyes

You would never ask why blond hair and blue eyes are attractive if you would see our stunning Russian brides at least once. Their look belongs to the Baltic Finnic type of appearance, which is, in fact, widespread among northern nations. The majority of Russian ladies have crystal blue eyes, namely 55%. Together with their fair hair, light skin, and fine facial features, it creates the unique charm Russians are famous for.

Ukrainian women with blue eyes

What about Ukrainians, then? Their natural beauty is rather southern than a northern type. This is expressed through brighter, more expressive facial features. However, you shouldn’t let them be overlooked. The attractiveness of a brunette with deep-blue eyes is above questioning.

How to Date a girl with blue eyes

How to Date a girl with blue eyes

Alright, dear friend, what else can we say on this matter? You might think that the most essential information has already been said. But there are a few points we want to add. Let us conclude with the five best pieces of advice on dating a cute blue-eyed girl.

Try to look nice

Any beautiful girl with blue eyes gives great importance to her appearance. She, therefore, wants to be together with a man that looks nice too. So even if you think you are on top form, use self-criticism and think about what is still worth working on.

It doesn’t mean you need to start visiting a cosmetologist four times a week or wear only designer clothes. Just do not allow yourself to come on a date looking untidy. A blue-eyed would take it as a lack of interest.

It might be helpful to think it over calmly and try to see things differently. Who is more captivating: a fit, well-dressed man with a self-confident attitude or a chubby, unshaved guy, wearing a dirty T-shirt? Well, there you go.

Always stay in touch with your girlfriend

For a lady whose eyes are blue, it’s necessary to feel you miss her and think about her. For this reason - each time when you have a spare moment, write your girlfriend a message, send a funny picture or video associated with your relationship through social networks. Even if you are a thousand miles away from each other - modern Internet technologies offer lovebirds an amazing variety of ways how they can connect and stay in touch. Hence, your excuses will not be accepted.

This tip is not hard to bring to life - your sincere desire is the point.

Show your romantic side

Like it was mentioned before, blue-eyed women are inherently romantic. The same approach, therefore, they expect to see from men they are together with.

Do you know “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Titanic” movies? If no - it would be nice to watch both in the near term since the characters of those films demonstrate the kind of love each lady with blue eyes dreams about.

So, how to make such a girl the happiest person in the world, then? It’s really not that complicated as you probably think now. Actually, in most cases, it wouldn’t even cost you a penny! The following displays of affection are considered by blue eyes romantic:

  • Giving sincere compliments;
  • Bringing her favorite flowers for no particular occasion;
  • Cooking together;
  • Presenting small unexpected gifts (it shouldn’t be something expensive);
  • Writing love letters, poems, or songs;
  • Offering your help and expecting nothing in return.

Give her a sense of security

Give her a sense of security

A blue-eyed female, as a representation of pure femininity, usually looks for a real man. The one who would be smart, strong, reliable, willing to marry her someday, and give the opportunity to feel safe in his arms.

How to show you are exactly what she is searching for? It’s pretty easy, once again. You need to be involved in her life: try to protect her from all difficulties and dangers, find out what is bothering her, and help to solve these issues - that’s not nearly all. Your plan should be evolving with the situation, though.

Still, keep in mind that it’s a tiny difference between caring and overprotecting.

Do not rush

The last tip from our list is intended to prevent you from the biggest mistake a man could make in a relationship with blue eyes.

Do not rush, no matter what happens. Especially when it concerns intimacy matters. If you invite such a girl to spend a night together too quickly - she will definitely take this behavior of you as an insult. No one from blue-eyed ladies would agree to be used by someone. Yes, she does respect herself - we can all learn from this life philosophy, by the way.

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