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Dating a widowed woman: everything you need to know to make it a success

Till death do us part - this is how newlyweds promise each other their loyalty before God. Doing it, however, they secretly hope - that it would never come to that. Even if they know for sure - someday in many years, the day will come and one of them will pass away first. But who wants to believe that on a glorious wedding day?

Dating a widowed woman: everything you need to know to make it a success

Unfortunately, for some people, this distant future comes terribly early, when the children are small. It's especially painful since the family is only at the beginning of its shared way towards happiness. The death of a partner at a young age is particularly dramatic for his spouse and kids. From one day to another, this person then has to cope with the grief and, notwithstanding it, move on.

The death of the partner has many facets that only someone who has experienced it can actually assess. If you, fortunately, don't have such a past, then what does widowed mean in a relationship is an absolute mystery for you. But don't worry - our expert knowledge can help you in this respect. All you need to know to make a romance with a widow a success is placed right in this article.

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Why is dating a widowed woman a good idea?

We live in the 21st century, and it seems the majority of stereotypes of the past shouldn't remain actual in this day and age. Anyway, too many myths about widows are still widespread among men worldwide. While some think females with such a traumatic experience won't be ready for new relationships for years, others see widowed girls as cougars hunting down prey. We, on our part, are willing to give you at least five reasons why dating a lady who has lost her spouse is a good idea.

Reason #1. Her experience

Most widows know what a happy family means. They experienced it once and, in principle, are ready to feel the delight being together with a loved one brings. Each of them wanted it - and she will most likely want them again as soon as she overcomes the pain.

A widowed girl knows how to live as a married couple, find a common language, make compromises and accept the spouse's shortcomings. She is ready for all typical difficulties. Such a lady realizes how cool it is to have a joint household, get a puppy. She looks forward to introducing each other's friends and hopes - that they will become shared, family friends. If this matches your expectations of future relationships - then a widowed female might be an ideal girlfriend for you.

Reason #2. Her attitude towards children

widowed woman’s attitude towards children

It particularly concerns dating a widow who already has children from a previous marriage. So, if this is the case - she probably doesn't want to have another baby right away. The reason is simple: she already has one or two. This woman went through a very tough period of life but still has little ones to care about. And, if we are talking about a female over 30, it is a kind of Gestalt she doesn't need to work out anymore. Pregnancy and childbirth are in the past. And even if your widowed girlfriend wants more children, she will not demand them as soon as possible. This means that you can calmly prepare for the coming fatherhood. It is significant for all guys who don't want to become fathers yet. Only in a relationship with such girls - they don't feel guilty for it.

Reason #3. Her family will adore you

Even if you now think it's not really necessary - if you start a committed relationship - your girlfriend's relatives become part of your life. You can't ignore them since they are important for your lady. Still, if they hate you - this attitude won't go unnoticed and will certainly affect your romance. So isn't it better to become a hero in their eyes? The one who saves their daughter from depression and inner agony. Or do you prefer to be just a lover who will never be good enough for their princess? If you like the first option more - pay attention to a widowed woman since her relatives will definitely love you unconditionally.

Reason #4. Her courage

It is our favorite myth about an average widowed lady, by the way.

So after such a heartbreaking personal story, according to many men, she becomes a permanent victim of circumstances. It means a widow stops enjoying life and only cherishes her tragedy every day. She seeks a boyfriend, first of all, to get his financial support. And, therefore, it becomes a heavy burden.

It is, perhaps, a kind of blind spot for these guys, but still. You need to admit that every widowed girl has somehow coped with her life before meeting you. Especially if she has a child. Moreover: her courage to start a new life will impress you - just give her a chance to demonstrate it. And, paradoxically, a lady with such an experience is interested only in equal relationships. She is like a phoenix - ready to rise up again: even braver and more sexually attractive.

Reason #5. Her realistic approach

As a rule, at the beginning of a relationship, we all idealize our partners. And that's perfectly normal since our hormones go crazy. The problem with inexperienced girls is that they are focused on the ideas of perfect romance, shown in Hollywood movies. However, as you probably know - it has nothing to do with reality.

At this point, we need to mention that dating after widowhood is the exact opposite of what we said above. Such women don't want to play all these perfect marriage games anymore - they just need a normal one. And, honestly, it is easier to create this ordinary marriage with someone who has no fantasies about an abstract union. There is no ideal - and it's great when it doesn't need to be explained.

Where to meet widowed women?

Where to meet widowed women?

Regardless of the country and city you live in - you can meet a single widow anywhere. When walking down the street, ordering a coffee-to-go in your favorite cafe, or just in the waiting room of your dentist's office. Still, it will be pretty hard to find out a lady's marital status if you run into her in any public place, don't you think so? In case - you are looking for a perfect environment for such a search - pay attention to a widows and widowers dating site.

If you do everything right and choose the right one - congratulations. Since your chances to meet a future spouse there significantly increase. Why so, you probably ask? Reliable matchmaking platforms develop high-quality search engines to ensure you notice a profile of the person who fits all your expectations. Usually, the providers offer basic and advanced search options. Using the first one allows you to search for the perfect partner by age, gender, and location. Although, if you are looking for someone special - you can use the second option. It almost always includes filters such as body shape, children, occupation, education, nationality, sexual preferences, and much more.

With the help of the latest technologies and various features of modern widow dating sites - you can finally enjoy a successful dating experience. Just think how fabulously your life will change! With the right approach, you will definitely never feel lonely anymore.

What do widowed women want from dating?

When dating someone who has lost a spouse, you, above all, need to find out what such a person wants from a relationship. It is, as a rule, not much - namely, there are only three matters. They all are placed just below: read them carefully and think whether you are capable of it.


What else could an experienced woman be waiting for? She expects manifestation of your feelings and clarity of your intentions, first of all. You need to take the initiative and make all offers: "from: let's go to the cinema today - to: marry me." Half-words and half-hints are not suitable for a widowed lady. Her broken heart should not be tortured by vague doubts and guesses. Be uncertain as long as you like - but not with a widow.


Both partners are hoping for the loved one's faithfulness, isn't it? While girls without such a traumatic experience have hidden hopes in this regard, widowed ladies say it out loud. The success of a marriage depends on loyalty and definitely not in the continuous search for someone better. There are many beautiful people on Earth - you can't get all of them, so relax.

Where is the devotion limit? It exists only in your soul and mind. And can be demonstrated through emotional attachment, intimacy, tenderness when this one and only person is cherished. As you can see, this attitude has nothing to do with short affairs - only committed relationships, only hardcore.


A widow is definitely waiting for masculine protection from her chosen one. It includes attention, care, and, of course, financial support. If you are confused by this and find it too much - most likely, dates with a widowed lady are not what you need. On the other hand, if you are ready to give all your strength to make this woman happy - do it.

Tips for dating widowed women

Tips for dating widowed women

What do you see when you look into a widow's face? In fact, it shouldn't be anything special. Without knowing her personal story, you see just an ordinary girl. Yes, she still has two eyes, two ears, and one nose - everything like everyone else. But be careful because some aspects of building a relationship with her are unique and different. Check these seven pieces of advice provided by the best psychologists to make things work.

Tip #1. Don't rush

In all probability, a widowed girl you are interested in was happy to say goodbye to the endless dating game when she finally had a ring on that very finger. She was merry in the wife status and glad that part of her life was left behind. But what does such a lady feel now? She has just recovered from her husband's loss and starts realizing she is ready to move on. Still, deep inside, a widow dislikes the fact - the entire dating process should be repeated once again. She sees it as a whole new world - a gigantic, disturbing, terrifying new world.

What we are trying to say here is - it may take a little longer for this woman to get out of her comfort zone. But understand that every little step in a relationship she takes for you is like climbing a mountain for her. So be respectful and don't rush.

Tip #2. Embrace her past

How to tell if a widow is interested in you? The answer is paradoxical: she readily talks about her past. You, therefore, shouldn't prohibit such conversations. Don't make this topic a kind of a taboo - by doing this, you will just push your girlfriend away. Instead, you need to get used to the thought she will always have warm feelings towards her deceased spouse. No matter how much time has passed.

But this does not mean that there is no room for new love in her heart. Trust us: your widowed woman puts a lot of effort when she is alone with herself to find a balance between the past and the present. But without her personal drama - there would not be certain traits that you love about her. So accept it. And she will appreciate you even more for it in the long run.

Tip #3. Be kind to her family and friends

Remember that the little steps she takes in your relationship are like climbing a mountain for a widow? Introducing you to family and friends is an even bigger step. These people saw how she lost her knight in shining armor, her Prince Charming. At that moment, each one of them decided to become her supporter and guardian. Your girlfriend knows she can trust and rely on them. She feels protected by their love like she has her own little army. So believe what we say: a widowed lady wouldn't ask her family and close friends to get to know someone insignificant.

What you need to do is to be kind to them. No matter how controlling or annoying, in the beginning, these guys would seem.

Tip #4. Don't lie to her

Don't lie to widowed woman

A widowed woman is not just an average girl you've dated before. So if one day you will wake up and realize you are not interested in her anymore - then you need to break up. Sure, no one wants to be the one who hurts the widow's feelings. But what else can you do?

Consider the situation from this point of view. This lady has already gone through the worst possible scenario people could imagine. Therefore, she will definitely find a way to recover from ending a relationship with you. It will be difficult, but you have to tell your girlfriend the truth. She will find the strength to accept and move on.

Tip #5. Be delicate when talking about children

Most often, such a woman has kids. Rarely is it not the case, especially when talking about dating a widow over 50. Anyway, there are several points to be understood in this regard.

If your girlfriend has children, it will be a little harder to become a part of her life. The kids, most likely, are not looking for a replacement for their father, and you shouldn't try to become him. You will get another role in their lives. Show them your kindness and love: stay close to them when they need it. Only in this case can you earn your lady's children's trust and respect.

If the widow you adore doesn't have kids, likely, it can still be a difficult topic for her. Understand this delicate point. Being aware of her feelings about it will help you to clarify this issue in the future.

Tip #6. Learn to observe

There are many stereotypes about widows, as well as in many other aspects of life. Be sure to get to know your girlfriend well enough before you begin to speculate about what kind of person she is. Just because this girl goes on dates doesn't necessarily mean she's looking for another spouse. And just because she still wears her wedding ring does not mean that she is unable to move forward. Notwithstanding that a widowed female has children, she may want to have more in the future. The opposite might also be true, though.

The point is, there is not a single guide in the world that would suggest how best a widow should behave after the loss. And she understands it too. Keeping an open mind and listening to what this woman says - will enable you to find out who she is. Look closer to see all the details.

Tip #7. Be attentive to her feelings

The main rules of dating after becoming a widow change. For example, such a lady's sensitivity to certain moments increases.

Since the loss of her husband was shocking and influenced her life - it changed her attitude towards typical daily issues. Pay attention to what you do and say - think about her life experience.

Widows lose their husbands for all sorts of reasons: illness, age, war, murder, suicide, or accident. So, for example, if you are very late at work and negligently forget to warn your woman - she might be more than just worrying. Because once there was a similar situation. She did not receive a message from her husband, and then a phone rang to inform her about the tragedy. Of course, you may not know anything about all this. Therefore, just try to be attentive to her feelings - that's how you show that you respect her.

Widowed women: 8 things to know

Widowed women: 8 things to know

When a certain age is reached, making new acquaintances becomes something like a quest. Suddenly, it may turn out that the person you like is a widow. Sure, you meet them much less often than divorced or still single girls, but still. You already know their attitude to the past, present, and future is somewhat different. It is, however, not everything you need to be aware of. Read these eight facts before deciding to share your life with a woman who has lost her spouse.

Thing #1

Divorce and the death of a spouse are different experiences. So even if you are separated from your ex-wife, it is not the same as losing her. Of course, there are certain similarities between these two occurrences. Maybe your divorce also caused severe mental pain and was the reason for sleepless nights. Or you had to go through a process of inner mourning for destroyed relationships and grief.

Perhaps your divorce was like the loss of a loved one. But, at the same time, your ex is still alive. So, as you now understand - a widowed woman's heart suffers from the other kind of pain.

Thing #2

How to integrate the deceased partner of your new girlfriend into your relationship? It is not one of dating a widowed woman red flags - it's a necessary point.

We understand that you might be shocked by this question, but psychologists are adamant. The deceased partner, indeed, must be integrated into your romance. What does it involve? Your lady should be able to speak openly about her tragedy. As well as raise a glass to her ex-husband on his death day. She shouldn't feel guilty for thinking of him from time to time. It is essential to give the deceased partner a place inside your relationship.

Thing #3

Some men think that they will never get a real chance to be wholly appreciated by a widow. So they often ask themselves the question: does she constantly compare me with her ex-husband? But the truth is that she does not. This lady finds it is stupid to associate two different people who don't even know each other. Especially if her new boyfriend doesn't want to be him or replace him.

How to distinguish the signs a widowed woman is ready to move on? If she gives you her attention from the very beginning, then you've got a real chance to become close to her. Just don't be too focused on your girlfriend's past. The sooner you accept it, the better it will be for both of you.

Thing #4

Unfortunately, often the children of the widow are against her new partner. They are afraid of their inheritance, of the loss of their mother's attention. Kids also fear that the parent will suffer the same pain as with their father's loss. Some also want the parent to mourn a bit longer and not enter into a new relationship so quickly - as proof of love, so to speak. On the other hand, many children feel relieved that the parent has been taken care of again. So they do not have such a great responsibility anymore. You need to have an understanding of their emotions since it's their legitimate right.

Thing #5

If you wonder how to date a widowed woman, there is an essential rule to follow. You need to make your girlfriend's pastime as busy as possible. She is sick and tired of loneliness and boredom. A widowed lady, like no one else, is looking forward to having exciting conversations and an interesting time together with her new partner. Men lying on the couch all weekend long do not inspire her. A boyfriend should be something like a breath of fresh air to this girl - but definitely not dead weight.

Thing #6

When the relationship with a widow becomes more serious, her deceased ex-husband gradually fades into the background through new experiences. There are no longer only cities that she has visited with him, the favorite dishes that he has always cooked for her, and so on in your girlfriend's memory. Each couple creates their own new story in their relationship, which unites and thus strengthens the bond. Therefore, the best way to deal with a woman whose husband has passed away is - to be alive. A widow who lives in a harmonious, warm-hearted, and respectful relationship can, of course, sometimes think back to her deceased partner with sadness. On special occasions, like the day of his death, these feelings just come to mind. Nevertheless, she will enjoy the present happy romance! Anyone who has already learned that life is finite is even more likely to appreciate her current partner as precisely than someone who lacks this life experience!

When the relationship with a widow becomes more serious

Thing #7

In case of divorce or the death of the loved one, psychologists advise waiting at least three years before starting a new relationship. A person usually needs this time: to accept the loss, learn how to live, and move on. So, dating for widows officially begins when these three stages are left behind.

Sometimes a woman who has lost her husband wants to hide from pain in a new romance. Her goal then is to run away from her feelings. But, you must agree - if we are talking about committed relationships, it's not the right motivation. Therefore, it is better not to have an affair with a widow till this time. And do not rush to develop a relationship before she is absolutely ready.

Thing #8

The warmth a widow can give is fantastic. Once you make her fall in love with you - she will embrace you and show - what true passion is. Such a girl already knows how harmonious relationships could be and realizes she can lose a chosen one again. A widowed lady will never waste time dating a person who does not bring her great possible happiness.

Time is precious. Love is valuable. She knows that you two are lucky enough to find a partner for life and walk hand in hand all this way together. Even realizing this and knowing that she may have to relive the nightmare of loss again, she continues to take risks in the name of love.

If you got a chance to experience such love, do not miss it - hold it tight! Try your best not to make this fabulous woman heartbroken one more time.

How to meet widowed women (step-by-step guide)

How to meet widowed women (step-by-step guide)

Unfortunately, it is pretty difficult to find like-minded females in your social circle. Especially if you are interested in a relationship with someone who has lost her spouse. Sure, you can meet a girl in the nightclub or bar and tell her all of your preferences concerning relationships. But it would be weird, don't you think so? Therefore, as we have mentioned before, the best way to meet a widowed lady is through the Internet.

How to choose a serious dating site for widows? Above all, you need to check the reliability of the service you want to join. Some free platforms even create fake user-profiles and upload photos of gorgeous girls to attract more single men. Furthermore, these bots can talk in chats on general topics, but never with a turned-on camera. If you think you have fallen victim to such a platform, hurry to delete your account.

If you want to use a safe digital environment for flirting with widows - it is better to use websites with paid services. They encrypt the messaging and billing options and do not pass your personal data to third parties. In addition, such widow dating sites have more reliable security features like verifying users' identities. The better the platform's security is, the more likely your information will remain secure.

Use this guidance to fit into online dating for widows:

  • Use communication tools wisely. Typically, matchmaking platforms offer a variety of communication instruments. Some of them are free, while others require you to purchase a subscription. Never forget to check your expenses history.
  • If you're not ready to make the first step, you can use pre-written message templates from the Internet. Apart from the messaging, it is possible to like users' pages, send winks, etc.
  • Follow the three letters rule. It takes about three emails to see if dating this particular widowed woman is working for you. If you are not interested in each other till that point - it's better to stop communicating. No matter how attractive she is. Usually, three messages are enough to find out if you can create something serious with a lady.
  • Be active to get more attention from the platform's users. Therefore, it is better to use the services of a website that offers a mobile app. In addition to the desktop version, of course. Using it, you can always stay in touch with your favorite girls and build your relationships 24 hours/7 days a week.

How to make a widowed woman fall in love with you

How to make a widowed woman fall in love with you

If you want a widowed lady to fall in love with you once and for all, follow the below placed simple tips. Take them seriously to keep your feelings strong through the years.

Be a leader

Let's be honest: a widowed girl won't fall in love with a guy who has no life goals and doesn't know who he is. Without these elementary points, a man turns out to be just a child.

A widow needs a boyfriend who knows what he wants, is self-confident, and progresses towards his goals day by day. Simply said, you have to become a leader in life and relationships. She can be attracted only to someone who can lead her to her desires but definitely not cause extra problems. Therefore, have big dreams, as well as an exact plan for achieving them. And don't forget about real actions.

Give her emotions

Widowed women like everything that gives positive emotion. The same goes for men. Is it a problem for you? Well, males are generally more oriented towards mind and logic. While females are about the soul and passions, especially those with such a tragic experience behind them. So if you decide to fall in love with this girl - you need to create an emotional connection with her. Be as romantic as possible - it will help in seducing your lady.

Give her the best sex in her life

If you really want a widow to fall in love with you, then you shouldn't neglect intimacy and sex. Remember one thing: only after a physical connection a real relationship begins. It means she is ready to become as close as possible with you.

Sex is a kind of drug. And you need to give your girlfriend such a dose that she could not live without you anymore. Give her so much pleasure that she wants more. And do not forget about yourself and your feelings at the same time. You should get a thrill from the process so she would feel it too. So, dear reader, are you capable of it?

Marrying a widowed woman

Marrying a widowed woman

Okay, the subject of relationships is clear now. But what about marrying a widow and living in her house? If you are a religious person, your concerns in this regard could easily be understood. It might sound surprising, but the rules about it are similar in all faiths.

Yes, a woman can remarry after a spouse's death - neither Bible nor Koran has anything against it. Furthermore, it is even encouraged in the Jewish culture! What is strange, the attitude towards widows and widowers differs fundamentally.

A woman's new marriage should never be considered the ex-spouse's cheating for two reasons:

  • Men throughout the ages - as they do today - had a lower average life expectancy than their wives. Thus widowed ladies were far more common than widowers. Religion is always about love - not loneliness.
  • Unfortunately, even nowadays, not all women have an opportunity to provide themselves and their children financially. Earlier remarriage was primarily the only way for such a girl to receive protection and care for herself and her kids again. Is it easier in the 21st century? Not really.

If you think the above-mentioned reasons are not really romantic - you are right. Still, having the blessing of your church, you can concentrate on your and your girlfriend's feelings. The point is to be respectful, caring, and faithful. As you can see - not a little thing stays on the way to your heaven on earth!

Dating a widowed woman FAQ

Dating a widowed woman FAQ

Is it OK to date a widowed woman?

If you consider a widowed lady dating - is exactly what you need - great. It's nothing wrong with this desire of your soul: neither from the religions' teachings nor from an average human's point of view. Just make sure the girl of your dreams is ready to move on and open her heart for a man once again.

Should I date a recently widowed woman?

Unfortunately, psychologists don't give the thumbs up to females who start dating right away after experiencing a spouse's loss. The reasons why they do this may vary: from hyper-sexuality to an attempt to hide the pain. Still, notwithstanding what makes a lady you like offering you to go out, without waiting a year or two - it's no good. If you don't want to be brokenhearted - give a recently widowed woman more time to fully recover.

How long should a widow wait before dating again?

Experts think that widows dating should start as soon as a woman feels ready for it. As a rule, however, it takes from three to five years after the spouse's death.

Why is dating a widower so hard?

To be honest, we are surprised to hear such a question. As usual, a relationship with a widower doesn't differ from a romance with a regular single man much. Although, if you feel certain complications, it means your partner is just not ready to move on. So even if our recommendation would sound tough - no matter how hot he is, it's better to break up. Don't waste your time on someone head over heels in his past.

How do widows deal with dating?

We want to make it clear, dating widows shouldn't differ much from your previous experience. At least when they are ready for it. The only thing you should pay special attention to - be more attentive to your woman's feelings. Don't do or say anything that could break her heart again. She has lost her chosen one - no more pain is needed.

Is it good to marry a widow?

When dating a widowed woman for a while, sooner or later, you will realize she is your special one. Then, you ought to consider marrying her, of course. If you love your girlfriend - this decision is certainly good. Since such a lady already has family life experience, she clearly understands how to make your relationship work in the long run. The rest depends on you because marriage is about finding a common language with your spouse. Don't forget it, dear reader!

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