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Why do men love chubby girls?

Why do men love chubby girls?

If you ask any random man to describe his ideal woman in a few words, he will, as a rule, talk about her appearance. The tastes may vary - blond or black hair, petite or tall, skinny or fat...

It should be no surprise that the beauty standards of present days have significantly changed over the last ten years. They became more diverse. And, therefore, not only slim Victoria's Secret angels appear to be attractive for modern males. So-called plus-size models are certainly no less delightful.

When it comes to chubby girls - not only a rich inner world, but their curvy figure becomes a reason why men go crazy about them. It has been proven by recent research that fat women are more open-minded and self-confident. It means a romantic rendezvous with them seems to be that something you will not be able to forget. What is their secret, then? It lies in the desire to provide joy. Namely: chubby women have a superpower thanks to which they can quickly brighten any man’s mood. Although, special attention deserves the astonishing amount of energy they exude. But shh! Not all guys know this!

Also, psychological studies have shown that men fall in love with fat women because of their unselfish character. Sex drive and seductive beautiful shapes make their vibe even more magnificent and magnetic. Still, there are many more advantages of these ladies that make potential boyfriends fond of them. Before giving any tip on how to date a fat girl, we want to draw your attention to five reasons why males like rendezvousing an overweight partner.

Reason #1

We all have heard how society criticizes chubby women. Their ability to have excellent sex is mainly in doubt. However, do not let others determine how your partner should look. No one but you can set up the amount of control over the things that happen in your bedroom! It is also worth mentioning that not all guys are ready to share this secret about lovemaking with chubby ladies. This is all because of their egoistic attitude and lack of self-confidence. Not everyone wants to go against the common belief.

First and foremost, fat woman sex is regarded as one of the men’s most adored. Do you want to know why? The answer is simple: because such a girl is an energizing beautiful creature that harmoniously gives her way to a magnificent sex drive. Moreover, dating experts say - a typical curvy girl is intriguing and seductive like an exotic fruit; her body is soft as a peach and offers a lot of fun. In fact, just admit it: the genuine passion arises when you hug your woman and feel her sexy curves - not bones. Such a body is nothing else but an embodiment of natural beauty and grace - how is it possible to resist, then? Well, no wonder that according to a number of international studies, thousands of men worldwide have a fat women fetish. Actually, males admire plump females not only because of their appealing curves but also because of the sweet facial features they, as a rule, have, which are perceived as pretty. Their seductive attitude states they are aware of the ideal method of enjoying the sensation of mindless pleasures and promises a potential boyfriend a full-blown romance.

Still, let us come back to the chubby women sex subject and give you some more specific information in this regard. We bet it already sounds exciting to you!

If you have always wanted to dive into the unknown depths of passion or feel what hypnotic attraction impossible to get rid of means - then a lady with a few extra pounds might be your dream partner. Don't trust people who think that many of the Kamasutra positions are not suitable for an overweight lady - they do not know what they say. Such a body, in fact, offers endless possibilities in sex! At the same time, forget about any taboos in bed with this woman. Sex with her will be like a whirlwind of joy, crazy fantasies, and desire. She will surely entice you with her sensual appeal!

So, dear friend, are you already looking forward to bringing some more thrill into your life?

Reason #2

Overweight girls remain more desirable for men of different cultures

No matter how many slim-bodied women like to consider themselves attractive and sexy, overweight girls remain more desirable for men of different cultures. The reason for it is pretty clear - an average chubby lady receives much more interest: she can never go without being noticed. Even if a man is not, generally, fond of curvy females for some reason - he will draw his attention to them anyway. At least with curiosity because they arise a kind of unbridled hunger in males. Metaphorically speaking, they want to plow this field.

In case you are feeling this way too - don't be scared. It's more than fine, actually. It should be noticed that the whole concept of female beauty, since the dawn of time, was very closely related to procreation and reproduction. It has been considered that women with fuller figures are more healthy and, therefore, can give birth to lots of kids. So, there is nothing wrong with your attraction to chubby girls - nature itself gives you the push. And, perhaps, you need to ask yourself a question: do I really adore skinny models, or is this what society makes me want?

Just think about it, some industries, such as fashion, try to create new trends where extra pounds are okay. Thanks to their plus-size concept, more and more people have become captivated by marvelous body shapes far from the famous 90x60x90. These curves emphasize the charm of a sophisticated and self-confident person who appreciates elegance and knows the value of being unique.

Reason #3

Chubby women, for the most part, feel comfortable in their own skin. This fact explains their natural self-confidence and a humble attitude towards partners. Overweight girls rarely put their partners under moral pressure regardless of the number of pounds they weigh.

It might sound surprising, but they belong to the type of ladies you have seen in movies, comics, and old video games. These females are devoted, energetic, and ready to help. Just like it was described in the iconic stories, they are Super Women, willing to give their strength, love, and understanding to the special one.

Dating a BBW is a genuinely intriguing notion if you want to make your deeply secured fantasy come into reality. The amazing personality is something that distinguishes each one of them from other females. Notwithstanding that they are genuinely sexy, these girls know - relationships are not always about the cute face. They, for this reason, thanks to the rich inner world - have much more to offer.

Reason #4

Before falling head over heels in love, you need to find out the last two reasons why chubby girls appear to be so attractive to men. So, what is the next advantage dating a fat woman brings?

As you might guess, plump ladies very seldom follow any strict diet. And, of course, don't torture themselves with physical exercises every evening. So, in a relationship with one of them, you won't be hearing something like: “Oh no, we can't go to the restaurant this evening - I do intermittent fasting“, or “The romantic dinner you cooked looks really tasty, but I can't eat it. This is against my Ketogenic diet rules." Such a girl is not obsessed with losing weight - it means that she is always in a good mood and chats with her are more pleasant.

Yes, an overweight woman loved to eat well. That automatically means her cooking skills are on the MasterChef level. So, no wonder that hungry men's stomachs vote for girlfriends who look as delicious as apple pies they cook.

Reason #5

Feminine, tempting, and slightly exotic body outlines of these gorgeous females make men lose their heads. The captivating curves, perfect breast, and velvety skin add a touch of luxury and mystery to their attitude. An irresistible smile full of charm and allurement that you will never want to get out of your sight - that is the primary weapon all plump ladies have. However, curvaceous females are seductive in many ways. Their thrilling sensuality - that is what comes to every man's mind when we ask about the reason why they can ever consider dating a fat girl.

But wait: wild sex appeal does not mean unfaithfulness. No parameters could describe the loyalty you will get from a chubby partner! Lovely fat women are always open with their boyfriends. They are not afraid to talk about intimate matters, discuss thoughts and mistakes made in previous romance, or just have fun together. In fact, these ladies see frank conversations as the very first step on the way to happily-ever-after, which is quite amusing. Trust us, with every minute you get to know a fat girl better - it becomes more and more clear why guys love to have such girlfriends.

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How to date a chubby girl? What chubby girls like?

How to date a chubby girl? What chubby girls like?

Before we start answering the above mentioned questions, there is an essential point you need to keep in mind. A fat girl, just like any other female, adores spending time with her sweetheart. And, in fact, the other things she likes to get from her partner are not really extraordinary.

Still, dating an overweight woman may make you have certain doubts. Especially if it's your first experience after being in relationships with skinny ladies only. But it has been statistically proven that plump women have a much softer temper compared to thin females. Flexibility and harmony, not only with their body shapes but also with their partners - that's what distinguishes these girls. Their character represents true feminism - powerful and gentle at the same time.

Step #1

The initial matter you need to find out in this regard is chubby woman sex. Namely - how to satisfy her.

Before the first night, you will spend time together - it would be nice to have a very open conversation with your plump girlfriend. Offer her to talk about the expectations that she has and the positions she wants to try. Don't be shy to share your thoughts and fantasies too! On the other hand, the atmosphere plays an important role. So plan in advance how the room where you could get busy with a more indulgent, touchable soft, supple, and radiant true pleasure should look. By the way, it's not necessary to wait till the night to enjoy intimacy with your woman - give your day a happy boost by offering morning sex. This lady will be all for it.

Oh, one more observation in this matter. Did you realize that overweight girls have skin that seems more youthful? That is true; it wasn't just your imagination. Moreover: many men see this little nuance as a natural aphrodisiac.

Step #2

According to the research made by the popular dating site for BBW - these females think that shared experience makes partners feel closer to each other. For this reason, we can confidently say - going on vacation with your plump girlfriend is always a good idea. Especially if you have booked a deluxe hotel room. Although in case you can't spend so much money and afford a luxury holiday time with your sweetheart - it's okay. Such a lady prefers to go somewhere where she feels safe and has an opportunity to be alone with you. As you can see, it doesn't automatically mean something expensive.

However, during your beach vacation, don't shoot exciting looks towards skinny women. Instead - demonstrate to your girl that you love her body. The shape and size of it don't really matter since it's always incredible.

Step #3

BBW love to experiment and explore new things. Do you want to go on an adventure? Then, one of these ladies will be your perfect companion!

Apropos adventures - you don't have to think up the ideas for your leisure by yourself. There are numerous suggestions of chubby dating sites in this regard. For example, you can purchase tickets to some concert or schedule a visit to the presentation of the new book of her favorite writer. A sauna is also a great option (when we talk about the dates in the cold season). It may appear difficult to figure out which restaurants she enjoys eating in most of all. Since such a girl doesn't follow any diet trends, she might not be very picky. So the point would be to make your rendezvous memorable. A funny option, in this case, is to arrange a kind of drive-through of all fast-food diners in your town, ordering burgers in each of them and deciding which one tastes better.

Due to the fact, a plump girl enjoys being the center of your attention - always try to be attentive to her desires.

Step #4

When you are genuinely in love with someone, whether your special one has a 22-inch waist or a butt like Kim Kardashian's makes no difference. However, to become truly fascinated by a person's body, you must get to know her well enough. How to win such a lady's heart, after all? Is there anything you can do to wake up her interest?

The answer is yes. Like every woman, a fat one likes to get presents. A bouquet of the most vibrant full-blown flowers would energize her. Do not worry if you don't know which sort she likes most. Your attention - that's the point.

Friendly advice: bring her a fresh-cut bouquet - put your preferences to roses. As you might already know - this flower is a symbol of eternal love. Without a doubt, your plump girlfriend will understand what you mean by this gift. And, of course, she will enrich you back with her sweetness and care. It will be your time to shine!

Anyway, the more effort you make to please her with various types of presents - the better. As you can see now, overweight dating doesn't differ from your previous romantic experience much - so take it easy.

Step #5

On the basis that you are still reading this article, you are among the men who ask themselves this question: why do I like fat girls? What is so special about them? Well, it doesn't have to be something - it's just a matter of taste.

An average curvy woman would never question her own choice. She is happy with her body and doesn't want to risk her mental health to please someone. This lady doesn't want to repeat a love story from her favorite movies or books. A plump female knows for sure: she is not Cinderella, and you are not the Prince Charming. Pepper Potts and Tony Start scenario won't work too. Your relationship develops differently, and that's fine.

We are trying to say that you must try to see things from your girlfriend's perspective if you want to build a committed relationship with her. Create the idea of your own paradise without looking at the fantasies of screenwriters or listening to the opinion of your friends - that's what such a woman wants.

Chubby girls in relationships and love

Chubby girls in relationships and love

So, are you now convinced that the girl of your dreams might be a bit overweight? Are you already excited about the time you are going to spend together? In this part of the article, we want to focus our attention on what expects you in relationships with a curvy lady. Just close your eyes and turn on your imagination! Can you see these beautiful, silky lips eager for your kiss?

A popular fat women dating site describes a relationship with a plump girl as follows. In their opinion, it's always a union with someone who is not only your lover but also your best friend. She will be the one you enjoy breakfast on Saturday morning in a small café around the corner. At the same time - this woman will be your adviser and supporter in all undertakings.

With her, you will be able to drink a cup of coffee together in Brasilia and, the next day - travel to another destination without having a certain plan in your head. She creates a joyful atmosphere, fulfilled with a rebellious spirit that reflects her bold character - a perfect partner in crime. Trust us: it's a magical sensation to sit next to a female who exudes strength and softness at the same time.

No matter what happens - fat women remain faithful. It's a kind of law for them. When choosing such a lady, you get a companion with whom you can be hundred percent sure. No lie, no cheating, no pretense - isn't it the key to success?

Problems with chubby girls

As an adult, you certainly know that life is not made up of pleasures alone. Difficulties and problems also occur. It means a relationship with someone curvy is no exception.

Since the purpose of creating this article was to provide a comprehensive and honest guide on dating a plump lady - in closing, we want to focus your attention on the challenges on this matter. It is not said in vain that forewarned is forearmed.

Problem #1

Being with a fat girl in bed is not an easy thing. Like you already know, such a lady is full of passion and wild sexual energy. Someone, therefore, would call it hypersexuality. Just as a famous Sex and the City character - Samantha, an average plump woman, loves sex and is not shy to talk about it.

What is wrong with it, then? Well, you need to keep up with your girlfriend in matters of intimacy. Simply said: you ought to try different positions, as well as to be okay with having sex in unusual places to give her true satisfaction. At the same time, monotony can negatively affect your romance. It is essential for you to learn to feel your partner: understand her reactions and recognize her genuine desires.

The point is: take the whole process as a love game. Turn off your logic and give yourself to emotions.

Problem #2

Notwithstanding the fact the majority of overweight girls are self-confident, a big beautiful women dating site claims that there still are many of them who suffer from complexes about their appearances. If your girlfriend belongs to the self-doubt group, it means she will try to hide all disadvantages of her body from your eyes.

Of course, you are not a professional psychologist, and you cannot take your lady's insecurity away with the help of a few therapy sessions. What you can do - is to demonstrate to her you adore her despite a fat belly or large hips. Let your plump woman know - she can relax and forget about her past shortcomings since you are her man now.

Problem #3

Another study conducted by dating sites for overweight singles reports a problem their female users often face. According to them: it is much more difficult for a curvy woman to find clothes that would look harmonious and sexy on her body.

It worth mentioning, however, that many male fashion designers are gay. This fact explains why they prefer skinny models with broad shoulders and zero-size breasts. Still, it's undoubtedly frustrating for a chubby girl to realize a dress she wants to buy is not suitable for someone with her curves.

To avoid misunderstandings, don't try to present your plump girlfriend clothes or lingerie. She is unique and, therefore, standard outfits are not always fitting her well. Think about it the next time you will be looking for a gift for your special one.

Problem #4

When you really love someone, this feeling doesn't let you be focused on the disadvantages of your partner. She is just the most beautiful, witty, and intelligent person in the world, you think. You simply don't want to see her drawbacks - especially at the initial stages of your relationship. But don't worry: our society will try its best to help you to open your eyes.

To be honest, not everyone is ready to accept beauty beyond standards. So, be prepared to hear sarcastic remarks regarding your chubby girlfriend. Comments like: “Oh, I thought it's your mother“ or “Wow, you need to start looking for a bigger apartment - your old one will be too small for both of you“ - that is what you might hear.

How to solve this problem, then? It won't be difficult if you are sure of your choice. Just don't be provoked by these people - because they have no manners. Your feelings and happy future are important, not anything else.

Problem #5

When you start dating a plump woman, you might start thinking it won't be hard to convince your girlfriend to shed those extra pounds. You see her cute face, outstanding character and decide that she only needs a successful weight-loss strategy to become your dream lady. However, the worst advice is the one you didn't ask for. Didn't you know that? Also, it's not always a girl's big weight is caused by her laziness. Sometimes it's just her genetics.

So, don't try to give your woman tips on what she needs to eat or drink and how many times a week she needs to go to the gym. Either you love her and accept her for who she is or let this female go. That's the main rule of a curvy lady dating.

Chubby girls dating FAQ:

Chubby girls dating FAQ

Are chubby girls attractive?

Have you ever thought to yourself, why do you ask this question at all? Do you really want someone else to decide who should be attractive to you? Unfortunately, modern people often base their idea of attractiveness on Hollywood celebrities' appearances or publications in fashion journals. That's wrong, though. Your own tastes - it's the only important matter. Still, we'll try to give you a general answer to this question. Nowadays, plus-size ladies are rapidly gaining popularity. Since beauty and sensuality have nothing to do with a slender body shape - men are free to choose what they like more. But what experts know for sure - self-confidence is sexy. Trust us: that's the attitude you won't be able to resist (curvy or slim - doesn't matter)!

Does being chubby matter in dating?

When it comes to relationships, there is nothing wrong with making mistakes - nobody's perfect. Therefore, there's no reason to attach importance to your weight. We are the only ones who can discern what we should be nervous about. In this case, self-esteem and positiveness are fundamental, not pounds. Character traits help us to decide with whom we want to spend our spare time, arrange our activities, or just have a wonderful meal on the weekend.
So, does being chubby matter in dating? To be honest, it does not. We all are different, and what seduces you doesn't definitely have to turn on someone else. Life is too short to let an extra inch stand in the way of dating someone you admire. Be confident and courageously go to the dream and choose your own path with pure passion.
But when it comes to intimate relationships, softer and plumper parts of the body are more appealing. The word “curvy“ itself defines true femininity expressed in various ways. It exudes sensuality and gentleness, which embodies desire and seduces the senses.

Do chubby girls even consider dating a fat guy?

Any question about a relationship may always be answered with an individual approach. Remember - experience in dating an overweight person does not automatically mean that you are interested only in such people.
However, the number of married couples where both partners are plump has increased during the last century. To recap, about 40-45 percent of the world's population is chubby, which means we can't ignore the fact that these individuals wish to be happy and build successful relationships. Even a quick chat with someone who can understand your thoughts can make your day. Such conversations put you in a cheerful mood.
To be honest, we must admit that every girl has thought about meeting a fat guy at least once in a lifetime. Men, in fact, appear more attractive if their IQ level is higher than the number of pounds they weigh. Being self-confident is always the simplest way to win the heart of a girl you like. If you do not represent your appearance as something horrible, she won't pay attention to your weight.
Are there any initial steps you need to make as a chubby man to wake up a lady's interest? First and foremost - start with friendly chats, without a hint of flirting. And, with time, try to build a closer connection by sharing your emotions or just asking personal questions.
You have certainly heard that men and women in long-term relationships start to seem alike. This happens because they start copying habits and repeating expressions of each other. Therefore, ignite the flame that resides in you. It is your time to embrace your power

What kind of people like BBW?

The attraction we feel to other people is usually based on the social environment we live in and personal tastes. Some men admire the physical shapes of plus-size women because they like their large hips, hourglass figures, and sexy curves. At the same time, others do not really place much emphasis on a girl's physical appearance. Interesting fact: according to one research, males who live under a lot of stress find chubby ladies more appealing than skinny ones.
Also, when choosing an overweight partner, many men are focused on the advantages of having her in bed. However, all seekers of inner harmony and mutual understanding should also draw their attention to curvy females. Such a woman herself represents femininity, warmth, and gentleness.

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