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Characteristics of a Capricorn woman, or who Capricorn women are?

To Capricorn woman positive traits belong - thoughtfulness, a realistic approach to life, faithfulness, reliability, patience, and loyalty.

Negative traits of a typical representative of this zodiac sign are impulsiveness, stubbornness, arrogance, insistence, and melancholy.

What does a Capricorn girl like? Making plans, stability, routine.

What does she hate? Unnecessary risk, chaos, immaturity.

But enough of the general facts. With the help of this article, you can find out all nuances of a Capricorn woman's personality. Let us, however, start with the basics - the element of this star sign is Earth. Its influence makes such a lady wise beyond her years and also reliable. Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn. Thanks to it, her life motto is - just do it. The iron discipline and high willpower make achieving all aims possible.

Yes, mentioned above, Capricorn woman characteristics highlight certain qualities that determine her nature. But there are some more of them you need to be aware of. For example, her calmness and ability to work really hard, secrecy, and a materialistic outlook on life. A tendency to depression and prudence in resolving all issues are a part of it too. In other words: this girl is used to setting realistic goals and getting what she wants. Sure, the direction of her movement is not always clear to those around her.

It might seem that Capricorn avoids taking the initiative and therefore has trouble escaping from the routine. But with time, she usually learns how to deal with this nuance of her personality.

Representatives of this zodiac sign rarely dream, and all their aspirations are associated with real achievements and financial well-being. Each one of them loves to plan everything. Such a lady carefully weighs the risks in the professional sphere as well as in personal life. Sometimes she can fall into a melancholic mood, though. Shopping, sweets, or gifts don't help her to right the wrongs then. The only motivation here can be a new goal or an unfamiliar before way to existing achievements.

Characteristics of a Capricorn woman, or who Capricorn women are?
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A Capricorn girl, as a rule, is a complicated character. Astrologists often say that a typical woman of this star sign has male leadership qualities. Once again: she always knows what she wants. Together with her inborn dedication, perseverance, and ability to work hard - it creates a kind of masculine profile.

Despite all her dedication, she rarely is in the limelight. And there is a simple explanation for this - she just doesn’t need so much attention. In general, this lady remains a mystery for almost everyone - since she dislikes talking about herself, and even the most innocent little things are usually kept secret. Most often, this secrecy is caused by the fear of being betrayed.

Career and success always come first. At the same time, such a girl manages to take care of herself and look good without excessive fanaticism. A practical and businesslike approach to everything - is combined in her with a creative nature. Thanks to which Capricorn perfectly demonstrates her strong point and talents in many matters almost effortlessly.

From a very young age, this woman is pretty skeptical about everything uncertain. So becoming good friends might turn out to be a difficult task. Although, the more persistently you do this, the more likely it is to fail. She doesn’t like drama and public posturing but instead appreciates deeds and rationality.

For Capricorn, material well-being is significant. It may even seem that she is mercantile. The choice she makes concerning a place of work, just like a life partner, is usually based on achieving a maximum benefit for herself. But it would be wrong to accuse this lady of greed. She doesn’t seek to get everything in two shakes or get married solely for money. A Capricorn woman works very hard because she understands that wealth isn’t an end in itself, but independence, a reliable future, and opportunities.

It is crucial to mention that such Capricorn woman traits as faithfulness, devotion, and willingness to sacrifice make this girl a good friend. In fact, you can call yourself lucky if there is a representative of this zodiac sign among your mates. Notwithstanding, she can be distrustful with the most intimate secrets such a lady is always ready to help. Unfortunately, there are only a few best and devoted buddies in her environment. It happens, once again, because of her workaholism. At work, Capricorn doesn't want to build a friendship with her colleagues. In her opinion, it's always better to separate work and personal relationships.

A woman of this star sign often criticizes others. And she does it quite openly without thinking about the consequences of making enemies for herself. But at the same time, she won’t tolerate similar behavior in her regard. No jokes or critiques about this girl are allowed! In the best case, you will be honored with her cold and highly formal goodbye after all.

What else do we have to say about Capricorn's disadvantages? Well, she can often be sad since she gladly falls into black melancholy. There will be pessimistic notes in assessing the prospects and her capabilities then. Close people need to support her at such moments. So before pointing out her mistakes - think about what to say to Capricorn woman. Be polite and give advice carefully formulating the phrases. Then this female will calmly analyze it and draw correct conclusions.

She loves to always be right and bossy - remember that. Perhaps this is a valuable trait for a leader, but what is the point of being righteous if loved ones suffer from it? A Capricorn lady should learn to be softer and not bring an edifying tone from work to home.

A typical representative of this star sign lacks one quality - the ability to let it go. She has a lot of inner power, but still - Capricorn ought to discover how to take things easy. This girl needs to realize that it's impossible to control everything and everyone - sometimes, the best option is to wait. Often, only after the age of 50 does she finally understand that she spent a lot of her time looking for a place under the sun. At the same time, simple life joys constantly pass by her.

A Capricorn girl is a kind and sympathetic person. But such character traits are usually manifested exclusively outside the business sphere. By the way, it is worth listening to her opinion because she is really knowledgeable - this is her superpower. A woman of this zodiac sign is also characterized - by brevity and good manners. She is delicate and noble, regardless of status and upbringing - always behaves like a princess.

If you read her horoscope, a Capricorn woman will be represented as an earthly, vulnerable, and sympathetic person. The one who will become a faithful friend, a caring and loving girlfriend, and a passionate lover. Doesn't it sound like a description of a lady you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

Her expectations

Capricorn Woman expectations

We all have high hopes for our relationships. Everyone has different expectations, though. Some of us want steady relationships that lead to marriage and family - while others do not take dating that seriously and just need a bit of excitement in their lives.

When it comes to setting expectations, Capricorn in relationships never leaves her partner in blissful ignorance. She always understands very clearly what she wants and lets him know immediately. Quite simple - this girl is not going to complicate anything.

A Capricorn lady wants her man to be as diligent, trustworthy, and conscientious as she is. So, it's no surprise that a representative of this sign of the zodiac constantly feels disappointed about males she gets to know. If Capricorn makes a promise, she will do everything possible to keep it. And, therefore, she is frustrated about the superficiality and irresponsibility some people often show.

She doesn't expect exciting impressions from relationships. Simple pleasures both in matters of love and friendship - that's what she wants. Trust, reliability, and loyalty are all reasonable requirements towards the potential partner, isn't it? If you want to date a Capricorn, then you ought to satisfy her needs.

How to attract a Capricorn woman?

How to attract a Capricorn woman?

Reliability in everything and always - that's what describes the behavior of a Capricorn woman best of all. Romantic relationships are no exception, by the way. She takes the choice of a partner very seriously, studying him from all sides. She has exact requirements the man of her dreams must meet. However, once you fit her demands, you will get a raw outpouring of emotions, sincere feelings in return.

Simply said: the first thing you need to do is find out the preferences of the lady the heart you want to win and only then act. But no matter what she says - you should be equal to your potential girlfriend. Since a typical Capricorn girl has such qualities as loyalty, honesty, faithfulness, seriousness, independence, can you keep up? If you are not afraid of all these requirements - the advice of experienced astrologers placed below will help you to get what you want.

Tip #1. Patience and status

Attracting the attention of such a woman is possible only if you have self-confidence, a sense of tact, and good manners. Don't try to get everything at once - be patient, and it will be rewarded after all.

When talking about the Capricorn woman dating - only men who know how to make big money and achieve great success in their career might be attractive to her in the long run. This female will evaluate your material well-being right on the first meeting. Not because she is mercantile, but since Capricorn is looking for a partner (potential husband in the future) who can provide his family a high standard of living.

Tip #2. Something in common

Such a woman definitely needs a man who has both feet on the ground. As you already know, your helpers for developing a committed relationship with Capricorn are inner dignity and intelligence.

Still, try to make this girl constantly interested in you - become an exciting personality. Find common hobbies, spend more time together - it will bring a lot. Also, you can involve her in solving some problems you currently have. No, it won't give an impression you are weak - just will let your Capricorn know her opinion is important.

Tip #3. Delicate approach

The ideal boyfriend for a representative of this star sign is strong. In her understanding, this means his sense of morality, first of all. In no way should you be pushy or self-important. Be delicate in everything - that's the best approach to a Capricorn girl.

Any kind of pressure, if you want to win her heart once and for all, should be excluded. Also, she doesn't like it when a man chases her or tries to be controlling. Sure, you need to be present in her life, but without invading your woman's personal space.

It is advisable to plan your actions in advance. In other words: be consistent and prepare yourself for a long and tedious journey.

Tip #4. Sincerity

A Capricorn female can feel the insincerity of her conversationalist. So you better don't say too bright compliments. Speak from your heart: openly, and only when it is appropriate.

Silly, superficial, and primitive men have no chance to get a date with Capricorn. She thinks that communication during the rendezvous should be natural, preferably at a high intellectual level. If you can't give it to her - your sincerity alone won't be enough. However, it's nothing wrong if you don't know anything about the topic she wants to talk about. Just say it and ask your girlfriend to explain how it works. That will arouse even more mutual interest and respect.

Tip #5. Attention

Be attentive to your lady: ask how she is doing, how her day was, and so on. How to text a Capricorn woman and don't appear to be annoying? Well, better don't send her love notes when she is at work.

Show that you care not only about your girl's appearance but also about her personality. Capricorn will appreciate the genuine interest in her inner qualities.

How to date a Capricorn woman?

How to date a Capricorn woman?

For sure, a man like you can win the attention of any girl. And a Capricorn lady is no exception. If you have followed tips from the foregoing part of our article, most likely, she is interested in you and wants to be more than just friends. Are you sure you are ready for such a significant step without making mistakes during romantic rendezvous? The best way not to fail and build a successful relationship is to learn the advice placed below. So, how to date a Capricorn woman?

Tip # 1. Be a man of his word

All promises must be translated into actions. Often, such a girl, by her nature, values only real gentlemanly deeds. But not stupid antics in the name of love.

She must begin to trust you - that's your general goal at the initial stages of the romance. A Capricorn female chooses only sincere people for dating. She will feel the lie instantly and immediately start ignoring you, not aiming to continue any kind of relationship.

Tip # 2. Learn how to express your feelings in the right way

Her partner must have a generous, kind heart. Although, the biggest Capricorn woman's weakness is a difficulty in expressing her feelings, lack of warmth. So even if she seems to be cold and detached - it is not always the right impression. You, as her partner, will need to talk and cheer, and most importantly - to inspire your girlfriend. Learn how to do that, and Capricorn will be the happiest woman in the world.

Tip # 3. Get well-organized

If a man is only interested in building imaginary castles in the air and unattainable desires, a Capricorn female will not travel the rough road of life with such a person. She dreams of finding someone like-minded. The one who can help her to create and implement a joint plan for a happy future.

Tip # 4. Be practical

It also means no flattery or unnecessary gifts.

Meeting and conquering such a girl's heart with beautiful courtship (presents, compliments) will surely fail. She will graciously accept signs of attention and stay around for some time. In the long run, however, only the practical person can attract a Capricorn woman. Life is not always a honeymoon, isn't it?

Tip # 5. Always be the best

For a Capricorn lady, both: her status and the position in society of her partner, especially her husband, are crucial. So a person without ambitions and goals won't be able to become her chosen one for a long time. Good manners, the ability to behave with dignity will attract and hold the attention of Capricorn. This lady is very dependent on the opinions of others, so she always strives to do her best. The same should be the truth for you too.

How not to date a Capricorn woman?

How not to date a Capricorn woman?

It is difficult to offend a calm and balanced Capricorn girl. This woman tries not to pay attention to petty misunderstandings because she perfectly understands: no one is perfect. It is stupidity to demand the impossible from people, in her opinion. But tips on dating a Capricorn woman won't be comprehensive without mentioning what she doesn't like.

NOT #1. Do not criticize

Capricorn takes the position of fast attack under the tornado of criticism. It seems to this girl that the person who criticizes her wants to deliberately accuse her of what she did or even did not. If you feel the need to point out her failures, try to express it kindly. Otherwise - it won't work.

NOT #2. Do not act childish

A Capricorn woman will never tolerate an infantile man lying on the couch and seeking inspiration. She will soon understand the futility of such a relationship and break it off instantly, without a chance for rehabilitation.

NOT #3. Do not rush

Don’t impose or bother her by talking about the future development of your romance. Be with her, but never rush things. Before letting you into her world, she must have confidence in you more than in herself. So when dating a Capricorn woman, avoid talking about the endless love right after the first date.

NOT #4. Do not push

She hates it. To fight back, she will be forced to use her inner strength, which certainly is tricky to deal with. But our heroine would not want to go beyond the image of a soft, kind woman, which she tries to draw while communicating with males. If Capricorn wants – she gets, no one can tell her what to do.

P.S. So, to become the beloved and only man in the life of a Capricorn woman, it turns out that you need to make little effort. But no need to panic: it is enough to be intelligent, educated, polite, strong, and independent.

Capricorn in relationships & love

Capricorn in relationships & love

When talking about the typical for a Capricorn woman in love behavior - it’s difficult to emphasize anything specific. Namely, it is pretty hard to figure out whether she is genuinely crazy about you or simply has a friendly interest without a hint of sexual desire. Such a lady is just too secretive in matters of romantic feelings and emotions in general. In her opinion, it's better to keep unnecessary details for herself than to open up to the cruel world.

To make a shy representative of this zodiac sign revealing her sincere affections, you need to give all the patience you have. Bear in mind: no matter how hard you try - until you have a moment of spiritual closeness - there is no chance to get concrete answers.

Still, you don't have to panic: according to astrologists, there are some undeniable signs a Capricorn woman likes you. So, the very first thing that changes in the behavior of such a girl - is her attitude towards communication. She then may suddenly start to initiate talks with everyone around her. At the same time, this lady turns out to be more optimistic, starts telling funny jokes. Also, an enamored representative of this zodiac sign is not afraid to be in the focus of attention anymore. Quite on the contrary, in fact, she begins to search for it. However, it is rather difficult to understand in such a situation exactly whose attention she wants to draw to herself. But we need to mention that such a communication style will remain only for a while - until a committed relationship begins. Up to this point, people around Capricorn can enjoy the company of a dreamer who finally uses all her creative potential hidden in the depths of her soul.

You might be a bit confused now: how can she be an extroverted person with a good imagination and, at the same time, a shy and moody girl? Well, facts about a Capricorn woman astrology reveals are a little controversial but all truthful. What do you need to do to make her happy, then? Experts say your relationships will be successful if:

  • you are not thinking only about entertainment and fun all the time;
  • you are ready to build a strong relationship and already think about the future marriage;
  • your intentions are serious, and you don't want to hide them;
  • you are a purposeful and hard-working man;
  • you know how to deal with demanding women;
  • you like ladies with traditional views on family and life.

But the main thing is precisely the third point. No matter how much a beautiful Capricorn woman is in love with you, no matter how much she wants to spend the rest of her life with you - she will not start a romance with a man in whom she is not sure. You must be loyal, faithful, purposeful, motivating, strong, ready to overcome any obstacle together with your beloved one. Do not forget about having some high goals in life - empty dreams of a better future are not welcome here. The biggest fear of this modest lady is to be heartbroken. So don't do it to her.

The perfect date for a Capricorn

The perfect date for a Capricorn

Dating a Capricorn woman might be a mission impossible for all guys who don't take the process as a whole and every single rendezvous very seriously. Moreover: each date with such a girl requires careful preparation. So the best way to win the heart of a female representative of this star sign is to show how much effort went into arranging the meeting.

But what about the locations? Which ones should you choose to make your dates perfect for Capricorn?

The easiest option, in this case, is, of course, to book a table at some fancy restaurant. A typical lady of this zodiac sign loves to dine well in first-class surroundings. However, if you prefer something more romantic - go for a picnic. Having an open-air dinner will be an ideal end of the hard working day for Capricorn. As Earth sign, she enjoys spending her time in nature - you need to keep it in mind.

Cooking tasty meals by yourself is also a good idea for a romantic date with a Capricorn female. Dinner at home, however, doesn't mean you can serve something casual, like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or hamburgers. Be creative: come up with something beautifully served and delicious. If you are thinking about buying champagne - choose a good, famous brand. Should we mention that creating an amorous mood with candles and rose petals is essential?

Capricorn, as a rule, is interested in art, theater, literature. Intellectual people attract her. At the same time, family members are the most significant people in the life of such a woman. If you, therefore, really want to impress her - buy three tickets to the musical premiere. Invite not only your girlfriend but also her mother. This is a win-win scenario.

Dating a Capricorn girl, you need to become something more than just a lover for her. Be the one with whom she can chat about everything: discuss books and paintings, talk about music and politics. Still, it's better to make yourself ready for the first date in advance. Search for some exciting news on the Internet so you can have some interesting conversation topics. But never ascribe the opinions of others to yourself. Capricorn will quickly understand what's going on and bring the truth to light. So if you don't know something - let your woman play the professor's role. She will always be glad to teach you something.

Dating a Capricorn girl

Gifts for a Capricorn woman for first date

Rationality, pragmatism, realistic attitude - it is all about a Capricorn woman. What to give her, then? Well, the answer to this question is often difficult to find. On the one hand - her nature suggests the answer - you need to bring something practical and high quality. On the other hand - such gifts don't seem to be really romantic. So what would be the right thing to do?

No matter how pragmatic this woman is - she remains a woman. So it's better to give jewelry or expensive cosmetics than a vacuum cleaner. And when talking about the devices - choose something for personal care, as a neck massager, for example.

A set of towels and bathrobe are not the worst option too. But be sure you paid attention to the quality and brand of the product. The same goes for the leather accessories, marked writing utensils, voice recorder.

To avoid failures in choosing gifts for your Capricorn woman, it makes sense to take a closer look at her interests. As a talented person, she definitely has some hobbies. As soon as you understand what it is about - you can go and pick anything related to the object of her pastime activities.

Even if you are not sure which present would make your woman happy - do not ask unnecessary questions in this regard. In most cases, you won't hear any specific answer - when we are talking about the first date. She does not tend to voice her wishes for someone she doesn't know well enough. So just calm down and choose something for your own taste. Trust us: Capricorn will accept your gift with gratitude and warmth - no matter what it is.

Compatibility with a Capricorn woman: love disasters & matches

Compatibility with a Capricorn woman: love disasters & matches

Most compatible zodiac signs

The ideal long-term compatibility, according to astrologists, has a Capricorn female with zodiac signs of friendly Water element. Namely: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Despite the objective difference in life attitude and character traits - the best match for a Capricorn woman definitely is among these star signs. The sense of romance and emotionality of Water - can finally awake the most tender feelings hidden deep inside the Earth's soul.

In the Capricorn+Pisces union, both partners can find in each other those qualities they lack most of all. While a Capricorn lady admires the open-mindedness and sensitivity of her boyfriend, a Pisces guy feels attracted to the determination and quick wit of his loved one. A shared love of a comfortable, wealthy life ensures a bright future for this couple. Her dedication and ability to work really hard, together with his creative ideas, make their financial well-being easily achievable. Yes, we can say for sure - a Capricorn woman's best match for marriage is a Pisces man.

A Capricorn girl makes a great couple with a Scorpio male. The reason for that is they share each other's ambitions. For example, both of them can't imagine their lives without constant development. From the beginning of the relationship, these two make clear goals for their union and work hard to make things work. Capricorn's rationality and logic, together with Scorpio's intuition and inner power. That's what gives this couple all chances to live happily ever after.

A Cancer man can break the ice and make a discreet Capricorn lady fall madly in love with him. His emotionality and tenderness teach her that there's nothing wrong with being open. At the same time, the support his girlfriend gives means a lot for him. Experts say that Cancer is the best sign for a Capricorn woman for committed relationships. And, as you can see - they have a reason for it.

Zodiac signs with partial compatibility

While for some people, Capricorn's down-to-earth and rational nature seems to be a problem. For others - it is pretty okay. Here we mean her companions of the Earth element: Taurus and Virgo. These star signs create unions of equal partners who care about each other at the same level. You might think that the life of such men and women is monotonous and dull, but this impression is totally mistaken.

Despite belonging to one element, each zodiac sign of this group has its own specificities. In their relationships, therefore, will be periods of passion and absolute happiness. As well as moments of real distress and misery. The main thing here is not to ruin everything with pettiness and stubbornness. But you don't have to worry much since the Earth is wise enough not to make another clash of the Titans between its signs representatives.

Taurus is definitely the best match for a Capricorn woman among these ones. He, like no one else, will be able to understand and accept such qualities of his Capricorn lady as possessiveness and frugality. It has nothing to do with the empathy, though - he himself has to fight these character nuances. Each of them will also be impressed by the patience, determination of the partner.

The Capricorn-Virgo couple has the potential to become a dream team. Hardworking and highly motivated partners have never heard the words "I can’t do this" from each other. Together, they will move mountains, create prosperous families, and have fabulous careers. Does it make a Virgo man a perfect match for a Capricorn woman? At some point in time - yes. The rest depends on the lovebirds.

Male and female Capricorn meet for a reason. Only these two can help each other to view themselves from the outside. Together they can get rid of all their character drawbacks and strengthen the advantages. Astrology, however, is not so sure about this union. Experts advise such a couple to clearly divide family duties. Solely, in this case, they have a chance to avoid quarrels about who is the boss and how to spend the earned money.

The least compatible zodiac signs

The unions of Capricorn with the signs of the Fire element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Air element (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) turn out to be challenging. The confrontation of unfriendly elements gives rise to arguments and disagreements. This is all because of the completely different approaches to life these zodiac signs have. So a Capricorn woman's love compatibility, especially in the context of long-term relationships, with each one of them is very questionable.

Aries acts instantly, without thinking about what he will achieve. His Capricorn girlfriend, on the opposite, thinks over and over about the consequences and benefits of her decisions.

Leo seeks to succeed but not with the help of his hard work but through his charm and social skills. While Capricorn relies on her knowledge and persistence.

Such diametrically opposed partners as Capricorn and Sagittarius have almost no chance to find the common language. She is an introvert who prefers to remain in the shadows. He is an extrovert who loves society and adventure. Do you need more reasons why the Capricorn woman's compatibility with Sagittarius is so low?

The unions of Capricorn with Air signs are no less problematic. Here materialism comes into conflict with idealism. Such couples, as a rule, occur when both partners are very young. When they act on a whim and think little about the consequences of their actions. But as these men and women get more mature - contradictions assert themselves with irreconcilable force. It means, such couples naturally tend to break up. The Capricorn woman's marriage compatibility is almost horrible with Gemini and Aquarius.

Dating Capricorn woman FAQ

What does a Capricorn woman need in a relationship?

The element of a Capricorn girl gives her rational thought and, at the same time, makes her a little cold and picky. It might seem that she uses logic even in love matters. For this reason, such a lady's partner must be prepared that his girlfriend tends to analyze everything.
Also, there is no need to rush, force events. A Capricorn woman in relationships is very cautious - so you need to build the trust first. Remember: she adores intelligent, well-educated, thoughtful men and hates stupid, carefree people. Avoid cheating, frivolity in intentions, and excessive optimism since demonstrating such qualities you can never make Capricorn fall in love with you.
A typical female representative of this zodiac sign is sure - relationships are about calmness, harmony, and pleasure. As you can see, there is no place for drama and suffering there.

Who should a Capricorn woman date?

Yes, Capricorn is not the most emotional and romantic sign of the zodiac. However, nothing human is foreign to her.
A Capricorn lady dates only men who can make her attracted to them right at first sight. She starts seeing someone only when she is ready to take this serious step. At the same time, her potential boyfriend should have the same goals as his woman.
A representative of this star sign doesn't date for fun. She usually looks for a guy who is most suitable for the role of her lover, husband, and life companion. The one who can understand her soul, dreams, and aspirations. The one who matches her in sexual matters.
Capricorn knows very well that it will be really difficult to find such a guy. Well, he definitely is among the signs of the Water element.

What are Capricorns like sexually?

A Capricorn lady from nature has unique sexuality, eroticism, and sensuality.
She loves sex per se. Her special ability to feel the genuine desires of her partner is really remarkable. This woman is gentle and passionate at the same time. You can hardly find any other female who is so open to experiments in bed.
You might be surprised, but Capricorn has a Master's degree in flirting. She knows exactly how to turn on her boyfriend and give him unforgettable pleasure.

What makes a Capricorn woman attractive?

Capricorn prefers seducing men with her unapproachable look.
Wearing a mask of a detached and serious person, she hides her sensual nature and deep emotions.
Notwithstanding that such a woman's coldness is a kind of a protective mechanism, men find it adorable. Like knights, they try to win the heart of a beauty that is hard to get.

Why are Capricorns so loyal?

The only right answer to this question is that Capricorns have an inborn loyalty. This woman can't be happy if she lives in a lie and betrayal - both: in family life and friendship.

Do Capricorns fall in love easily?

A typical representative of this zodiac sign will not let someone fool or manipulate her. She is very prudent and needs plenty of time to start trusting someone. When really understanding the Capricorn woman, you need to know: she thinks highly of herself in every aspect of life: work, friendship, sex, and romance.
So, the answer is obvious - no, this girl can't fall in love easily.

Where does Capricorn like to be touched?

First of all, we need to mention that a Capricorn woman in bed is very open-minded and ready to try anything new.
So, where does this hot lady want to be touched, then? A representative of this star sign will go crazy for a good back massage. Also, don't forget to give your attention to her breasts and neck.

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