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What to do if your girlfriend's zodiac sign is Cancer

Have you ever heard something about astrology? It's the science that studies zodiac constellations and their impact on people's lives. In fact, professional astrologers believe that this influence is pretty strong and involves every aspect of our existence. From career tips to advice on the choice of the partner - males and females worldwide use this sacred knowledge.

Due to the fact you are reading this article, you don't doubt the credibility of star divination as a science. We are glad you understand that since our article can help you to change your love life. Today we are going to focus our attention on how to understand a Cancer woman. Representatives of this star sign are the most enigmatic and incomprehensible ladies of the whole zodiac circle. But nothing is impossible if you have a clue!

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Characteristics of a Cancer woman

Characteristics of a Cancer woman

A typical Cancer female's character is delicate and unpredictable. She attracts men like a magnet, while women see her as a faithful and open friend. But such a girl needs to be treated very carefully because she remembers all the offenses and can wait for an act of revenge even for dozens of years.

Interesting fact: typical for a Cancer woman, traits differ slightly. It all depends on the period she was born. That is why ladies born in June are more energetic and resourceful than those who celebrate their birthdays in July. But still, the majority of representatives of this mystic zodiac sign consider their lack of soul warmth, which they are not really endowed with.

Cancer's playful mind is capable of much. But physiological slowness does not allow her to put into action much of her plans. However, if this girl has decided to do something - it will definitely be done. She changes her opinion only in exceptional cases. Despite such adherence to principles, a representative of this star sign is also capable of forgiving a lot ... but, unfortunately, not forgetting.

Unpredictability, impulsiveness, and excessive emotionality of a Cancer are challenging. It can even make others think she is bitchy and capricious. But, in fact, this lady is only looking for recognition, support, and understanding. She is very vulnerable and can get upset by an incorrectly spoken word or lack of attention on the side of loved ones. Actually, such a female can suffer greatly from betrayal. Because she usually gives herself entirely to the relationship and is not capable of cheating.

With their resentment, Cancer women are fighting alone, not showing outwardly that something has hurt them. These ladies cope with this quality with the help of humor since they love to joke and laugh. They also don't like to talk about their failures or frustrations in matters of love or friendship. Therefore, each of them to the question: "How are you?" would answer - "Everything is fine!" - even if it isn't.

The animal symbols of a Cancer woman are an owl and a cat. And like them, she is night-loving, can show claws, or be very affectionate and gentle if wanted. But despite the need for communication and recognition, a representative of this star sign loves to be alone. She genuinely enjoys diving into her inner world, finding the right solution to problems, or just meditating in silence, breaking away for a while from the worries of the outside world.

When talking about the traits of a Cancer woman, it's impossible to avoid mentioning her imperfections. The biggest drawback such a lady commonly has is the constant fear of making mistakes, resulting in indecision and self-doubt. She will be afraid of making mistakes all her life. And, therefore, tries to make as few decisions as possible that can affect her status in society. Another disadvantage of this zodiac sign's representatives, according to astrology, is the inability to sensibly respond to criticism. Even a bit of ordinary advice may seem offensive judgment and reproach to a Cancer girl. Unluckily, but she will never admit her guilt, even if it is already apparent to everyone.

Her expectations

Cancer women expectations

You already know a lot about the Cancer woman's personality. Still, there is something we didn't mention before. Namely: being lonely and, in general, for a long time single - is a terrifying prospect for her. That doesn't mean she doesn't need a few moments alone with herself and time for her hobbies. In reality, a Cancer girl likes to have someone around her without feeling restricted by him. If the partner is only nearby, that is enough for her.

A woman of this zodiac sign can get totally involved with a guy. She is not afraid of deep feelings, even if it takes time to open up to the loved one. Cancer also often experiences pain and disappointments in love. So if such a lady gets rejected by her boyfriend - she starts looking for a new relationship pretty quickly. Even if this romance cannot reach the depth of the feelings of the previous one, it is still better than being alone - she thinks.

When talking about her expectation, a typical representative of this sign of the zodiac seeks someone to whom she can show her affection. Yes, so simple her desires are. The ability to love unconditionally is the main characteristic of a Cancer woman. In case there is no one to give her fondness and care - this girl addresses all her energy to those in need. Simply said, Cancers often become volunteers, help orphans or homeless animals. Outwardly, the impression can arise that there is no room for a partner in such a female's life. Those who then understand how to slowly win over her - will find that a lot of space has been kept free in this heart full of great love.

How to attract a Cancer woman

How to attract a Cancer woman

Are you head over heels in love with a mystical lady of this zodiac sign? Or it's just a little crush, instead? It doesn't matter how deep your feelings are - the fact remains. You must be pretty sure that you want to conquer her. Your natural desire is to do everything right, of course. To avoid all possible risks - follow the tips placed just below. So, dear friend, how to attract a Cancer woman, then?

Tip #1. Tune into her emotional wave

If you wonder how to seduce a Cancer woman, there is only one efficient way for it. You need to find out how to recognize her current emotional state. You need to quickly identify: is it good or bad. If she is cheerful right now - great. It's a perfect time to start a chat since your girl definitely wants it and wouldn't mind opening up to you. But don't try to seem too romantic - she is, most likely, inclined to have fun and flirt.

If, on the other hand, your Cancer lady is depressed about something - no good sign. Then she only needs to get to the shelter and do absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, you shouldn't leave her completely alone in such moments. Instead - show your girl through a lovely SMS that you think of her. And that you are there for her (just in case).

Tip #2. Be natural and easy-going in conversations

Ladies of this sign of the zodiac are attracted to the guys who are genuine and never pretend. You, therefore, should always present yourself for who you really are and avoid even a drop of fakeness. Remember, a Cancer woman in love doesn't stop listening to her intuition. Which is pretty strong, by the way. Her ability to see through people and situations is incredible. So if you have your opinion - stand by it. Be an exciting conversationalist and avoid rehearsed pick-up lines, biting sarcasm, and embarrassing jokes. While doing this would be like shooting yourself in the foot.

Tip #3. Be interested in her and what she does

Such a female's head is always full of thoughts about herself, her fellow people, and her life. If you would ask how to seduce a Cancer woman through text - this tip might be helpful. To conquer her - just show your genuine interest in all the things she worries about.

For example, when a Cancer girl tells something, ask and above all: keep it in mind! Show her that you are willing to experience all these emotions together. Not sure what exactly to ask your lady? Find out about her favorite music, book, or the best holiday adventures. All of these things will arouse beautiful thoughts and emotions in a Cancer - and she will then associate these magical sensations with you.

Tip #4. Signal that you need her

A Cancer woman has a strong need to help and take care of other people. It's just her style - it won't ever change. So, to bond such a girl to you - you have to show your weaknesses.

However, don't be too pessimistic, aggressive, or annoyed - she dislikes it. Your goal is to demonstrate that you have a deeply emotional side as well. Tell her about a tricky childhood experience, a thing that gives you life power, or an event in the world that touches you. You will see that a Cancer will immediately try to be there for you: to listen to you or look for a solution together.

Tip #5. Choose the right location for the first rendezvous

If you can't understand how to tell if a Cancer woman likes you - we can help. There is an apparent sign - she says yes to your date invitation. To consolidate your positions, you need to choose the right place for your meeting. A nice restaurant or café with quiet music, a relaxed atmosphere, and delicious food and drinks is just perfect. For further dates, picnics near a lake or the sea are also suitable. Cancers love water!

As soon as you have the first dating phase behind you - you can invite your girlfriend to your home. You can cook together, relax with a bottle of wine and maybe even have sex for the first time. The only thing that matters is that she has to be in the right mood for a romantic time together. And you shouldn't force this!

How to date a Cancer woman

How to date a Cancer woman

Cancer is a zodiac sign of the Water element. It grants a female representative of it with the qualities of a perfect girlfriend. She, as a rule, is brilliant, patient, loyal, romantic, and wonderfully feminine. At the same time, the fear of being rejected makes her absolutely reserved. While a wide range of interests turns communication with them into a real pleasure.

How to make a Cancer woman fall in love with you? Don't do anything special: just be as sensitive and courageous as possible. Because in her partner, when it comes to a serious relationship, this girl is looking for support and friend: someone whom she can entrust her fate to and generously endow with affection and care... Keep on reading for more tips.

Step #1. Be patient

The one who dates a Cancer lady should have as much patience as possible. On the other hand, you need to learn to feel her. Since she can be a little shy from time to time - there is nothing wrong with taking the first step. But never cross the privacy line!

In most cases, it takes a while for such a girl to open up to her man. Cancer indeed needs time - no matter how wild her sexuality is. But it will be worth it, trust us. You should also be careful not to harass her because then he will quickly run away.

Step #2. Admire her

An attractive Cancer lady likes to be admired and talk about herself. Oh yes, there is a little narcissist deep inside her. So, to successfully date a woman of this zodiac sign, you should compliment her all the time. Don't forget to talk about her hobbies and interests. Words of affection are the perfect way to show your Cancer girlfriend the fondness and make her feel like you already love her. You should also always have an open ear for her problems.

Step #3. Be a family person

Family plays an essential role in the life of a representative of this star sign. So, if you want to date a Cancer woman, share with her how important your parents are to you. Also, mention what plans you have for the future of your own family. Do you want children? Then talk about it! You should also care about her loved ones - make friends with her mom and dad. And, if you can, try to get to know them as early as possible. Remember: the Cancer female is a little daddy's girl. Once you win her parents for you - you automatically get her heart.

Step #4. Bring order into her life

According to the horoscope, a Cancer woman is always tidy and well-organized. No wonder that she finds men with a similar attitude attractive. If you are chaotic - bad news, you probably weren't made for this lady. So when dating her, you should make sure that everything around you is nice and clean and that you at least give her the impression that you are making an effort. Only in this case, your relationship may have a future.

Step #5. Talk about your feelings

How to get a Cancer woman captivated by you? Just don't be afraid to demonstrate the sensual side of your character. Of course, you are a man in a relationship, and you need to act accordingly to this role. But your girlfriend would really appreciate it if you could openly talk about your feelings. Sure, that doesn't mean that you have to confront her with constant declarations of love and pour your heart out every single day - but if you like a Cancer a lot, just tell her so.

How NOT to date a Cancer woman

How NOT to date a Cancer woman

Do you see a relationship with a representative of this star sign only as a quick adventure? Then you will have a hard time with such a girl! In fact, those who are most likely to succeed with her must be fully prepared for the romance. Because she would like to be courted by a Prince Charming. In other words, it won't be enough to know how to text a Cancer woman. You need to have an exact plan. Which includes necessary actions as well as those that must be avoided. You are already aware of the essential steps in this regard. In this section is placed everything you better don't do.

NOT #1. If you check the profile of this sign of the zodiac - the one thing becomes apparent. Namely, A Cancer lady cannot tolerate states when she experiences inner doubts and feelings of guilt. In such moments she realizes her imperfection and starts worrying about absolutely everything. In most cases, the trigger for these self-esteem problems become relationships, loneliness, fears for family and friends.

Anxious thoughts very often overwhelm a Cancer, although sometimes there is no reason for them. Hypersensitivity can grow into panic attacks, and a propensity for analysis can turn into self-criticism and self-delusion. It is pretty difficult for such a female to cope alone with internal conflicts and complexes. Our advice for you here is to support your girlfriend and don't blame her for anything.

NOT #2. When dating a Cancer girl, don't expect her to demonstrate her feelings towards you all the time. Actually, you shouldn't be surprised if initially only a little of mutual fondness can be seen.

How to determine the signs a Cancer woman likes you and don't bother her with unnecessary questions? Well, her cautious flirting is more than convincing proof for it. What we are trying to say here is - you don't need to hope your girlfriend will be an embodiment of passion with you from the very beginning. It will surely take time - but the result is worth waiting

NOT #3. How to win a Cancer woman once and for all? The solution is apparent - don't play games. It works best - if you can prove to the lady of your heart that you are not trying to blow smoke in her eyes.

Show your chosen one that you value her kindness and that you would never hurt her. Open up to your Cancer's needs! Strive to be the romantic dream prince who invites her to intimate candlelit dinners or cozy weekends in the country. According to the love horoscope, even personal gifts or small gestures are a very successful strategy with a Cancer lady.

NOT #4. In a relationship, a Cancer girl often behaves like a child. Today she is capricious; tomorrow - she laughs all day long. These mood swings must be taken calmly and with a smile - don't judge her for it. Since it's just your lady's nature - she can do nothing with it.

It should be borne in mind that Cancer women are very sensitive. They literally cling to their men. But at the slightest hint of pressure on them, these females get quiet and stop talking. Therefore, be careful in your statements and act carefully. Even a momentary outburst of anger can put an end to further communication. The controlling part of your personality should also be calmed down.

Cancer woman in relationships and love

Cancer woman in relationships and love

For a typical female representative of this zodiac sign, love is not just a simple word or an empty phrase. In her opinion, this feeling cannot be defined. She finds - love is, first of all, the willingness to give her loved one all of herself completely, to devote herself to him, to give her affection and tenderness. If you think the same way - then you're in luck. She wants to meet her soul mate and is willing to do anything for it.

A Cancer woman in relationships usually knows when to make compliments at the right time, show feelings, support, and care. She can even devote her whole life to her partner. The point is to feel loved and praised by him. She is so romantic and passionate that sometimes it can make her disconcerted.

And God forbid you to start rejecting such a lady's love - in this case, she will quickly turn from a feminine and innocent person into a mad and tough one. Moreover, in this case, you should not count on her loyalty and devotion. Your neglect pretty much crosses all lines.

But let us not concentrate on the unpleasant moments. Don't you want to find out how to know if a Cancer woman likes you a lot? Well, if love is burning in her heart, then you will immediately see it. At least by her behavior and ability to guess your mood - since it's one of the most apparent signs. Such a woman is pretty sensitive to any changes in the life of a partner when she truly cares. Do you feel bad? Are you worried or afraid of something? Are you suffering from depression? Be sure she will notice it! By the way, without the slightest hint of it from you.

Loving a Cancer woman, you need to remember that she likes stability, predictability, constancy. If you belong to the category of people hungry for adventure and fun, then you are definitely not for her. Such a lady needs a calm, restrained, not too emotional boyfriend. The one who is ready to show tolerance, be accommodating at the right time. Her ideal partner is a person who knows how to adapt to the situation.

Do not think that this is a weak-willed and able to endure girl. Sure, maybe she will show patience and will even tolerate your betrayal, but she will not forgive them for sure. Moreover, A Cancer will cherish the thirst for revenge for a long time, nurture plans for punishment, and think over everything to the smallest detail. And then she will simply inflict a crushing blow on you, from which you will forever have a mental injury. Be careful - these are strong and cunning women. Don't make any of them heartbroken.

Okay, let's talk about something more appealing, namely - about sex. Are you already excited about what awaits you in the bedroom? We bet you are!

Passion, romance, candlelight dinner, calm body movements and predictability, touch and intimacy, compatibility in characters and behavior - these are the points that a Cancer woman sexually adores. In intimacy, she can finally open up one hundred percent and feel confident. Her actions are usually a little slow but forceful. A man with whom a Cancer girl is in love will be very lucky because she will do everything possible to satisfy him. But do not wait in bed for experiments and something new - this is a kind of nonsense for her. This lady expects initiative from a man, but she is never the first to show it. There are exceptions, though. At first, a Cancer may seem too shy, naive, and passive. She can flirt for hours with her beloved man, prompting him to take action. But in bed, it can turn into a wild passion.

If you want to know a Cancer woman's erogenous zone - it is her neck. Kiss her there, and she would be immediately turned on.

The perfect date for a Cancer girl

The perfect date for a Cancer girl

The ambiance - is what really counts if you want to make your date with a hot Cancer girl unforgettable. A representative of this star sign particularly appreciates the cozy atmosphere of romantic hotels somewhere in nature. So the best thing to do is to take her to the countryside, near the water. Or at least to a restaurant with a beautiful terrace view. The table should be set with care, the food must be a little refined but not extravagant. The dessert is an indispensable part of seducing a Cancer. In addition, dim light, lounge music, and a conversation about beautiful memories and emotions. It could hardly be found anything better for her!

Of course, you can also arrange the date at home - if you live appropriately. Cancers are family people, so there is an immediate opportunity to demonstrate what your life looks like. You can also score points if the invitation is nicely wrapped, for example - with a nostalgic postcard greeting. When it comes to styling: a well-groomed appearance goes without saying, although your perfume is more significant.

After a while of being together, it's advisable to arrange a trip for you two. Vacation in Venice could be the best gift for a Cancer woman ever.

Gifts for a Cancer woman for the first date

Females with the zodiac sign Cancer appreciate meaningful gifts that have emotional value. Such a girl wants to get something as personal as possible from her boyfriend. It shouldn't definitely be an object - a movie night matches her preferences perfectly. Cancer loves to spend time with loved ones - but especially at home. So even if one or two tears would appear in her eyes, they are almost certainly drops of joy.

Home is where your heart is - no saying describes the thoughts of a representative of this zodiac sign better than this one. For her, comfort is just as much a part of life as the air of breathing. Cuddly blankets, beautiful pillows, scented candles will bring your loved one to life. Therefore, these gift ideas for a Cancer woman will always work perfectly.

Such a lady is emotion-driven. So a sad documentary about dogs or "Titanic" will make her cry. With a wink, you can give your Cancer girlfriend a small set of sad movies. Dramas and tragic comedies then push her to her emotional limits. In combination with a nice movie night, you actually have the perfect gift for your woman. Add a small portion of popcorn, and she will be enjoyed. Even more - she will be super happy!

Compatibility with a Cancer woman: love disasters & matches

Compatibility with a Cancer woman: love disasters & matches

Cancer girls are very vulnerable. That probably explains why not every zodiac sign is the perfect choice for them. Because for them, security and honest affection are always the focus of a partnership and love affair. So whose compatibility with a Cancer woman is the highest one, after all? Let's figure it out together!

Perfect matches:

Cancer + Taurus

From the very beginning, there are many similarities between a Cancer female and a Taurus male, which can be particularly advantageous in love. Because both zodiac signs love a calm and harmonious life - they easily approach each other. The Taurus' willingness to sacrifice is wonderfully complemented by Cancer's strive for security.

Cancer + Virgo

A romance between a Cancer girl and a Virgo guy is usually characterized by a sincere and sensual affection. It usually doesn't matter that she evaluates everything on an emotional level. While he analyzes everything with his mind. Sure, this could be a challenge for both of them: but it is almost always not a reason for an argument. The sexual aspect of this couple is fascinating.

Cancer + Capricorn

The relationship between a Cancer woman and a Capricorn man can be wonderfully harmonious. But, on the other hand, it can also be shaped solely by contradictions. Both love the security in their life and the stability of their emotions. But it might be a challenge to bring this high level of understanding through ages. Capricorn is down-to-earth and full of fantasies Cancer - they just need to consider each other.

Cancer + Cancer

At first glance, the invisible bond between these two looks like something that ensures a happy future. The reason is simple: they both act and enjoy purely on an emotional level. It might even seem that a Cancer man is the most compatible with a Cancer woman. However, their similarity increases the risk that both partners will live too much in the past instead of looking ahead.

Good compatibility:

Cancer + Scorpio

Both zodiac signs are influenced by the Water element, which naturally creates a pretty good basis for a relationship. Both a Cancer female and Scorpio male quickly bond emotionally. Still, it can nevertheless lead to the fact that he wants to dominate too much. While his girlfriend can promptly get into a dependency on the partner. Flirting would be more than enough to steal her heart.

Cancer + Pisces

Compatibility a Cancer woman with pisces man

How to make a Cancer woman miss you? Ask this question to a Pisces man - he knows the answer. A love affair between these two should, actually, run without great turbulence. Because both of them are extremely emotional and focused on finding inner harmony. Nevertheless, representatives of zodiac signs need a clear line for the partnership. Otherwise, they get lost in it and only hurt one another.

Cancer + Aries

These two zodiac signs can complement each other wonderfully. Nevertheless, there should be some misunderstanding between a Cancer lady and an Aries man at the beginning. Because he is more active and adventurous, while she actually loves the quiet life at home.

Cancer + Leo

They don't seem to be a perfect couple, but a Cancer girl and Leo guy are still pretty compatible. Their strong point is communication and sex. Because while she can benefit from the generous deeds of Leo, he will certainly be very pleased with her care for him and home comfort.

Love disasters:

Cancer + Libra

These two zodiac signs are quite different. Still, as a couple, Cancer and Libra can form a strong union. Because both prefer a harmonious togetherness instead of a restless struggle. It doesn't matter that one acts only through feeling, and the other always uses reason and logic first. However, to be happy in the long run, he needs to learn how to love a Cancer woman.

Cancer + Gemini

Telling the truth, to make a romantic relationship between Cancer and Gemini harmonize, both sides need a lot of understanding and a willingness to compromise. Because while she is basically focused on her inner ocean of emotions, he directs everything outwards. So it gets a bit tricky at times because her capriciousness does not always match the freedom-loving nature of a Gemini man. On the other hand - they wildly attract each other sexually.

Cancer + Sagittarius

A love affair between Cancer and Sagittarius will probably work only - if both partners can manage a sufficient tolerance level. Because for him, Cancer's love for intimate togetherness at home is often too narrow-minded. She, however, is often distressed by her partner's thirst for freedom. Will he be faithful? No, not really - but a good lover for sure.

Cancer + Aquarius

Actually, one could think that these two zodiac signs do not match. Because such a man is not really in the mood for cozy togetherness and deep feelings. But with a little understanding and willingness to compromise, these two can make a wonderfully harmonious couple. Yes, Aquarius can win Cancer's heart once and for all. The question is, how to keep it safe in his arms?

Dating a Cancer woman FAQ

Dating a Cancer woman FAQ

How do Cancers act in relationships?

In a relationship, a Cancer female shows maximalism. She wants the man to belong to her completely. The reason is apparent: she gives herself to the romance unsparingly no matter what. For many guys, total possession is not to their liking, though. They start feeling like it's too much...
But Cancer knows how to be patient. It's, in fact, pretty impressive. Still, everything comes to an end, and if a boyfriend betrays, then this woman leaves forever. So once she left you - save your breath. There is no way such a girl will come back to you.

Who should a Cancer woman marry?

Astrologists think that Cancer females have the best compatibility with Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn men. However, it might be wise to marry another Cancer. Since these two could understand each other without words.

How to make a Cancer woman chase you?

Unfortunately, dear friends, but astrology finds it impossible. This lady is focused on her inner world and emotions with the main goal - to achieve harmony. Chasing someone doesn't really fit this idea.

How to tell if a Cancer woman is in love?

Cancers are usually pretty reserved. So you will need to watch your girl's actions to understand how she feels about you. The most obvious sign is when a Cancer lady tries to use her inborn empathy to determine your emotional state. As soon as you notice it - do not hesitate to make the first step for more intimacy.

How to talk to a Cancer woman?

There are no rules for communication with a Cancer woman except for one. Always be honest with her! It's crucial because this girl has an outstanding intuition and will feel your lies right away.

Do Cancers fall in love easily?

Since Cancers are emotional, they do fall in love easily. To be more specific - they grow attached to people they like quickly. Although you won't ever know it - taking the initiative is not about Cancers.

Who is Cancers soulmate?

This star sign has two soulmates in the zodiac circle. Astrologists believe these lucky ones are Taurus and Virgo. Similar desires and preferences towards life make them perfect for each other.

How do Cancers act when jealous?

Yes, an average Cancer woman is jealous. She wants her man to belong to her only and sees nothing exceptional in this attitude. When such a girl thinks her partner is cheating on her - he should better be careful. She will definitely use all opportunities to find out the truth. For example, Cancer might start with checking his cell phone. It's better to run away if she finds something.

Are Cancers private?

Yes, they certainly are. Notwithstanding the fact Cancers love to share their emotions - they keep a lot of things private. If you want to impress one of them - demonstrate the same attitude. And the opposite - a Cancer girl won't be interested in a man who talks a lot.

Who are Cancers attracted to?

This fact is pretty paradoxical, but Cancers are extremely attracted to two signs of the Fire element. Namely - Aries and Leo. Of course, such relationships rarely last long. On the other hand, sex in these couples is exceptionally passionate.

Do Cancers fall in love quickly?

Like we have mentioned before - yes. But you will need all the patience you have to get something real from such a lady's feelings. How to know if a Cancer woman is interested in the further steps from you? Try to touch her hand accidentally. How does she react? If her cheeks become slightly red - go ahead. If she apparently feels uncomfortable about it - slow down.

Are Cancers good in bed?

Ladies of this zodiac sign are definitely good in bed. They are sensual and focused on pleasing their partners. However, don't expect something extraordinary from sex with a Cancer woman. She is not really open to different experiments. Traditional positions are her favorite ones.

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