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Do gentlemen still prefer blondes?

Today, only one in ten blonde girls can proudly say that her hair color is a gift from mother nature. The rest resort to all kinds of tricks to give their curls a peculiar light shade. By the way, according to recent research, the majority of the fair-haired by birth ladies live in Scandinavian and Baltic countries, as well as in Russia. So the chances to get to know one of them is notably higher during trips through these lands. But wait... Do gentlemen really prefer blondes, still in 2021? Or is it a stereotype imposed by society? What makes such women stand out from the crowd? Why do people often laugh about blonde-haired females? Take it easy, dear friend. Today we'll make it all clear for you.

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Why do men love blondes?

Why do men love blondes?

The first in the world's history mention of the golden-haired female was in Greek mythology - this way was described the goddess of love - Aphrodite. Later, in the Middle Ages, blonde hair was considered an attribute of biblical Eve.

Unholy, frivolous, selfish, naive, and, at the same time, attractive, gentle, sensitive, and seductive - these words pop in mind when you hear the words "a fair-haired lady." The same image was created by Hollywood movies over the last century. Lillian Gish, Mae West, Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly - they remain the most beautiful blonde women in the world. The list, however, is constantly updated. But not only celebrities drive men crazy with their fair curls. Simple girls know the same kind of magic. Although, objectively speaking, there are at least five reasons why men love blondes.

Reason #1

We guess you won't deny that all modern men still have that ancient "hunter spirit" deep inside. So, where does that leave us?

The natural beauty of blonde girls is rare to see. And, logically, it's always exciting to hunt for rarities since they must be collected and protected. That is why men are willing to do anything possible to get themselves a girlfriend with fair hair.

Also, the abstract image of a gorgeous lady, in the opinion of plenty of males, always has blonde hair. For this reason, the desire to have one by your side becomes overwhelming in the majority of cases.

Reason #2

Blonde females are based on our genetic experience

This reason, strangely enough, was suggested by biological scientists. According to them, preferences for blonde females are based on our genetic experience. All males, in general, are focused on the need to feel safe and relaxed with their partners, and carry on the family name. No less important in choosing a spouse is her appearance. Every little nuance is taken into account, then - height, smell, voice, and body shape. So, the signs that encourage men to create a couple, following biology, are also called "safety signals." And blondes, as s rule, exude them more than brunettes. This is expressed in the fact that golden-haired girls have thinner and lighter skin, very little hair all over the body. Their natural smell is weaker, and their voice is gentler.

Reason #3

A beautiful blonde woman is associated with tenderness, lightness, and purity on a subconscious level. Probably this explains why guys usually find that such ladies have an uncomplicated attitude towards life. They worry less and rarely suffer from stress. Blondes know how to flirt and don't turn out to be too easy-going.

Their power is in the weakness. For this reason, these girls seem to be more feminine than brunettes. This character trait is extremely captivating to courageous, strong-minded men.

Reason #4

Blondes belong to the type of females who know perfectly well what to do themselves

Blondes belong to the type of females who know perfectly well what to do themselves. Still, in their opinion, it's better to remain a woman in any situation. Fair-haired girls, therefore, always look for an elegant way out of any trouble. It proves that they are wiser than they seem.

Such an approach also allows a man to be a real gentleman. And this is the whole thing of any happy relationship. Moreover: blondes know how to motivate their boyfriends to show masculinity.

Due to the fact males and females have different sources of realization - the point is in balance, anyway. And those with fair hair use this knowledge for their own good.

Reason #5

Fair hair girls are remarkably bold! Even if you haven't noticed yet, these hot babies are particularly daring. That's not only our idea - the study conducted by British scientists has proven this statement. However, this concerns those who dyed their hair blonde. How does this express itself? After the procedure, women usually become more courageous and self-confident. Even in the context of a career - this small appearance change helps to take on new responsibilities and ask for a salary increase. Also, the whole seducing game turns more natural, according to the research results.

Stereotypes about blonde women

Stereotypes about blonde women

There are plenty of stereotypes about blonde ladies. We, however, don't want to enumerate all of them. Instead, our idea is to focus on dispelling the most commonly heard one. We think you know what we are talking about here - the intelligence of ladies with fair hair. To be more specific - not a high level of it.

There are thousands of anecdotes about real blonde girls. We can bet you have heard at least a few of them in your life. The vast majority of the well-known jokes describe miracles of the stupidity of golden-haired females. And, of course, they can't know everything.

On the other hand, think about your colleagues, classmates, and neighbors. Are only those who are blonde far from being geniuses in all life aspects? To be honest, among women of all hair colors are such personalities who definitely need to do something with their intellectual virginity, don't you agree?

Furthermore, experts from Western Europe have scientific evidence for the falseness of this stereotype. They conducted an intelligence level test, and the participants were ladies of different shades of hair. The result was astonishing: the best marks got blondes and brunettes. The second place was taken by brown-haired girls. While the least smart, unfortunately, were the redheads.

Another interesting nuance. American scientists state that this stereotype exists solely because of the paradoxical way of thinking blondes have. Due to the difference in amounts of hormones, they have a more pronounced female logic. As you might guess - it's absolutely not the same as how males think. So you better forget about this cliche once and for all.

Blondes in relationships and love

Blondes in relationships and love

Mother nature has endowed a beautiful fair-haired girl with such qualities as tenderness and powerful sexuality. Thanks to her inborn talent to flirt and magical charm, she effortlessly wins the attention of a man she likes. Playfully and quickly - that's how such a woman usually starts a relationship. Her behavior, however, might seem a bit frivolous for someone who doesn't know her well - in reality, it is not so.

As soon as a blonde lady meets the one who can not only make endless promises but also surround her with care and respect - she changes radically. She becomes more delicate, flexible, and calm.

It is pretty easy to win the heart of such a female. All you need to do is make a genuine compliment, arrange her favorite flower delivery, and invite her to a romantic date. But what about dating a blonde girl? Do you need to do anything special? In fact - no, when in love, she is undemanding and not capricious. Therefore, a rendezvous in a lovely cafe over a cup of aromatic coffee will be enough to please her. Your attitude remains essential, though. Never forget that a golden-haired woman values sincerity. She fully reveals even the darkest secrets of her soul during the conversation with the loved one. To hear similar confessions from you in return is her idea of intimacy.

A lady with this hair color can't build a relationship with a jealous and overly aggressive person. Casual flirting without any further intentions is a part of her daily routine. And, if her boyfriend doesn't understand and accept this quality of his girlfriend - such a romance has no future. His devotion is absolutely necessary too.

A blonde girl can be an ideal spouse for almost every guy. She always shows genuine interest in the hobbies of her husband. As well as supports him in all undertakings and doesn't limit his freedom. Such a female won't marry a man who can't live without scandals and arguments. Thanks to this approach, she, as a rule, manages to build a strong family.

Find your blonde girl with us

Find your blonde girl with us is not just a typical blonde dating site. It is an international matchmaking platform that can offer services beyond the ordinary. With our help, you can meet fair-haired ladies from Eastern Europe. As well as those from them who already live in the countries of the Western world! Use our advanced search for the best results.

Russian blondes

Women from Russia are famous for their beauty and charm. Poets and writers often compare their loveliness with the weather in February. At first, you feel their coldness and inaccessibility. But with time, you start noticing that behind that made-up unfriendliness is hidden the soul - warm as a cup of cocoa with marshmallows. By the way, the majority of blonde girls live in the northern part of Russia. It means - to increase your chance to meet one of them - focus your attention on representatives of such cities as Omsk, Novosibirsk, Arkhangelsk, and so on.

Ukrainian blondes

Ukrainian blondes

With our assistance, you can connect with golden-haired ladies from Ukraine. However, in this case, in contrast to Russian beauties, you will be dealing with those who get their hair dyed. This results from the fact Ukrainians belong to classic southerners. It involves darker skin, hair, and eye color. At the same time, it expands the search area for a potential life partner.

How to start chatting with a pretty girl with blonde hair?

If your desire to try blonde dating is stronger than ever before, then it's the right time to tell you how to get to know such a woman. Since the most convenient and quick way of making new acquaintances nowadays is through the Internet - we'll give you some advice on how to start a communication with a fair-haired lady of your dreams online.

The first message you send must be short. Still, according to the experts, the text you compose should directly or indirectly answer three main questions that arise in every lady's head right after she has read your greeting. So, here they are:

  • Who are you: what is your name? Where are you from?
  • Why did you join the website? Do you just want to have fun or maybe meet your true love?
  • Why did you choose her? What do you two have in common? Is there anything you particularly like about her?

The main task of the first message you send to any beautiful fair-haired woman is to awake her interest. But understand us right - we don't suggest you make an enormous amount of text. One-two well-chosen simple sentences ought to be more than enough.

Never forget to say hello. It is nice if you write something like, "My name is Timothy, but friends usually call me Tim." Yes, your user profile already has your name - she can read it. But that's how you demonstrate your warm attitude and the knowledge of basic rules of international etiquette.

Do you really think there should be an excuse to send a chat request to a beautiful blonde girl? Calm down - the desire to get to know her better is a great reason to start communication. Also, when talking about fair-haired females - don't talk about your desire to create a family and have children right away. Even if you are, in fact, looking for a future spouse.

What you need to do instead is look carefully at what she has written in her profile. Pay attention to her interests and hobbies. What are her favorite books, movies, and music? What unites you? Is she really your soulmate? For example, if you can see that this blonde lady loves Bruno Mars, just like you, share your emotions after watching the recent show. It would be a perfect conversation starter.

The whole point of making single blonde women interested lies in emphasizing their uniqueness. That's why standard copy-paste messages don't bring success.

How to date blonde girls?

How to date blonde girls?

If you are freshly in love and only start dating one of the hot blonde ladies - there is a goal for this period. It is to create a solid foundation for your relationship, of course. But how to do this? Is there a way to avoid typical mistakes and ensure your triumph after all? Sure! Each tip placed below was developed by the best psychologists and dating experts. Following all of them, therefore, will definitely bring your romance to the highest level of happiness.

Step #1

According to the experts, it is advisable to start dating blonde girls by expressing your wishes.

Men who are freshly in love tend to hide their thoughts and ideas of the future life. They are afraid it can ruin the whole perspective of long-term relationships, especially when it comes to fair-haired ladies. Due to the fact, such women seem light-minded, guys don't want to scare them away by demonstrating too serious intentions. But it's an easy road to nowhere. What you need to do is to express your wishes and expectations with all possible honesty. You can start with, "I would be very happy if you..." Then ask how your girlfriend feels about it, and vice versa. Next - discuss the opportunities of finding a compromise.

Step #2

Everyone has his personal boundaries. Never ignore this nuance when beginning a relationship. At the same time, the level of privacy each person requires differs, and you can't know it without asking.

We know: blondes seem to be very talkative and optimistic. Although, it doesn't mean they don't have any limits at all. So if your fair-haired woman replies evasively - don't put her under even more pressure. And don't take it as a bad sign - she still likes you, the problem is with the particular topic. The same goes for you - if you don't like something - just tell her.

Step #3

How to date blonde girls?: Step 3

Misunderstandings and arguments are part of all relationships. Dating blondes is no exception. So it's necessary to find an approach to each other during difficult moments, as well as good ones. Try to avoid criticizing what your woman says. For those with golden hair, it might seem you share the widespread stereotype about their stupidness. If you disagree with something - always offer alternative solutions, fair for both sides.

Step #4

Don't be surprised, but beautiful blonde-haired women may be really jealous. You, therefore, in no way need to give any of them a rise to suspicion. It is even worse if you talk about your previous relationships. For your blonde girlfriend, it automatically means you are not over your ex yet. Instead, in case she asks you a direct question - show clearly that you have dealt with your previous separation and are ready to move on.

Step #5

How to date blonde girls?: Step 5

Single blond girls, according to various researches, are not afraid of their loneliness. They spend their free time enjoying different activities, meeting with friends, and so on. For this reason, after beginning a romance, each one of them still needs those hobbies to live a rich and fulfilling life.

What you two definitely need to do is to find a perfect balance between closeness and distance. Of course, it's okay that at the initial stages, you will spend more time together. This, however, doesn't mean you should isolate yourselves from the rest of the world. Even when in love, you can still contact your best friend and invite him to shoot some pool or watch the game on Friday evening. Your woman will be very thankful for the freedom you give her.

Blonde Women FAQ

Why are blondes so beautiful?

Ladies with fair hair magically attract men. It has always been like this, but only a few years ago, British scientists conducted a study that explains their stunning sexuality.
The experiment consisted of two parts. During the first one - male participants could see a video with blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Next - pictures of all these women. And, at that point, most men gave their affection to brunettes. During the second stage - the same girls with different hair colors were invited to the hall where the guys were sitting. Surprisingly, but after the face-to-face meeting - the results changed. More than 85 percent of the male participants voted for beautiful blonde ladies.
Scientists explained this paradox by pheromones (substances secreted through the pores of the skin). It turned out that natural blondes exude six times as much pheromones than brunettes and redheads! Perhaps that is why gentlemen prefer blondes.

Why does everyone want blonde hair?

Apparently: women want to be noticed. Statistics name this reason as an explanation why so many brunettes dye their hair gold. Also, together with the new hairstyle comes an absolutely different life approach. We guess you won't argue that many matters that cause men to smile at fair-haired girls - don't evoke similar reactions by brunettes.

Why is blonde hair and blue eyes considered beautiful?

The concept of beauty is very complex. Each historical era gave birth to its own idea of attractiveness. So, when talking about blonde hair and blue eyes - this combination has become popular since antiquity.
What made blondes so desirable? The answer is simple. Probably all children in the world know Greek mythology. The goddess of love and beauty - Aphrodite, had golden hair, blue eyes, and white skin. To this day, men find women with these features extremely gorgeous.

Why is blonde the beauty standard?

Why is blonde the beauty standard?

Attractive blonde women embody a kind of dream-lady standard for men for thousands of years. For example, in ancient Rome there was the cult of blondes. Females were sitting hours under the burning sun to make their hair look at least a bit lighter.
However, one look is worth a thousand words. Or, even better - meet such a girl and try to solve the mystery of her attractiveness by yourself.

Where can I meet blonde Russian women or blonde Ukrainian women?

As a foreigner, you can meet Ukrainian and Russian blonde girls on various international dating sites. However, be careful by choosing one - read reviews, ask friends to help with advice. Remember - safety is above all important, especially when surfing on the Internet.

Can I invite a pretty blonde woman to my country?

Of course, you can invite such a woman to your country. Still, you will need to collect all necessary documents and apply for the visa first. If your purpose is to create a union - then it's better to consult a lawyer. With his assistance, you can make the list of required papers and certificates. Since it differs from country to country, we can't provide you with the relevant information.

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