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What is Islam? What kind of rules does this one of the most popular religions in the world have? Are those who practice it allowed to communicate with people of other beliefs? Such and many other similar questions are usually asked by guys interested in studying other confessions or wanting to start dating Muslim girls.

Okay, first things first. The word Islam can be interpreted in English as submission. Its root (Salam) means peace - so all radical prejudices about this faith should be left behind. At the same time, theologists, when giving the full description of the meaning of Islam, assume "the desire to achieve harmony by voluntarily giving up one's will for the true will of God."

Alright then, how can be understood the word Muslim? In sum, it's someone or something that obeys Allah. Actually, by this definition, anything on the Earth (including trees, animals, insects, etc.) is Muslim. The point is the state of submission to the almighty. In other words, if you fulfill the purpose for which you were created by God - you can be called this way.

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But wait, before you start calling yourself a Muslim, consider the five pillars Islam is based on. The initial one - there is no God but Allah. And Muhammad, His prophet, should be respected. To officially convert to this religion, everyone who wants it must declare their desire publicly and in Arabic. Secondly, the daily five-fold prayer must be fulfilled. Thirdly, Zakat should be paid. It's an annual cleansing tax in favor of the poor (2.5% of excess capital). Fourthly, fasting in the month of Ramadan can't be neglected. And fifthly, a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime must be committed. It is subject to physical and financial capabilities, though.

These were only the most fundamental facts about Islam. We hope you are not scared yet. In this article, we will share all crucial details concerning this middle eastern faith and its followers. You can take it as a comprehensive guide on modern Muslim dating online and offline.

Dating Muslim women in 2022: is it a good idea?

Before jumping in with both feet and searching for the best Muslim dating site on the Web, we recommend you take a closer look at this subject. Notwithstanding, it's generally believed that dating a girl whose religion is Islam is a good idea - you need to determine whether it works namely for you. On our side, we are ready to give you all the necessary information.

Above all, we want to ruin the most widespread stereotype about Muslims. According to the Koran, men and women are equal. It is stated in this sacred book that they should treat each other with respect and support all undertakings: sharing different tasks and duties. This is especially true in marriage and in the family. Isn't it what every modern guy strives for?

What is stated in the Quran, then? The believers (both men and women) are each other's supporters. They should work for good and prevent evil. Check Surah 9, verse 71, and be sure it's not our fantasy. There, you can also see that it's expressly forbidden for the husband to demand his wife to do anything in everyday life. So the concept "a female is just a shadow of her male partner" is invalid in 2022.

Even today, many guys stop themselves from trying Muslim girls dating because they are bad-educated and dumb. This, however, applies only to the poorest countries. There is also permission to use violence to make ladies do what society wants. In such places, women often don't even go to school! But this injustice can't be seen in developed countries, where all children have the right to study. They then read not only religious books - everything available in the stores instead.

Thus, as you can now say with confidence, the main prejudices about Muslim women are incredibly far from being true. Bear in mind: the headscarf shouldn't be qualified as a sign of oppression.

Why is dating Muslim women so popular nowadays?

Why are so many men in this day and age interested in dating Muslim women? Well, in this day and age, it has turned into a trend!

Just open your eyes: Islam is everywhere. For example, the so-called modest fashion - is a kind of sensation in recent years. Closed, long, and loose outfits can be seen almost on every street corner. Uniqlo collaborates with Muslim designer Hana Tajima, while Nike and Dolce & Gabbana add hijabs to their latest collections. Obviously, even the retail is inspired by the female representatives of this faith!

Still, what does turn men in the ladies of Islam on? According to experts, it's their visual mysteriousness and unapproachability. Just imagine: the rest of the world won't ever see your beloved one in all her beauty. Solely siblings, parents, and close relatives belonging to the mahram category are allowed to take a look at her without a headscarf. Also, you shouldn't forget that sexy dresses, tight jeans, and T-shirts with wide necklines are permitted at home, where only you can enjoy the view.

On the other hand, if the main purpose of why you like to try online Muslim dating is the polygamy allowed in Islam - you must be careful. Yes, this religion enables men to have up to four wives - but this decision should be confirmed or denied by the already existing one. Also, all of them must be treated fairly and equally. For instance, the husband is obliged to spend the same number of nights with each wife.

What are the main differences between Muslim and non-Muslim women?

Before diving into the maze of Muslim singles dating, we probably need to explain the main differences between representatives of this middle eastern faith and people of other religions. Since it would be wrong to limit the facts we share to platitude, we'll use Christianity as a contrast to Islam. Because Orthodox and Catholic branches of it make the most widespread religious belief in the world.

Without a doubt, there are also great similarities between Muslims and Christians. Both have holy books, where it is stated what is right and what is wrong. They equally speak of high moral standards and outstanding personal dedication. Due to the fact Muhammad learned from them at one level with Jews, these two faiths share common traditions.

But, that's all. The first religion follows the prophet and the commander at the same time. While the second one praises the crucified and risen Savior.

Thus, remember the mentioned above difference when dating a Muslim lady. The essential dissimilarity between your and her beliefs is like that between Jesus and Muhammad. As a Christian, you are a humanist. Your spiritual leader gave His life to save the world. Your woman's icon became a political executive and a strong military leader. Jesus fulfilled His mission by dying on the cross. Muhammad fulfilled his mission (at least most of it) by ruling with the sword. And that's precisely where the conflict in views can arise.

However, people of your religion are endowed with the right to freedom and action. It's not about obeying God. And according to Muslim theologians, everything has already been thought out for a person. A human has no power over his fate and can only make a choice from the proposed actions.

Oh yes, that's definitely something to think about...

Benefits of Muslim women

It is sometimes hard to understand modern females, even those of your religion. But what about Muslim women for dating? Oh yes, they appear to be guests from another planet! Without a doubt, in the complete list of their character traits are hidden advantages and disadvantages. We'll highlight them all, for sure. But let's start with good things:

They need your love above everything else

Islam teaches its female practitioners that love is the greatest gift a man can give his wife. Her job is to cherish his feelings and let them blossom.

At the same time, each Muslim lady is aware that she must demonstrate respect to her husband since these are interrelated matters. When the spouse doesn't get enough consideration, he, in turn, shows less admiration. And this vicious circle repeats itself in both directions. For this reason, she will adore you regardless of your flaws and quirks.

They are perfect wives and mothers

Whether you choose Arabian, European, or Russian Muslim dating - you get an ideal wife and mother of your future children. The only thing required on your side is - don't take everything she does for granted because nobody wants to be overlooked.

The majority of Western girls don't think they have to cook and clean up after you - but she will do this with pleasure. And your partner will do this in addition to many other tasks: working, studying, caring for kids, and striving to be a good Muslim.

By the way, you don't have to sing the praises of your lady - a simple "thank you" is a great start.

They let a man be a leader in a relationship

Yes, in Islam, a man must take the role of leader in the family - and it's great. Among Christians, women are often forced to be in charge - while Muslims don't want to give us their femininity.

An average female of this faith wants to marvel at her husband and study his behavior. Doesn't it sound promising in the long run?

Cons of Muslim women

When you are single, Muslim dating definitely has its benefits. We have already talked about them in the previous section of this article. Still, what about the drawbacks, then? It would be unfair to withhold that information. Thus, here the negative aspects are:

They are terribly jealous

Be very careful when talking to your Muslim girlfriend about other women. In particular, never compare her with them! That also concerns celebrities, your ex-wives, etc. The same goes for talking about how perfect your mother is. If your partner's religion is Islam, make her believe she is the center of your world.

P.S. Even the wives of the Prophet were jealous. Aisha was jealous of Khadijah, who was not alive! So be prepared and properly perceive such jealousy from your woman.

They are often bored

In the Muslim religion, the rules of dating are pretty concrete. Females are allowed to stay home and don't work if they don't want to. But there is another danger in this case: every day is the same, week after week.

With time, after marriage, boredom can turn into tiredness. Such a girl then needs to cope with plenty of routine problems on her own.

And let's not forget that today many Muslim women must manage to cope with household chores, working full time. Because not all of them decide to limit their self-development to studying the Quran and taking care of the family.

Therefore, take your Muslim lady for a walk in the evening or invite her to a restaurant after work. You can also surprise her by bringing home her favorite dessert. Simply said, do something sweet from time to time to break the monotony.

They like blaming too much

Muslim girls really love to nag - that's true. Of course, we don't want to say they are unhappy all the time. But it's a common problem for such ladies to express their discontent with or without reason.

However, when being absolutely honest, maybe there is something in your behavior that explains why your woman cannot restrain her displeased speeches...

Where can I find single Muslim women?

Are you now sure that your destiny is the woman of Islam? Are you looking for the right partner for a pious and happy marriage? Then your best option is a single Muslim dating site! Namely, there you can smoothly meet attractive ladies of this religion. We bet - in the significant amount of profiles, you can find your special one!

Why is the usage of a free Muslim dating platform highly unadvisable? Well, serious intentions require an equal attitude. Have you heard what Ibn Majah once said? "Marriage is my way. Anyone who neglects my path and does not walk is not from me." Thus, to follow it, you need many tools available only on the websites with paid services. What should include the site you can safely join?

  • Personality test or comprehensive questionnaire. So the system could make automated suggestions.
  • 24 hours/7 days a week available customer support service. These people can use their professional knowledge to determine your perfect matches. Together you can lay the foundation for your fulfilling, exemplary marriage.

Still, before becoming a member, you need to answer these questions regarding the future partner:

  • What is her age?
  • What about her profession and educational background?
  • What is the brunch of Islam she practices? Should she be conservative or liberal?
  • What if she wants to be your only wife?

A small afterthought. The fact you are looking for a religious lady doesn't ensure you face no fraudsters. So be very careful with what kind of personal information you share. If something smells fishy - report it to the platform's administration.

Nine tips on how to date a Muslim woman

As you already know, Muslim online dating is legal, just like courtship (in general). Although marriage is considered the most important form of interpersonal relationship, it is strongly emphasized and recommended in the Quran. Moreover, the union is a way of life for all Prophets of Allah.

By establishing many detailed regulations and codes of conduct for couples and by assuring the rights of both partners, Islam is pursuing one goal above all. A man and a woman in a relationship should remain happy for a long time. And their love should result in a happy family for many children, mental stability, stick to their religion, and success in all areas of life. Below you can find nine tips that can help you in this respect.

#1. Be serious in your intentions

According to Islam, even modern Muslim dating is not allowed solely for sex or other dishonorable purposes. The only intention should be to get acquainted with the possibility of concluding nikah (church wedding) in the future. The Prophet Muhammad said that for two lovers is nothing more worthy than marriage.

For this reason, Muslim singles pay attention to two factors. The first one is the absence of bad habits by a potential partner. This concerns an addiction to alcohol, drugs, intoxicating and psychotropic substances, craving for smoking, gambling, and other addictions. It's hard to argue that each of these obsessions will be a constant source of problems in the family. The second aspect is chastity, so virginity by the future spouse is very welcome.

#2. Make a research about her traditions

In Islam, traditions are not only part of life but also a component of their faith. Therefore, it's essential to be knowledgeable of Muslim dating etiquette. Let's highlight some of them.

The Quran states that men and women should support and treat each other with respect. Consequently, there should be a division of responsibilities in every relationship.

When dating a Muslim girl, a guy must answer for the couple's financial well-being. She can work and earn money only if it's her own desire. At the same time, she is free not to give or even tell how big her salary is. However, in case the man's earnings aren't enough, her money can be used for household purposes.

A woman is traditionally responsible for taking care of the family. Above all, children are considered the reason for living. However, especially in large households, it is allowed to hire help.

#3. Choose the right point of time

When dating a Muslim woman, it's crucial to choose the right time for your rendezvous. Two days of the week are highly recommended by the experts of this religion.

Mittwoch (the third day of the week) carries the energies of preparing for a brighter future. That's how you can demonstrate the seriousness of your intentions. In this case, it is advised to have a date of nature. Having a walk in the park or going to the zoo would be a perfect idea. An open-air concert also works fine.

Another option is Sunday (the seventh day of the week). Pick it when you want to communicate a lot and get to know your lady better. By the way, Muslim dating rules don't prohibit making love confessions, expressing gratitude, or reading your favorite poems. A nice restaurant could be an ideal place for such a date.

#4. Take her habits into account

Muslims have a lot of habits related to their religion. If you are interested in Muslim women dating, you need to take them all into account. Let's mention a few of these rituals.

The initial one concerns, of course, the obligatory daily praying. When in a relationship with a lady of this religion, remember that she will do it five times a day. The ablution must be done before the beginning of the process.

Secondly, daily recitation of the Quran belongs to the habits of Muslims. It's not just about reading - this ought to be the sort of meditation. Since this sacred book contains everything that every representative of this religion needs to know, spending hours plunging into its wisdom is absolutely unavoidable.

Thirdly, Muslims are not allowed to waste time on idle pursuits. This includes such useless activities as playing video games. Time is the amanat of Allah, and every believer will be held accountable at the Last Judgment for exactly how he spends his free time before the Almighty. That's why it's always better to pray than to watch TV in a person's free time...

#5. Avoid touching

It's, in fact, one of the main problems when a Muslim girl is dating a non-Muslim guy. But if this is your case, you shouldn't touch each other. Hugging, kissing (even on the cheek), or just holding hands... Everything is prohibited. Actually, as you can see, it concerns all sorts of touching, and Islam is very tough with lawbreakers. The Prophet of the Almighty said that it will be better for a believer if a needle is stuck in his head than touching a woman who is not his wife.

Namely, for this reason, according to Islam, you won't be allowed to be on a date with a Muslim lady all alone. It will definitely be in a public place and in the presence of her relatives or friends. It will be their job not to let the forbidden things happen. However, they shouldn't hear everything you and your crush say. Her mates can be in the same public place but at a separate table. This is how it should be at the beginning of dating a Muslim girl, sorry.

#6. Clothes are important

Oh yes, you should really watch what you wear - not only your woman. Have you ever seen the photos of the members on an average Muslim dating website? If not, we'll explain the main rules in this respect.

Sharia law regarding clothing requires that a man does not expose his body from the navel to the knees. However, demonstrating the torso is also highly undesirable. A woman's outfit should completely cover her body. According to Sharia, only the face and hands can be seen, while clothing for both males and females should not be tight or transparent.

Why is it so important to look decently not only on special occasions but also in everyday life? Exposure to forbidden zones can lead to temptation and seduction of the interlocutor, which can result in adultery. In this case, sin can mean not only intimacy but also sexual fantasies, which are outlawed, as they are considered infidelity of the eyes.

#7. No to alcohol

When deciding on a Muslim girlfriend dating, be aware that Islam prohibits consuming alcoholic beverages. Even dishes that contain them should be denied! There is a special name for such products - khamr. And the sin associated with this law's violation is therefore called khamar.

This ban is based on many reasons, and we can tell you some of them.

Firstly, representatives of this religion must pray 5 times a day, but the Prophet forbade doing it while intoxicated. As you might guess, a Muslim will not have enough time to come to the moment of communication with Allah absolutely sober. This means this person will commit a big sin.

Another cause of this nonacceptance is that a drunk man or woman is capable of violating not only religious principles but also the basic laws of life in society. Aggression, vanity, talkativeness, lust, dirty thoughts, and many other terrible things can take possession of a person after drinking alcohol.

#8. Be respectful during Ramadan

Even though you communicate with Muslim women on a dating site, be respectful to them during the sacred month of Ramadan. This period can be difficult for genuinely religious people, especially if those around them know nothing about its rules. Follow these tips to avoid discomfort in dealing with a fasting person:

  • Be mindful when eating or drinking in regard to those who are fasting. No matter what these ladies say - such behavior of yours may cause them discomfort.
  • When possible, abstain from having breakfast or lunch out of solidarity. Your understanding will be appreciated.
  • Do not suggest breaking a fast in an attempt to help or relieve.
  • If you see Muslim eating during Ramadan, don't become the moral police. People who are sick, the elderly, and women during menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and after childbirth are exempted from fasting. So they may not be comfortable talking about their reasons for non-compliance.

#9. Be considerate

When choosing Muslim dating, you must be considerate of the tenor of life of the country your lady comes from. Remember - in some lands, women's rights are much more restricted than in others. Good examples here could be Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Afghanistan. Let us be more concrete, though.

Iran excludes females from many sporting events: an activist was sentenced to a year in prison for attending a men's volleyball game! In Saudi Arabia, women are under the guardianship of a male relative for their entire lives – father or brother, husband or son. They may not undergo medical examinations or even travel without their written permission. Afghanistan prohibits ladies from driving a car themselves. And these were only a few examples! So it's better to conduct a small research and be aware of all nuances in advance.

Muslim women dating FAQ

Is dating allowed in Islam?

Yes, it is in no way inconsistent with Islam rules. That's also why a single of this religion can become a member of a Muslim dating site. However, certain restrictions shouldn't be forgotten. For instance, romance is not just for fun or physical pleasure - its purpose must be marriage.

Can a Muslim girl marry a non-Muslim guy?

Well, there is a problem here... In Islam, the husband should be a representative of this religion. In other words, Christian and Muslim dating is prohibited if a man doesn't plan to change his beliefs.

Still, guys of this faith have more freedom. They can marry a Muslim girl or a lady of the scriptural religions (Jewish and Christian).

How do Muslims date?

Muslim woman dating is not as complicated as it seems. The first rule in this regard concerns the rendezvous locations. It's not allowed to meet in secluded places. Since when a guy and a girl are left alone, Shaitan may try to lead them astray and incline them to haram.

The second recommendation affects spending the date time wisely. Potential spouses must try to find out about each other's lifestyles and goals. Therefore, they must talk openly, describe what they are looking for, etc.

The rest of the important details you can find in our article.

What is Halal dating?

Muslim Halal dating is when two singles get to know each other for marriage purposes. It is critical that they don't cross the boundaries of what is allowed in Islam. They don't touch each other, kiss, or sleep in the same bed because this is haram.

How UaDates can help single Muslim men and women? is the top Muslim dating site if you want to meet singles with secular views. Trust us, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of gorgeous females of this faith in Eastern Europe registered to our platform!

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