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Do you know who Isaac Bashevis Singer is? This famous Polish-born American writer was one of the brightest representatives of the Judaic culture. Although he passed away in 1991 - his observations of the people of his nation remain correct even in 2022. According to him, today's Jews like three things: sex, Torah, and revolution - all mixed together. Yes, you understood it right - an average woman of this nationality is not such a wet blanket as you stereotypically thought.

Generally, love relationships and friendships have similar rules worldwide. Therefore, Jewish dating is not as extraordinary as many Western men think. You don't need to worry - these exotic beauties choose equally humane romance conditions. Their desire to find an ideal partner, likewise yours, influences their goals and social life. So, religious or not - everyone deals with the challenges that await on the way to happiness.

But are there any culture-specific peculiarities when looking for a girlfriend with Jewish roots? Where can you get to know her? How would she reconcile her own wishes or dreams with socially accepted behavior when dating a goy (a non-Jew)? What is the point of love, marriage, family, and divorce in this culture?

Before you start searching for Jewish online dating services, it's better you read this article first. Without expert knowledge, you will simply be overwhelmed with the diversity of the rules, recommendations, and restrictions. The Bible is not Torah - it differs greatly. Thus, here is your ticket to the exciting trip of the basics of intercultural dating with Jews.

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Dating a Jewish woman in 2022: is it a good idea?

Dating a Jewish woman in 2022

We understand that no Jewish dating website can give you the answer to the most fundamental question: why do you need to choose a lady of this nationality? And, in fact, you have every right to doubt your decision to dive right into something undiscovered. Thereby, let us explain what makes Jews worth your attention in 2022.

Actually, the most convincing arguments can be found in Torah. So you wouldn't have to read the full text, we asked Rebbe Shimon to share his views in this regard.

As he said, God (he has many names in Judaism, we'll use this word in our article) wanted people to love each other. It was his desire to plant this feeling in us humans to enable two completely different personalities to overlook their distinctions and create a long-term bond. With God's help, this connection can be maintained throughout life. With these thoughts, grow up all Jews.

At the same time, love in Hebrew is אהבה, derived from the Aramaic word הב (to give). This exposes one of the major Jewish dating rules - the one who adores should always grant the beloved one with everything he has. As you can see, the typical Western manner of receiving - but rarely giving doesn't work here. This approach definitely becomes beneficial for couples.

Okay, think about it: what can go wrong when your lady is focused on your wellbeing, and vice versa? Such a marriage, in which both spouses only try to give to each other and think of each other, grows stronger daily, and the feeling of genuine attachment develops.

Also, when dating a Jewish girl, you shouldn't worry that she relies on the short-term feeling of infatuation. This great mistake of many singles around the globe simply can't be made by her. This lady (thanks to her religion) knows the difference between passions that fade after a while and genuine love.

By the way, it's only a myth that in Judaism - a man and a woman get to know each other on the wedding day, rather than the opposite. A potential life partner must be thoroughly researched in this culture. So if you are afraid a Jewish female will want you to marry her after a few dates - you shouldn't have to.

Alright, enough advantages for today?

Who should date a Jewish woman? Is it allowed for her to be in relationships with non-Jews?

We guess the fact you haven't just registered to the best Jewish dating site you could find speaks volumes. It says that you have already heard that intercultural marriages aren't welcome by the representatives of Judaism. And basically, what you already know is the correct information. There is no gender difference in this regard: men and women have the same rules. And accordingly, they carry equal duties.

To be more specific Torah has a special section named Laws on Forbidden Relations. For this reason, marriages with goys violate all rules - written in the book of Devarim (7:3). It's impossible to say something is vaguely formulated there, though. Do not marry them - that's how clear it is.

Although not all sages agree with this interpretation of the words of the book of Devarim. For instance, they are often referred only to the seven nations of Canaan. The degree of punishment for its violation also varies.

Still, you shouldn't be upset. In our liberal times (especially for Russian Jewish dating) - the laws are not that harsh. Religion goes in line with the spirit of the time. For example, it is now balanced by the general acceptance of the fact every non-Jew can become one. All people who live following the Torah's requirements can switch their denomination to Judaism. Although such a step should be internally justified and not made for the sake of marriage.

Okay, but what if your lady is open-minded enough? What if your religion doesn't matter to her?

In this case, experts have the best dating-a-Jewish-woman advice ever. Tolerance is the only way you can live happily ever after. With true love comes humor, creativity, and willingness to learn something new about the partner. "I believe!" these must be the words you constantly say to each other. This does not apply only to religion, though.

Remember once and for all: you are two people with the same blood, body structure, and many other things. That's just one religion that makes you different.

What are the main specificities of Jewish women?

What are the main specificities of Jewish women?

When joining a Jewish online dating site or asking a lady of this nation out, remember that she is unique. You, for sure, have never experienced such a tornado of emotions before!

However, the romance with her will definitely be full of surprises. Some of the aspects of her wonderful world might seem strange to you. Therefore, if you are serious about dating a Jew - check what is written below. In case - your goal is to build a family with her - better begin getting used to these points as soon as possible.

Yeah, you got that yummy-yum

It is appropriate here - to remember an old joke about dating a Jewish woman: what do you think, which dish would she prepare for dinner? Exactly - something from the restaurant around the corner.

During the first date, such a girl will surely tell you that she cooks better than Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver. Anyway - at the first opportunity, a homemade meal will be replaced by food delivery. And her masterpieces taste better ... someday later, though.

If you wonder: what a Jewish female will most likely choose from the restaurant's menu - we can tell it too. We can bet she can't live without sushi. And yes, she can never eat seafood and shellfish because it's prohibited, but still, be a fan of this Asian dish.

By the way, notwithstanding her preferences for eating out, the most delicious recipes - knows only her mom. Do you disagree? Then better keep this opinion to yourself! And be sure to come to those long family dinners hungry and in trousers with an elastic waistband.

Moaning Myrtle

Unfortunately, you won't find this information on an average Jewish online dating platform. Still, allowing herself to whine and complain is a quality of every woman of this faith.

It doesn't matter what is going on in her life: bad weather, too curly hair, not fresh enough sushi in a restaurant, your new untrendy jacket... Be particularly careful if there are shoes she has long dreamed of buying. What, you can't find a way to cheer her up either? Then be patient and realize it is unavoidable.

Socialite? Watch out!

Even in Jewish-Russian dating, you won't have Friday evenings for parties and traditional rendezvous.

On the fifth day of the week, in the evening, all Jews celebrate the sacred Shabbat. This is - when each family member must come and spend time with the loved ones. Special Shabbat meal, songs, candle lighting, and your Jewish girl's relatives saying blessings and talking. In her opinion, this is the best alternative for Friday activities.

By the by, with time, you will be invited too. So better become accustomed to this fact, slowly saying goodbye to all other events.

Fairy tale ending

Never mind all the Jewish dating tips you have heard if you are not ready to settle down. For such a lady wedding is extremely important.

Also, a big Jewish wedding - what could be more exciting? After all, you must already be used to everything listed above. And if you do not consider these cute specificities of your hot girlfriend to be one big drawback - go ahead!

Where can I find single Jewish women?

We presume that the basics of the Jewish dating traditions are clear. And, most probably, you are now searching for the answer to the no less important question. Where can you meet such a woman?

Actually, there are so many single Jews in the world that, in most cases, the ways of getting acquaintances with them are not that challenging. We don't want you to limit yourself to the trivial ones. Below you can see the list of time-tested alternatives to the most apparent possibilities of determining your Jewish soulmate.

Move to the part of your city where Jews live.

Almost every big city nowadays has a district that is considered more Jewish compared to the other ones. You can use such an approach with the representatives of other nations too, by the way. Since there are also Asian, Russian, or Latin areas in many metropolises.

Why is it a good idea? Because it's where the statistical likelihood of meeting the woman of your dreams amazingly increases. This is one of the most beneficial options for those interested in Jewish dating non-Jewish couples. A small tip: start your search with the local diner.

Sign up for Torah study classes.

Today in towns, even with an insignificant number of Jewish residents, may be found education centers for adults of this religion. Also, if you are just interested in learning more about Torah, Hebrew, or this culture - you are welcome.

Often, courses are designed for certain age groups. Therefore, you must agree that it's an ideal opportunity for senior Jewish dating. The same goes for youth, of course. Or, you can find out what classes singles usually visit and join them.

Make Jewish friends.

It's great to have friends from all over the world, isn't it? On the other hand, just do a quick calculation now. If most (or all) of your friends are non-Jews today, what is the probability of dating a Jewish girl?

Namely, for this reason, it's advised you make friends with representatives of this nation. It might happen that you get married to your mate's sister one day in the future.

Do not forget about Shidduch.

Perhaps, you have thought that Jewish dating services can be found only on the Web. It is not the truth, though.

There is an old-fashioned way of offline matchmaking for Jews called Shidduch. It sounds archaic, for sure. But if you belong to this nation - we highly recommend choosing this option. In this case, thanks to professional assistance, you can find out everything about the potential girlfriend long before the first date. Thereby, you can save lots of time, money, and emotions.

But you undoubtedly need to define who you are looking for first. Otherwise, it won't work.

Go where the Jews usually go.

What are the typical Jewish dating places? Oh, there are plenty of them! Go to a traditional bakery or a kosher supermarket. Later - look for new books in the bookstore for Jews. Visit the synagogue - there you can always meet a lot of singles.

Some local communities make Friday and Saturday night events for young people. There you can find not only a potential wife but also make good friends.

Use the Internet!

Last but not least - why don't you want to create a profile on dating sites for Jewish singles?

Online platforms for religious singles have already achieved notable success and are by far the fastest growing on the market. This is a relatively easy way to meet Jews from all over the world. Millions of them have already tried online matchmaking, so what are you waiting for?

Tips for Jewish singles looking for love

It doesn't matter what you choose: Jewish dating online or offline - the fact remains. As this nation's representative, you realize how difficult it is to find a suitable partner and create a traditional family.

It must be the one with whom you will live through various crises and life situations (both: good and sad). A lady with whom you will share values and goals, rest and work together, dream, and grow old side-by-side. A person whom you will love in thirty, forty, or fifty years after the wedding day.

Determining a woman for a relationship and marriage requires foresight, honesty, and tact. But it is worth all the effort since, together with your soulmate, you will finally feel really happy.

In this section of our article, you can find a few tips for those looking for Jewish dating and dreaming of the happily ever after scenario.

Tip #1. Remember the self-love

Don't laugh - it's genuinely important. Before deciding on Jewish girls dating, make sure that you want it only because you are bored with yourself and feel uncomfortable alone with your thoughts.

Experts are sure that if you are dissatisfied with yourself, you risk starting a romance with the wrong person. And she may be forced to fill all the gaps and frustration in your life - but what about love? How can you be happy without sincere attachment?

Yes, the lady you enter into a relationship with should complement you, making you feel whole, confident, and generally much better than before. But before meeting her, you should already love yourself and be able to enjoy life, be satisfied with who you are, what you do, and how you look. Can you manage that?

Tip #2. Do not settle for a compromise

Unfortunately, too often, young people settle into a serious relationship just because someone else's presence in life makes them feel less lonely. Or, pretty often, the social circle makes them do something they don't want. Does it seem familiar to you? Do you want to join a dating site for Jewish single men and women because your parents say so? Do they worry that their adult son is still unmarried? Please, ignore their children-of-all-our-friends-are-married conversations - listen to your heart instead.

Or you might have been dating someone for too long - and not getting married after many years of a relationship seems stupid. But this is far from being true. Marriage is worth it for only one reason: if you want it. Not the other person, not your Jewish family, not the environment - but solely you.

Tip #3. Be open to new things

These are not empty words if you are interested in Jewish singles dating. You must feel it and believe it!

It’s not a tragedy to be sometimes picky, strict with others, and disagree with others. But there are situations when it is crucial to give people a chance - especially those who seem really clever and cute.

Let us give you an example. When you communicate through a matchmaking platform, why do you need to limit yourself to virtual romance only? What prevents you from taking the next step? Just invite your online girlfriend for a cup of coffee, and then act according to your feelings! Trying something new is always hard, but if you are open-minded enough - the chances of success are high. So you might be pleasantly surprised by what comes next.

Tip #4. Surround yourself with optimistic people

Yes, tips for dating a Jewish girl surely include this one.

Think about your social circle: are there enough cheery people there? If not - why do you surround yourself with men and women who think negatively? Those who constantly complain, whine, and express their dissatisfaction for any reason - can't bring something good into your life.

It is critical to distance yourself from those who bring merely detrimental and destructive energy into your life. Instead, make sure - that friendly, bright, and humorous girls and guys are with you. We mean those who support you, believe in you, and sincerely wish you luck (including love relationships).

Tip #5. Never say, "I'm a loser" - remember: you're just gaining experiences!

It's so rare that people find their true love in their 20's. For most singles, it's not like that - they don't marry their first college girlfriend. That's also why Jewish seniors dating sites exist.

Time and acquaintances with different individuals help learn what is really important in a relationship. Thus, consider failed attempts as lessons that teach you life and give you invaluable experience. Only after going through a breakup can you figure out what works and what doesn't.

A positive relationship background doesn't hurt either. If you had several partners before you met your beloved one - it's okay. And even more, make sure that the feelings for the future wife are stronger than ever before. After all, you don't want to spend the rest of your life thinking about what you missed and what could have been, do you?

Jewish women dating myths and true

Jewish women dating myths and true

When deciding on dating Jewish girls, be prepared to face many stereotypes about this nation. Some of them are myths, while others - are true. Let's take a closer look at the three most widespread of them.

Jews have peculiar relations with their mothers.

If you want us to say they are not - it would be a lie, which Jews supposedly often express. To be absolutely honest, the connection is peculiar.

Jewish ladies talk with their mothers about everything that shapes their daily life. Here are a few questions their mothers usually ask during one phone call: How did you sleep? Did you use the healthy pillow I sent you the other day? What did you have for breakfast? What is the weather like today? And all at nine o'clock in the morning! But it's just care - you must respect it (another fundamental Jewish dating advice).

Jews are smarter than representatives of other nations.

Well, it's really complicated... Just as sports-mad fathers in US films expect their sons to play baseball and can't handle it when they prefer to dance ballet - Jewish parents want their kids to be bookworms like they were. So don't be shocked if your girlfriend could play chess at her three and read when she was four.

Jews are devious, deceitful, and cunning.

When choosing Jewish women dating, you will easily notice how cunning they are! However, devious and deceitful - they are not. The Jews just had to be creative to survive. Since it was often a matter of life or death, right in routine things.

Here is a joke that would help to understand their character better. “I would like the fish sandwich!” orders a hungry Jew. "But that's ham, not fish!" replies the seller. "Did I ask you the name of the fish?" says an angry man.

Therefore, remember: creative and cunning - yes, insidious - no.

Jewish women dating FAQ

Is dating allowed in Judaism?

Yes, of course! As mentioned in our article, it's just a myth that a man and a woman are not allowed to see each other before the wedding day. In fact, there is even a traditional Jewish dating service - Shidduch. When using it, you let a professional matchmaker choose the potential soulmates. So, don't worry - you won't be asked to propose right away.

How many wives are allowed in Judaism?

Dating Jewish ladies has time-honored rules - you were able to learn it from our article. It has nothing to do with Islam laws and, therefore, prohibits having more than one wife at once.

What is expected of a Jewish wife?

Those who start dating Jewish women need to know that according to the Torah, they don't have to work after marriage. They must take care of the household chores, cook, and be attentive to the husbands' wishes. Also, their religion says they need to give birth to as many children as possible to bring back the Jews killed during the Holocaust.

Why do I need to use UaDates to meet Jewish women?

We know that UaDates is not a standard Jewish dating site. Notwithstanding this fact, our platform has a lot to offer: modern communication tools, reasonable prices, and friendly customer support service. And who said you can't meet Jews with our help? Females of this nation can be found in our catalog of singles too. But enough talking - go and see it in your own eyes!

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