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Who are Taurus women?

Who are Taurus women?

To positive Taurus woman traits belong - kindness, sincerity, romanticism, wisdom, femininity, and tenacity.

Among the negative traits of a typical representative of this star sign are jealousy, arrogance, and quick temper.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiacal circle. Its element, according to experts, is Earth.

It should also be mentioned that Taurus ladies, due to the impact of planet Venus, might be placed in Wikipedia as an example of pure femininity. The unusual mix of strength and tenderness makes them extraordinarily attractive for men. At the same time, an average Taurus female is wise, sensual, and purposeful; these character traits are a gift from Moon.

This girl also demonstrates the power of a strong will. Thanks to her inborn fortitude, infinite patience, great talent to achieve more with less - she, as a rule, builds a perfect career in the future. So, no wonder that according to the horoscope, Taurus ladies are described as successful and wealthy personalities. They know how to attain their wishes and desires using their own resources. These women rarely ask for help.

Generally, when it comes to working, such a female carries out her duties with great pleasure. She gets true satisfaction from both: the process itself and from the results of the accomplished task. However, among all activities - Taurus prefers the one that brings the most income.

Personal experience and all difficulties life sometimes brings are the best teachers that accurately lead a representative of this zodiac sign to triumph. Only in extreme cases, you might notice this girl losing her composure and going down in flames.

In people, a Taurus woman appreciates fairness, a clear mind, and the ability to keep the word since she considers these qualities to be the main and seeks to develop them in herself. This lady always does her best to fulfill her commitments. Whatever she promises - it will definitely be done.

Notwithstanding the widespread stereotype, an average Taurus girl shouldn't be called lazy. Yes, of course, she feels much better spending the evening at home, in a familiar pleasant atmosphere, than going to a loud party with strangers and dancing all night long. So, in this case, it is necessary to distinguish between passivity and practicality. This woman just doesn't see the point in such a pastime.

Despite the love for a regulated, well-ordered life, a rebel spirit lives somewhere deep in Taurus's soul. Her dark side, so to say, is ready to break free at any moment - she only needs a suitable atmosphere. Help her feel a little more relaxed than usual and see what happens.

By the way, to sit by and wait in vain for something is not her style. With great pleasure, Taurus will go anywhere, with anyone - as long as this person or company matches her outlook on life. Bright, cheerful, creative people attract this lady.

The main disadvantage of such a woman is the desire to be right always and everywhere. Even if a Taurus girl regrets what she has done, she will always find an excuse or a pretext to justify herself. She will do everything that could save her from admitting her fault and begging for mercy. This female considers compliance a character trait of a weakling, not a wise, mature person.

Because of her strong-willed nature, many think - Taurus is arrogant and vain. This girl just prefers to say everything directly, without hiding her thoughts and emotions. People often gain a negative impression because of it. What to say to a Taurus woman if you find her words too harsh? Well, don't be shy and call a spade a spade. She will appreciate your honesty.

On the other hand, in communication with loved ones, this lady is a tactful conversationalist. She always thinks twice before saying anything to make sure her words will not hurt. At the same time, a Taurus is a good listener and can gladly become a shoulder to cry on. She tries to avoid arguments and quarrels because she can easily lose her temper. Therefore, trust us: you don't want to make her mad.

Who are Taurus women?

Friendly advice. If you notice your Taurus girlfriend is in a bad mood, then it is better to think a million times whether it is worth getting around and asking her something or not.

Getting back to the subject of friendship, a representative of this zodiac sign needs it like air. Chatting with friends, she gains inspiration and the extra portion of life energy. Actually, having a friend like that is a reward. You can trust her with all your secrets. Although, she is not in a hurry to share her own. You will know exactly as much about this girl as she is willing to tell. Before giving her trust, Taurus prefers to wait and see how the identity of her new mate is revealed. However, we need to mention that all attempts to teach a woman of this zodiac sign life are doomed to fail. Since she knows exactly what to do, your tries to point out her mistakes will only push her away.

The Taurus girl is always ready to give a helping hand, listen to the speaker, and offer a piece of good advice. From time to time, though, she becomes very touchy and vulnerable; it is easy to hurt her with hard words, then. She needs to receive love, care, and compassion during such periods of depression. Otherwise, when the rough patch is over - Taurus will cut the ties with everyone who didn't give her moral support.

Her good nature, patience, and example of an ideal companion - have an end when an encroachment on self-esteem begins. At this moment, without hesitation, she can bring you to tears, saying everything that she thinks about you.

Taurus woman's weakness is traveling. If there is free time, she will surely spend it in new cities, countries, or even continents. She can quickly pack her suitcase and drive to the airport at the earliest opportunity. The girl loves adventures and vivid emotions. She will never refuse to get to know new cultures and habits of other nations.

Still, the Taurus woman's desires don't end up with traveling. She doesn't like to live in a world of illusion. Her dreams, therefore, are as down-to-earth as she is. A female of this zodiac sign doesn’t dream of a knight in shining armor and a castle of gold - her wishes are real and achievable. For example: to buy a car or a house with a big garden.

If you try to describe all the qualities of a Taurus lady in a few words - then “Miss Perfect“ would exactly be what you need. This bright, attractive, hot girl can make any man crazy about her! She draws attention to herself by such characteristics as beauty, charm, wild sexual energy, and charisma. A Taurus sincerely enjoys being in the spotlight.

People say that getting older - the typical representative of this star sign becomes even more gorgeous and appealing.

An attractive Taurus girl often makes other women jealous. Because of this, she can hardly find good friends among female colleagues.

Although describing Taurus woman characteristics, we can't be focused only on her advantages. One of the biggest drawbacks she has is nervousness. Taurus often worries about every little thing and passes her insecurity to others. It manifests itself in restraint, depression, and unreasonable mood swings. But don't panic! Generally, Taurus's woman personality is calm, clever, and strong. But she will not demonstrate these qualities to a man right away.

The girl of this star sign will be a good match for you if you are willing to settle down and create a big, close-knit family. She won’t be able to spend a day without her home and will do everything possible to be there for her husband and children. Even if she has to sacrifice her career for this. In life, she is ready to play any role: an ideal girlfriend, a caring wife, a sexy lover, or just a friend. The main thing this lady should learn is how to share problems and emotional experiences with her loved one without carrying the weight of responsibility by herself.

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Her expectations

Taurus Woman expectations

A lady of this zodiac sign enjoys having many good things around her and strives to achieve a high standard of living. She starts saving money from her youth. The best match for a Taurus woman, therefore, is a man who will provide her a carefree life. In other words - he should be able to satisfy all her needs.

Are you already excited about this girl? Do you want to know what else the Taurus girl hides? Then read this article to the end - you will find out all about Taurus woman dating.

How to attract a Taurus woman

An attractive Taurus girl needs not just a man but a successful and purposeful partner. Those who are not ready to earn millions together with her, compose odes in her honor and love till the end of their days may not count on her attention. As a rule, this woman chooses a partner herself. The whole problem is her character. If she did not immediately pay attention to you, then you should know that you no longer have a chance to get it in the future.

How to attract a Taurus lady, then? Here is what you need to know in this regard.

Tip #1

From the beginning, a Taurus female will assess you in terms of how romantic you are. At the same time, you should be a man of words and spend more time doing rather than talking.

To please a Taurus woman - don't be too clingy. Think about what and how to text a Taurus woman to wake up her interest. Be honest, don't lie even about the little things. Instead - talk about your hobbies, tell how you spend your free time. After a long conversation, you can ask her to go on a date. She will appreciate your determination and understand whether you match her as a partner or not.

Tip #2

You must have at least a few shared hobbies. So, find out what she enjoys, how she spends her time, and what she wants to try. If her pastime activities are not really exciting for you, then just show some respect and, at least, be ready to engage in dialogue in this field. Otherwise, you will not have a chance in the future. In return - share your thoughts, beliefs, and passions with a Taurus. Thus, you show attention and care - that's what she truly likes.

Tip #3

The more often you say nice words towards the Taurus girl, the more she likes you. She goes crazy about men who know how to be tender, show good manners, and can always find the right words. But at the same time, flattering is an insult, in her opinion. Therefore, say just what you think about her appearance or character traits. You do not need to embellish the truth to lure her into a trap - she has pretty good intuition. Taurus will immediately refuse to communicate with you in case your compliments would smell fishy.

Tip #4

Show your best side. Impress her - demonstrate that you are a real gentleman. Behave like a successful and confident person. Let her know that she is safe with you, that Taurus woman might start trusting you. This girl will appreciate such a quality in a man and will open up to him from a new side.

Tip #5

From the beginning of your romance, set yourself a goal to be Taurus's best friend first of all. Don't act like a hot macho who only needs sex. Until this female feels that it is easy to communicate with you, she will keep you at a distance. Taurus in relationships values communication between partners more than anything else. That's why you need to build your friendship above all. But be careful not to find yourself stuck in the permanent friend zone. Make her want more - that's the point.

How to date a Taurus woman

How to date a Taurus woman

Let's imagine that the initial stage was completed successfully - and you have attracted the attention of a representative of this star sign. It also means that you need to figure out how to date a Taurus woman and find the best way of developing your relationships. These five tips will definitely help you to make progress.

Tip #1. Build trust

A Taurus girl in a relationship values loyalty, openness, and sincerity. Show that you are ready to be one hundred percent honest, that you have nothing to hide, and that she can trust you with any secret. Win her trust, and after a while, she will tell you all her secrets - even the darkest ones.

Tip #2. Become a knight

When talking about Taurus woman dating, we need to admit she prefers men willing to move mountains for her. Men who are ready to spend money on all her whims; who idolize her and say that she is the one and only. Give this girl the confidence that you are generous, romantic, and faithful. Also, never forget about small surprises. Gifts for a Taurus woman should be expensive and presented with love.

Tip #3. Show your intentions

Another mission you need to complete right at the beginning of the romance with a Taurus - show the seriousness of your intentions. You must build a prospect for future relationships. Convince her that you are a reliable person, willing to do anything for your beloved one.

Tip #4. Give her comfort

These girls are not dreamers but realists. Their wishes are down to earth too. In most cases, it is about gaining comfort and a better quality of life. Surround your Taurus girlfriend with care and comfort. Try to create a cozy atmosphere; go to places where it is quiet and romantic. Tell her about your dream house, ask what she would like to have in the future. A feeling that you two are looking in the same direction will make her the happiest person in the world.

Tip #5. Have interesting chats

A Taurus girl loves to talk, especially if she and her conversationalist have a similar outlook on life. For her, a well-deserved speaker is one who can emphasize not only appearance but also the mind; who knows how to joke; who can chat on any topic. Hint: the theme can be almost any, but since you want to put forward relationships, discuss all subjects in the context of everyday life. She needs to be confident you aren’t a little boy and know how to solve all daily issues.

How NOT to date a Taurus woman

How NOT to date a Taurus woman

We have already clarified what a girl born under the sign of Taurus likes, how you should behave to attract a Taurus woman, and tips on dating a Taurus woman. Let's take a look at the matters that can scare away such a female and the list of her no-goes.

So, how not to date a typical representative of this zodiac sign?

Not #1. No controlling

Never try to control a Taurus girl. She truly values her freedom and private space - don't try to limit your girlfriend. She should not feel in a relationship with you like she is obliged to report about every step of her. The attitude that you are in charge, you are the leader, you want to know everything - will keep her under pressure and she will leave you without hesitation.

Not #2. No greed

If you are in a relationship with a Taurus and don't want to spend an extra penny - then you are surely not the man of her dreams. Also, do not offer to go dutch on a date - she hates it. The girl is used to generosity, chic, and a good life - not to greed.

Not #3. No love games

A Taurus lady, as a rule, is extremely jealous and will not tolerate rivalry. Give her the slightest hint of doubt about your feelings, and the war will begin. She should always be unique, loved, sexy, and desired in your eyes. Do you want to provoke her to find out the reaction? Immediately pack your things and go away.

Not #4. No leadership

When dating a Taurus woman, it is essential to know - constant demonstration of your leadership qualities isn't a good idea. Yes, you are her support but do not think to hammer this point. Her vision of the ideal family is always about equal partners - in all aspects of life.

Taurus woman in relationship & love

Love is significant for a Taurus woman. She is romantic and faithful. Love from the first sight exists - such a lady knows that for sure. A strong man is most suitable for a Taurus woman, but not in a physical sense, but a spiritual one. He must be able to solve all problems on his own and be a support in everything. A Taurus is crazy about men who are much more wise and successful than she is in any sphere of life.

A representative of this zodiac sign knows how to love and give herself entirely to relationships. One-night stands mean nothing for her - she chooses the other half for a long time. If Taurus falls in love - she remains faithful to her partner till the end. This girl seeks stability and security in love; the chosen one must constantly show his feelings and seriousness of intentions. Only in this case will Taurus calm down and become happy.

On the other hand, in youth, a Taurus woman often is a polygamist. She can have several partners at the same time. This female can easily give up on love and is not afraid of losing both. However, once a girl of this star sign is head over heels in love – she cannot betray and becomes a reliable life companion.

Taurus woman in relationships is pretty possessive: she does not agree to share her man with anyone. Even though she values sincerity and truth, on her side, be prepared for constant control. Such a lady can easily lose her nerve and burn out with jealousy if she notices something suspicious in your behavior. How to avoid it? Well, you just need to prove the sincerity of your feelings. Compliments alone cannot help to win her again - you need to find a more creative approach.

In return, she is ready to be the best in everything. You can count on her loyalty, fondness, care, and respect. The Taurus girl is caring and devoted. It is crucial for her to feel the love of her partner and give him her warmth.

In intimate life, a Taurus lady is far from being calm and reserved. She is sexually open and doesn't mind experiments. This woman is not afraid to express her desire vividly and be wholly understood by her special one.

The sexuality of a Taurus woman is wild, but do not rush - she will not be in bed with the first person she meets. She needs a romantic atmosphere and rose petals in the bathroom. This girl hates primitive sex. She is very sensual, artistic in intimate relationships, which gives her partner all the wealth of possible pleasures. The main point for her is emotions and feelings: she is ready to give any kind of it and will be glad to receive everything in return.

A Taurus woman in bed gives preference to caresses and long foreplay. She is demanding to her lover. A man will never regret that he was in bed with such a girl - a bunch of different feelings are coming to him.

A perfect date for Taurus

A perfect date for Taurus

An ideal date: how does a Taurus girl imagine it? For many men, this question remains unanswered. Today, however, we are going to dot the i's and cross the t's together.

The first thing you need to know - a Taurus dislikes noise and fuss. She prefers peace and solitude. For such a girl, a quiet, cozy place will be perfect for dates; for example, dinner in a good restaurant by candlelight or a movie at home with a blanket and a cup of coffee or tea. She loves to be pampered.

So, if you want to delight a Taurus woman - create a romantic atmosphere, turn the music on, light the candles, buy flowers, order a dinner, make a hot bath. She will be crazy about a man who can offer her something out of the list above.

Taurus woman compatibility: love disasters & matches

Now it is time to talk about Taurus woman compatibility with representatives of other zodiac signs. So, who has the best chances for success and relationships with whom could be described as a complete love disaster? Place your bets.

The best match for Taurus woman would definitely be the sign of Earth element: Virgo or Capricorn. In such a union, above all, both partners will appreciate each other's reliability. They will also inspire one another and achieve a lot together. Such a relationship, in general, promises to be calm and romantic. Thanks to shared interests and a similar outlook on life: absolute comfort, understanding, and, literally, idyll - can be achieved effortlessly.

In alliance with the representative of the Water element - such as Scorpio, a Taurus girl will feel like a goddess. Opposites attract - a description that exactly matches their pair. The romance of these people is usually filled with new emotions and impressions. By the way, Taurus woman marriage compatibility with a man of this zodiac sign is also high.

The other two Water signs have good compatibility with a Taurus lady too. We are talking about Pisces and Cancer, of course. She is down-to-earth and caring - he is reliable and sensitive; the character traits that attract them to each other can create a long relationship. There is mutual understanding and trust in their union. Although both partners will need to work on themselves pretty hard to avoid constant arguments.

The worst compatibility with a Taurus female have representatives of Fire element - Sagittarius and Aries. They are too different: from temperament to goals in life, which causes frequent disagreements. These people can't appreciate each other's advantages. Aries will constantly keep everything under control, while Sagittarius is too energetic and hot-tempered - the poor Taurus girl will be under pressure all the time.

Taurus woman love compatibility with another Taurus is also high. Steady and calm - it's the best description for their union. Mutual understanding without saying a word and the same goals in life, what could make a better fundament for a committed relationship and marriage? They are two kindred spirits with a perfect future. Both of them are dreaming of security and comfort. They will become good friends and lovers for each other.

Zodiac signs Marriage Love
Taurus woman and Aries man Low Low
Taurus woman and Taurus man High High
Taurus woman and Gemini man Medium Low
Taurus woman and Cancer man High High
Taurus woman and Leo man Medium Low
Taurus woman and Virgo man High High
Taurus woman and Libra man Low Medium
Taurus woman and Scorpio man High High
Taurus woman and Sagittarius man Low Low
Taurus woman and Capricorn man High High
Taurus woman and Aquarius man Low Low
Taurus woman and Pisces man High High
Taurus woman compatibility: love disasters & matches

Wow, it was like really a lot of useful information in this article, wasn't it? In conclusion, to help you to settle all the new things you now know, we've prepared some essential facts about Taurus woman you should always keep in mind:

  • Taurus girl is very sensual. She loves massage, hot baths, romantic music, and chocolate.
  • Woman of this star sign is loyal, never thinks of cheating on her man. She respects personal boundaries and does not cross them.
  • The atmosphere and comfort are significant to her. Everything should be fine: people, food, place. She's a lady – a Miss Perfect.
  • Taurus lady loves to stay home but will never refuse to visit new countries. Of course, this is not about hiking or skydiving. Her dream vacation is mewhere in warm countries, with an all-inclusive hotel program.
  • Beautiful Taurus woman dresses with care. This girl is always dressed to the nines; you will never find her in an old T-shirt, even at home.
  • This female has a stubborn character. However, you shouldn't see it as a negative trait. Because whatever she does - mission is possible.
  • Family ties are valuable to her. She is the one who will call you every day, write a million messages, only to find out how you feel.
  • Taurus women are communicative, sincere, always ready to help and listen. A lover and a good friend all rolled into one.

Taurus woman dating FAQ:

How to date a Taurus woman?

The theme of relationships has always been and will be one of the most difficult. For a perfect union, attraction alone is not always enough. An important detail that enables lovebirds to have a happy life together is the similarity of the characters. What does it mean in the context of zodiac signs?
Dating a Taurus woman will be both easy and complicated at the same time. She is a little secretive, restrains emotions - sometimes, it is difficult for a man to understand her. That is where the likenesses of the characters should help.
However, even the opposites have chances for success. To avoid misunderstandings, in this case, you should completely trust your girlfriend and give her care and attention. In return, she will grant you all her openness and positivity. The Taurus girl is very romantic: you will receive precisely as much attention and warmth as you give her. The main rule: you two are equal.

What makes a Taurus woman jealous?

When it comes to jealousy, a Taurus girl is the first in the rating. This emotion manifests itself not only regarding a partner in a relationship but also towards friends. A Taurus lady will not make a scene or have a loud quarrel: no, quite the opposite. She will watch the run of the events and begin to neglect the object of jealousy if he or she does anything wrong.
So, what exactly can make a Taurus jealous?

  • She is very attentive and has good intuition. A lady of this star sign will quickly notice if you look at other girls or make compliments to them. It might be your neighbor or a colleague at work - doesn't matter. Only your chosen one deserves hearing such words. Otherwise, she will see it as flirting.
  • A Taurus woman is very suspicious and constantly tries to control her man. So, for example, avoid staying late at work. If you are getting late, please let her know and explain why. Skipped phone calls and ignored messages will give her reasons to doubt you. Just bear in mind: the excuses that you were very busy will not help.
  • If you have problems - don't try to cover up them from your loved one. As soon as the Taurus notices a change in her boyfriend's behavior and he doesn't tell her anything, this is a sign that he has something to hide. Be aware: she can watch your social media profile to know where you are and who is nearby. Of course, this girl will not immediately talk about her suspicions and sort things out as soon as you come home.

How do you tell if a Taurus woman likes you?

When a Taurus girl is attracted to you, she tries to demonstrate her advantages in every possible way. This female is well aware of her strengths and weaknesses. The main signs that confirm a Taurus woman is in love are:

  • She tries to surround you with care and attention;
  • She tries to be closer to you every time she sees you;
  • She can't resist the temptation to make a love confession.

Learn these three signs a Taurus woman likes you - don't lose a chance to win her heart.

Can you trust a Taurus woman?

Trusting a Taurus girl is worth it! This lady knows how to listen and keeps her mouth shut. She will never lie, betray or manipulate the information she has. A Taurus woman is a loyal, trustworthy friend and companion in life. A relationship with her should start with complete trust.

Are Taurus women controlling?

Representatives of this sign can try to control a man only if:

  • she has doubts about her partner's feelings;
  • she is jealous;
  • she has noticed changes in his behavior.

Otherwise, this girl does not control her lover in any sphere of life. She expects the same attitude from the chosen one too. Try not to give her a reason to doubt you, and she will never want to take your freedom away.

How does a Taurus woman act when in love?

Falling in love, a Taurus girl, as a rule, dissolves in her partner. At this phase, she is characterized by: dedication, fidelity, patience, sensuality, and calmness.
She will never cheat or make you jealous. A Taurus woman usually shows patience. However, sometimes she takes the initiative. What else?

  • She behaves like a coquette when you are together. She laughs at any of your jokes, even if it is not really hilarious;
  • A Taurus female surrounds you with her attention and care and is not afraid to seem annoying;
  • All her spare time is given only to you.

Is it bad for a Taurus to date a Taurus?

The best sign for a Taurus woman is, of course, a Taurus man. As soon as these people meet, they immediately realize two kindred souls have found each other. They are like two halves of a whole because of common interests, hobbies, the same view of the world, and an approach to certain things. When speaking about Tauruses, astrology thinks that a fantastic future awaits this couple. From friendship to happy family life - they were made for each other.
It may seem that this couple is boring, but this is not true since they both strive for coziness and comfort. This couple loves to spend all their free time at home, chilling in a romantic atmosphere. They respect and understand each other.
Two Tauruses are perfectly compatible in sexual matters. Intimate life is bright and varied by them; sex is long and sensual. Seducing a Taurus woman is a great pleasure too. She plays with her man, burns with desire, and wants more and more.
The only drawback of such a pair is slowness and passivity. When a certain level in relationships, in life, at work has reached, they no longer want to change anything. If disagreements appear, neither a man nor a woman will give in because both are stubborn and want to substantiate. Therefore it will be hard to find a compromise.
As for material wealth, both will try to support each other as much as possible and live a life full of luxury as they dreamed.

Are Taurus good kissers?

A Taurus girl is very fond of kissing and knows how to do it well. But such a woman will never do this with a stranger - that’s why she is unlikely to have spontaneous affairs. A Taurus considers caressing perfect foreplay and kisses only those with whom she wants more.
A representative of this zodiac sign in relationships prefers long, gentle and passionate kisses. Also, this girl loves when a man slightly bites her lip.

Are Taurus good at flirting?

A Taurus girl doesn’t flirt at all. That is to say, flirting for the sake of flirting is not her strong point. Of course, she loves attention, but this woman is not eager to play love games with a stranger at the disco. So how, then, does she choose a man? Woah, it's a pretty simple question. A Taurus girl responds to the flirt. When a man takes the initiative - this lady either gives a reason to continue or immediately rejects him.
As a rule, her flirting strategy is straightforward. If a girl of this zodiac sign likes a man, then she will be open in her feelings. She will make it clear what a man can count on later. Be sure if a Taurus female takes steps towards you - then your chances for success are really high.

Does Taurus fall in love fast?

Taurus girl is eager to find a partner to spend the rest of her life with. For such a woman, mutual respect and confidence are playing a significant role in a relationship. She is not one of those who will have an affair with a man who used to have many heartbroken girls behind.
This girl is a hopeless romantic and wants to fall in love once and for all. Can you imagine? - such girls do exist even nowadays.
She falls in love fast, but everything should be in stages. A Taurus does not like to rush, this girl thinks first of all with her head, and only then she lets her heart guide.
She believes in love at first sight. With her, you can finally find out what “love you to the moon and back“ means.

Does Taurus go back to her exes?

Everyone already knows that no relationship is perfect. There are often disagreements, quarrels, and just minor conflicts. Let us discuss whether a Taurus girl can forgive all insults and return to the offender, then.
If you are wondering whether it is possible to get back a Taurus lady after breaking up with her. Then the answer is obvious: no, no, and once again - no. Firstly, this woman is very patient. She doesn't say goodbye without trying to save the relationship. Secondly, she is very stubborn and proud and does not give anyone a second chance. Such a girl doesn't suffer when the romance is over - he does not deserve a single drop of her tears, she thinks.
Once she decides to build new relationships, she never remembers the past and the man she loved before. A Taurus never compares her new boyfriend with the ex. She is faithful to only one man and never regrets the changes.

Who should a Taurus marry?

As we already know, a Taurus girl chooses a partner once and for all. One-night stands and affairs are not for her. So, let us clarify which sign is the best match for marriage for a Taurus woman:

  • Earth element - Virgo. Representatives of the same element will be perfect matches for each other. A Taurus girl will see the prospects for the future and find in the Virgo man qualities that she respects. Relationships, in this case, develop lightly and calmly; in the end, these two usually create a happy family.
  • The element of Water - Cancer. The perfect match for a Taurus woman is a Cancer man. These people don't like to demonstrate their temper, argue little, and never compete for leadership in a romance. They can build a long-term relationship filled with understanding and care.
  • Element of Earth - Capricorn. An ideal couple for starting a family. Such partners have a lot in common: the same goals, desires, and hobbies. They always act together, do not strive for leadership; for the sake of happiness, the couple is ready to control their emotions. Disagreements between them appear pretty rare.

A Taurus woman is a mystery. Sometimes it is so hard to figure out what she wants. And it seems not easier than to learn the most difficult language in the world. Understanding a Taurus woman may take time. But it's definitely worth trying. Trust us: the best years are just those you will spend with this caring, romantic, and loyal partner.

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