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The truth about relationships with black-haired women

Did you know that, according to statistics, the vast majority of the world's population has dark locks? It means boys and girls with black hair don't belong to any specific race or nationality - they could be found around the globe. Is that to say black-haired people run the world? Hell yes!

Most often, those with jet black hair have amber, hazel, or gray eyes. Together with the blue eyes, however, it creates a unique kind of natural beauty. It's not a secret - among the most attractive and courageous women of the past and present, there are many dark-haired ones: Cleopatra, Audrey Hepburn, Kim Kardashian…

The truth about relationships with black-haired women

But what about the character? What do gentlemen, who nowadays do not really dream of blondes anymore but choose these "femme fatale" instead, need to know?

It is believed that such females are intelligent, thoughtful, and have a pretty rational temperament. Although they are characterized by burning passion and sensualism. Are you already excited to know more? Then use this article as a pocket encyclopedia! Since each tip is based on expert knowledge. With our help, you will get answers to all your questions.

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Why do men love black-haired women?

One could say: it doesn't really matter whether your girlfriend is blonde, ginger, or black-haired - her personality is significant. Actually, there is some truth to that. On the other hand: experts, in fact, find certain aspects that are directly linked to the girl's hair color. So which advantages do all guys who date ladies with dark hair enjoy? Why do so many men prefer them? Well, there are at least five reasons for it.

Why do men love black-haired women?

Reason #1. Pretty girls with black hair look equally good with and without make-up.

We don't want to offend all light-haired females, but they do look different without mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lipgloss. So, in some cases, blondes and gingers look somewhat unrecognizable early in the morning. Fortunately, this is never the case for black-haired ladies. Since their eyelashes and eyebrows belong to the expressive facial features themselves - too much make-up is not definitely needed. Simply said, having such a girlfriend means enjoying her gorgeousness 24 hours/7 days a week.

Reason #2. Black-haired women are trustworthy.

According to the recent research conducted by the University of London, men think that black-haired women are the most reliable partners. For this reason, they often marry ladies with this hair shade. At the same time, blondes are often considered too easy-going and light-minded.

By the way, even millionaires prefer those with dark hair! More than 65% of powerful males of our time are in a couple with such a woman. Fair-haired females adore only 24% of them.

Reason #3. This appearance type automatically implies better health, both mental and physical.

No, it's not only our assumption - scientists proved this theory a long time ago. It is, in fact, so that dark-haired ladies are more resistant to various kinds of diseases and allergies. They are generally resilient, rarely experience mood swings, depressions, and melancholy. When it comes to the daily routine, women with black hair are pretty flexible, polite, and concentrate on solving issues instead of talking about them.

Reason #4. Black-haired girls seem more serious.

Black-haired girls seem more serious

While fair-haired females are often associated with playfulness and one-night stands, those with dark hair - with seriousness, cleverness, and committed relationships. Their earnestness is a significant part of the life attitude such women represent.

When you start thinking about it, even in movies, black-haired girls are smart and super motivated. They definitely have the gift of gab! Still, personal privacy is highly respected by them. You, therefore, should never worry about the secrets you reveal to your girlfriend with jet black hair.

Reason #5. A person you will be fascinated to be in a couple with.

When dating a black-haired girl, be prepared to feel constantly fascinated by her outstanding personality. It might even seem all her ideas and plans become a reality very soon! But it doesn't happen because of a happy coincidence - it is all because of a woman's hard work.

Statistics have something to say in this regard too. For example, ladies with dark locks are much more likely to become leaders. Namely, 85% of female executives in the world have hair of this shade.

Stereotypes about black-haired women

Stereotypes about black-haired women

Everyone knows stereotypes about blondes. Even today, in the 21st century, it's hard to sort things out and understand: what is truth and what is only someone's fantasy. It might seem, black-haired females can relax and enjoy the fact that those with fair hair suffer from various cliches most of all. No such luck, though. There are plenty of accepted ideas about dark-haired females too! Let's consider the most widespread of them.

Black-haired women are representatives of southern nations.

The first stereotype is connected with the origins of girls with dark hair. For some reason, it is believed they must be southerners. Of course, this is not entirely true. It is, however, clear that in the Middle East - just like African countries - the overwhelming majority of females had and have black hair. By the way, in Europe, there are lots of them too.

Ladies with dark hair are passionate and even aggressive.

The second cliche concerns the black-haired women's character traits. People often think: they must be passionate, uncontrollable, jealous, vindictive, tricky, and aggressive. As you can see, these are the qualities men often feel captivated by and, at the same time, afraid of. Although, if you search for the facts and real examples, then, of course, this statement could be easily disproved. Except for natural talent in seducing guys - it is really so. In addition, all these characteristics can be safely attributed to both blondes and gingers.

Dark-haired girls age much faster.

It is widely believed that ladies with black locks age faster than blondes. But is there indeed any difference? Well, yes and no. Scientists say that dark-haired females turn gray more slowly. Since it takes much longer for the silver pigment to fight the black one. Still, the general result depends on each person. Because her lifestyle, nutrition, and genetic predisposition are significant in this respect - not the hair color itself.

Black-haired women in relationships and love

Black-haired women in relationships and love

Hot black-haired women are often called femme fatale because of their strong-willed character. It is also believed, beauties with alluring dark hair are always in the spotlight. Maybe, for this reason, some men wrongly think such ladies are not capable of committed relationships. Parapsychologists, however, have a slightly different opinion. Just read further to find out men of which hair color are the most compatible with these girls.

Since dark-haired hotties have powerful inner energy and gladly take charge of their own destiny, they don't want to connect their lives with control freaks. Even less willingly, with those who are cunning and capable of deceiving. Therefore, ladies with black hair are definitely not interested in blonde men. Actually, experts warn such girls from falling in love with guys with golden curls. Even if, at first glance, it seems blondes are calm and dreamy, their energy is tended towards the opposite poles with black-haired girls. And, in this case, opposites, unfortunately, do not attract.

Although, when talking about energy, gingers are perfect lovers for women with dark hair. As partners in a short romance, they both are passionate and emotional. But building a long-term relationship with guys with fiery hair won't be an easy task. Dark-haired girls simply can't withstand the constant challenges such men bring. Together with their hot temper, it doesn't promise any good future.

Somewhat better, but still a little tense relationship black-haired females can experience with males of the same hair color. A similar temperament and explosive energy bursting out every now and then - are what unites such couples. Could these matters keep them together forever? It's a pretty complicated question, and the answer is highly individual.

Dating black-haired women might be a great idea for all men with brown hair. By complementing each other with their charisma, such couples have a chance to build a long and strong relationship. These guys are pretty calm, but they can still support any undertaking of their lovely femme fatale. This will additionally charge the brunette with motivation, by the way. In addition, such partners are more often sincere, open and respectful towards each other. Isn't that a perfect fundament for a lasting union?

Find your black-haired girl with us

Find your black-haired girl with us

Isn't it enough just to dream about finding your soulmate? Isn't it a perfect time to start doing something? We, for our part, are willing to do everything possible to help you!

We are - an international dating platform and one of the leaders of the industry. And we have a lot to offer to singles from all over the world! Due to the fact among our members are many beauties with jet black hair - your chances to achieve happiness with one of them are extremely high. By the way, you, as a foreigner, can get access to their profiles absolutely for free. As well as enjoy many other dating opportunities without buying a subscription.

Russian black-haired girls

Russia, as a rule, is associated with girls with fair hair, eyes, and skin tone. Still, like anywhere in the world, you can meet dark-haired ladies there too. Moreover, for certain territories of Russia, this appearance type is the most commonly seen one. For example, the North Caucasus. In which regions of Russia can you look for sexy black-haired women, then? Above all, in North Ossetia, Ingushetia, Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria, and the Republic of Dagestan. Also, don't forget about Krasnodar Krai and its most famous city, Sochi.

Ukrainian black-haired girls

Ukrainian black-haired girls

Of course, is not a typical black-haired dating site. We, however, have plenty of female members with this hair color. Not surprisingly, but many of them come from Ukraine. Historically, this kind of appearance is pretty standard for women from this country. We, therefore, can't say you need to choose certain regions of it for your search for a princess with dark hair. But when you have no idea where to start with - choose its capital - Kyiv.

How to start chatting with a pretty girl with black hair?

A black-haired woman rarely starts an online conversation with a man herself. She wants you to act like a gentleman - therefore, make the first step. You shouldn't forget that the simple sentences you send - create the initial impression. So do not begin your chat with clichés like, "Hello, how are you?" After all, such messages give the feeling you write them to thousands of ladies. A good idea is to start with an honest, personal compliment. It might be based on a video posted in her profile, for example. Common interests, if there are any, are a perfect basis for communication beginning.

What not to start a conversation with:

  • Even if you are looking for a girl for online fun or casual dating, it doesn't mean you should begin a chat with vulgar jokes. Especially prohibited are intimate details about your life and too private pictures.
  • You do not need to use lyrics of famous songs to catch the attention of a black-haired woman. Not in case you have written it by yourself as well. Having received such a message, the lady will decide you don't care about her and just copy and paste the text.
  • Do not try to write funny stories you have heard somewhere after a short dialogue. Everyone has a different sense of humor, and your dark-haired conversationalist may not like a joke. Furthermore: it might be offensive from her point of view.
  • Do not start messaging such a woman with lies and boasting. Writing something like "I'm in Paris now: look at the Eiffel Tower and drink wine. And what are you doing?" is definitely a bad idea. Especially if you're sitting in your parent's house and don't know how to pay all the bills you have. It's not possible to begin a committed relationship with tales that have nothing to do with reality. A lady with black hair would never forgive it.
  • Do you remember these females are intelligent? Watch your grammar, then. You can check the spelling on the Internet for free. Yes, you might be a very interesting erudite interlocutor. But before a woman understands this, she needs to go through all the mistakes you make. Even if your woman is a foreigner - just don't do this.
  • The main thing to remember is that you do not need to be afraid to be yourself. On the other hand, you must definitely respect other people's principles and personal boundaries. Then you can avoid unnecessary acquaintances, empty dates, and long conversations without meetings.

How to date girls with black hair?

How to date girls with black hair?

You already know that black-haired women dating has its undeniable advantages. Each one of them is a so-called femme fatale - that means you better be ready for what is expecting you. Such a girl's love can burn you with its fiery intensity. If you want to be happy with your dark-haired beauty, here's a list of things to keep in mind. Take these tips as a kind of sunscreen. With their help, you can create a union with this female and not get burned.

Step #1. Don't even try to impress her.

Well, you can, of course, try it. But a female with black hair values intelligent, talented men who are hundred percent honest. Such as she is, by the way. Therefore, she immediately notices falseness and would not want to connect her life with a liar.

So what you need to do is stop worrying. Just be yourself when dealing with a girl with black locks. If she has made you her boyfriend and lover, then she loves you, despite all your imperfections.

Step #2. Give her as much independence as you can.

This tip could be reformulated: don't try to control her. Calm yourself down - a dark-haired lady won't ever try to dominate over you. In fact, she usually tries to work out the plan of achieving and maintaining the perfect balance of power in a relationship.

Sure, you have the right to your opinion. But if you want to convince the girlfriend of this hair color of something, know that you can only ensure victory with strong arguments.

Step #3. Never make her feel jealous.

Girls with black hair are generally loyal. If one of them has chosen you, it means up from this point you can finally relax and enjoy a cheating-free relationship. She will follow you wherever you go, supporting you in all understandings. Moreover, there is no way such a lady would even look at another man! She doesn't have doubts about her choice - it's just impossible.

There is, however, a standard rule for dating black-haired girls. You don't need to make them jealous. Otherwise, your romance will end very soon.

Step #4. Let her be emotional.

Not sure if that's good or bad, but being in a couple with a black-haired woman involves emotions. To be more specific, passions will always be overflowing.

Such a lady, when crazy in love, is prone to emotional extremes. The low intensity of the feelings you demonstrate can make her depressed and miserable. To avoid arguments, you need to be attentive, keep the fire in the relationship strong. For example, contact her as often as you can: send messages, make video chats if possible. Most likely, you will be the less emotional partner in your couple. But this does not mean that you can afford not to provide all kinds of support you can give.

Step #5. Make her wholly satisfied.

In a relationship with a black-haired girl, you can be sure - you will get the best sex of your life.

Sounds like an overstatement, but it has long been known that females of this hair color are the best lovers a man can ever have. They are not just talented and attentive - they know how to open a whole new world of sex for you! If one of them chooses you, you will experience the pleasure that has never been in your life before!

You, however, need to turn on all your creativity and fantasy to make your girlfriend satisfied. Don't be shy to use the Internet or books - she will appreciate your efforts.

Relationships with black-haired women FAQ

Relationships with black-haired women FAQ

Why are black-haired girls so beautiful?

Movies, social networks, even in your favorite shampoo's commercial is a black-haired model! No wonder: the beauty of these ladies is simply unparalleled. Scientists and psychologists have tried hard to solve the mystery of their gorgeousness, and the answer is still uncertain. Some of the experts find that dark hair with its natural shine is associated with health. It means men are motivated by instincts when they think they are captivated by these women. While the others simply consider it's a matter of taste, and, therefore, there mustn't be any explanations. You can choose the theory that you like more - your happiness is the point.

Why does everyone want to have black hair?

Once again, there is no accurate answer to this question. We, however, can share with you our explanation for it.
In our opinion, it lies in the intensity of facial traits a person with dark hair automatically has. You must agree, there is a huge difference when you see a girl with black hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes compared to the blonde or ginger one. Such appearance is more captivating, and people like to be noticed. That's why they change their hair color to black one.

Why is black hair the beauty standard?

When you look at a girl with long black hair, you immediately get fascinated by her charm. But what is the reason for it - no one is sure. Some assume that it has something to do with the fact the majority of famous beauty contest winners have dark locks. How can we argue with the professional jury, then?

>Can I invite a pretty black-haired woman to my country?

Can I invite a pretty black-haired woman to my country?

People use the Internet to meet their future spouses every day. International dating websites allow singles not to limit their search area to their city or even homeland. So, sooner or later, everyone who finds love abroad decides to meet the online girlfriend in person. If this is the case for you - don't worry, you can invite your black-haired woman to your country. It is, however, advisable to check the requirement for entry before buying her tickets. Never forget: the conditions change from country to country. And keep in mind the Corona restrictions, of course.

Why do guys find black hair attractive?

There is nothing in life that is generally attractive since it is always about taste. You don't need to ask why (if you are fond of black-haired ladies) - just find yourself one and be finally happy. After all, fans of other hair colors don't require any explanation for their feelings.

What is it like to date a black-haired girl?

If a lady with black hair is your soulmate - you can call yourself lucky. Such a girl is not only gorgeous and intelligent - she is also loyal and supportive. Together with her inborn excellent lover skills - a better partner for life couldn't be imagined.

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