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A green-eyed woman dating: what is hidden behind her eye color?

A green-eyed woman dating: what is hidden behind her eye color?

It is worth looking into the eyes of your conversationalist. There are several reasons for this. The first one is quite obvious - visual contact is essential if you want to win the counterpart’s trust. The second one - has a deeper meaning. Physiognomists say: the color of a person’s eyes can help you to learn more about him and his character without even asking questions! When talking about the affairs of love - such knowledge might also appear pretty useful. Just think about it: the more you know about your girlfriend, the easier it becomes to avoid all possible misunderstandings!

Today we would like to focus our attention on the rarest eye color. According to scientists, only 2% of all the inhabitants of our planet have it. Have you already guessed what we are talking about? Exactly: our article is about beautiful women with green eyes. It’s time for you to find out all their secrets and get a comprehensive guide on relationships with them. All right, enough talking - let us better begin.

By their nature, green-eyed people are very kind. Their ability to give love and expect nothing in return is simply incredible. However, it happens sometimes that due to life’s troubles - they close themselves to the world (as if this is the cause of their pain).

Men and women with emerald eyes are also reliable. They are perfectly able to listen and support everyone important to them. Furthermore: such people may seem a bit discreet - all because of their inborn tact. However, underneath the mask of an insensitive pedant is hidden a really vulnerable and gentle soul.

More often than not, green-eyes are wealthy and hold leadership positions. No magic, that’s the way things are. Still, our society generally perpetuates the stereotype that emerald-eyed people have supernatural powers.

But when you see ladies with green eyes, it becomes clear they were considered witches for a reason. Only a few men could resist their natural beauty and charisma. At the same time, they have no intention to waste themselves for nothing. And, therefore, each one of them carefully chooses the person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. A green-eyed girl, as a rule, makes a great wife and mother. However, you need to work hard to keep her interested even after many years of marriage.

Wait a minute, why do you need this much effort to remain in a relationship with such a female? What makes her so desirable? Be patient - the five main reasons are placed just below in this text.

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Why do men love women with green eyes?

Why do men love women with green eyes?

Reason 1. Their calmness

It’s no secret that emotionalism can destroy even the strongest bond between man and woman. Tears for no reason, hysterics, outbursts of anger, just like other manifestations of an over-sensitive character - cause only awkwardness and confusion. In fact, seeing such an attitude from the girlfriend’s side, it becomes hard to consider a long-term relationship with her.

On the other hand, calmness and self-restraint are huge advantages. And all green-eyed girls know it for sure. They prefer to calm down much longer before all plates from the cupboard are broken and continue the conversation when passions subside.

Reason 2. Their tactfulness

A sense of tact is one of those qualities that men attach particular value to, especially when searching for a future wife.

Understanding personal boundaries, awareness of what is permissible in communication with certain people and what is not - such features have every pretty green-eyes girl. The natural talent to remain silent when it wanted and never overdoing with questions also belongs to this lady’s character traits. Such an approach usually brings peace and harmony to a romance. Evidently: getting married to a green-eyed female, you will never need couple therapy.

Reason 3. Their originality

Well, as you already know, ladies with green eyes can have great career prospects. Their creativity, liveliness, ability to think outside the box make it very easy. On the other hand - there is no chance such bright personalities suffer from loneliness. A large number of admirers just waiting for one tiny sign of their sympathy.

However, for an average emerald-eyed woman, life doesn’t end at work. Her leisure time activities are not less exciting. Just ask, and she will tell you thousands of fascinating stories about her recent trips to Northern Europe or volunteer experience in Africa. You will also be fond of this girl’s cooking skills or ability to masterfully play the violin. She is a real treasure, and it is an honor to be her beloved one.

Reason 4. Their neatness

A quality such as neatness, in this case, means pretty girls with green eyes know how to take care of themselves: look well-groomed, tidy, and elegant. At the same time, the way they create comfort and order in the house - deserves special mention here. Without any doubt: green-eyed ladies, even though they are not a typical homemaker type, can manage all issues related to the household in the snap of a finger.

Still, it’s crucial to notice that their neatness doesn’t go to extremes. So you won’t be seeing any of them cleaning your bathroom every evening with the maniac gleam in her eyes.

Reason 5. Their pursuit of self-understanding

As usual, green-eyed females have a continuous longing for self-discovery. It’s about opening new horizons and gaining deep knowledge of many life aspects. These ladies clearly see the difference between following their own desires and playing by the rules imposed by society.

You have to admit, it is a very captivating way of thinking. Since, nowadays, spiritual depth is not important for the majority of people, the behavior of these women becomes a worthy cause for admiration.

Women with green eyes in relationships & love

Women with green eyes in relationships & love

Generally, emerald-eyed people are distinguished by their craving for love. Actually, their desire to give this feeling unsparingly is much greater than the need to be loved.

As you might have already understood, relationships based on financial benefits are never the case for men and women with green eyes. At the same time, they are not ready to make even a small compromise with themselves. And, in fact, can wait as long as necessary for a true soulmate.

However, it is worth examining the compatibility of green-eyes girls with men in the context of their eye color.

Let’s start with cold-eyed (blue, gray) men and green-eyed women compatibility. First of all, it should be admitted that such couples, as usual, are pretty successful. A partner with light eyes can without difficulty understand what his girlfriend with emerald eyes wants. Also, he effortlessly adapts to her view of how the relationship ought to develop. Namely, these particular traits of his character give their romance excellent prospects for the future.

Normally, family life for clear-eyes and the green-eyes union is full of love and passion. However: the wife, in this case, needs to give her husband compassion and support when he feels depressed. Perhaps, at periods of melancholy, she should even take the leading role for their couple. He will definitely be grateful for it.

And what about the brown-eyed men? Well, such couples usually have a fairly high chance to live happily ever after too. Someone can even call a partner with dark eyes a real find for a green-eyed woman!

Due to the fact brown eyes are easy to offend, an emerald-eyed lady should not go too far in her requirements. Still, if she learns to control her temper - this man turns out to be really caring and loyal.

When these people marry, they both mainly consider themselves lucky. A brown-eyed husband is a great family man. He loves children and strives to provide his family with every little thing they need. In fact, the more kids these lovebirds have, the stronger their relationship becomes.

In love with men who have the same eye color, things aren’t as clear-cut as in previous cases. It all depends on the initial impression, though.

If these two attract each other from the very beginning and, with time, get accustomed to dealing with mutual expectations - it’s fantastic. That is to say, their romance can grow into something long-lasting.

On the other hand, if after a few dates, any of them notices something that doesn’t suit or annoys in a potential partner - then this cannot be changed. The dissatisfaction will only increase as time goes on.

So, in case you have emerald eyes yourself - keep in mind that a committed relationship with such a girl is possible solely with full acceptance of each other. Therefore, before seducing a green-eyed woman - think twice and make sure you are ready to do everything possible to find common ground with her.

Find your girl with green eyes with us

Find your girl with green eyes with us

Only a few decades ago, according to statistics, the majority of people were looking for love using the help of friends or relatives. A completely different result shows the recent study conducted by the University of Wales. This research states: today, singles prefer the Internet for the search for a dream partner. In the past five years, one in three couples has found each other online. The Corona crisis intensifies this trend even more.

So why don’t you want to join the love seekers from all over the world and try your luck in international dating? Privacy guaranteed!

On, you can meet the most gorgeous ladies from Eastern Europe. By the way, if you are sure your ideal woman has green eyes - just by clicking a few buttons of our advanced search system, you are able to filter out the profiles of those members that match your expectations.

Ukrainian women with green eyes

Ukrainians, based on their facial features, historically, belong to the Southerners. Have you ever watched movies with the famous Hollywood actress Mila Kunis? This cutie was born in Chernivtsi and is a good example of typical for this part of Ukraine appearance. Moreover: women in this country can boast about the rarest shade of green eyes - emerald mixed with hazel.

Russian women with green eyes

Russians, on the contrary, belong to the classic Nordic beauty type. However, due to the diverse racial makeup of this country, most of the green-eyed people live in the Northern and Central regions of it. There you can find truly outstanding ladies and finally stop asking yourself the question, “Why are blond hair and green eyes attractive.“

How to date a woman with green eyes?

How to date a woman with green eyes?

There are a lot of factors that have an impact on the relationship between man and woman. Especially when we are talking about a beautiful girl with green eyes.

At the very beginning of the romance, everything seems light and breezy. But over the years, the initial excitement begins to weaken. This might be caused by many issues, such as misunderstandings, exhaustion, and boredom.

Although, it doesn’t have to play out the same way for you and your emerald-eyed lady. If you carefully read the advice placed later in the text - you will find out how to become a happy couple and live together in harmony. Besides, each tip is built on expert opinion.

1. Openness

The very first rule you need to follow when entering into a relationship with a green-eyes - be always honest with her. Open up your soul to your woman: try to share even the silliest thoughts, worries, and doubts; talk about your innermost fears. Also, don’t be afraid to let your beloved one know the causes of your concern. She, in return, will give you all her care and support. But when your girlfriend with green eyes would need it - let her vet too.

Remember: hiding problems doesn’t help - rather, it brings even more troubles. In particular, in love matters.

2. Soulfulness

Even if you are a foreigner and it’s not a part of your culture or natural behavior - try to show your fondness whenever possible. This is essential for green-eyed girls.

You can start with words of appreciation, so your girlfriend would know how much you value her. Apropos appreciation: compliments and other romantic gestures will never hurt.

In simple terms: a green-eyes wants to feel special near her man - give it to her. And she will do her best to make you the happiest man in the world.

3. Respect

It’s absolutely impossible to build a committed relationship without mutual respect. So if you want your love with an emerald-eyed female to echo throughout the ages - ask your woman’s opinion when making important decisions. Listen carefully to what she says and don’t become rude, even if you disagree with her views.

Of course, quarrels are a natural part of a relationship. However, arguing doesn’t mean that you need to start being nasty, insulting your girlfriend with green eyes, or her family members. Bear in mind: these words will stay forever in her memory.

4. Freedom

You shouldn’t try to limit your green-eyed girl. On the other hand: attempts to force her to do what you want can’t bring anything good. Everyone has the right to have a bit of personal space, a few hours all alone. That helps to achieve mental balance.

Therefore, if your partner says that she needs to work late, meet friends, or just have a Saturday evening for her hobby - don’t try to spoil the fun with your sudden appearance or video call. Such behavior will make a fool out of you and enrage your lady with emerald eyes.

5. Trust

Never let jealousy cover your eyes - it’s crucial for a green-eyed woman dating. Behaving like this, you demonstrate your fear of being lonely, just like the lack of self-confidence.

Mistrust destroys romance, so by no means try to connect this feeling and true love.

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