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Characteristics of a Sagittarius woman (or Who Sagittarius Women Are?)

Characteristics of a Sagittarius woman (or Who Sagittarius Women Are?)

Today we want to talk about delightful Sagittarius girls and their element - Fire!

Positive Sagittarius woman traits include determination, ambitiousness, talkativeness, cheerfulness, and attractiveness. Their optimism, courage, vitality, and active life position make a great example for other zodiac signs.

The dark side of Sagittarius woman is her impatience, willingness to command, superficiality, stubbornness. Sometimes she appears to be quick-tempered and conflicting.

Generally, astrologists distinguish two character types of women whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

The first one represents ladies with energetic and lively nature. They are emotional and a little dreamy; their attitude inspires all people around them. It is easy and exciting to communicate with the Sagittarius of the first type. The light shines from their eyes, and all emotions are sincere. Their character is balanced: there is no tendency to depression.

The Sagittarius of the second type are naturally-born queens, characterized by their extravagance and grace. They usually live a bohemian lifestyle, roaming around theatres and bars and choosing only well-read and intelligent people as a company, preferring chats about art and science.

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, guides Sagittarius. Even though people of this zodiac sign are born on the shortest and the coldest days of the year, they have a very fiery temperament. Perhaps the reason for it is the burning mix created by the Jupiter energy and their element's power.

Sagittarius ladies, according to the horoscope, are aggressive enthusiasts. Each one of them, like the bravest hero of the Marvel Universe, stands on the side of good. She is always ready to fight evil, turn wrong into right, or just help the girl scout troop to sell cookies. Her straightforwardness is captivating and can leave no one indifferent.

As stated by astrology, Sagittarius females, thanks to their self-confidence, are always ready to climb to new heights. By nature, from childhood, the qualities of a leader are inherent to all of them. As a typical representative of the fire sign, such a girl strives to be "higher, faster and stronger" following the Olympic concept.

Sagittarius is independent and decisive but rarely allows herself to take advantage of the influence she has on other people. Freedom from prejudice and fairness are essential parts of her communication style.

The Sagittarius lady expresses herself openly: speaks only the way she thinks. Often her statements are offensive and even demeaning. Some people find the representatives of this sign rude and soulless since their phrases can hurt. This is all because of Sagittarius' thirst for sincerity. Moreover: girls of this fire sign require such openness from others, not tolerating deceitful behavior. Entering into relationships, these women need to learn how to communicate with loved ones and choose the words carefully.

You might not always like what she says if your girlfriend is Sagittarius. It's quite okay if some of her remarks will make your hair curl. However, after noticing your reaction, she will immediately try to prettify her bad behavior and take away your anger with a funny joke or a kiss. It's pretty normal for Sagittarius to search for excuses instead of pleading guilty.

After all, not everyone wants to hear the ugly truth. For many of us, flattery is much more pleasant. Therefore, if you think that illusions are better than sincerity - better look for your love among representatives of other zodiac signs. Sagittarius's words and deeds are in full accordance with her thoughts and feelings, and this approach will never change. Breaking up, don't expect your ex to beat herself up about this. Pride and optimism allow this girl to overcome all disasters and confidently get out of even more difficult situations. No matter how bad she feels - you will never know about it because she will gladly joke and laugh, actually, even more than at any other time. But at night, when no one sees, her pillow will be wet with tears. Yes, this Iron Lady can be weak, but not a single soul is permitted to see it.

Characteristics of a Sagittarius woman

You don't want to let this beauty go? Not surprisingly: she is the one you won't forget that easily. As a reward for your patience - the Sagittarius woman will be faithful like no one else. It's a part of her eternal quest for absolute honesty.

In addition, there are some more character traits of Sagittarius you need to be aware of. She has a choleric temperament and, therefore, cannot sit still for a long time. Impatient in small things, this woman has an allergy to long explanations and the process of reflection. Sagittarius girls do before they think. It looks like they are always in a hurry. The major sin of all Sagittarius females is to slap bang in the middle of every mess-around without figuring out what's going on. Can you only imagine how many hilarious stories we would have missed if Sagittarius always thought twice before doing anything? At least a million, we guess.

It often happens that the representatives of this sign grow up quickly and turn into self-sufficient adults just after graduating from high school. Most of them want to leave their families, rarely keeping in touch with their relatives. They, as a rule, don't develop strong family ties. Perhaps, this attitude is based on their excessive love to travel and a lack of willingness to stay home. The Sagittarius are explorers, mountain climbers, and thrill-seekers. They are just as restless, as thirsty for new experiences, and as ready to explore the enchanting stream of life. Each one of them loves to share with everyone who wants to hear what a rich life experience she has. To tell about far-away countries and distant cities; exotic animals and fascinating landscapes. Most of the stories she tells - don't seem to be realistic at all. But be sure - not a single word of her speech is a lie.

The appearance of Sagittarius ladies reflects their desire to be independent, as well as the beauty of their soul. They have warm blood, hot and explosive temper. These girls are very sexy. The Sagittarius woman sextrology, on the other hand, says that they need certain conditions to feel perfectly free with a partner. Spoiler: the ideal compatibility might be achieved with an air sign. There is no fire without it. Water is exactly the opposite, in this case. With earth signs, things aren't that simple. Although, all the nuances of it you can read later in this article.

Sagittarius women are often overly stubborn in defending their position. They are constantly researching something, reading various books, and discussing new aspects of the well-known problems. For such a female, her beliefs are extremely important. However, those convictions may change regularly.

The main negative character trait of Sagittarius is her persistent desire to philosophize: the need to find an explanation for everything. Instead of just enjoying life, being astonished by its surprises and paradoxes, Sagittarius strives to fit every event into her schematic picture of the world. Even the most religious representatives of this zodiac sign, by the way. But no panic: it doesn't last forever, and many Sagittarius can overcome this tendency with time.

The spiritual side of this zodiac sign representative is often manifested in a keen interest in religion, mythology, depth psychology, or the most diverse esoteric and occult forms of knowledge. Sagittarius adores the unknown: mysterious, magical, inexplicable matters of life. Due to her well-developed intuition, she may seem lucky. But if a winning streak is over, then failures follow one after another.

Sagittarius's woman personality exudes enthusiasm. We've got only one life, and we need to make the most of it - that's what she thinks. No time to be depressed simply said. Despite the fact that this lady is likely to have lots of love failures (not least because her independence and thirst for freedom might scare off several little cowards), she will never lose her faith in the bright future. This woman is a hoper and sincerely believes in the fundamental goodness and meaningfulness of this world.

The confidence of a Sagittarius girl is contagious. However, unlike most contagious things, it is not harmful. On the contrary, it serves as an inspiration for other people.

Sagittarius rarely has a bad mood. In those brief moments, she can turn out to be quite sarcastic, though. But Sagittarius does not hold grudges against anyone and forgets the unpleasant moments faster than anyone notices something went wrong. But remember: despondency and pessimism can make her sick. Sagittarius rarely pays attention to tiny issues daily life brings - you can't escape them. After communicating with representatives of this zodiac sign for long enough, you, without being aware of it, will make their philosophical attitude towards life a part of your mindset. And really: some people need to communicate more with Sagittarius to get from them the feeling that the world is big, there are a million opportunities in it, just like interesting people, ideas, and adventures.

Because of Jupiter's influence, the Sagittarius ladies are very sociable. They try to make a positive impression on all the people around them, and love to play the leader's role. These females are incapable of compromise (even with themselves). Lively, friendly, overly active Sagittarius females can move mountains on the way to their assigned tasks.

Are Sagittarius women loyal? Yes, for sure! These girls are devoted wives and girlfriends, attentive to children, which makes them excellent mothers. Women of this sign can't be called typical housewives since, throughout their lives, they remain indifferent to housekeeping. Sagittarius hates cleaning, washing, and other monotonous household chores. Although - she usually tries to keep the house relatively tidy so it would not take much time. And, in the best case, she would have preferred to have a helper.

Are Sagittarius women loyal?

Like we've mentioned before: a Sagittarius woman enjoys life in all its aspects and attempts to make all people around her live in accordance with their desires. When this clever, witty, cheerful, and courageous lady finally starts a family with some lucky one, she appears to be the most delightful partner he hoped to meet. But never try to overprotect your Sagittarius wife since such a woman has a high need for personal freedom. If you break this rule at least once: her willingness to bind herself with oaths of loyalty just like an enthusiastic attitude towards household responsibilities will immediately disappear.

A married Sagittarius girl loves to welcome visitors and entertain guests. She is a party expert: not more and not less. Her kindness, hospitality, and friendliness are so attractive that people feel unusually comfortable in Sagittarius's company.

These females are the ones who know when it's better to stay and when - to leave. Such girls have a heightened sense of timeliness and appropriateness. Because of this, they do not tolerate situations that make them go against their nature. Sagittarius is not seeking to change, only if she has to. In fact, no one knows what she is up to tomorrow: neither friends and relatives nor she.

Intellectual «appetite» and curiosity make Sagittarius women constantly improve her erudition and expand the boundaries of her already wide outlook. She is especially interested in exotic, foreign ways of living and thinking. This curiosity makes representatives of this zodiac sign great teachers. Namely their wisdom and ability to accept others for who they are. Sagittarius gladly helps her students understand why everything in the world works this way and not another and find the hidden meaning in what is going on. She genuinely understands people who are uncomfortable living in a world that they cannot understand and explain.

Striking emotionality - that's the quality of a Sagittarius woman we want to talk about next. Yes, she loves to be in the spotlight. On the other hand, it doesn't mean this girl will try to hide her emotions. She doesn't know how to do that! So she cries without embarrassment in front of the whole world, laughs out loud, or gets angry if she feels so. The excessive sensitivity of a Sagittarius lady may look like a game to others, but this is not. She is always honest, did you forget?

Sagittarius also doesn't know the word burnout and is not familiar with what laziness is. No one understands how she manages to do seven things at the same time and be in three places at once. You think it's impossible? Meet Sagittarius - she will explain how it works.

No matter what happens to her, this tender girl is strong enough to manage such situations where others would have fallen.

By the way, Sagittarius is the most strong-willed sign of the zodiac. Usually, her appearance is not the most memorable thing when you meet this woman for the first time. But charisma is just a real magnet for others. Sagittarius is easy to admire and respect because of their highly talented personality. Thus: if you are about to have at least one reliable and trustworthy person in your life, then you should get to know a Sagittarius girl. And probably never let her go.

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Her expectations

Sagittarius Woman expectations

As you already know, a Sagittarius woman likes to attract attention, and she is always surrounded by admirers. It might seem: you can get to know her or even have a one-night stand without much effort. But sex here doesn't mean that you have won this hotty's heart and mind. Therefore, if you want to know how to get a Sagittarius woman to fall in love with you - then you need to find out about her expectations.

So, a man she wants to share her life with must be, above all, a decent and reliable person.

A Sagittarius woman is attracted to qualities such as:

  • optimism;
  • good sense of humor;
  • lightness of character;
  • cheerfulness;
  • sociability;
  • smartness;
  • sensibility.

The more matches with these points of this list you have - the higher your chances of getting a Sagittarius are.

A girl of this zodiac sign will also like a man who is used to spending his free time actively. Hiking, cycling, sports competitions - these are the hot spots where you can get to know such ladies. Do not stand modestly on the sidelines – a Sagittarius woman will draw attention to the most energetic, brave, and cheerful guy.

How to attract a Sagittarius woman

How to attract a Sagittarius woman

A few tips on how to attract a Sagittarius woman will be helpful in this regard.

Tip #1

Do not be boring and show creativity in communication. For example: instead of telling another boring story from your childhood, it is better to chat about fascinating adventures and funny events you've experienced. After all, Lady Sagittarius herself thinks outside the box and looks out for people with a similar mindset.

Tip #2

Be sure to add a bit of humor to your conversation because a positive Sagittarius girl loves to get a good giggle. Show that you have a great sense of humor. Just so you know: the first step towards seducing a Sagittarius woman is to make her laugh. She does not like depressed individuals who constantly cry about personal and world problems.

Tip #3

Listen to your potential girlfriend with interest, supporting the dialogue with relevant questions, or even asking to explain some points. A man, who wants to attract a Sagittarius woman, needs to ask her opinion on various topics and be ready to hear her advice. This will make your lady think she is important to you and will surely not leave her indifferent.

Tip #4

Be active. Suggest some fun activity, maybe sports or something with an element of extreme. This lady will appreciate everything except sitting on the sofa all day long. Passivity and laziness in a representative of the opposite sex will only push her away.

Tip #5

To win the heart of such a girl, be 100% honest. Don't try to hide from her, even those things that seem awkward to you. Try to make from the unpleasant situation a joke, and the Sagittarius woman will respect you for your frankness. She hates liars, posers, and hypocrites.

Tip #6

A female of this zodiac sign is energetic and always on the move. She will not appreciate the monotony or enjoy sitting in the same place for a long time. The Sagittarius woman can't live without outdoor activities. She loves to travel and visit unfamiliar places. Therefore, to attract her, a man should share her outlook and hobbies.

If you show yourself as a cheerful, intelligent, energetic, open, and interesting conversationalist: then you will not be left without the attention of your fiery crush. She will become not only your girlfriend but also your best friend, hot lover, and faithful wife.

How to date an Sagittarius woman (What Sagittarius Women Like)

How to date an Sagittarius woman

It's not difficult to attract a Sagittarius woman. The main question is: what to do next? After all, the representatives of this zodiac sign keep certain surprises and secrets you are going to find out a bit later. Apropos secrets. It's the right time for you to discover how to date a Sagittarius woman. The following tips will bring you success - just rely on them:

Tip #1. Beautiful gestures

Be generous with your attention, but build the whole wooing phase according to all the principles of etiquette. Show that you care about her, make beautiful gestures. Bring small presents like flowers, sweets. Nice gifts and surprises are essential when it comes to winning a Sagittarius's heart.

P.S.: find her profile on social media and figure out what she likes.

Tip #2. Appearance

Try to always look your best. Dress stylishly, use expensive perfume. All these details will be undoubtedly appreciated by your beloved one.

Tip #3. Hobbies

If you have common interests or hobbies to share, it will help you in a relationship. Usually, such an energetic lady is fond of sports, travel, funny adventures, different types of creativity.

Tip #4. Sharp mind

Dating a Sagittarius woman is about showing your erudition and sharp mind. Become the best person to talk about everything with your chosen one - lead discussions on various topics.

Tip #5. Friends

A guy who has many friends will surely inspire respect in her. Therefore, introduce your beloved to your mates as soon as possible, so you could have fun together.

Tip #6. Beautiful words

Make compliments, admire your ladylove. The point of saying those beautiful words is to convince the Sagittarius of her uniqueness. She adores it and will give you everything you want in return.

How NOT to date a Sagittarius woman

How NOT to date a Sagittarius woman

NOT #1. Don't try to possess her

This also applies to telling her what to do. Ask or speak politely. Never try to command your Sagittarius girlfriend. Even when she was a child, her parents weren't able to control her. Do you really believe that such a girl would let you do it now? Well, don't bet on it.

Keep in mind: once you made her leave the room dramatically and slamming the door - there is no way back for Sagittarius. Trust us: she already bought plane tickets and is planning to settle down anywhere else.

NOT #2. Don't cry or beg for sympathy

A Sagittarius woman dislikes it when people she knows complain about their lives. These girls always see different ways of dealing with all kinds of issues. This approach helps to solve any difficulty. Actually, crying and getting depressed are never a solution.

NOT #3. Do not limit her

A Sagittarius lady is habituated to freedom, so she cannot be required to report on whom she spends time with or what she has bought on her own salary. This female sees such questions as an attempt to take away her independence.

NOT #4. Don't tell a lie to her

A Sagittarius woman hates insincerity, has a negative attitude towards liars and hypocrites. Never try to deceive her: in this way, you couldn't win your girlfriend's trust.

Sagittarius woman in relationships & love

Sagittarius woman in relationships & love

Now let us talk about the Sagittarius girl in relationships and love.

At a young age, representatives of this zodiac sign usually don't look for serious relationships and especially marriage. You, therefore, will have to make a lot of efforts to allure her. How to make a Sagittarius woman fall in love with you, then?

First of all: be open-minded and keep in touch as often as you can. But you should not think of these matters in extreme ways: don't send your Sagittarius 10 text messages per minute. If you are patient enough, you will surely win this round.

For such a woman, love is not only a feeling but also a challenge. Her freedom-loving spirit finds domesticity boring. Making dinner and washing dishes don't really delight her. Even if the food she cooks tastes delicious - invite your lady to nice restaurants at least two times a week. Such small dates will make her happy and motivate her towards new heroic deeds in the name of your couple.

Even when a Sagittarius woman is head over heels in love, her brain doesn't shut off. If suddenly a man lets her down, or she simply loses her interest - this girl won't be waiting another minute. She will immediately break off the relationship.

Representatives of this sign are all for happiness. They can't handle a romance that brings everyday problems, unfulfilled agreements, or eternal quarrels. Each of them is looking for care, understanding, and sincerity. Sagittarius has the courage to create, change her partner's world, constantly surprise him. However, at the same time, she expects to be treated the same way.

You might think that such a girl cannot take love and relationships as seriously as other women you used to date before. Well, that sort of makes a lot of sense. Let us explain: love is part of her life, but not the only reason to live. If Sagittarius meets a man who shares her passion for sports and outdoor activities, loves to travel, and doesn't want to stay home 24 hours/7 days a week - she will never let him go. For her, feelings and character traits are genuinely important - not money or status in society.

Lady of this zodiac sign is not always aware of the consequences the romantic affection might bring. She loves men and their attention; enjoys flirting with them and playing love games. When this woman finally finds the love of her life, she stops all those amorous adventures and remains faithful to the chosen one. However, Sagittarius won't get married, have kids, and buy a house without being sure - the man she is together with is her destiny.

In a relationship, Sagittarius, like everyone else, experiences certain problems from time to time. Primarily due to her idealism and impulsiveness. On the other hand, for such a female, it's pretty hard to find a man who would be able to fulfill all her desires in the bedroom. Since representatives of this sign are very sexually active.

What happens if Sagittarius doesn't get what she needs from her partner? We mean in the matters of intimacy, of course. Is it, after all, possible for this girl to cheat? Astrologers say - yes, she can step wrong if dissatisfaction in relationships and bad sex force into betrayal. Still, it doesn't bring her the desired pleasure - rather guilt. For this reason, it's crucial for you two to reach a consensus regarding amour. If your temperaments match, Sagittarius will be your faithful wife.

The perfect date for Sagittarius

The perfect date for Sagittarius

But wait a minute, before you and your Sagittarius girl get married or move in together, you need to go through the rendezvous phase.

Here we will describe, in detail, how this lady sees her ideal date. Also, we will give you advice on how to surprise her and what you should pay attention to.

So, what does she like? Sagittarius is always looking for pleasure. From having sex in the open air, under the stars - to watching films in the original. Her soul requires freedom and independence in all its forms. When it comes to getting to know each other, a Sagittarius loves anything out of the ordinary. And you need to give it to her.

To make the right impression on a woman of this zodiac sign, you need to make sure you hold her interest during the whole date. You can do this in two ways: choosing an exciting place for your meeting or getting her fascinated with your personality.

To be more specific, Sagittarius will be delighted to get an invitation to some festival or a master class (of baking a big Birthday cake, for example). The ideal first date for this zodiac sign might also be a city walk or a short trip to a beautiful place in the neighboring town. Such a female cannot live without adventure - you need to remember that.

These people do not really care what to do: they just must go somewhere, see something new. Actually, if you can, it is better to take a Sagittarius woman as far as possible. She loves long car trips and would not mind using a night train or bus to wake up in a whole new location.

As the saying goes: to each his own. A girl you want to date is an individual - with her own thoughts, ideas, and desires. Try to find out it all and treat your lady in accordance with her wishes.

Gifts for Sagittarius woman for first date

Yes, Sagittarius ladies love to look glamorous. But don't think it's difficult to please them - just try!

Choosing what to give your girlfriend for a first date is quite simple. If you know the general characteristics of a Sagittarius woman, of course. Since these girls are very honest and open, it is necessary to bring a present that would represent how you feel. Something from your heart simply said. Sagittarius girls are very romantic creatures, after all. So don't forget to add a bit of magic to your surprise that would make your girl's day unforgettable.

However, more than a bouquet of beautiful flowers or even jewelry, she would be happy to get... memories. A perfect gift for this zodiac sign would be a long cycle ride. After which you can stay the night at camping and meet the dawn in the morning together, sharing a cup of freshly blended coffee. She definitely will appreciate this gesture from you and always warmly remember such a mind-blowing experience (even on your 20th anniversary).

Compatibility Sagittarius Love Disasters & Matches

Compatibility Sagittarius Love Disasters & Matches

At this point, let’s clear up what sign is a Sagittarius woman compatible with.

Sagittarius, as a representative of the fire element, prefers entering into relationships with air signs. Such as Aquarius, by the way. The secret of the compatibility of these elements lies in the fact that they perfectly complement each other. In alliance with air signs, Sagittarius can find true love.

Due to the fact, Sagittarius woman is searching for a strong, active, and, first and foremost, sincere person - she is also compatible with the fire signs (Leo and Aries). These men share with her the joyful attitude to life. And, even in long-term relationships, they keep on discovering new sources of adventures and positive vibes. Together with Leo or Aries, this girl never gets bored.

In contrast to air and fire, earth and water signs are distinguished by bad compatibility with Sagittarius.

Compatibility chart of Sagittarius woman with men of other zodiac signs:

Zodiac signs Marriage Love
Sagittarius woman and Aries man High High
Sagittarius woman and Taurus man Low Low
Sagittarius woman and Gemini man Medium High
Sagittarius woman and Cancer man Low Medium
Sagittarius woman and Leo man High High
Sagittarius woman and Virgo man Medium Medium
Sagittarius woman and Libra man High High
Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man Low Medium
Sagittarius woman and Sagittarius man Medium High
Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man Low Low
Sagittarius woman and Aquarius man High High
Sagittarius woman and Pisces man Low Low

In summing up all of the above, we want to say that if you are looking for a calm-tempered, obedient girlfriend - better forget about a Sagittarius woman. Such a lady needs to be together with someone strong enough to deal with the intensity of her emotion. On the other hand, if you, just like her, value independence, intelligence, and honesty - then this girl will be your ideal life partner.

Sagittarius woman dating FAQ:

How does a Sagittarius woman act when in love?

Is it possible to fall in love with a Sagittarius woman without any proof your feelings are mutual? Yes, for sure - notwithstanding the fact representatives of this zodiac sign aren't secretive.
You already know that the Sagittarius lady is not able to hide her emotions. She just immediately starts giving undeniable signs of attraction to a man she likes. And most likely, this girl will make a love confession as soon as she is ready for it.
Actually, such straightforwardness may scare a potential boyfriend off. The Sagittarius, although, is not at all afraid of being rejected - she can turn a failed attempt into a joke if it's necessary.
So, when a Sagittarius woman is in love, she always speaks openly about how she feels. However, if flirting turns out to be boring and the chosen one does not pay enough attention to her - this cutie severs all ties or offers to remain friends.

How to seduce a Sagittarius woman?

Astrologists say: a Sagittarius lady might also be called a crazy fox. So open-minded and lustful she usually is.
Still, at the very beginning of the relationship, you should make some effort to seduce her. First of all, you need to convince Sagittarius that you are not trying to take her freedom away through intimacy. Secondly: make her understand that you see your romance as an initial step to a committed relationship, not a quick affair. Show how serious you are - it's very important.
Asking how to seduce a Sagittarius woman, you, in fact, need to learn one essential rule - just be romantic. If you are not sure that it's the right approach - calm down. Sagittarius always clearly expresses her thoughts and would definitely air out her grievances. Sex is no exception. However, never use love-making as an opportunity to manipulate your girlfriend.

How to make a Sagittarius woman miss you?

Here are some tips that will help you to understand how to make a Sagittarius woman miss you:

  • Keep in touch with her all the time: call, send text messages, arrange dates. Then disappear for a few days - it will make your Sagittarius girlfriend missing your attention.
  • Stay connected through shared hobbies. First and foremost, in this case, you two will always have topics for discussion. On the other hand, it would make Sagittarius need you badly as a counterpart in her favorite pastime activities.
  • If it seems to you that Sagittarius has lost her interest at some point and doesn't want to see you as often as you like it - make her jealous. This is the best stimulation for representatives of this sign of the zodiac. Believe us, she won't ever allow someone to steal her special one.
  • Learn to forgive your girlfriend for harsh statements and mood swings - show your understanding. It will make her dying to see you since only you would be able to listen and accept her for who she is.
  • Play with her emotions cat-and-mouse game. Your aptitude for thinking forward and avoiding getting caught will impress Sagittarius. At the same time, she would want you to be near to continue the exciting competition.

If you want to know how to get a Sagittarius woman to chase you - forget about it right away, dear friend. You can hardly find any astrologist who would say it's possible. The girl of this zodiac sign is too independent and self-confident to be obsessed with someone.

How to tell if a Sagittarius woman likes you?

Sagittarius is instantly attracted to young men. We are talking not about their age, though - it's rather about the life attitude and mindset. A cheerful, courageous, and an incredibly smart person can steal this girl's heart without any effort. Someone who exhibits these qualities may not be exactly her future spouse since Sagittarius is a complex personality. However, he will certainly give an impression that they are soulmates.
Some signs that such a lady likes you:

  • Sagittarius needs flirting as much as fire needs air. When this girl likes someone - she immediately begins to make eyes (and she does it masterfully, we might add). Charming smiles and accidental touches are also a part of the process.
  • During the conversation, Sagittarius will surely laugh at your jokes, ask clarifying questions and talk incessantly. She will support any of your ideas and express her willingness to help.
  • When a Sagittarius woman likes you, she will gladly accept an invitation to date without unnecessary persuasion and run-around. At the same time, you may notice that she has been waiting for your call all day long and really wanted to hear your voice at least. If a man this girl likes is too shy to ask her out - then she can take the initiative and arrange the first rendezvous.

Keep in mind: A Sagittarius woman in love doesn't want to hide it - she is proud of how she feels.

How to love a Sagittarius woman?

This girl is attracted to romantic relationships full of new experiences and impressions. There should be much variety, simply said. Delightful communication, just like intense emotions and feelings - is an internal part of her perfect relationships too.
She wants extra of everything - and it's never too much. Dating such a female, you need to realize that all limits are only in your head. By nature, the Sagittarius lady does not restrict her partner in anything. And she expects her man to show the same frame of mind in return. The manifestation of sincerity and freedom is the best sign of love to her.
Try to be spontaneous: don't make plans for approximately 100 years. Live right here, right now. Sudden trips or just events that were not on the schedule - Sagittarius thinks, are amazing. Life is short - it's foolish to spend it on boring stuff.

What does a Sagittarius woman want in a relationship?

For her, the main thing is that the partner is not only handsome but also intelligent. She loves men who know how to joke and have a great sense of humor. It is worth clarifying that banal anecdotes don't fit in this concept. Also, in a relationship, she expects lightness, a little excitement, and mental understanding. Next to such a woman should be someone who can pleasantly surprise her every day. She dreams of unforgettable romantic dates, long journeys. Sagittarius wants her man to make her a fiesta every day.
This woman is used to moving only forward. And if her partner does not keep up with her: she goes on and finds another one. The one who doesn't want to live in a shadow of an ambitious and confident woman, as she is.
You might think that an average representative of this zodiac sign practically wants to be in a relationship with a man from a fairy tale. Because traits such as well-groomed look, high IQ, sociability, gentleness, reliability, and wealth can be rarely seen in one person. Sagittarius, though, doesn't give up that easily. She knows those that seek - will find.

What zodiac sign does Sagittarius hate?

According to astrology, the worst compatibility and level of mutual understanding Sagittarius has with Pisces. It's all because of the hot temper of a Sagittarius girl that can scare the vulnerable and sensitive Pisces off.
These two signs of the zodiac, as representatives of conflicting elements, see life differently. Sagittarius is often very outspoken and rude - while Pisces is delicate, accurate in his comments, and can be easily hurt. He thinks a million times about what exactly is better to say and in what manner, even though his Sagittarius girlfriend does quite the contrary. She usually acts before she thinks and only then faces the consequence.
On the other hand, a diverse and exciting life Sagittarius strives to have can create discomfort for a Pisces man. Males of this zodiac sign adore peace and calmness. They prefer watching Netflix on Friday evenings rather than constant trips and parties. Therefore, this union is the least likely. However, you can always give this romance a try.

What makes Sagittarius happy?

Travelling and visiting new interesting places
Sagittarius is a person of spontaneous trips - it's her style. She loves to make new discoveries and experience thrilling adventures.
If there is at least one place in the world where a Sagittarius girl has never been yet - she will definitely pack her bags and go there at the earliest opportunity.
This lady loves everything luxurious and fancy, although money is not the most important thing for her. Just the feeling of looking extravagant and wealthy, much higher than simplicity and ordinariness, makes her happy. However, she loves small gifts for no reason and is glad to get something from her man - absolutely no matter what it is.
A lot of attention and care
Like any woman, a Sagittarius girl loves to feel she is important. You can demonstrate it just by surrounding her with care. For example, she will be pleased to get short how-are-you messages during the day. Attention in any form will make her feel happy and desired.

How does a Sagittarius flirt?

The Sagittarius woman is a fiery lover. She expects to get from a man maximum of action and dedication both in bed and in life generally.
A lady of this zodiac sign, as a rule, is a very charming person. She is not averse to flirting - you can call her coquette. Sagittarius openly plays with her admirers and never hides her intentions. Still, representatives of this zodiac sign hate long wooing. Due to their addiction to adventures, they don't mind one-night stands since it also makes fun.
Sagittarius loves the company of men. Not all of them are her lovers - many males of her social circle are only good devoted friends.
Do you still have no idea how to know if a Sagittarius woman is interested in you? Do not be afraid to flirt openly with such a lady, then. Tempt her with the promise of a new and exciting love story. She will easily succumb to the temptation.

Who should a Sagittarius woman marry?

The best marriage compatibility Sagittarius woman has to an Aquarius man.
When Sagittarius and Aquarius finally find each other, they start feeling not only loved but, what is much more important - understood. They are two halves of a whole, without a doubt. In this union, a man and a woman are friends, lovers, companions, and partners in crime. Their relationship is filled with bright emotions and burning passion.
This is a romance between two free people who do not control or limit each other. Together they can talk for hours, go on an unexpected journey, get carried away with something new and fascinating. For a Sagittarius woman, it's crucial to have a boyfriend who shares her outlook on life. For an Aquarius man, the most cherished thing is his independence - an overly controlling girlfriend would make him sick. Usually, a romantic relationship between these two zodiac signs lasts for a long time and grows into a happy marriage.

How is a Sagittarius woman in bed?

In sexual life, this woman is a real catch. She knows how to enjoy not only the fact of intimacy but also mental closeness.
In sex, Sagittarius, first of all, wants to give pleasure, not get. She prefers more experienced lovers, though. Are you already excited about how to turn on a Sagittarius woman? Then read this text to the end.
Another essential matter for such a girl is her partner's sexual temperament. Since the Sagittarius woman in bed is pretty active and doesn't like to hide her sexuality, the partner must be equal so these two could enjoy high-quality sex. On the other hand, a lack of passion in her lover can cause annoyance in Sagittarius and, therefore, lead to loud quarrels.
Such a woman is a magnet for the opposite sex because she is not afraid of her weaknesses. This girl just loves herself: with all advantages and disadvantages.
Sagittarius is delighted to invent more and more new tricks, scenarios, and games in bed. She doesn't really worry about how long the whole process of getting intimate pleasures was. The culmination, namely, mind-blowing orgasm, is the matter she is concerned about. A Sagittarius woman sexually wants to become one with her man - without this tiny nuance for coming.
When talking about the foreplay, it must be noticed that the Sagittarius woman goes crazy about the head massage - gentle touches to the skin and hair turn her on. Also, you can always choose a shared bath as a perfect way to start your sex game. The night full of passion and delight is guaranteed.
Summing up, we can say that in sex, the Sagittarius female is active, temperamental, emotional, and open-minded. All this makes her an amazing lover.

Is a Sagittarius woman jealous?

Making Sagittarius jealous is difficult, but why would you need it?
She is a fire sign, and it means her reaction will be very fiery. Actually, no one would say that cheating "on Sagittarius can go unnoticed. Better don't get her heartbroken, or you'll regret it.
By nature, the girl is not jealous. She will not control a man or prohibit him from doing something. Everything has its limits, though. If it all has gone too far, then even after the situation is cleared up - you could hardly come back to normal. A Sagittarius woman, when angry and hurt, usually leaves her chosen one without a second thought.
When dating a Sagittarius, the best way of avoiding conflicting situations is to discuss all issues honestly. During such frank conversations, she will be able to cast aside all her doubts and stop being jealous.

Does Sagittarius love to cuddle and kiss?

The Sagittarius girl is usually very fond of kissing and cuddling. Because she knows for sure that it's only a beginning and doesn't mind being caressed all over her body then. By the way, Sagittarius likes it when her partner uses unusual techniques with the tongue, biting or sucking. This lady sees foreplay as a commercial break before the long-awaited premiere.
After all, all these things are not just signs of attention but also confirmation of her man's sexual attraction and desire.

What are Sagittarius's weaknesses?

The weaknesses of a Sagittarius lady include the traits that might be noticed during communication with her. It's a bit of tactlessness, impulsivity, inconstancy, and fussiness. Sometimes she is harsh and rude while speaking to people. Although this woman doesn't see it in most cases and easily takes the conversationalist's similar attitude as an offense, beginning to show aggression.
Sagittarius is very impulsive, and if she wants to do something - no one can stop her. It doesn't really matter that the steps she makes are useless. Even if everything was planned a month ago, this lady prefers doing all preparations at the last moment. Vanity is her second name.

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