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Dating a Libra woman: the things you should be aware of

Libra is the most trustworthy and charming sign of the zodiac. A typical representative of it is a non-conflict lady, talented in solving problems peacefully. She may not have a bright style, but elegance is always inherent in her according to the horoscope - not only in clothing but also in manners and actions.

The duality of character is the main characteristic of a Libra woman. Yes, it's kind of written by the stars. Such a girl is prone to internal conflicts. After all, she will find a significant counterweight to each of her decisions and worldview in general. So this female is often overcome by doubts, which form indecision.

A woman who speaks - this phrase makes a perfect portrait of a representative of the zodiac sign Libra. She can talk to the death of an evil sorceress, tame the Dragon with her smile and enchant the prince. A lady like this is an embodiment of happiness, balance, and mental harmony. Kindness, gentleness, and friendliness are gracefully combined in a Libra with indecisiveness and stubbornness.

She has an inborn talent to look good. It doesn't matter what such a woman does: dance in an evening dress at a gala or renew the windshield washer in her car at the gas station - she always looks glorious. This lady has everything under control, even when the situation is clearly beyond the standard. Despite their attractive appearance, she always thinks logically and makes decisions with a clear head. Libra knows how to manage energy and doesn't like to waste it away.

Thus, insecurity is innate for Libra. She prefers to overcome it only on her own, though. In any case, a female representative of this zodiac sign cannot be rushed or pushed to a certain decision. These are the moments when independence, typical for woman Libra traits, is best visible.

This girl doesn't only misunderstand the world around her. But also, she has a hard time understanding her aspirations, which often contradict each other. However, Libra strives to acquire not only internal harmony but also external. She sincerely wants the world to be beautiful and fair. Anyhow, if suddenly she has to understand that absolute harmony is impossible - Libra quickly gives up. It is caused by her natural unwillingness to make a serious effort.

Conflicts, misunderstandings, and various kinds of impatience are a hostile environment for this star sign representative. In such an atmosphere, she begins to experience nervous disorders and breakdowns - which will initially manifest themselves in overexcitement and confusion.

Due to the constant search for balance, Libras often create additional difficulties and problems for themselves. And to solve them, they have to discover new reserves of strength. But each one of them is never in a hurry. If something sad happens in her life, Libra does not despair. She perceives trouble philosophically and, in this way, escapes from nervous breakdowns.

The Libra woman's characteristics are manifested in perseverance in achieving goals. Fighting for her place in life, she will never sacrifice justice and will not use manipulation and humiliation of people. Moreover, such a lady usually tends to protect those who are weak because peace and fairness are the main priorities in her existence.

Libra women are not prone to go to extremes. Due to their loyalty, Libras realize that the world is not only black and white. Therefore, it is usually impossible to bring a representative of this star sign to such a condition when she is angry and allows herself to shout. Most often, in conflict situations, she shows diplomacy and tact. Although, if due to the circumstances, this girl finds herself involved in sharp disputes - she feels extreme discomfort and emotional pain. So for her personal development, it is necessary to be in a favorable peaceful atmosphere of love and understanding.

Libra carefully controls her emotions. To avoid arguments, she can often give in. And if there is already a quarrel, she tends to be the first who goes to reconciliation. Besides, Libra has a high emotional intelligence level, so she is sensitive and kind-hearted.

Before starting any business, a representative of this sign of the zodiac - carefully weighs everything and even soberly calculates the possible options for the result. With such prudence, she does not forget to use her natural intuition. Libra does not understand authority and infatuation. Instead of blindly believing something, she prefers to experience the essence of the issue herself.

In addition, a Libra woman appreciates elegance in everything. Representatives of this star sign adore art, beautiful things, exquisite services. They also find entertainment in studying.

To sum up, we can say the following. Due to the patron-planet Venus, such a girl has tenderness, kindness, and the ability to love. Delicacy, grace, courtesy, justice, honesty, love of peace, selflessness, elegance – it is all about a Libra woman. On the other hand: the dark side of a Libra woman is laziness, snobbery, frivolity, thoughtfulness, indecision, and romanticism.

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Her expectations

One of the major Libra woman attributes is pragmatism, so she usually has clear ideas about the guy she wants to see next to her. Still, representatives of this zodiac sign are indecisive. It makes them regularly doubt everything. Thus, only an admirer with a strong leadership nature will be able to win the heart of such a lady. She also likes men who are wise, energetic, kind, self-confident, and strong. Are you ready to fulfill her expectations?

How to attract a Libra woman

Below are some expert tips on how to make a Libra woman fall in love with you. Follow them to achieve the best possible result.

Tip #1

It is necessary for an attractive Libra female to be fascinated by her boyfriend. So you ought to be an educated, successful, and wealthy man to make such a girl interested. Tell her about your plans for the future - Libra will appreciate your ambitious ideas. Mentioning your job, don't claim to be a millionaire, but say that your salary is enough to ensure her a beautiful life.

Tip #2

A Libra lady will pay attention to you if you can show yourself in society, communicate casually on different topics, have a light aristocracy and elegant appearance. She appreciates a sense of style because it's a significant part of the first impression.

Tip #3

Libra likes everything to be in moderation. She is fond of balance and elegance. Although, at the same time, you must be as realistic as your potential girlfriend is. Remember: she will not look at you if you constantly daydream or compose her poems. In general, Libra is not against romance. In her opinion, it just must be something more than empty words in relationships.

Tip #4

Always try to look better than other men. Your appearance should be impeccable: clothes, shoes, hair. Even if you do not dress in the latest fashion, all your stuff must be constantly neat and not wrinkled. Make sure your hands and face are clean either.

Tip #5

Try to communicate with her on various topics: the latest global events, news, art, politics, etc. Find common interests. Show that you are an exciting conversationalist. Make her realize that she will always have something to chat about when dating you. Since Libra is a very outgoing person - that's what she is looking for. So try to impress her with your knowledge - it's a safe bet.

So now you know how to attract a Libra woman. Isn't it a good time to make a move?

How to date a Libra woman

At this point, we would like to concentrate our attention on the practical recommendations for the first rendezvous with a representative of this star sign. Since further guidance can be found later in this article.

Step #1

Libra dislikes men who do not manage to make plans for the first date independently. Think about it and decide where you would go, according to your status in society, interests, and financial situation. It could be a park, cinema, cafe, or so-called shared experience, which can bring plenty of positive emotions.

Step #2

Be confident in yourself, and make sure you do not mumble. Libra girls do not like timid guys. The best behavior on the first date will be to throw shyness aside and wish for the limelight. Do not be afraid to look in her eyes, say a compliment, and touch her hands. Be bold, and your girlfriend will adore it.

Step #3

What else do Libra girls look at on a first date? Of course, on your attitude, on the emotions that you express on your face. They do not like awkward pauses. So try to keep the conversation going, but avoid interruptions. It's crucial to smile because a laugh is one of the best tools you can use to win such a lady's heart.

Besides, if you can make this girl beam, then you are already halfway there. Of course, the best quality on the first rendezvous with a Libra female you can demonstrate will be the ability to joke. These should not be something vulgar or silly but stories at which she could laugh and generally enjoy.

Step #4

Libra girls love all sorts of surprises and gifts, so you have to surprise your girlfriend with this zodiac sign. It does not have to be an expensive present - cute flowers or toys will be more than enough. For Libra women, attention and care have always been essential on the partner's side. So you have to be showing your loved one that you can give her what she wants.

Step #5

Ladies of the Libra sign adore sex and easily reveal their sexuality. This fact makes each one of them a very experienced lover. But when your relationship becomes intimate, be prepared to take action. Because according to astrology, the initiative in bed should come from her boyfriend. Thus, a Libra is sexually interested only in a man who likes to get up and go (if you know what we mean).

How NOT to date a Libra woman

Not #1

Female representatives of a Libra sign do not tolerate rude and bad-mannered people. So if you are near such a girl, do not allow yourself to treat anyone inappropriately. Libra will appreciate it if you are reserved and respect others. Otherwise - the less sexy behavior is impossible to imagine.

Not #2

Most of all, a Libra woman does not like loud shouting, scandals, and other violent conflicts. Experiencing these situations, she feels not only mental confusion but also physical fatigue. If you disagree with her or have a dispute, never raise your voice against this girl. Well, you are free to be as loud as you want if you intend to end your relationship.

Not #3

Libra hates unorganized people who are always late. Due to the fact she is a role model of punctuality - this is the manner she can't understand. So try to come in time for the date. And if the delay is unavoidable, be sure to warn your girlfriend and apologize for it.

Not #4

Don't hide your feelings. No matter what exactly you feel pain or happiness – show it. Libra woman loves truth as well as talking about emotions she currently has. The same goes for lies. For example, if you met a Libra on the Internet, you should not write fiction stories in your profile. She will find out the real state of things and be hurt.

Libra woman in relationships & love

How to love a Libra woman? With all your heart, of course! But at this point, we don't want to talk about you. Your girlfriend is important here.

The first thing you need to remember, Libra strives to achieve harmony in life and independence. Perhaps, for this reason, representatives of this zodiac sign usually create a family very early. But since Libras constantly compare and analyze their partners - they rarely fall in love at first sight.

Each of the girls of this star sign has a mass of positive traits as a life partner. Among these qualities are supportiveness, talkativeness, and determination. In fact, a Libra woman in love is willing to sacrifice true feelings of dissatisfaction for comfort and understanding in relationships. It makes this lady an excellent wife.

We certainly need to admit how faithful such a girl usually is. She is ready to sacrifice her interests for the benefit of the family. Demanding nothing but sincere love in return, a Libra seems to be an angel in disguise. But never make her heartbroken, as she will not come back to you, no way.

A Libra woman in relationships is tender and passionate. She has a strong desire to take care of her chosen one. Her charm attracts men. After all, Libra is the true ideal of a life partner and is very serious about loyalty. In love, she manifests herself as the most delicate representative of the zodiac circle.

Still, she is quite demanding of her partner. A Libra wants to see many characteristics in her loved one: from handsome appearance and sociability to intelligence and material security. But no matter how extraordinary you are, a Libra girl will not immediately open her heart for you. She will need persistence, attention, and patience from you. Most likely, you will even have to withstand several tests and examinations. The representative of this zodiac sign values herself very much and will not waste her precious time on an unworthy man. Perhaps she will delay the moment of intimacy until the wedding since she takes intimate relationships very seriously. In this case, you should not be afraid of the low libido or coldness of the future wife. She's just fine with it. It is just how her next test of the seriousness of intentions and respectful attitude is manifested.

A Libra female has been very purposeful since her youth and knows what she wants. Therefore, she is not ready for half measures in choosing a companion. Because, for her, it will be once and for all her life. If she has not decided yet, then you can notice flirting with other men on her part. But this is her usual manner of pleasant communication and nothing more. Such a woman is very loyal and prefers trust in a marriage.

Understanding a Libra woman sometimes can be tricky, so her partner takes the time to open her up. She can be calm on the outside when everything is burning deeper inside. Once this woman finds the proper man, she becomes trustworthy and devoted. Oh, one more tip, controlling her is not suggested. Give her freedom of action, and she will not disappoint you.

The perfect date for Libra

If you want to know how to date a Libra woman - you came to the right place. Since we, in fact, have much information in this regard.

A lady of this star sign loves eccentricity, creativity, and novelty. She does not like banality with its routine, and good imagination will help you win her heart. Also, you need to sincerely admire your Libra and be absolutely truthful with her. Because she values honesty and openness above all.

When talking about the rendezvous - you don't have to worry much. It's easy to start a conversation with such a girl. Just keep in mind the latest news because Libra needs to hear the opinion of others about what is happening in the world. Be persistent, and do not be afraid to demonstrate even a diametrically opposite view. Intriguing fact: Libra is highly merciful and compassionate. So if not a single key from your arsenal seems to open her lock - then you can present yourself as an unhappy man who was unjustly offended by fate. There is a pretty high chance she would want to give you her sympathy.

What about the locations, then? A visit to a modern art exhibition, a dinner in a fancy restaurant, a show by an eminent designer, or a degustation collection of wines is perfect for a date. Libra appreciates luxury, exorbitant furnishings, and ambiance, so when inviting her on a date, you should consider all the little things, including lighting.

When dating a Libra, don't be afraid to be proactive. If the person you are talking to is hesitant about the choice of food, recommend something you find delicious. Has the conversation reached a dead end? Ask her to share her opinion on some painful problems of today. Firstly, attractive Libra will be pleased with the shown interest and will feel valuable. Secondly, she can help you by looking at the issue with a fresh perspective. Avoid violent arguments, or you will make a Libra woman angry. And when a Libra woman is angry - nothing good is going to happen.

Gifts for a Libra woman for the first date

Unlike many other signs of the zodiac, it's easy to choose a gift for Libra. Even if you have not guessed right with such a female's desires, she will not be offended. Since Libra loves surprises, she is glad for the very fact that she is given something pleasant.

A present for this lady can be classic or ultra-modern, with or without humor, expensive or not very much - Libra will gladly accept it anyway. The only thing that she will not forgive you is the horrible taste. Yes, being in love with a Libra woman automatically involves certain self-improvement. She is an inborn aesthete - you need to be equal.

Here are additional tips on how to choose Libra woman gifts:

  • Never ask a representative of this zodiac sign directly about what she would like to receive. Libra will not understand this - after all, your attention is more significant than anything else.
  • When making a gift for Libra, do not forget about the not less beautiful packaging. Do you remember how much your girlfriend loves details?
  • Although Libra is happy with any present, the best one is still the one she dreamed of. Try to find out about her desires in advance, but so that she does not suspect anything.
  • Money or gift cards are not the best gifts for a Libra woman. She hates making decisions and choices. Do you want her to suffer? We really hope you don't.
  • For Libra, suitable presents are the ones that apply in particular to her senses. For the eyes - paintings, objects of art; for the nose - expensive perfume; for the ears - good music; for the tactility - things that are pleasant to touch (silk, velvet, soft wool).
  • Libra will be delighted about almost any beautiful gift that has sophistication and taste. Even in technology, the design comes first for her!
  • When choosing a present for Libra, avoid extremes in everything: in sounds, colors, fragrances. Bright, contrasting tones are not to her taste. In perfumes, delicate aromas are preferable. In music - it is the lounge.
  • Libra will be happy with any gift that makes her home even cozier: comfortable furniture and interior items, flowers in pots, decorative knick-knacks. She will keep it as a memory of you.

Compatibility with Libra woman: love disasters & matches

Who is compatible with a Libra woman, and who should better stay away from her? Let’s see what astrology thinks about it!

These zodiac signs make ideal matches with Libras:


This marriage will be successful for both partners. In this couple, a man will never lose interest in his chosen one. He will always be busy unraveling her inner world. Still, stability in a relationship will depend on how partners can maintain emotional and spiritual balance.

Shared interests and similar judgments unite them, so they will never burden each other. A Libra girl will show constant care for her man. She is generally a very attentive and kind woman. The Gemini guy will never leave his girlfriend alone in a difficult moment. They are great together due to the kinship of souls. The essential point, however, is harmony in intimate life. Each one of them subtly feels the desire of the partner. There is complete unity between them, which will accompany these people for many years.


Such a union guarantees a long and happy family life. A Libra woman becomes tender, fragile, and feminine in this union, supporting her man in all matters. The Leo man will show how good his leadership skills could be. These two make partners that can grow old together.


Astrologers are sure that there is no better match to find. Aries ignites her with his spontaneity and activity. The man in this couple comes out as a leader, but the Libra, in turn, is somebody to lean on when they encounter some adversities. This union has a favorable prognosis, as there is no conflict of interest between Libra and Aries. They do not control each other and do not skew into jealousy. From the very beginning, their relationship is indeed very trusting. Such couples break up very rarely, and only because of unforeseen circumstances or unexpected turns of events. Most often, an Aries guy and a Libra girl decide to start a family and do not regret it in the future.

Those were the best matches for a Libra. And now, we will take a look at zodiac signs with a bit lower compatibility:


That is who really suits Libra, due to the horoscope of compatibility! The union is good, you can't say it is perfect, but it can last for many years. Sagittarius can be good support for Libra, which, in turn, brings some diversity to the life of both partners.

She values the relentless energy and love of life of her boyfriend, his ability to think positively. Difficulties may arise due to the indecision of Libra, which at some point will irritate Sagittarius. The fact she is reserved and usually tries to avoid conflicts might drive him crazy with time. On the other hand, exciting communication, the desire to learn something new, and the great sense of humor of both characters lies at the heart of the relationship between Libra and Sagittarius.

This couple is pretty compatible. It is easy and pleasant for these two to be in each other's company. Shared interests and similarities of characters at first will give them the feeling that a higher understanding than they have, does not exist in the whole world. No wonder - only another Libra can understand the motives of certain actions of Libras. But to understand does not mean to agree. What a person allows himself to do often is perceived differently by someone else in his eyes. It is the main catch in their communication.

The male and the female, born under the sign of Libra, get along without any issues. They prefer to spend leisure time together, and they do not need large campaigns. These guys are united not only by mutual love - but also by similar concerns, harmony, and prudence. They are in no hurry, and everything in their lives is measured. Both, by nature, are aesthetes. They love to visit exhibitions, theaters, museums, are interested in art, and enjoy instrumental and calm music. If they do not have serious obligations - these relations will continue to be quiet and harmonious.


Taurus and Libra can create a strong union. It may not have passion, but the relationship will be very stable, calm, and cozy. This couple, with all its shortcomings, can exist for many years. In such romances, partners take great care of each other. That allows them to go through the rough times in life hand in hand. Everything will be smoothed out by a mutual desire to maintain comfort, peace, and tranquility.

Here are the signs which are not really compatible with a Libra woman:


These two zodiac signs do not have the best compatibility. Virgo has a consistent nature, with stable views on life, self-doubt, and constant worries about Libra will be incomprehensible to him.

If this couple does not have very close communication, a friendship between them is possible. In other cases, a Libra woman will have a hard time because of the permanent control of the Virgo's side and his desire to redo everything in his own way, with the best of intentions, of course. Libra also prefers to deal with lighter people. She will be suppressed by the desire of Virgo to sort everything out and find deep meaning in it. A Virgo man will also not feel confident next to this changeable and doubting woman. Unfortunately, this couple cannot have a mutual understanding.


Representatives of these zodiac signs have a lot of contradictions in views on life and habits. These people enjoy each other's company, but sometimes mutual irritation slips through. A Libra lady is mysterious and alluring for a Scorpion. But he often catches himself thinking that some thoughts and emotions that he has no idea about can hide behind her surface. Distrust on the part of the man will always stand between him and his Libra girlfriend.

No matter what tests the guy will put for his lady, he will not recognize her genuine attitude towards him. If a Scorpio catches a Libra lying at least once, most likely, they will break up. Only time can decide the future of this couple.


Both natures are graceful, but they perceive the world quite differently. Libra is an external aesthete. The beauty of clothes, the focus on manners, and the opinion of those around her as an intelligent person. All this is essential for her. Pisces have a deeper perception of what is happening. They are looking for true meaning in everything and take a lot to heart. Mutual understanding between Pisces and Libras is hardly possible.

A Libra girl - open, can sincerely sympathize, ready to give the last to benefit the more needy. A guy of Pisces - in his mind, behind the outward beauty of his words and deeds, very unexpected motives are hidden.

At the beginning of the acquaintance, this couple finds a common language without any problem. In this, the courtesy of a man of Pisces plays a considerable role. The closer these people begin to communicate, the more contradictions arise between them. Good relationships are possible if they do not need frequent meetings and getting close. Most likely, this couple will break up, but quietly, intelligently, without scandals and reproaches.

Dating a Libra woman FAQ

How to know if the Libra woman is serious about you?

Do you wonder how to know if Libra woman is serious about you? This question is not always easy to answer. The experts, however, name five most apparent signs for it:

  1. You get to know her family.
    An invitation to meet her mom and dad is a pretty serious claim to a long-term relationship for a Libra girl. One way or another, families are different. But as a rule, this is already a gesture of trust. It is essential if you were introduced to your girlfriend's loved ones and how your meeting went.
  2. She offers to live together.
    Sex is significant for everyone since it is a big test of the relationship. But if a Libra girl wants to wake up every morning, see you and share all her free time and space with you - she thinks about a shared future. She wants to understand how comfortable you are together, whether your characters and temperaments converge, and whether your love for everyday life will last.
  3. She talks about life changes.
    When a Libra proposes to change something in your life, this indicates her serious interest. For example, she offers to go somewhere to study. Or she says: """"Let's move to LA!"""" In this way, Libra tries to demonstrate the seriousness of her intentions.
  4. She is talking about the future all the time.
    If a Libra lady is planning a vacation together, is discussing where she would like to be in 5 years, what color of wallpaper she wants in the bedroom, and stuff like that. These hints are small and seemingly insignificant. But since she is sharing this with you - most likely, she plans to spend her whole life with you.
  5. She offers to have a pet.
    A Libra girl thus checks her boyfriend. She wants you to have someone to look after together. Pets are the first practice before having children. If a couple decides to have a kitten - then most likely, she won't mind having children one day soon.

How to tell if a Libra woman likes you?

It is pretty simple to understand that such a woman is in love. If she is confident in her man - she won't hesitate to demonstrate her attitude to him. Libra will not play «cat and mouse» and pretend to be difficult prey. Although, she can check on you as well. If you earn her trust, you will get a faithful woman who will surround you with care and attention.
A representative of this star sign will try to please her man. In return, she will also require care and understanding of her many needs. Giving advice and asking for help belong to this list. The reward and gratitude, of course, will be the answer to the chivalrous deeds of a strong man and can be considered a sign as well. This lady can also try to pave a path to the heart of her beloved by cooking his favorite dishes because she is a good homemaker and is strong at cooking.

How to seduce a Libra woman?

Each zodiac sign has its method of seduction. Libra women are very aesthetic, artistic and have a passion for communication. And therefore, to seduce such a girl, you must be the same as this representative of the zodiac sign.
Sincere and open smiles, that's what Libra loves very much. You should look just perfect from top to bottom. If there is something wrong with you, Libra will notice it but will not tell you. She loves fun, so entertain your guests. In seduction, however, Libra is fast and assertive. But you should not rush to lure her. If Libra is smiling, then you are on the right track. Look perfect, cheer up your Libra girl, encourage her ego and an unforgettable evening awaits you. By the way, she appreciates the sexual compliments.
Regarding her appearance, you should not miss a single moment. If you manage to increase her self-esteem, it will be a big plus for you. Don't judge a Libra woman by her past. It is much more significant for you to find out what kind of future is on her mind.

How to know if a Libra woman likes you?

Libra girls very carefully choose their partners. So, dating one of them, watch her behavior to see the signs a Libra woman likes you!
Above all, she will quietly try to be next to her lover, look for random meetings, smile sweetly, and enjoy flirting. This lady is open to communication, will gladly accept a date invitation, and appreciates your courtship in the form of flowers and gifts. But she will not rush into your arms. She will not melt from the single smile of the guy until she realizes that sympathy is mutual. Instead, Libra will be cold until she is sure to trust the man. This hot girl is very careful because she understands that the world is full of people trying to manipulate others. And, that's all: this is how to know if a Libra woman likes you.

What does a Libra woman look for in a man?

  • A hot Libra woman is naturally gorgeous. She wants to surround herself with the best, so her husband must be financially secure. She strives for this, almost from birth. After all, this woman loves expensive gifts, and most importantly, unexpected. For example, she will gladly accept jewelry at exorbitant prices.
  • It is so critical for Libra that the loved one has a high social status. She loves reliability, chic, and stability - it has to be given to her to make her feel happy.
  • A Libra woman adores when her husband takes care of her in an original way, arranging fascinating dates for her. It is impossible to win her attention with a bottle of champagne and a date by the lake. She expects from the chosen one, at least, a balloon flight or a pleasant vacation on expensive islands.
  • The pretty important point for a Libra woman is to have a strong, confident, and cheerful man. Be a completely different partner for her from what has been advised, and she will be bored and will not be able to live a long life with you.

How to make a Libra woman fall in love with you?

Libra likes those men who are energetic, confident, strong, wise, kind.
Here are some practical tips to help conquer such a lady:

  • Libra tries to find a strong man that can prove his qualities as a leader and reliable partner. If you show these qualities perfectly in work or study, she will definitely like you. Win a leading position in sports performances. Do your own thing and do the tasks that the woman will give you. She will mark them, believe it. If you become a small business owner, your chances will increase significantly. Work only for yourself, make your girlfriend happy, and guarantee her financial security. The presence of money will protect you from the troubles of life.
  • Be reserved. Libra tries to avoid scandals, showdowns. Even ordinary conversation with high tones will bring her out and disturb her inner harmony.
  • Always try to look better than other men. Your appearance should be impeccable: clothes, shoes, nails. Even though your outfit is not in the latest fashion, all your clothes must be constantly clean and not wrinkled. Make sure your nose is free of hair!
  • Try to communicate with her on various topics. For instance, about the latest world events, news, politics, and art.
  • Give her presents. Let it be spontaneous and for no apparent reason. But do it only if your ideas are unusual.
  • An attractive Libra woman will pay attention to you if you can show yourself in public. So, communicate freely on various topics, have a light aristocracy, and demonstrate an elegant appearance.
  • Be attentive to your girl. If you miss even one of her calls, she will become indifferent to you.
  • Do not try to rush with such a woman. After the first meeting, arrange a second date. And while she is waiting, she should think and weigh everything.
  • It is crucial for a Libra woman that her boyfriend is an educated, successful, and well-off man.

Is it all about you?

What are Libra's weaknesses?

Sometimes it seems that she is just afraid to say no. But Libra thinks everything out in advance, surrounding herself with the right people. Those she can trust to make the right decisions.
Libra ladies put the ability to please another person in the first place. They tend to give in to their partner on many issues. These women try not to offend close people, often adjusting to their characters.
The main weakness of a typical representative of this star sign is indecision. She likes to weigh all the pros and cons, to postpone some matters for later. Help her overcome it, and you will get the perfect life partner.

Why are Libras so good in bed?

A Libra woman in sex masters all the methods of seduction of men - from intellectual coquetry to outright striptease, but she does not fall in love at first sight and is never bound by feelings. Libra is not one of those females who become a burden for her partner, trying to drown him.
How to turn on a Libra woman, you ask? First of all, to satisfy a Libra woman sexually - you need to desire every inch of her body. Then, a lady of this star sign completely surrenders to her partner and makes him forget about everything. Any man will go crazy with her tenderness and gentleness. She willingly accepts the leadership of the masculine partner, so any guy feels like a real knight next to her.
This girl prefers comfortable conditions and foreplay because the night has been created for love, and there is no point in rushing. Your partner will enjoy sex if you massage her naked back. And then - turn her over and do all the same with her breasts. It will cause an even greater reaction on her part if simultaneously she can admire her body, which she considers perfect. And, even better, observe your actions in a reflection of a mirror on the wall. Use as many seducing techniques as possible.
After spending the night with this lady, do not forget that the greatest pleasure is to hear in the morning a passionate appreciation of what great satisfaction you received from intimacy with her! Also, Libra does not tolerate conversations about sex with people beyond your couple. Therefore, she never talks with her friends about personal relationships. In sex, a Libra woman enjoys every moment and does not want to engage in it in random places.
Now you know how sex with a Libra woman is. But isn't it better to go and finally experience it?

What makes Libra happy?

Libra's happiness is derived from the realization of the major purpose of a woman, determined by her nature and everything connected with it: to be loved, to have healthy children, a husband, a good life. She will be happy if her chosen one is handsome and occupies a good position in society, having stability and independence.
Nothing is more significant for Libra's happiness than the confidence that she is the one and only for her man. Yes, all females are jealous and do not tolerate rivals. Representatives of this zodiac sign are also known to love with their ears, so if a guy tells her he loves her, she will consider herself the happiest in the world.
Still, there are extra three points that make an average Libra lady merry:
For a Libra woman to be happy, a man must love her and also respect her personality. It implies taking into account her interests, desires, hobbies. His trust is essential in this regard - never humiliate her with jealous suspicions, not to offend.
A man's right attitude to his beloved can make her joyful. Libra is a very emotional being who needs love assurances, kindness, tenderness and care. Therefore, most women of this star sign attach great importance to kisses, tender touches, hugs.
Everyone loves pleasant surprises, isn't it? Even if a Libra woman is a well-off businesswoman who can buy a whole jewelry store or a fashion boutique for herself. Yes, she still dreams of receiving gifts from her beloved, just like any other female.

Who will a Libra marry?

What does a Libra woman look for in a man? It's a good question, especially if you wonder who she could get married to.
For a Libra girl, the most vital thing in love is calmness and harmony with a partner. He has to be the element of air, and smooth, predictable, and calm. Her partner must be direct and idolized - simple love will not be enough. She will be the happiest when she feels that she is cherished. Constant delight and compliments from her future partner are essential.
Libra girl has a family nature, and wants to be a little girl behind a stone wall. Her husband should be much stronger than her, both mentally and physically. She should feel that she is the most valuable person for him in the whole world. He should pamper her more and delight her with small things, constantly paying attention. This lady easily compromises and loves coziness in a relationship. This was one more piece of advice on how to seduce a Libra woman.

How do Libras act when they like someone?

A Libra woman always strives to have the man she likes in her sight. She observes and considers him, notes all the details and nuances of his behavior. A Libra girl is always excited in the presence of the object of her passion. Even if it is hard to notice from the outside. However, an attentive man will note that this female is constantly next to him, as if by accident. However, if a pleasant young guy looks in her direction, she will likely pretend that she does not care.
You can see the following signs of interest by Libras:

  • excessive chatter in the presence of a favorite man;
  • friendly attitude;
  • constant curious looks;

If a guy is pleasant company to this woman, any of his touches, of course within the framework of appropriateness, will be perceived by her positively. Moreover, she will look for opportunities to enter into light physical contact. The girl may choke and get silent when answering simple and most innocent questions or laugh where nothing funny has been said.

Are Libras shy?

Shyness is usually a trait of indecisive people who are in no hurry to make decisions on their own. These personalities get embarrassed to speak first with somebody and can hardly find a common language with them. At the same time, a Libra lady can find a solution to any problem and task. But her shyness sometimes does not allow her to share her ideas with others.
Such individuals like Libras love to beat around the bush and do not dare to make drastic changes in their lives. They are immersed in the daily routine. A typical Libra has an ingenious mind and unique abilities. But her shyness and secrecy often prevent them from expressing themselves.
For sure, Libras are shy and notorious females.

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