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Character of a Virgo woman (August, 23 – September, 22)

Character of a Virgo woman (August, 23 – September, 22)

An average down-to-earth Virgo girl always strives for perfection as well as development. On the other hand, representatives of this zodiac sign are extra cautious. This is manifested in everything - from immediately admitting new people and finding common ground with them; to special attention to their health. These ladies try to respond in a timely manner to all signals of the body.

Virgos are born-and-bred realists. They never entertain themselves with vain hopes and dreams and can under no circumstances rely on someone if they are not sure of the result.

Women born under this sign of the zodiac - are very demanding not only to themselves but also to others. Every day Virgo conducts self-analysis and works on mistakes - it's pretty ordinary for her. Moreover, if this girl notices a flaw in someone's behavior, the corresponding reaction will not take long.

A general characteristic of a Virgo woman is that she deeply loves tidiness and order. This applies to keeping the house clean and faithfulness in relationships. Such a lady will never tolerate chaos and uncertainty. She needs to get ducks in a row - otherwise, this restless girl will immediately get to work again.

This zodiac sign's representatives are prone to frequent mood swings. That is why sometimes these women need so-called five-minute pauses, during which they can calm themselves and get rid of their emotions. Apropos emotions, Virgos are not particularly sensitive. Moreover, sometimes they can get tired from the variety of feelings other people demonstrate.

Females of this zodiac sign have a negative attitude to any manifestations of violence and aggression. So, if someone appears in the life of a Virgo who tries to subject her to this torment - she easily erases such a person from her world.

Virgos are very patient — this is probably one of their best qualities. They show calmness in everything: work, social life, romance. Financial well-being and confidence in the future — that is what worries these girls. Virgos like to save and raise money. They are also responsible for their spending.

Neatness, discipline, organization — it's all about the representatives of this zodiac sign. Virgos are also surprisingly moderate, frugal, and punctual. Lies, delusions, and cheats cannot be tolerated. They make decisions wisely - and, even in difficult situations, use logic.

Virgo females are beautiful, tender, romantic, and very devoted. They love once and for all. In fact, these girls can dedicate their whole lives to their beloved ones. However, it all happens in a somewhat specific way.

The life motto of a Virgo lady would sound like, “Everything around me should be perfect.“ That is why Virgos like to create an atmosphere of beauty around themselves. We are talking not just about their refined style and taste. Loveliness is synonymous with purity and order for them.

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Her expectations

Virgo Woman expectations

What kind of men do Virgo girls like? What about their expectations, after all? Each one of these demanding women wants to see a real man next to her. So let's find out who this special one might be, in the opinion, of a Virgo, of course.

  • Responsible. Representatives of this star sign always expect determination and liability from men. When talking about understanding a Virgo woman, a real man is able to take responsibility not only for himself but also for his wife. He should never forget to match his words with deeds.
  • Decent. These ladies are not attracted to guys who cannot brag of this quality. Females of this sign of the zodiac just do not get how it is possible to be next to a man who has despicable and mean behavior.
  • Punctual. Be a man of your word; do not force Virgo to wait long for the fulfillment of your promises.
  • Pragmatic. Since Virgos are very consistent and like to act on a pre-arranged program, they will surely appreciate such a quality as pragmatism. A guy must have a clear plan of action and strictly follow it while choosing the most correct methods of achieving the goal.

How to attract a Virgo woman?

How to attract a Virgo woman?

Winning the heart of a demanding Virgo and falling in love with her — not an easy task. However, men who know how to solve complex problems and are not afraid of facing certain challenges - go ahead. So, how to attract a Virgo woman?


You can attract the attention of such a woman with a tidy and elegant appearance. Forget about wearing a not-ironed shirt or having long greasy hair if you want to get her as your girlfriend. Of course, these recommendations may seem a little rude. But the tips we give here are more than realistic since a neat Virgo will never even look in the direction of an unkempt guy.


Next, we turn to your ability to present yourself successfully in society. These ladies will always be fond of men with whom they are not ashamed to go out. That means your manners and behavior should speak for themselves. Be restrained, friendly and learn how to avoid conflict situations. These qualities will definitely make you attractive in the eyes of any Virgo girl.


Such traits as discipline and self-control will undoubtedly help to win Virgo's affection. Be extremely careful in your statements and actions. Don't do something you may later regret.


You must become her dear friend, a soul mate. The ability to support, listen and hear is something that will, in no way, leave a representative of this star sign indifferent. Nevertheless, it must come from the heart. Your relationship should have no theatre mode.


Virgos love honesty and kindness. Do not be deceitful with these girls because they feel lies and omissions for a mile. Be open and straightforward with your Virgo lady in everything, and then her attention will unquestionably belong to you.

How to date a Virgo woman?

How to date a Virgo woman?

Virgo, right on the first date, tries to test her admirer. She scans the appearance of a new acquaintance, checks how generous he is and his ability to lead an exciting conversation. Sometimes such a lady even arranges a formal interrogation: she is not ashamed to be interested in income, position, heredity, or property of her potential boyfriend. These are special traits of a Virgo woman you will, for sure, face when dating her. So better be ready.

Also, don't expect a fleeting affair from a Virgo. Just so you know: if she agrees to continue the meeting in a bedroom - then, most likely, it will be not only the first but also the last date you two have.

There are some extra tips on dating a Virgo woman you may find valuable:


Such a girl wants her man to know manners. It includes helping with wearing her coat in winter, giving her a hand when she has high heels on, or simply holding the elevator doors open for her. Such behavior of yours wouldn't question your girlfriend's independence - just show your gentleman qualities.


These females really appreciate men who are striving for self-development and improvement. It is essential for a Virgo that her partner is smart enough to present himself excellently in society. What you, therefore, need to do is make your loved one proud of being together with such a man.


Be unobtrusive. The representatives of this zodiac sign are a bit slow and like to make informed decisions, so do not be too intrusive. Even more, there is no need to press and push Virgos. They hate it.


Like any other female, Virgo loves sincere compliments. There is, however, no need to invent anything in this regard. The best words have been formulated long ago and, of course, not by us.

But what do you need to say while flirting to make your woman happy?

Tell your beloved one how beautiful she is, learn to notice small adorable traits of her. Compliments from the category «How does a new hairstyle suit you» will always be well accepted.

Don't forget to say nice words about Virgo's outfits. Since such a lady usually is very meticulous and always tries to look fabulous. Just briefly mention, «Wow, how chic you look in this suit!» or «This jacket perfectly emphasizes your sexy figure» - and it will be enough.

Self-improvement and personal growth — it's all about a Virgo woman. So it would be nice if you could praise her for her intelligence and education, not only for appearance. Remember, a bit of flattery, just like simple compliments, will help your partner believe in herself.


It was not enough to say beautiful words and give flowers to please this girl. You need to give her confidence that you are a real man. Every minute you are together - give her love, consideration, and care. She will appreciate it very much.

How NOT to date a Virgo woman

How NOT to date a Virgo woman

#1. Don't be depressed!

She studies, works, or both at the same time. Whatever Virgo does, in the evening - she is totally exhausted. After a hard day, therefore, don't add more negativity.

You shouldn't complain about your life, your boss, your mom, your neighbors, or anything else - try to be optimistic. Better drain your problems and failures with your friends over a glass of beer.

#2. Don't be trivial!

Expensive gifts, generous gestures, dinners in fancy restaurants are a sad triviality for a typical Virgo girlfriend. Surprise her like a true gentleman: bring your woman out of the routine. For example, start doing some sports (better with her), make a parachute jump, explore new cities and countries. Who knows, maybe such hobbies will also help to widen the career horizons too.

#3. Don't be boring!

Develop your logic, read scientific magazines. The more erudite you are, the more fascinated a Virgo girl will become from your chats. The truth is: she is an intelligent lady and will never waste her time on someone not equal.

#4. Do not set unrealistic goals!

At the beginning of communication, decide for yourself what you want from this woman — to be friends, build relationships, or just have sex. And do not forget about the friend zone - once you are there, don't hope for a romance.

Virgo woman in relationships & love

Virgos, as a rule, are modest and patient. But when they fall deeply in love, they partially stop controlling themselves. Due to the fact they can be called working bees in society, these women are often too enthusiastic in the matters of family and friends.

If you are a bit lazy - choose Virgo as a life partner. In a relationship with her, you will always be under the gun of fair criticism, which will significantly help you to improve yourself. The most intriguing fact about such a lady is that she is always right. It means you shouldn't waste time on empty arguments - the result is aware in advance.

The Virgo's house is always clean: everything is in place. A female of this star sign will always know where the stuff you scattered around the house at the moment is. Still, you should never offend Virgo with your criticism - if you don't want to be destroyed by her indifference. This woman knows everything about herself and analyzes her own thoughts and actions much more mercilessly than those around her.

A Virgo woman in a relationship provides stability to her partner like no other star sign possibly can. Also, it belongs to the most gentle and loving signs in the zodiac circle. A Virgo female can tolerate abuse of her patience for an incredibly long time before the first indications of annoyance and fury appear. However, you should never be unfaithful to such a lady! Or at least try not to be caught cheating. It will make her heartbroken, and this is not what you want to see, trust us. Since she will have a hard time trusting you in the future, Virgo will immediately end the relationship. And you will regret all your life that you've lost a girl like this.

How to love a Virgo woman, you might ask? First of all, take care of her inner state and mood. Show how grateful you are for everything she does. For example: for the fact that she is with you, maintains order in the house, creates comfort, cooks. Be able to sincerely appreciate what an extraordinary person she is. To love Virgo properly means - to have a knowledge of what language of love she speaks; what is important to her. Are this hugs and touches, tender and kind words, or maybe pleasant gifts and surprises you bring?

This lady does not like to be fully angry. This emotion makes her feel awkward. But if Virgo has come to a decision not to cover her reaction - there is no chance she can calm down. The Virgo's rage is so heavy that it can be felt even in the other part of the house. Simultaneously, a girl of this zodiac sign remains passive-aggressive. Usually, she avoids conflicts and arguments. An angry Virgo woman will prefer to leave instead of staying and giving vent to feelings.

The perfect date for Virgo

The perfect date for Virgo

Thinking about how to make a Virgo woman happy - we, anyway, need to mention what the perfect rendezvous, in her opinion, is. Although, in the case of representatives of this star sign, everything is obvious.

Since Virgo girls are distinguished by a sharp mind, they usually like intellectually entertaining dates.

Where to invite a future girlfriend on a first date if she is delighted with smart guys and prefers to show off her intellect on any occasion? Well, cafes and entertainment venues host evenings called «quiz nights» or «trivia evenings.» These are the ideal location to demonstrate the level of your and your girl's erudition.

There is no opportunity to visit such game nights? Try simpler options, then. Watch a documentary together and discuss it later. Read a book, selected in advance, and then have a joint chat like in a real book club. Play chess or other logic games; visit a museum or exhibition and share your impressions of the works of art you saw. A ticket to a theater or a concert hall can please an intellectual Virgo too.

Gifts for a Virgo woman for first date

A down-to-earth Virgo is pragmatic in everything — that's why you should be guided when choosing the best gift for this lady. Of course, we are not trying to say that you should give her only household items, but romantic rubbish won't please your girlfriend for sure.

A woman of this zodiac sign has a totally normal attitude to being asked directly about her preferences. Virgo will be happy to answer you and tell you about the things she wants to have.

Just bear in mind: it is not easy to deal with a Virgo girl sometimes, but nothing is impossible. Such a woman loves everything that combines sophistication, practicality, and health benefits.

Virgos do not chase the latest must-haves - but love to experiment and invent. Therefore, give a representative of this star sign anything that will help her make new discoveries - and it will be a direct hit.

Try to surprise your lady! Yes, Virgos are really pragmatic and sometimes seem mercantile. Deep down in their souls, however, they hide delicate and romantic nature. So give Virgo a pleasant surprise — anything she didn't expect from you. It is the best gift for a Virgo woman. If you manage to surprise her, you will forever sink into her heart and soul.

In summing up, we can say that Virgos probably will NOT like:

  • Stuffed animals. They can be romantic, but soft toys and other similar balderdash, according to Virgos, аre a great place to collect dust and dirt. Therefore, never present your girlfriend with anything that will give her extra trouble in cleaning.
  • Souvenirs. This is the worst gift for a Virgo woman ever. Because there is no point having it. Therefore, choosing between a more expensive fridge magnet and a cheaper calendar, it is better to give Virgo a calendar – she will use it at work.

What Virgo will, undoubtedly, like:

  • Anything with her happy colors: gray, beige, navy blue, green, and white.
  • Jewelry with her talisman stone jade, as well as with opaque stones — malachite, agate, jasper.
  • Something made from her happy metal — platinum.

It does not matter what you will decide to give to Virgo after all - remember one thing. It sometimes is difficult for her to thank you for the efforts you made. Therefore, your girlfriend may remain silent. Still, at the same time, she will keep the thing you gave for a long time and treat it with care.

Compatibility with Virgo woman: love disasters & matches

Compatibility with Virgo woman: love disasters & matches

A Virgo woman will superbly get along with the representatives of the following zodiac signs:

  • Taurus. Their manner of taking things slowly and inborn thrift - make Taurus and Virgo a perfect couple.
  • Cancer. These two have similar goals and dreams. Why not?
  • Leo. He will charge her with his vibrant energy. She, on her side, will teach him to be patient.
  • Virgo. It is pretty easy for them to be together since they can understand each other without saying a word.
  • Capricorn. A Capricorn guy will bring her out into the light. A Virgo girl will gladly help him to achieve all his goals.
  • Pisces. Good influence on each other and continuous self-development. What could be better?

Average compatibility a Virgo lady has with: Aries, Libra, Scorpio, and Aquarius. It can't always be rosy here. But with a bit of effort - these zodiac signs can find their happiness in relationships with Virgos.

The least successful love matches for Virgo are Gemini and Sagittarius. Their mindsets differ greatly, and it is almost impossible to find a compromise for them.

By the way, Virgo is usually fond of astrology. Although she will not tell anyone - the knowledge this science gives has a significant impact on the choice of a partner. So, if you want to be in a relationship with such a lady - your zodiac sign should be among those with high compatibility.

Virgo woman dating FAQ

How does a Virgo woman act when she likes you?

Since a Virgo woman is not very emotional, you should not expect loud declarations of love or anything similar from her. A typical representative of this zodiac sign usually tries to restrain her passions in every possible way. This is not because she is insensitive and callous. Instead, owing to the fact - Virgo does not know what else to do. Such a lady likes to rethink everything thoroughly before drawing some conclusions and acting.
How to know a Virgo woman likes you, then? There is an opinion that if Virgo is sincerely and blindly in love, it becomes much more difficult for her to control her emotions. Her mood improves pretty quick, right from the moment she starts to idealize her beloved. This is probably the only case when Virgo allows herself to immerse into the world of dreams.
Some particularly brave girls of this star sign manage to learn how to show their emotions with the time. Of course, this is the direct opposite of what was said about the Virgo woman before. But let's not forget about exceptions since they often appear - so keep it in mind.
At this point, we want to give you some apparent signs a Virgo woman likes you. Except for her behavior, the necessary conclusions could be made from the way she flirts. If she becomes even shier than usual: her cheeks flash with blood, can hardly say a word - good for you, Virgo is in love. Also, if you notice that she demonstrates her genuine interest in your jokes and smiles a lot - it makes clear this girl is in love.
How to tell if a Virgo woman likes you through communication? Well, you can choose some distracting topics for chats and watch for her reaction. If during the talk your girl becomes less restrained, starts to smile a lot, says jokes - she definitely cares about you.

How to keep a Virgo woman interested?

First, remember: even if something goes wrong at the beginning of the relationship and Virgo doubts you - it is still possible to keep this lady interested.
A representative of this zodiac sign will not be fond of all these soapy things like bouquets, candies, and toys. If Virgo decides to end the relationship — she will do it. So you better don't let the misunderstandings go this far. To avoid such situations, just don't do stupid things. Try to be a faithful and reliable companion for your woman, as well as a good lover. Showing respect for your Virgo girlfriend will always bring you mutual love and happiness.
It is not a secret that modern couples communicate a lot online. So let's find out how to text a Virgo woman. It is impossible to conquer her heart through a brief chat, though. That this restrained and careful lady was interested in you, it is necessary to give her time. Virgo female goes for rapprochement very slowly, and opens to her man gradually. There is no need to speed things up and send hearts or flowers emojis. She needs some time to feel and realize the intensity of your feelings. But you can start chatting in a friendly way, which will turn into a light flirtation a bit later.
How to talk to a Virgo woman to keep her interested? Firstly, don't try to impress her, just be yourself. Also, seek common interests. Mention any movie, series, or book. Her answer will help to understand what to do next.
Moreover, you can quickly find out about Virgo's hobbies from the profile on her social network. Two things that you both love would be more than enough to become dear friends. People instinctively sympathize with those who are like them. The more you have in common, the much cozier she feels with you. With the level of comfort grows and the level of trust. And that's what you need.

How to know if a Virgo woman likes you?

When a Virgo woman is in love, she can't stop looking at her chosen one. Her gaze can be timid or intent, but it will definitely be different from how this girl looks at other people.
How to tell if a Virgo woman is interested in you? Are there any more signs of her fondness? Sure! You just need to be attentive enough to notice them.
Virgo lady, as a rule, demonstrates her interest through the extraordinary degree of care and trust. In particular, such a girl:

  • does up the hair of her beloved one;
  • tries to clean his clothes of lint and simply blow off the dust particles;
  • tries to advise him something, help in some way;
  • tries to spoil her man with tasty treats.

How to make a Virago woman miss you?

Let her know that you are a busy person who has important things to do, hobbies and meetings with other people. Then the Virgo lady will consider you a successful and well-respected man, not a slacker and a loser who is not worthy of her attention.
If you don't know how to get a Virgo woman to chase you, here's a piece of advice — make your daily schedule as busy as possible. Then your chosen one will be forced to look for meetings with you. Most likely, she will even go to some tricks to get your whereabouts and make a pleasant surprise.

What is the dark side of Virgo?

Representatives of this zodiac sign are neat and calm. They always get the house in order and try to keep the mind clear too. Negative traits of a Virgo woman can be — snobbery, secrecy, excessive criticism.
For such star signs as Gemini and Sagittarius (with which Virgos are not really compatible), that will be a problem. These men will not stand such an attitude and run away after all.

Are Virgos good in bed?

Witty, intelligent, and attractive. Men run after them, but these ladies usually can't take advantage of it.
With a Virgo woman as a lover - you will not get much passion. Although tenderness is what she can give in abundance. A girl born under this zodiac sign is also sensitive and attentive. Virgo is ready to give everything she has to her lover, but at the same time, she will expect the same from her partner. This lady will easily tell you many tender words, and give her kindness and warmth. Sex with a Virgo woman promises not only physical but also moral pleasure. Intimacy with the representative of this zodiac sign you will surely not be able to forget soon.
Express the most secret sexual desires to your Virgo girlfriend not with amorous looks and timid hints but with clear text. As a pragmatic person, she will be glad to get such direct instructions.

Who are Virgos attracted to?

According to the Virgo horoscope, these women are over the moon with men who have the same values as they do. Such ladies find them sexually interesting because they strive for a serious and balanced relationship. Each one of these girls would definitely like to be with a lover whose raptures are simple joys of life.
Virgo's man should not be afraid of monotony life or work. A female of this zodiac sign will fall in love with a decent, faithful, and honest guy.
Her love is strong, unalterable, as well as earthly and calm.
A Virgo woman will be with a down-to-earth, rational, responsible, sincere and reliable man. By the way, you should never forget that loyalty is the key to her heart!
Virgo dislikes windy, talkative, unpredictable, fickle, domineering, irresponsible, touchy, impractical, impulsive men.
How to seduce a Virgo woman, you might ask? Well, it isn’t as hard as it seems at first glance. The whole process needs some time, of course, and patience since you need to earn her trust first. Tempt a Virgo lady with a romantic dinner cooked by yourself, not ordered in a restaurant around the corner. Try to turn on an ordinary day into something special - it will demonstrate what you think of her. If you really want to touch Virgo's soul, write her a little poem.
Become a bit tender at the time of seducing her. Virgo wants to know that she can relax near you. When you finally have a Virgo woman in bed, seduce her by letting her know that you care for her. Make it clear to her that she and her satisfaction are your priority. And this girl will always look forward to the next meeting.

What does a Virgo woman need in a relationship?

First and foremost, you should become a real friend for your Virgo. This is necessary for this charming lady to let you into her inner circle. An average representative of this star sign is secretive by nature. She is not used to opening her soul to a complete stranger, so you need to work hard to get the desired status.
How to make a Virgo woman fall in love with you, you ask? Do not forget about appearance. Virgo will not even look in the direction of a sloppy man. You have to look decent. It does not mean to dress in expensive boutiques and only in accordance with new fashion trends. It instead means to look neat and not whimsical in your outfits.
A representative of this zodiac sign will not pay too much attention to your gifts in the form of flowers and sweets. Much more significant for her will be your attention and the time you spend together. But it doesn't mean you need to forget about small presents.
If you wonder: how to win a Virgo woman's heart - we say, don't rush. Do not force your loved one to make a decision quickly because it's for your own good. The only matter you shouldn't wait long is introducing your girlfriend to your family members. The truth about a Virgo woman is that she is looking for a man once and for all. Through this gesture, you will also make your intentions clear.

What do Virgos like sexually?

The Virgo woman is incredibly calm, feminine, tender, and sensitive.
Before getting intimate with a Virgo woman, it is necessary to discuss everything you like and hate in this regard. She will do the same. However, a representative of this zodiac sign is suitable for a man who does not want wild sex.
Virgo usually prefers to invite a partner to her place since she feels more confident there. He mustn't forget to please her with a huge bouquet and a bottle of expensive champagne. Most likely, a girl of this zodiac sign will also offer to take a bath together first. This will make her feel fresh and ready for sex. A Virgo lady will also definitely turn on quiet music, light some candles. It will indicate that she is ready for a hot night.
This lady will easily reveal her sexuality to a man she genuinely loves. But don't forget: she wants perfection in bed. Virgo can feel the highest pleasure only when her partner has the same wishes as she has.

Are Virgos intelligent?

Virgo is endowed with an analytical mind and intelligence. She has analysis skills, always pays attention to details.
Entrepreneurship and restrained criticism do not allow to mislead the representatives of this zodiac sign. Wasting time is not what Virgos will do. Such girls test and harden all their knowledge in practice. Virgo women often go headlong into science and various kinds of research.
Many single ladies of this zodiac sign may seem to be careerists. However, there is an explanation for this. These women don't marry for convenience or youthful romance. In fact, compared to the other star signs, Virgos get married later than everyone else. But they, as a rule, make strong families. Virgos are excellent wives and mothers.

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