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When God brings singles together: best advice on dating a Christian girl

When God brings singles together: best advice on dating a Christian girl

When turning the pages of the Old Testament, Christians from all parts of the world can find these words in Genesis 2:18, «It is not good for the man to be alone.» And really, God didn’t let his human creation Adam remain lonely. Instead, Lord created a life partner for him - Eve, made from Adam’s own rib. According to God’s vision, a woman was supposed to be a man’s constant encouragement and support (since they come from each other, and therefore, together make a single whole). Much has happened to people after these events. However, more and more often, modern males ask: how to find a Christian wife that follows Our Lord’s teachings even in today’s realities? The one who is a true believer.

Thank goodness, it’s definitely easier than it seems. The idea of this article, full of interesting facts, is to help singles with faith in their hearts to meet soul mates. Trust us, after reading it, you’ll hardly find any aspect of Christian dating that would still be unclear!

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How to date a christian girl

So, like it was mentioned before, the subject of a committed, faithful, and trusting relationship has become a pressing issue, especially for someone religious. Because, actually, it’s not just about finding a partner with certain character traits or fine features. In this case, men and women search for a like-minded spouse. And this is a little more complicated.

Although, at this point, we should probably mention that due to the lack of similar experience, Christian singles, for the most part, don’t know how the dating process goes. For this reason, first of all, we want to talk about the specificities of relationships with God-fearing ladies. Read this part carefully if you wish to avoid common mistakes.

Before everything, it’s important to point out two main ways of Christian love search: good, old-fashioned matchmaking and regular dating. While non-Christians often make rendezvous with one thought in mind - namely, to have sex; true believers find it completely unacceptable. The purpose of dating for religious people is always to create a family. They see this process as friendship developed into deep mutual feelings rather than a burst of physical attraction. Going out, in this case, is aimed at getting to know each other, finding out if a potential spouse also has Jesus in the heart. The Bible warns us that believers and unbelievers shouldn’t get married because those who live in light of Christ and those who live in darkness can never find harmony in life (2 Corinthians 6: 14-15).

Now’s the right moment to talk about sex and Christian dating. Like it was mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20 - until marriage, there should be just a little or no physical contact at all. This also means no touch, no holding hands, no kissing. For couples on a date, however, it can be hard to resist temptation and not to give in to the emotions. Christian lovebirds, therefore, must set clear limits from the very beginning. If that appears to be difficult for them, experts advise turning to the Lord. With his help, it’s much easier to get away from the sins of everyday life.

Wait a minute, we didn’t say anything about matchmaking in Christianity yet. For modern singles, this method might sound like something old-fashioned. Still, this way of searching for love remains relevant and actually is a common practice among religious people. What is it about then? Christian matchmaking lets men and women become acquainted with the help of someone else with similar beliefs. It enables them to get to know each other on the spiritual level, above all. And really, without the pressure of physical intimacy or overwhelming emotions of love, it shall not be hard to figure out if this person is the right one or not. Rose-colored glasses-free, as they say. While some see this dating style as the only right way to find a significant other, others find it oppressive and over-controlling. The reason for that is a couple, in this case, doesn’t spend time alone, but usually with their family members or friends. How to get a Christian girl to like you if you can’t spend an hour face-to-face and speak privately, without other participants? Well, you don’t have to, since choosing matchmaking, you let your parents be fully involved in decision-making in this regard. As a benefit, you get their life experience and wisdom, as a disadvantage - it’s never completely your choice. The same goes for your bride-to-be.

So, is it fair to say that true Christians don’t date in the concept of what non-religious people mean by it? Yes, at some point. For such couples, the personal characteristics of the potential partner are far more important than how they spend their time together. The result of the dating process - marriage, raising kids, and teaching them the right values - is the only thing that matters. Once again, we are talking about the true believers here. There are a lot of Christians who take the faith only formally. Dating one of them, you won’t have to follow the majority of strict religious rules.

5 Christian rules for dating

5 Christian rules for dating

If you now think that it all is way too complicated - you are wrong. Trust us, entering into a relationship can be exciting, especially when you’ve never tried it before. How should Christians date, after all? Are there any certain rules everyone needs to follow? Yes, dear friend! But you don’t have to seek help on the Internet or ask such questions in your church after the Sunday sermon. We’ve put together five essential principles all Christian singles should be aware of.

Since Christians usually have serious intentions concerning partner search, it can happen that at some point in time, you might try awfully hard in this matter. Therefore, in any unclear situation - just keep calm. Even if something goes wrong - take it easy; that’s the Lord’s plan.

Just keep in mind, your potential girlfriend, as a Christian, also wants to get married and start a family. Maybe this knowledge will help you to relax. Because through constant worries, it’s almost impossible to understand how you feel about her.

So, especially during the first conversation, try to break away from all thoughts you have in your mind and give your date a chance to prove herself.

You can have high expectations

It’s nothing wrong or shameful, by the way. Of course, your standards should still be realistic and achievable. But don’t let anyone convince you that your expectations are too high. The fact is you are searching for a spouse, soulmate. The one you will spend the rest of your life with. That’s why you have the right to be as picky as you want - it’s something much more significant than choosing a restaurant for dinner on Friday evening.

We are trying to say: you don’t have to be satisfied with someone mediocre when God wants to give you an extraordinary partner. So you two would make a perfect couple and live happily ever after.

Critical thinking is allowed

As a religious person, you probably feel like the chances of finding a lady with a similar mindset in today’s environment are pretty slim. Especially if you think that finding a Christian wife process ought to be limited to communication with females from your church. Actually, there are many ways of how you can meet someone who shares your beliefs and attitude to life. But one thing at a time - we’ll talk about it a bit later.

So what are we talking about here, then? Some people, no matter how religious they are, pretend to be better than they really are. Even the most faithful and devoted, at first glance, woman might appear to be not all that she seems. You, therefore, need to protect yourself from heartbreak using simple critical thinking. Refer to your past, talk to your parents or more experienced friends - do your best to make an informed decision after all. Once again, you are looking for a relationship for life, not a one-night stand.

Make sure you stay true to yourself

Christian dating for marriage may be quite challenging. For example, a person you thought might be your special one could turn out to be a bad choice. It’s life: everything comes and goes as the Lord disposes. However, his voice that gives hints on what to do is in all of us. We just need to listen carefully. So always stay true to yourself when communicating with Christian girls, trust your inner voice.

Do you feel that dating is stressing you out now? Are your attempts in partner search rather strained than willing? Then stop torturing yourself and take a break. You can try again later, and it’s totally okay. You don’t have to rush anything to please society. God wants you to be happy, and that’s the point. Give yourself time: sooner or later, you’ll meet the future spouse. And you two, like pieces of the puzzle, will be together forever and ever.

Prayer is the key

This rule speaks for itself. Yes, this is nothing new. But, at the same time, it’s surprising that so many young men don’t see any help in prayer when it comes to choosing a wife.

We don’t say that praying gives a direct answer to the question: how to get a Christian girlfriend. Also, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find an amazing partner without asking God for it. On the other hand, why should we neglect the advice of the Creator of the universe, of our Lord and Savior making such a great decision? Spend time in prayer and give him an opportunity to lead you to someone who really matches you - it can never hurt.

Where to find a Christian girl

Where to find a Christian girl

The fact you are religious doesn’t mean you don’t have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. However, it’s not necessarily your future wife is among these people. There are thousands of chances to find your special one outside the social group you live in, though. Many of them are, unfortunately, not commonly known. Let’s correct this mistake together! So, how to find a Christian girlfriend? And where to look for her, after all?

Your church’s choir or instrumental group

Music is a great way to get to know your potential partner. Especially if you have certain skills in this regard. The talent to sing beautifully or play any instrument is something that attracts the attention of other people. What you need to do is to turn on the charm and Bob’s your uncle.

Interest groups in the church parish

As a rule, there are some interest groups in every church parish. It might be almost everything: from debating clubs to foreign languages learning groups. You can choose any activity that brings you joy and let the shared hobby connect you with your spouse.

By the way, it would not hurt to take a look at events offered by the church in the neighborhood too.

Trips and excursions

Parishes often offer different trips and excursions. It gives you a great opportunity to start dating a Christian girl. Because such journeys not only allow you to get to know females of your travel group better but also let you make acquaintances with the church community at your destination (it’s a part of the program, in most cases).

Volunteering at the church

Those who have time and willingness to become a volunteer in the local church come into contact with many people almost automatically. The possibilities for doing an unpaid job in the name of God are wide-ranging. The most common options here would be - refugee aid, coaching a sports team, working with children and youth, environment-related projects.

Volunteering together with your potential wife helps to make a connection on a deeper emotional level. Christian experts, therefore, highly recommend this way of searching for love.

Online dating

Even if you, as a true believer, have a lot of prejudice about online dating, there are a lot of advantages to it. In particular, compared to other partner search methods.

First of all, in a Christian dating app, you can meet ladies who are not only religious but also look like Hollywood celebrities. The country and city they live in, thanks to the Internet, doesn’t really matter. It means you won’t be limited by geography.

You’ve probably heard that non-religious people use dating sites to make many new contacts, quickly and hassle-free. Such singles swipe profiles of other members carelessly, chat with every match, but never find true love. To avoid meeting one of them, choose services specially designed for Christians. These people will understand your desire to take it easy: they will treat you with respect and respond with kindness. On the other hand, you need to take every contact you make very seriously. When the time is right - don’t be too shy to transfer your relationship into real life.

Christian girls dating FAQ

Christian girls dating FAQ

How do Christian girls start dating?

The Bible doesn’t give us an exact age that would be right to start a romantic relationship. Each lady has her own personality, physical and mental maturity. Only she knows the appropriate moment to begin the search for a life partner. Therefore, there is no term when Christian women dating is generally allowed.
On the other hand, in Colossians 3:20 is written that children should obey their parents. And, due to this fact, if the mother or father is dead set against starting dating - then a girl must listen to what they say and wait a bit.

Who is a typical Christian girlfriend?

Dating a Christian woman is having a partner who is ready to get through thick and thin with you. She won’t cheat on you or even ever look at other men.
Such a girlfriend doesn’t need expensive gifts, such as jewelry, because our Lord disapproves excesses and abuses. Her character traits are faithfulness, devotion, forgiveness, and modesty. She is always honest with you.
This lady will support you in every undertaking and can never let you down.

How do I meet a Christian girl?

Of course, the most obvious place to meet a Christian girl would be a church. At the same time, what could be more romantic than getting to know your future wife at your friend’s or relative’s wedding?
Other so-called hot sports here are retreats, mission trips, interest groups, courses, and workshops. Online dating as a way of starting a Christian relationship with a religious woman is also gaining popularity.

How long should the Christians date?

When talking about how long a Christian couple should date before getting married, we can’t give any specific term once again. The Bible doesn’t say a word in this regard, so we can only rely on statistics. It says, on average, a religious man and woman go down the aisle somewhere between six and twenty-four months from the beginning of their relationships.

What to know about dating a Christian girl?

You need to know that dating a Christian girl is always physical contact-free. We are not going to be overly conservative and claim that sex before marriage leads to death or something similar. Still, it’s essential to understand that this point is worth the wait. Your partner’s chastity should be your pride. At the same time, it proves that your faith is genuine.
Yes, God invented sex. But he invented it for marriage. Unfortunately, nowadays, intimacy has become more of a leisure activity than a “becoming one“ of man and woman, as God wanted it to be. Don’t let this misconception influence you.

Can a relationship work without kissing?

Yes, sure. There are lots of things you need to know about your partner: her character, dreams, desires, plans for the future. Notice: neither of them requires kissing.

How to date a Christian woman if I am not Christian?

Unfortunately, it’s absolutely impossible, then. True believers can’t date non-Christians - it’s not allowed by the Bible.

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