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Everything you should know before asking a woman with red hair out

Blondes, brunettes, black-haired women - they all, beyond any doubt, are attractive. Still, it doesn't change the fact these females are almost always overshadowed by ginger girls. It is easy to understand, though. The fiery red hair, milky-white skin, cute freckles - how can such a person go unnoticed?

Everything you should know before asking a woman with red hair out

From ancient times, the bright and extraordinary appearance traits of redheads arouse curiosity and even bewilderment. Some people say these females are as unique as their temperament, while others - find them strange and mysterious. But where is the truth? For better understanding, we want to start with two theories about the origins of gingers.

The first one - historical. This version suggests that men and women with red hair are descendants of Neanderthals. It means their genes are several thousands of years older than ours (Homo sapiens ones). So, according to scientists of Oxford University, redheads are distant relatives of dexterous, cruel hunters, which were stronger than any of our forefathers. Of course, nowadays, they are far from being Neanderthals. But the genetic memory retains this information and expresses it through unusual appearance and explosive, rebellious character. By the way, traces of Neanderthals have been found in Western Europe, where red-haired Irish, Scots, and Gauls (Germans) people can be met even now.

The second theory is ufological. It suggests that males and females with red hair came to Earth from a parallel world or star system. As evidence, this version gives several historical cases. These include medieval interrogation records. That time redheads confirmed they had supernatural powers, such as predicting the future, influencing the weather, healing, and communicating with other worlds. Such an opinion exists even today. For example, it is believed that red-haired nurses and doctors make patients recover faster.

So here they are - two theories. Which one to believe is solely your choice. But no matter what you want to presume - we are pretty sure these curious facts have awoken even more interest towards gingers in your soul. Keep reading to know all the essential information you need to know about them before asking such a lady out.

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Why do men love redheads?

Beautiful girls with vibrant ginger hair have always attracted attention. Even in a company with pretty brunettes and blondes, they look brighter and hotter. People often say that their character is as burning as cayenne pepper. But why should you date a redhead, after all? Because of her playfulness and cheerfulness? Or maybe strong self-esteem and adventurousness? Well, we are willing to give you five reasons that will dispel all your doubts in this respect.

Let's start with the fact, exciting for those who consider not only dating a redhead - but also get married to her

Reason #1

Let's start with the fact, exciting for those who consider not only dating a redhead - but also get married to her.

Dutch scientists have recently discovered that gingers usually look younger than they in reality are. It is all because of the MC1R gene, which is, at the same time, responsible for their copper hair and fair skin. As it was stated during various experiments - this gene affects DNA repair too. Exactly this process helps to prolong youth. As a rule, they look at least two years younger than their biological age.

Another good news in this regard. Redheads are not only charming - they generally have better health, no matter how old they are!

Reason #2

Another reason to start dating redheads is their wild sexuality. Each one of such girls embodies a fusion of passion and desire. If you ask men who already have experience in relationships with them - you will hear only words of delight. It is easy to understand - women with copper hair are the most sensual and open-minded partners ever! They are willing to give unforgettable pleasure and show what a real firework of emotions means.

British scientists have a related to this subject research, by the way. In their opinion, gingers make love on average three times a week, while blondes and brunettes - only two. So, nights full of joy are guaranteed.

Reason #3

While dating a red-haired girl, you will always be the center of attention

While dating a red-haired girl, you will always be the center of attention. Such a female herself stands out from the crowd, and not only because this kind of beauty is extremely rare to see. So, when being together with her, you can take some of the glory too.

Take a look at Hollywood celebrities. Now it's difficult to say who was the trendsetter, but the fact remains - red hair is definitely a trend. One of the sexiest women on the planet, according to Esquire magazine - Christina Hendrix is ginger. Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Emma Stone - these ladies changed their hair color to copper one for seducing men even more. Yes, all shades of red really work their magic!

Reason #4

According to the survey conducted by several redhead dating sites - gingers are empathic. They can sense your true feelings and emotions without asking a question, just during a short chat.

In fact, scientists have an explanation for this phenomenon. They have proven that hair and skin color define general characteristics of the human nervous system. Therefore, those with bright copper hair and fair skin - are, from nature, more sensitive and vulnerable. And, namely, for this reason, they can understand the passions of other people better than blondes or brunettes.

Reason #5

Dating a redhead girl can never be boring

Dating a redhead girl can never be boring.

Ladies with ginger hair, at first glance, seem calm and distant. It's an absolutely wrong impression, though. In most cases, they have a rather explosive character and definitely belong to the choleric type. No wonder that these sunny curls are usually associated with fire!

A relationship with such a woman perfectly fits the lifestyle of every man. For those with quiet character, dating a ginger girlfriend is like a fresh breeze of wildness. Similar personalities see soulmates in these females right away.

Ginger women stereotypes

There are thousands of stereotypes about pretty ginger women. They existed at all times and, even nowadays, some of them remain actual. It should be noticed that many myths concerning redheads have a mystical background.

Ancient Greeks believed that after death, people with copper hair were reborn. And, in most cases - into vampires. At the same time, Egyptians thought that all good-looking females with red hair brought bad luck. The only appropriate solution was to sacrifice them to Amon Ra in the hope of ending the losing streak.

But these weren't all troubles of redheads. History brought them another unpleasant surprise in the Middle Ages. Their curls of pure fire were almost certainly considered not an attractive appearance difference but a mark of a witch. In fact, at the time of Torquemada, this sign was enough for inquisition officers to arrest a girl with natural red hair. Especially if she had multi-colored eyes as well.

However - all mentioned above stereotypes are left behind. Today the most widespread myth about gingers is that they are cheap dates. It is not the truth, though. Since the time of Mary Magdalene, bright copper hair had been an attribute of women of loose morals. Still, there is no reason to think so in 2021. Isn't it wiser to get to know a redhead lady in person and form your own opinion, then?

Redhead women in relationships and love

Redhead women in relationships and love

The redhead singles always look spectacular and exude self-confidence. Due to the stunning appearance, each one of these ladies is constantly in the spotlight. Like we have mentioned before, there is a clear tendency for brunettes and blondes to change their hair color to red! Since it helps to be as noticeable as possible.

Interesting fact - for every female, together with a different hairstyle comes a new attitude towards herself. In the context of the copper one, a girl usually appears more active and talkative. Men adore such a woman's reliability, courage, and initiative. This applies to love as well as professional matters.

When dating a redhead woman, you, most likely, will be absolutely overwhelmed with her temper. She is always in motion; her smile and sincere laugh infect those around her.

You might be surprised to hear that, but psychologists distinguish between two types of gingers. The first one - sophisticated, creative-minded (talented in poetry and music) ladies. They have pale skin, light eyes, and freckles. These girls are dreamy and changeable in their decisions. The second one - mighty women with a masculine character. Their natural beauty is different - darker skin and eye tone. While the first type is determined to find a soulmate once and for all. The second - on the contrary, seek career success and self-realization.

Although, as wives - both types are similar. An average lady with red hair will never leave her loved one. Instead, she is ready to give him all her care and support. For example, provide assistance in starting his own business. Her husband, however, must deal with his ginger wife very carefully. Her temper is like fire - one wrong word can lead to scandal.

Everyone has his drawbacks, though: redheads are no exception. Their hair color is associated with gold, wealth - how can you deny yourself such a treasure as a life partner?

Find your redhead girl with us

Find your redhead girl with us

Where to find redheads? Sure, a "ginger only" dating site is a place where you obviously will find one. But wait, isn't it unwise to limit the search area only to your country or town? The modern world offers plenty of opportunities to find your special one and proves that true love knows no boundaries. By the way, when talking about meeting women with red hair - the more options, the better. Don't forget - only 2% of the world population has copper hair. Here, at, you can meet fiery beauties from Eastern Europe. Try our advanced search and be swept off your feet with our gorgeous redhead members.

Russian redheads

Everyone knows that women with red hair can be found in Ireland, Scotland, and Scandinavian countries. When someone says the phrase "Scandinavian appearance type," - it is associated with ginger curls and cute freckles.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of redheads in some regions of Russia too! For example, in Udmurtia (its largest city is Izhevsk), the percentage of citizens with copper hair exceeds the number of redheads in Ireland, namely - 12%. Moreover, there is a whole village in Republic Komi where you can meet only gingers! The name of it is Kazalbash.

Still, it's not necessary to travel through Russia to get to know such fiery ladies. Simply use our website and its advanced search to find profiles of all redheaded female members.

Ukrainian redheads

We can't say that there are a lot of red hair dating opportunities in Ukraine. However, the women you can meet in this country are absolutely gorgeous!

By the way, the pictures of four Ukrainian girls were included in the photo catalog "Beauty of Red Hair." Its creator is German photographer Brian Davling. His idea was to find the most attractive gingers in the world. In total, he has shot 130 ladies in 20 countries. Photos of Alina from Kyiv, Alisha from Odesa, Nastya from Kherson, and Olga from Dnipro were considered breathtaking.

But trust us, Ukrainian female members of our site are even more beautiful than those from the catalog! Use the advanced search to see it in your own eyes.

How to start chatting with a pretty girl with red hair?

How to start chatting with a pretty girl with red hair?

When thinking about joining a dating site for red hair, you also need to consider the best ways of initiating a chat with those ladies you want to know better. So, how to do this? Experts suggest three working strategies in this regard.

The first one is - create intrigue. Yes, gingers love it! You can write a message like: "Hi! I know something about you that other men on this site don't..." And, trust us, it is very unlikely your potential girlfriend will resist sending you a reply like "What do you mean?" More examples: "Wow! What such a girl is doing here?" or "Do you know what I like about you?" Women with copper hair are curious creatures - using this strategy, you can easily attract them. Since once they are intrigued - they strive to find out the answers.

You can start your communication with redhead singles by choosing another option. The name of it is - provocation. When talking about gingers, such a move may act as a catalyst for communication. It is, however, crucial to avoid rudeness and vulgarity. Okay, let us give you an example. You can start with: "I want to ask you a really intimate question... Don't you mind?" A lady will be surprised to get a message like this and, probably, say yes. Then, write: "Do you happen to work in a creative environment? Among artists, designers, photographers?" This text will make her laugh for sure. And, as a reply, you will get something like: "What is so intimate in this question?" You need to say, "Well, it concerns your life, so, in my opinion, it's a matter of privacy." In this case, you don't only provoke your redhead crush to react somehow - you also create your reputation (you are unique).

The third option is the most standard one. If you don't know what to write - make a compliment. Everyone loves a bit of flattery, and red hair girls are no exception. Still, you need to do it with style. Read the examples right below.

  • After looking through your profile pictures, I need to admit you have impeccable style!
  • You drive me crazy with your gaze!
  • I'm probably one of those freaks who bother you with compliments day and night, but you are stunningly beautiful!
  • Do your parents already have the Nobel Prize? You are such a masterpiece!

Although, we gave you only general recommendations about compliments. For the best results, you need to study a woman's profile. Remember: your goal is to connect your souls through chats in the distance. It is almost impossible to do this without being as personal as possible.

How to date girls with red hair?

How to date girls with red hair?

Due to the fact you are still reading this article, you are not scared of the burning temper of gingers. We can understand you, dear reader! How is it possible to get out of your head thoughts about such bright personalities? But still... How does red hair dating work? Are there any specific rules, or is it no different at all?

At this point, we want to concentrate on highlighting five pieces of advice that bring success. Keep them in the notes of your cell phone to avoid the most common mistakes.

Step #1. Be sincere

Those men who, through being intrusive, show their feelings are absolutely wrong. Especially when dating a redhead woman. By constantly repeating how gorgeous she is and calling her all day long: you won't earn extra points. And, on the contrary, pretending to be indifferent and ignoring your lady won't help achieve success either. Gingers find these two extremes - forms of immaturity (which is really not sexy).

Be yourself instead - sincerity is essential. Your red-haired girl is not an object you are trying to win. Treat her like a princess whose respect you need to earn. Don't be superficial - give your best to understand your girlfriend better, demonstrate your genuine interest in all aspects of her life. At the same time - if you do something for her - do it with a pure heart. And, in return, you will see the same attitude from her.

Step #2. Be self-confident

Well, dating gingers requires courage. It manifests itself in your words, actions, and mindset. Such a lady hears it in your voice, sees it in your eyes, feels it in your moves. Your behavior needs to tell her: " I am the one you were looking for. We will be happy together."

That's easier said than done, though. It means you ought to start to work on your mental skills first. Life is full of obstacles - we won't argue. But don't allow yourself to concentrate on the thought that you will lose. A union with a woman with copper hair as a goal prohibits being so pessimistic.

Trapped by jealousy and insecurity, you will only push your girlfriend away from you. With these actions, you will ruin the chance of building a healthy relationship. Stop worrying about other men around her - it won't help. Just make your girl with red hair happy by being a true gentleman - so obvious it is.

Step #3. Be spontaneous

Be spontaneous with red head women

When you date a ginger woman, this tip turns out to be absolutely crucial.

The older we are, the more structured our daily life becomes. We make plans for every occasion but still don't have enough time for everything we love. So take a break from this crazy schedule and allow yourself a little spontaneity! Ladies with copper hair can't live without it!

What does this mean? There is no need to arrange a date - just call your girl and offer to spend the evening together. You can watch the sunset or walk around the city all night long. A picnic in the park during the lunch break is a great idea too.

Bear in mind: the best moments in life often happen by themselves, and we cannot predict them. Standard dates are a little boring, so come up with something more original. It will make your ginger crush the happiest person in the world.

Step #4. Be a many-sided man

According to the research made by a famous redhead dating service - a partner's intelligence level is significant for ginger females. Therefore, your brain might be the most effective weapon in conquering the heart of such a lady.

Learn something new every day, deepen your knowledge in the subjects she loves. Shared interests help to build a long-term relationship. Then you can dream together and turn your ideas into reality! Make your chats meaningful: talk about what motivates and inspires you.

Of course, you can attract someone with your appearance or with a solid amount in your bank account. But what about the soul and mind?

Step #5. Be patient

Better safe than sorry, isn't it? Moreover, red-haired girls find patience extremely attractive. For them, it seems like you say, "I am ready to wait because you are worth it."

Remain honest with your emotions: show your respect and value her dignity. Your couple is not about physical contact - it is rather about the unity of souls. If you do everything right - your patience will be rewarded with a long-awaited prize.

Red Head Women FAQ

Is there a dating site for gingers?

Yes, sure. In fact, there is more than one redhead dating site on the Web. However, experts advise not to limit your choice to the members of such a website only. Your ginger love may be waiting for you on the service for people with all hair shades.

What is it like to date a redhead?

Dating a red-haired girl will be an absolutely unforgettable experience. It is all because of her character traits.
As a rule, such a lady is very emotional, inspiring, self-sufficient, and generous. You can hardly find a person who would be more energetic, optimistic, and sexy. She can seduce you with one gaze. But when you think of what will happen next... A woman with copper hair is a passionate lover. The one who knows how to make all your wildest dreams come true.

Why should you date a redhead girl?

Like we have mentioned before, redheads dating can't be compared with any relationship you had in the past.
A woman with copper hair will come into your life to illuminate it with her light. After having this girl in your arms once - you will never be able to say goodbye. Although, it's better to try and see it with your own eyes.

Why do guys find red hair attractive?

Why do guys find red hair attractive?

The answer to this question is pretty simple. Actually, it is similar to the reason why a foreigner wants to start a relationship with a woman from another country. Redheads usually choose men who want to be in the spotlight. Having such a bright and out-of-the-ordinary lady by your side, you can't go unnoticed.

Why are redheads so beautiful?

The beauty of women with copper hair lies in their rarity. We bet you don't know many females with such a unique appearance.
It's surprising, but these ladies do not always have fair skin and eyes. You can also meet gingers with olive skin and dark eyes.
Good-lookingness, together with a hot temper, makes redhead dating be a dream for men from all over the world.

Are redheads considered attractive?

Ever since the Renaissance, red-haired ladies have become the undisputed standard of beauty. Titian and Rubens were inspired by the women with copper hair; Petrarch praised them in his masterpieces. A bit later, noble Italian females used Arabic henna to be in trend.
This idea of the gorgeousness of gingers is actual even nowadays. No wonder you want to get to know and marry one of them!

Why are redheads special?

No matter how you see such a girl: on a video on Instagram or in the street - you can't take your eyes from her. Who knows, maybe people in the Middle Ages were right, and redheads do have supernatural powers? Since their charm is simply magical.

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