Meet online - 61 y.o. Halyna from Lutsk, Ukraine - ID 11948086

ID 11948086
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Hobbies and Interests

My favorite thing is gardening, I love to take care of my garden and vegetable garden. This calms me down and gives me the opportunity to think about some points in my life. I’m also a choreographer, dancing and sports are important to me, I’ve devoted my whole life to it. I like to read, I like to watch historical films and documentaries. I just like to enjoy life and this is my hobby.


I love life and I can say that life loves me. I am a happy person, I am surrounded only by good and bright people, I have many friends, I love spending time with them over a delicious dinner or just a cup of coffee. I can say that I am kind, attentive and responsive. I don’t like lies and intrigues around me, I never envy anyone, because I believe that everything that is given to a person in life should be appreciated, and if you want something more, you need to achieve everything yourself. My family thinks that I am like a battery, full of strength and energy, and so I am. I always try to find positivity in everything, I love to smile and make others around me happy. I want to try everything in this life and nothing stops me. It's never boring with me, people laugh more than they cry with me, lol

Her Type of Man

What is important to me in a man? It is important that he is always honest, that there are never any secrets or agreements between us. I love talking, because this is the only way to understand each other and find a way out of any situation. I want to meet someone who will be on the same wavelength with me, someone who loves spending time in nature, who is ready to travel together, and then you can just sit and be silent. It is important for me that my future man always feels comfortable and calm next to me, because for future relationships I am ready to do everything so that harmony reigns in our family. There should always be two people working on a relationship, and I hope that this will be the case. And the important thing is that he has goals and desires to achieve new heights, and I will help him and be by his side.