Meet online - 32 y.o. Diana from Kharkiv, Ukraine - ID 11938160

ID 11938160
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Hobbies and Interests

I pay a lot of attention to my development, read a lot and love watching documentaries. I do swimming and yoga. It calms me down and gives me harmony in my life. And in general, I want to know a lot in this life


Gentle, caring and attentive, it seems to me that these are the best qualities in my character. I have a strong character, I know that I can cope with any situation and task assigned to me. I always try to make decisions with a cool head, because sometimes it concerns something very important. I don’t like hysterics, scandals and showdowns; for me it’s better to step aside and let the situation go. I love spending quiet and family evenings with family and friends, laughing and remembering pleasant moments in life. In fact, it is important for me to have only devoted and real people nearby, because that’s what I am.

Her Type of Man

A man who is ready to take responsibility and be the head of the family is important to me, so if I meet such a man, I can say that he will be a king for me. I want there to always be harmony and tranquility in my family, I want to develop together with my future man and strive only for the best. Of course, it is important for me that a man is already established in life and standing firmly on his feet. I want to travel with a man, spend time together and take only the best from life. It is important for me that a man is faithful and devoted to me, because I will always hold the hand of my future man and will never betray him. If you're serious then let's start our story, okay?