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About Me

Hello, I'm Viktoriia, a Capricorn woman from Kyiv, Ukraine. I am a Christian with a university degree and work as a company director.

I am 5'2'' (156 cm) tall with fair hair and captivating green eyes. My weight is 127 lbs (58 kg), and I take pride in never smoking or drinking.

I am a divorced mother of a lovely girl born in 2003. Family is essential to me, and I cherish every moment spent with my daughter.

While my English skills are basic, I am eager to learn and improve. I am open to new experiences and am looking forward to connecting with someone who values honesty, loyalty, and kindness.

Hobbies and Interests

I am very versatile, my interests are dancing, extreme sports, cooking, adventures around the world, and many more. I am sure that we will find common topics with you, we are here to find our love, right? I have tried a lot of hobbies and I can say with certainty that I adore dancing and I want our relationship to be like a dance, passionate, confident, as if we are soaring in the sky of love.


I believe that I have a very elegant personality, I am a woman with good manners and always keep my emotions under control! I am very polite and do not like to be late and make other people wait for me. I am very punctual and responsible with my work and people in general, I value everyone I work with and I am very careful with what I do in life, I respect everyone and my reputation. I am very educated and very intelligent, I think I am a very caring woman and loving, and at my age - I am ready to take the most serious step in my life if I see that my man is ready for it as well! So, I am waiting for you!

Her Type of Man

For what things do usually women look in their men? I think that every woman wants to be sure about the person with whom she wakes up in the morning and with whom she goes to bed in the evening and I am such a woman as well! I believe that the partner who gives the feeling of confidence and support and protection can be the best partner, am I right? Of course, I also agree that having common interests and dreams is also very important because if one of the partners does not want to have strong relations and he or she does not want to do anything for saving their relations - it would not bring happiness to both of them, right? And for sure - I want my man to have passion and fire in his attitude towards me and never let this fire leave us)