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ID 11926906
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  • Age22
  • EducationUniversity degree
  • Birth DateJune 7, 2001 (Gemini)
  • Occupationadministrator in a restaurant
  • Marital StatusNever married
  • ReligionOrthodox
  • ChildrenNo
  • English Speaking SkillsGood
  • Height5'10''(176 cm)
  • DrinkingOccasionally
  • Weight115 lbs (52 kg)
  • SmokingNever
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • ResidenceKharkiv, Ukraine
  • Hair ColorBlond
  • Other LanguagesNo

About Me

Hello, my name is Anna and I am a Gemini. I am delighted to have the opportunity to introduce myself on this dating website. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

First and foremost, I am a woman of faith. I am Orthodox and my religion plays an important role in my life. I believe in the power of love and the importance of building a strong foundation based on mutual respect and understanding.

In terms of my personal life, I have never been married and I do not have any children. I have been focused on my own personal growth and development, and now I feel ready to share my life with someone special. I stand tall at 5'10'' (176 cm) and maintain a healthy weight of 114 lbs (52 kg). I take care of my body and believe in living a balanced and active lifestyle.

When it comes to my habits, I occasionally enjoy a drink but I am not a heavy drinker. I believe in moderation and enjoying life's pleasures responsibly. I do not smoke and I take pride in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My eyes are a warm shade of brown that reflect my genuine and caring nature. My hair is naturally blond and I love experimenting with different styles and looks. I believe that my appearance is a reflection of my personality, and I take pride in presenting myself in the best possible way.

In terms of communication, I am proud to say that I have good English speaking skills. I am able to express myself fluently and confidently. Additionally, I work as an administrator in a restaurant, which allows me to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures on a daily basis.

I am well-educated, with a university degree. I believe in the power of knowledge and continuous learning. I strive to better myself in every aspect of my life and I am always open to new experiences and opportunities.

I currently reside in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It is a beautiful city with a rich history and vibrant culture. I am proud of my roots and I believe that my upbringing has shaped me into the strong and independent woman that I am today.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I hope that my characteristics and qualities resonate with you. I am excited to embark on this journey and I look forward to connecting with someone who shares similar values and aspirations.

Hobbies and Interests

I am passionate about art, reading, and travel, and am willing to share my interests and learn about yours. I am cheerful, charismatic, with character, I love funny jokes, I don’t really like noisy companies, I love walks and romance. I'm always ready to try something new. I have a burning fire of passion and curiosity, and I am looking for someone with whom I can share these passions and create unforgettable memories.


I am very optimistic! Also I am very bright person, I believe that our life is too fast to be gloomy, boring or gray person! That’s why I am always in excellent mood, with brilliant smile and high plans for the future! I want my age does not scare you, because I feel mature and wise enough to start a serious relationship. Age should not interfere with real feelings, right? ;) Pure harmony, balance, and passion between two sole mates is reached through everyday work on relationship. And this is the reason I am here. Spark doesn't last forever, right? Real happiness in relationship is built by everyday sharing. Are you ready for sharing? maybe sharing everything with me? I give you a ticket to our future, are you ready to take it? And remember that our future is in our hands! :)

Her Type of Man

I am looking for the man who will become my reason to come home. With whom I can build comfort and warmth at home. With whom we will have no secret, with whom we can share the brightest moments together. With my man I want to be in harmony all the time, trying to understand each other perfectly. Have breakfast at the same table, and fall asleep with one thought that there is a person nearby who is the one we have been looking for all life. That person to whom I can give a billion kisses, and grow up in his arms.