Meet online - 28 y.o. Carolyuliana from Antioquia, Colombia - ID 11923784

ID 11923784
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  • Age28
  • EducationUniversity (unfinished)
  • Birth DateFebruary 1, 1996 (Aquarius)
  • OccupationNetwork marketing
  • Marital StatusNever married
  • ReligionCatholic
  • ChildrenNo
  • English Speaking SkillsGood
  • Height5'7''(170 cm)
  • DrinkingNever
  • Weight128 lbs (58 kg)
  • SmokingNever
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • ResidenceAntioquia, Colombia
  • Hair ColorBlack
  • Other LanguagesNo

About Me

Hi there! My name is Carolyuliana and I'm an Aquarius. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

First of all, I want you to know that I am a Catholic. My faith is important to me and I believe in the power of love and kindness.

When it comes to my marital status, I have never been married. I am still waiting for the right person to come into my life and sweep me off my feet.

In terms of physical appearance, I stand at 5'7'' (170 cm) and weigh 127 lbg (58 kg). I take care of my body and believe in leading a healthy lifestyle.

I am proud to say that I do not have any children. However, I am open to the idea of starting a family in the future, if that is something my partner desires.

I don't drink or smoke, and I prefer to surround myself with people who share the same values. I believe in living a clean and healthy life.

When it comes to my looks, my eyes are a beautiful shade of brown and my hair is black. I believe that true beauty comes from within and that a kind heart is the most attractive feature a person can have.

I have good English speaking skills, which makes it easier for me to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

In terms of my occupation, I work in network marketing. I enjoy the challenges and opportunities that this field offers, and I am always looking for ways to grow and learn.

I speak only Spanish, but I am eager to learn new languages in the future.

I have some university education, although it remains unfinished. I believe in the importance of education and personal growth.

I currently reside in Antioquia, Colombia. It is a beautiful place with vibrant culture and friendly people. I am proud to call it my home.

I hope this gives you a better idea of who I am. I am excited to meet someone who shares similar values and dreams of a beautiful future together. Let's embark on this journey of love and happiness together!

Hobbies and Interests

There are a lot of interesting things in the world, so my hobbies are limitless, I want to know and learn a lot. In my free time I like to read books. My taste in books is quite varied. I love movies, TV series, walks, picnics, swimming, traveling in my dreams to see Dubai at least once. I love dancing, although I don’t do it professionally, my weakness is also music. I have quite a variety of music, I listen to it according to my mood.


In fact, I do not know what to describe about myself, I do not want to write to you about how wonderful I am, the best, etc., but I believe that my eyes will speak for themselves, because it is the eyes that will never deceive, many people tell me that my eyes are very kind and sincere, and I want so that you can look into them, and see my soul and heart, which I will open for you if you allow. I'm a very outspoken girl, I don't know how to keep secrets or hide something, here I am, without any pretense, I always try to be responsible for my words and actions, but I'm not perfect, someone may think that frankness is a disadvantage, and someone will consider it bold a dignity that is not given to everyone. And so probably seeing me here you are wondering one question, what are you doing on this site, why are you here?! But maybe I'll sound corny, I'm here for LOVE, and yes, I sincerely believe in it, I know that it really exists, but not everyone can accept it, and I sincerely hope that soon it will visit me and remain forever in my heart. I often read erotic novels, such books help to get into the story of love, passion, wild desire, and I'm looking forward to when my love story begins to exist.

Her Type of Man

My future man, what he should be like, it seems to me that I myself don’t know. Well, now thinking about this, I imagine a man who will be gentle and affectionate with me, but the most important and greatest criterion is simply LOVE, we must feel mad attraction, passion, fire for each other, enjoy each other every minute, waking up feel tender hugs and kisses, that’s what I want, because you don’t need more, when there is true love, we can overcome all troubles together, this probably all sounds naive, but I sincerely want to believe in it.