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ID 11916389
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  • Age22
  • EducationUniversity degree
  • Birth DateDecember 11, 2000 (Sagittarius)
  • OccupationInsurance Company
  • Marital StatusNever married
  • ReligionChristian
  • ChildrenNo
  • English Speaking SkillsConversational
  • Height5'7''(170 cm)
  • DrinkingNever
  • Weight119 lbg (54 kg)
  • SmokingNever
  • Eye ColorGray
  • ResidenceDnipro, Ukraine
  • Hair ColorBrown
  • Other languagesNo

About me

Hello, my name is Yana and I am a 27-year-old Sagittarius bride from Dnipro, Ukraine. I am here on this dating website to find my soulmate and start a beautiful journey together. Let me share a little bit about myself and what makes me unique.

First and foremost, I am a Christian and my faith plays an important role in my life. I believe in love, kindness, and the power of a strong bond between two people. I have never been married and I am ready to commit myself fully to the right person.

Physically, I stand tall at 5'7'' (170 cm) with a slim and graceful figure weighing 118 lbs (54 kg). My eyes are a mesmerizing shade of gray and my hair is a beautiful shade of brown. I take care of myself and always strive to look my best.

When it comes to lifestyle choices, I am a non-drinker and a non-smoker. I believe in leading a healthy and balanced life. I prioritize my well-being and I am looking for a partner who shares the same values.

Education is important to me and I have a university degree. Currently, I work for an insurance company, where I am able to utilize my skills and knowledge. I am a hardworking and ambitious individual, always striving for personal and professional growth.

Although I speak English conversationally, I am eager to improve my language skills and communicate fluently with my future partner. I am open-minded and willing to learn new things.

I am proud to call Dnipro my home. It is a beautiful city in Ukraine with a rich history and vibrant culture. I would love to share the beauty of my city and explore new places with my partner.

In conclusion, I am a loving, caring, and genuine person who is ready to embark on a lifelong journey with the right person. I believe in true love and I am excited to meet someone who shares the same values and dreams. If you are looking for a loyal and supportive partner, I may be just the bride you have been searching for. Let's create our own love story together.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling and exploring new places. I believe that life is an adventure and I enjoy experiencing everything it has to offer.


Cooking has always been my passion; I find so much joy in experimenting with various ingredients, flavors, and techniques to create delicious and visually appealing dishes. Whether it's whipping up a gourmet dinner for friends or trying out new dessert recipes, my kitchen is my sanctuary. When I'm not working, I find joy in activities that fill me up with energy. I love to go hiking and explore the beauty of nature - there's nothing like feeling the sun on my skin, breathing in fresh air, and winding through mountain paths. Rock climbing is also one of my favorite hobbies. So it definitely won't be boring and mundane with me, I'm very creative in choosing hobbies and have fun! Will you check? My heart has no geographical boundaries - it is ready to fly to any corner of the world where love blooms. Imagine what kind of stories we could create together in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower or sipping espresso in a cozy Italian cafe. Naive and too romantic? Maybe!! One of my most defining qualities is my kind and caring nature. I am sensitive and always ready to listen to those who need it. I believe that treating others with kindness and respect is essential in any relationship, whether romantic or platonic.

Her Type of Man

Do you have all the signs of a man? Do you take a shower? Do you agree to give me at least an hour or two a day of your free time ? Great! You are right for me! I am no longer at the age to sort out men, communicate with more than one person and run on several dates, in my country my age is already considered too high to find a man for myself, so for local men I am almost a pensioner, hahaha. A certain amount of attention, mutual support and care and we could be a great couple, don't you agree? What would you like in return?