Meet online - 29 y.o. Zhanna from Kyiv, Ukraine - ID 11908602

ID 11908602
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  • Age29
  • EducationUniversity degree
  • Birth DateJuly 31, 1994 (Leo)
  • OccupationModel
  • Marital StatusNever married
  • ReligionOther
  • ChildrenNo
  • English Speaking SkillsConversational
  • Height5'5''(165 cm)
  • DrinkingSocially
  • Weight110 lbs (50 kg)
  • SmokingNever
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • ResidenceKyiv, Ukraine
  • Hair ColorBlond
  • Other LanguagesRussian, Ukrainian

About Me

Hello, my name is Zhanna. I am a Leo, and I'm here to find my perfect match. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a 5'5'' (165 cm) tall, blond-haired beauty with captivating brown eyes. As a model, I take care of myself and maintain a weight of 110 lbs (50 kg). Staying fit and healthy is important to me, and I enjoy socializing while having a drink occasionally.

I come from Kyiv, Ukraine, where I reside. I speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently, and I have basic English speaking skills. However, language is not a barrier for me when it comes to love. I believe that communication goes beyond words, and I am willing to learn and grow with my partner.

I am a university graduate, holding a degree in my chosen field. Education is an essential part of my life, as I believe in constantly expanding my knowledge and skills. This helps me excel in my career as a model and ensures that I am well-rounded in various aspects of life.

In terms of my personal life, I have never been married and do not have any children. I am ready to commit myself to a loving and fulfilling relationship. Trust, loyalty, and understanding are values that I hold dear, and I am looking for a partner who shares these qualities.

I am an Orthodox Christian and hold my faith close to my heart. It guides me in leading a meaningful and purposeful life. I also value honesty and integrity, and I strive to live by these principles every day.

I do not smoke and prefer a partner who shares the same preference. I believe that a healthy lifestyle is essential for a happy and harmonious relationship.

If you are looking for a beautiful, intelligent, and loving partner, then look no further. I am here, ready to embark on a journey of love and companionship. Let's create our own love story together.

Hobbies and Interests

I like to watch as love versed in these matters have fun. Now about the word. I am a man of my word, I do not like when they promise a lot and give hope. More terrible than lies for me is empty talk. I will never be able to be and communicate with such a person. I am direct and stubborn, but vulnerable and gentle as well. When you start talking to me, we will understand what kind of song I am. you are interested?


Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a man of music and words. You may be wondering why you described yourself this way, so here I am. Since childhood, I have been fond of music. I can play the piano, I went to a music school for several years and there they instilled in me a love for music. I tried myself as a DJ and it turned out to be very exciting too.

Her Type of Man

In the life of every person there are people, they come and go from our lives. But I'm looking for a man who will not leave my life and who can love. Love is such a sincere feeling of trust and understanding, mutual respect and tenderness. For me, the participation of my soulmate in all life processes is important. I want us to cook food together and talk a lot about life and art. If you know all these feelings and are ready to become such a person for me, I will be glad to know you. Maybe we can fix my lonely song into a beautiful duet of hearts.