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About me

Hello, I'm Alena, a 28-year-old Gemini bride from Poltava, Ukraine. As a model, I have learned to showcase my best features, and now I am ready to embark on a new adventure - finding love on this dating website.

In terms of appearance, I stand at a charming height of 5'5'' (165 cm) and weigh a petite 101 lbg (46 kg). With my mesmerizing brown eyes and luscious black hair, I exude elegance and grace. My zodiac sign, Gemini, represents my dynamic and versatile personality, always curious to explore new experiences.

When it comes to personal values, I hold onto my Christian faith dearly. It has shaped my morals and beliefs, guiding me through life's ups and downs. As a never-married woman, I have dedicated my time to self-growth and pursuing my dreams. However, my biggest accomplishment is being a mother to two beautiful girls born in 2016 and 2018. They are my pride and joy, and I cherish every moment spent with them.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me, which is why I choose not to smoke or drink alcohol. I believe in taking care of my mind and body to achieve overall well-being. Besides my native language, I also have conversational English speaking skills, which allows me to communicate effectively with others.

Education has always been a priority in my life, and I hold a university degree. It has not only provided me with knowledge but has also shaped my perspective on the world. Currently, I reside in Poltava, Ukraine, a city known for its historical charm and vibrant culture.

As I embark on this new chapter, I am excited to meet someone who shares similar values and dreams. If you are a kind-hearted, family-oriented man who appreciates the beauty of life, I would be delighted to get to know you better. Let's create unforgettable memories and write our own love story together.

Hobbies and Interests

As for my hobbies, I have many. Hobbies make our life more interesting. I love traveling and exploring exotic places, I am a good cook and dream to open a small restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and tasty cuisine. Besides that I adore cycling, running in the mornings, and doing fitness and aerobics.


Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I love long winter evenings by the fireplace, warm tea with a plaid over conversations with people close to me. I like honest and confident people. Are you like that? I don't open up to people right away, it takes me some time, but I know for sure that if a person is close to me in spirit - I will do anything to be there and bring happiness.

Her Type of Man

Do you believe in magic? I do. What else can you name that magical feeling between two people in love? I'm sure you've been in love, too, and you know what sleepless nights, days when you don't want to eat, butterflies in your heart, and an overwhelming desire to be with just one person are like. This is what a perfect relationship should be like for me. This is where I would like to find the very magic that brings love.