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About Me

Hi there! My name is Tetiana, and I am a 5'8'' (172 cm) tall Capricorn bride from Kyiv, Ukraine. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what makes me unique.

First and foremost, I am a Christian and my faith is very important to me. I believe in the power of love and the importance of having a strong foundation in a relationship. Speaking of relationships, I am currently divorced but ready to find love again.

I am a proud mother of two wonderful children - a girl born in 1998 and a boy born in 2006. They are my world and I am grateful for the joy they bring to my life. Family is everything to me, and I am looking for a partner who shares the same values and is ready to embrace the beautiful chaos that comes with being a parent.

When it comes to my appearance, I have striking green eyes and beautiful brown hair. I take care of myself and maintain a healthy weight of 136 lbs (62 kg). I am not a smoker and I only drink socially. Taking care of my body is important to me, as I believe in living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

In terms of my occupation, I am a professional pastry chef. I have a passion for baking and creating delicious treats that bring joy to others. I love being able to express my creativity through my culinary skills and seeing the smiles on people's faces when they taste my creations.

I have good English speaking skills, which is an advantage when it comes to communicating with potential partners from different parts of the world. In addition to English, I also speak Ukrainian fluently.

In terms of education, I have completed college and have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in my field. I am constantly learning and growing, as I believe in the importance of self-improvement and personal development.

I currently reside in Kyiv, Ukraine, a vibrant city with a rich history and culture. I love exploring new places, trying new foods, and immersing myself in different experiences. Life is an adventure, and I am ready to embark on a new journey with a loving and caring partner by my side.

If you are looking for a kind-hearted, family-oriented, and passionate woman who knows her way around the kitchen, then look no further. I am here, ready to open my heart and share my life with someone special. Let's create our own love story together.

Hobbies and Interests

I like Classical and rock ballads and The Great Gatsby and Dirty Dancing. i love Autumn, you can read under a blanket and drink cocoa. I love simple food, it is important for me that it is not fatty or salty - I watch my diet. I love cheesecakes with jam


Smart, beautiful, with a good sense of humor. I love to travel. I like to travel a lot and make routes professionally.

Her Type of Man

Smart, kind, loyal and always generous. I can't stand bugs