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ID 11856358
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  • Age29
  • EducationUniversity degree
  • Birth DateJuly 4, 1994 (Cancer)
  • OccupationSinger
  • Marital StatusNever married
  • ReligionChristian
  • ChildrenNo
  • English Speaking SkillsGood
  • Height5'6''(167 cm)
  • DrinkingNever
  • Weight108 lbg (49 kg)
  • SmokingNever
  • Eye ColorGreen
  • ResidenceKyiv, Ukraine
  • Hair ColorChestnut
  • Other languagesSpanish

About me

Hello, my name is Anna. I am a 28-year-old Cancer woman from Kyiv, Ukraine. I am delighted to be here on this dating website, hoping to find my soulmate and build a beautiful future together.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a Christian and hold my faith close to my heart. It guides me in my actions and helps me stay grounded. I have never been married and do not have any children yet, but I am open to the possibility of starting a family with the right person.

Physically, I am 5'6'' tall and weigh 107 lbs. My green eyes are often described as captivating, and my chestnut hair adds a touch of warmth to my appearance. I take good care of myself and value a healthy lifestyle. I never smoke and never drink, as I believe in taking care of my body and mind.

Apart from my physical attributes, I also have other qualities that make me who I am. I speak English fluently, which allows me to communicate effectively and connect with people from different cultures. Additionally, I have a good grasp of the Spanish language, which adds to my linguistic skills.

Professionally, I am a singer. Music is my passion, and I am fortunate enough to have turned it into a successful career. I have a university degree, which has helped me refine my skills and pursue my dreams. Singing brings me joy and fulfillment, and I am excited to share this part of my life with someone special.

In terms of residence, I currently live in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is a vibrant city with a rich history and a thriving cultural scene. I love exploring its streets, discovering new cafes, and immersing myself in the local art and music scene. It would be wonderful to have a partner who shares my love for this city and wants to explore it together.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I hope this glimpse into my life has piqued your interest, and I look forward to getting to know you better. Let's embark on this exciting journey together and see where it takes us.

Hobbies and Interests

I sing songs that I love since childhood. I want to share with others, so that they love what I love, hear familiar songs in a new way. I love romances, because they have a lot of feelings, a lot of emotional experiences, and there is no strictness of performance. Plenty of room for improvisation. I love Jazz very much. It's a whole world; unfamiliar, exciting, difficult to perform, because it is a continuous improvisation. It is not given on a swoop, especially if you have not sang jazz since childhood. Jazz Singing allows you to see the depth of the work, to understand its beauty, allows you to hear and develop your own voice in a new way. So many discoveries! You can sing for hours, forgetting about time and business. We can say that this is meditation. This is youth, longevity, health. This is the real self - the state. A very important tool in my profession is the voice. Through singing, I develop it, improve it. I continue the traditions of my family. Everyone in my family loved to sing, especially my dad. Mom listened more. We could sing right after lunch, me first, dad second. Singing helps convey your states: love, appreciation, sadness, passion. Once I was ironing linen and singing romances with such a feeling that my mother left the room and asked: "Daughter, are you all right?" “Yes,” I wondered. "Why did you ask?" "Well, you sang so that my heart sank." Maybe something was really experienced, but I didn't notice, I didn't realize. Self-therapy is so gentle and environmentally friendly.


A pearl ... Delicate and fragile, but indescribably beautiful, born and grown far from the human eye, hidden at the bottom of the sea. There are an endless number of legends explaining the origin of pearls from tears of happiness or grief, tears of goddesses, tears of beauties or ugly women, from the dew of the morning dawn, but none of them points to the true creator of this wondrous treasure - to an ordinary-looking slug, to a mollusk. Getting inside its shell, the smallest grains of sand and foreign bodies begin to be covered with layers of mother-of-pearl, forming a beautiful and unique pearl. As clouds can be lighter and darker, so pearl color has countless shades, from the most delicate to the blackest. I always compare a pearl to a woman, just as beautiful and just as different in color and shape, just as delicious and unique. The more time she spends in her shell, the brighter her shine, the thicker the layer of nacre. If they grow up in a free and favorable environment, then they are almost ideal, both in form and in content. Only those of them that are not taken out of their native environment for as long as possible become truly precious treasures. Strong at first glance, in fact, incredibly fragile and requiring special care, in an unfavorable environment they very quickly lose their shine and attractiveness ... WOMEN ARE LIKE PEARL ... each one is beautiful and unique, each fragile and weak without an appropriate frame ...

Her Type of Man

Where are You, beloved, who will love me more than anything, more than life? Where is your gentle and affectionate smile? After all, if the Universe gives me such a gift as Love then there must be someone who is worthy of this love. And he will love me for who I am, the only one for him and unique. If not, then what is the meaning of life? Find me soon, please take on some of my problems, help me, calm my soul. My heart is breaking with loneliness, I miss you so much! I know that you must love me. How can you not love love itself? How can you not love joy, tenderness, femininity, warmth? The universe has endowed me with real treasures. Feelings of love for You are also my treasures. I fill the whole world with them. Look into my shining, sparkling eyes - and you will understand everything yourself.