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About Me

Hi there! My name is Olena, and I am a Virgo bride looking for my perfect match. Let me tell you a bit about myself and what makes me unique.

Firstly, I come from a Orthodox background, and I value my religion and the traditions that come with it. I believe in the importance of faith and spirituality in a relationship.

I am currently divorced, but that doesn't define me. It is simply a chapter of my life that has led me to where I am today. I have two wonderful boys, one born in 2003 and another in 2018. They are my world, and any potential partner must be understanding and accepting of my role as a mother.

Physically, I stand at 5'7'' (169 cm) and weigh 143 lbg (65 kg). I take care of myself and believe in leading a healthy lifestyle. I never drink alcohol or smoke, as I prioritize my well-being and want to set a good example for my children.

One of my standout features is my captivating green eyes. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I believe that my eyes reflect my kind and loving nature. My hair is a beautiful shade of brown, and it complements my features perfectly.

In terms of communication, I have good English speaking skills, so there won't be any language barriers between us. I also speak Russian fluently, which adds another layer to our potential connection.

Professionally, I work as an engineer. I am passionate about my job and enjoy the challenges that it brings. It allows me to use my analytical skills and creativity to solve problems and make a positive impact in the world.

I hold a university degree, as education is something that I value greatly. I believe in constantly learning and growing, both personally and professionally.

Currently, I reside in Kharkiv, Ukraine. It is a beautiful city with a rich history and vibrant culture. I am proud to call it home.

I hope that this glimpse into my life has sparked your interest. I am eager to meet someone who shares my values and is ready to embark on a meaningful journey together. If you think we could be a match, don't hesitate to reach out. I am excited to see where this adventure takes us!

Hobbies and Interests

To be a lady! I am not perfect, but I attempt to be way better and superior with each minute I have. I am a cherishing and kind mother, faithful and solid companion, enthusiastic and excellent lady. Everything I said you'll be able discover out from our future correspondence, fair attempt.


I was told that I have a enormous heart, but in some cases it may be a disadvantage. A few individuals may harmed me since of my benevolence. Can I feel secure with you? I accept, that I can be the finest lady for my adored man, who will make me more joyful and more joyful day by day.

Her Type of Man

What do I like in men? Of course I need to meet a dependable and caring, mindful and kind, fair and steadfast man. Besides, on the off chance that you have got a great sense of humor, a warm heart and wide soul why are you sitting there and we are not together however?