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About me

Hello, my name is Natalia. I am a Pisces, and I am here to find my perfect match. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

First of all, I am a Christian and have never been married before. I believe in the power of love and am ready to find someone who shares the same faith and values as me. I stand tall at 5'11'' (178 cm) and take pride in my appearance. With my blue eyes and blond hair, I am often told that I am quite the catch.

Family is very important to me, and I am a proud mother of two beautiful children. My daughter was born in 2012, and my son in 2006. They are the light of my life, and any potential partner must be accepting and loving towards them.

In terms of lifestyle, I lead a healthy and balanced life. I never drink or smoke and prioritize taking care of my body. I weigh 112 lbs (51 kg) and maintain an active lifestyle.

Professionally, I am a lawyer and have a university degree. I am passionate about my career and strive for success in everything I do. Besides English, I also speak Russian and Ukrainian fluently.

Currently, I reside in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is a beautiful city with a rich history and vibrant culture. I am open to the possibility of relocating for the right person, as love knows no boundaries.

I am here looking for someone who is genuine and kind-hearted. Someone who shares my values and is ready for a serious commitment. If you think we might be a match, don't hesitate to reach out. I am excited to embark on this journey and find my soulmate.

Hobbies and Interests

I want to create a place where you and I will feel good and comfortable, where we can share our innermost dreams and secrets, where no one will judge us, and most importantly, where we can enjoy ourselves... that's what it's all about, I want your hands to gently touch my body, exploring every inch of it, so you can completely own my body and soul.... I want to wake up every morning and see you in my bed, hold you, kiss you and do with you whatever I want ... will you keep me company? I think we can make it work.


My character is quite complex, not everyone can handle it, are you willing to take the risk? There is always something going on in my head, always a lot of thoughts and ideas, sometimes they are crazy, but there is one person who is very good at dealing with my demons, I think you will like her. I'd like to tell you what goes through my head when I see you and what my imagination represents... I think we should bring it to life, I'm sure it won't be boring in our bedroom. You want to hear exactly what's on my mind, don't you?

Her Type of Man

I like men who can make me happy, I don't mean materially, but that he gives me emotions and we enjoy this life. But my main pleasure will still be you... I want to share with each other, discuss everything, travel the world, and of course I want to know all your wishes and fulfill them together with you right in our house, anywhere, I think we will do it in every corner, and I also want to fall asleep and wake up with full confidence that I have the same protection and support as you do. Are our wishes the same?