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ID 11838385
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About me

Hi, my name is Daria and I am a 28-year-old Libra bride from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am a never-married woman with Orthodox religious beliefs. Standing at 5'7'' (168 cm) tall, I have a slim and elegant figure, weighing 121 lbs (55 kg).

In my free time, I enjoy socializing and meeting new people. I am a social drinker and always up for a good time. However, I never smoke as I prioritize my health and well-being. My captivating green eyes perfectly complement my beautiful brown hair, which is one of my best features.

When it comes to communication, I have good English speaking skills. As a secretary by profession, I am well-versed in organization and time management. I hold a university degree, which has helped shape my career and personal growth.

Living in Dubai, I appreciate the diversity and opportunities this vibrant city has to offer. I am fortunate to call this place my home and enjoy exploring the local culture and attractions. Although I only speak English fluently, I am open to learning new languages if the right opportunity arises.

As an individual, I prioritize honesty, loyalty, and sincerity in all aspects of life. Family values are of great importance to me, and I look forward to building a strong and loving family with someone special. While I do not have any children of my own, I am open to starting a family in the future.

If you are looking for a genuine and compassionate partner, I believe I have the qualities you seek. I am ready to embark on a new chapter of my life with a caring, understanding, and committed partner. Let's create a beautiful love story together.

Hobbies and Interests

I like art in all its manifestations. I like to make something with my hands. It allows me to express myself. I also like to cook sooo much. So, what do you want for romantic dinner?)))


I want to tell a bit about me, I am very active and I want to find the most pleasant and most interesting way for me in m life, but I am looking for a calm life, I want to find a calm place where I can open my heart and finally feel that I have a person who loves me and want to share my life with me. I love to stay at home in the evening, take a blanket and some tea and read a good book, be honest for me books are much better, they have a smell and then I read it, I can open my imagination and run to the world full of the colors. One of the first books I had read is "Female Chick Singing" this book has such a great story of love, I dream that in my life I will find a person who will love me same way one for all life, I want to give that for my person, my heart and soul. For now, I am working as the assistance of the director this is a very good job, but I want to find somewhat will give me more time for me and my man. I want to ask you what you think about going to the gym together, this is not easy for me also, but I do believe that this gives me the energy to move, also the good body is also very good, so we can do that together!

Her Type of Man

This day I find out that in my life I want to have a person who will want to share this life with me. I want to tell a bit about me, my main goals in life are family and calm and safe home, I think that home is a tower and I am a woman to save a fire in it. Maybe this is trite, but I want this in my life, for me, this is very important. I like psychology I had read a lot of books about it, but I think that any person is unique and move as he thought, so I do the same, to understand what is going on psychology is very good but I have my feelings and I want to move as they tell me to do I want to find a person who will want to show me the way, show me the way how to make this life bright and happy.