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ID 11702715
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  • Age32
  • EducationUniversity degree
  • Birth DateNovember 29, 1991 (Sagittarius)
  • Occupationphilologist
  • Marital StatusNever married
  • ReligionOrthodox
  • ChildrenNo
  • English Speaking SkillsGood
  • Height5'8''(171 cm)
  • DrinkingNever
  • Weight115 lbs (52 kg)
  • SmokingNever
  • Eye ColorBrown
  • ResidenceOdessa, Ukraine
  • Hair ColorBrown
  • Other LanguagesNo

About Me

Hello there! My name is Alena and I'm delighted to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am a Sagittarius, full of passion, energy, and a love for adventure. Allow me to share a glimpse into my life and all the wonderful qualities that make me who I am.

First and foremost, my faith is an essential part of my life. As an Orthodox follower, I find solace and guidance in my religious beliefs. I firmly believe that a strong foundation in spirituality can bring immense joy and fulfillment to a relationship.

In terms of my personal life, I have never been married. However, I am open to the idea of finding a lifelong partner who will walk beside me on this beautiful journey called life. Standing tall at 5'8'' (171 cm), I embrace my height as a symbol of confidence and elegance.

While I do not have any children of my own, I am more than willing to embrace and love any little ones that may come into our lives. Family is of utmost importance to me, and I believe that the bond between a parent and child is something truly special.

Physically, I maintain a healthy weight of 114 lbs (52 kg). Taking care of myself is a priority, and I enjoy engaging in activities that keep both my body and mind in shape. I never indulge in drinking or smoking, as I believe in leading a clean and wholesome lifestyle.

My eyes are a warm shade of brown, reflecting my compassionate and nurturing nature. Complementing my eyes, my hair is also a rich shade of brown, adding a touch of sophistication to my overall appearance.

I possess good English speaking skills, which allows me to connect and communicate effectively with others. As a philologist by profession, I have a deep appreciation for language and its ability to bridge gaps between cultures. Although I do not speak any other languages fluently, I am always open to learning and expanding my linguistic horizons.

Education has played a significant role in shaping me into the person I am today. I hold a university degree, which has provided me with a broad understanding of the world and a thirst for knowledge.

Currently, I am residing in the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine. Its rich history and vibrant culture make it an incredible place to call home. I find joy in exploring the city's charming streets and immersing myself in its artistic and culinary delights.

In conclusion, I am Alena, a Sagittarius bride who is ready to embark on a lifelong adventure filled with love, companionship, and laughter. I hope that my genuine nature and unique qualities have piqued your interest, and I eagerly await the chance to build a meaningful connection with someone special. Let's create a love story that will stand the test of time.

Hobbies and Interests

I am an active woman, I adore sport and everything what is connected with it, I am fond of running, fitness, I always go to the gym because I want to look beautifully always, I am sure that woman is the best decoration and treasure of each man, I am exactly such a woman dear. I like active style of life, it is difficult for me to stay on one and the same place for a long time, I like camping and different competitions, I like forest and mountains...all our nature is fantastic and I need to find a man who will explore it together with me.


I live in a beautiful city Odessa, it has so many wonderful and charming places, it has a seaside, where I like to spend my free time. All my life I live with my dear parents, they always show me the best example of happy life, how it must be between a woman and a man in a family. In future I dream to create my own family that will be even better. I have a brother; we are close with him as well. My future profession will be a philologist; it is a very interesting branch of science.

Her Type of Man

My future man will be my best friend, my passionate lover and my partner, all my life we will be very close with him, like two best friends, we will never betray or lie to each other, because he will be honest, sincere, polite, kind and with a big heart. I will have the same feelings.