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Refund policy

First and foremost, let us thank you for using our Services. We promise you to do our best to give you an amazing customer experience. If you are  thinking of making a refund, please read this Policy carefully. Before you continue reading this Policy, we would like to pay your attention and remind you the following:

We are NOT a marriage agency, but only a platform for communication where you may use the Services to submit and receive text, photos, videos, video-chats, pictures, graphics, messages and other content, data or information of any kind, which may be communicated among Members via tools and features of the Service.

According to our Terms and Conditions of Service (Sections 5, 15, 19), the following information is concidered to be basic and stated at our Website:

  • Payment for our Services are predominantly made with credit / debit cards, which are processed by multiple parties. Therefore any chargeback claim entered by a Member will necessarily requires substantial amount of time and effort by all parties concerned as a part of factual investigation process.

  • We understand that there may be justifications with certain chargeback claims but equally there are ones which are entered wholly without merit, sometimes to the point of being malicious or fraudulent. Fraudulent claim is a criminal offence for which we reserve the right to complain and invoke prosecution by law enforcement agencies, in scope of which we will provide claimant’s personal information, credit card details, record of communication related to our Services or other Members.

  • As a compensation for the efforts in investigating a chargeback claim, you hereby agree that should your claim be found fraudulent or malicious, you will pay us an amount by way of liquidated damages comprising of :

-    all relevant disbursements paid by us to third parties;

-    5% of the subject amount of the chargeback claim.

Such compensation is agreed to be effected with priority by way of set-off against the Credits available on your account with our Website.

  • If we cancel or suspend your use of the Services without cause (as determined by us in our sole discretion), we will provide you with a refund for any pre-paid, but unused Credits. Bonus Credits which may be provided by the Company to you for free are never refundable or convertible.


  • Except as stated in the previous sentence or elsewhere in the Agreement (including the Refund Policy), fees paid, Credits purchased and Credits spent are NOT REFUNDABLE, but we may make refunds at our sole discretion as stated in our Refund Policy on this Website. Without limiting the generality of the other provisions of this Agreement, we reserve the right to change the Refund Policy at any time, and changes are effective upon posting on this Service or giving you notice of the change.

  • Paid Services are the communication services. We are providing instruments of communication and, therefore, can accept only claims regarding quality of communication instruments. Since we do not provide services of searching for a partner for you, or organization a personal meeting or any other similar services, we shall not accept any liability or claims in the following cases (this list is for reference only and is not exhaustive):

a. You have not been satisfied by any communication on the Website due to someone’s behavior or actions, whether online or offline, by the content of received letters, messages, comments, chats, photos or videos, etc.;

b. You have failed to implement own intentions or expectations to create a family, find a wife, meet somebody in person, have sex, etc.;

c. You have experienced difficulties or failed to communicate with someone outside the Website;

d. You have experienced difficulties or failed to meet someone in person;

e. You have found someone’s profile removed or suspended from the Website;

f. You have found incorrect information on somebody’s profile (regarding age, city/country of residence, marital status, language abilities, etc.);

g. You have encountered negative reviews or publications on the Internet regarding the Website and/or its Services.

None of the reasons listed above can be an eligible ground for refund.

Last revised on April 17, 2017.

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